Addmotor Fat Tire E-Bike Roundup

by Nikola 

May 11, 2022

If you’ve been on the market for an electric bike in recent times, you’ve probably bumped into fat e-bikes on a few occasions. If that happened you might have wondered - what the heck is a fat tire e-bike?

Well, when it comes to Addmotor’s lineup, the Motan series of e-bikes. Fat bikes are actually pretty great and versatile, and I really think that you should consider them if you're looking for something new.

 On top of that, the Addmotor brand seems interesting, but maybe you aren’t sure about it? I get it, you need to know what you’re getting into.

This roundup review will set you straight!

In a hurry? After 40 hours of research we recommend:
Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike

Our Top Pick

Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike

While you might pay a steeper price for the Wildtan M-5600, you'll get a monster of an e-bike that more than makes up for it.

It's completely ready for all-terrains, comfortable, and full of high-tech features.

M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike

Our Budget Pick

M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike

While the M-550 easily could have found itself on the budget pick spot, the M-150 is a foldable version of it that doesn't break the bank when compared to other foldables.

It may not have the same off-road capabilities, but it has everything else, and that's saying something.

Addmotor M-550 Ebike

Off-Road Pick

M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike

The M-550 is a bang for the buck, meaning that it's a great all arounder, but the off-road capabilities for this price can't be beat. 

They're pretty much on par with some of the e-bikes that are two times more expensive.

Quick Comparison Table 

Best for Off-Road
M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike

Addmotor M-550 Ebike

A fun and versatile ebike that offers a plenty of feature for the low price

  • Plenty of adjustments
  • Durable and rugged frame
  • Great off-road capabilities, especially for the price
Budget Pick
M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike

M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike

A great bang for the buck especially in the foldable department

  • Great versatility
  • Great off-road capabilities for a foldable ebike
  • Durable frame that can be packed away for travel

Why You Should Care About Fat-Tire E-Bikes

Alright, so what are fat e-bikes and why should you be interested? Well, first off all how about I explain the phrase fat bike - what’s that all about?

Contrary to where your mind might be going at the moment, fat e-bikes aren’t some heavy duty two-wheelers that you need to tame and that are hard to transport and carry around if necessary. 

Far from it really - fat bikes are basically any bike (electric or not) that have a tire width of 4-5 inches.

Now, because there are a lot of tire widths and types in the e-bike market, you’ll even see 3 and 3.5 inch tires called fat. 

You’ll actually notice that there are a lot of models offered by Addmotor.

Addmotor Bikes

See, wide tires have more surface area that comes in contact with the ground, which adds a lot of advantages to your ride quality.

Fat e-bikes are much more stable, they are more comfortable to ride, and they offer great traction!

So great, in fact, that they are often used to ride on wet grounds, gravel, snow, sand, mud or any other off road places to an almost exclusive degree.

So, why should you care (if I might ask the question again)? Well, because of the versatility!

See, not only do fat bikes offer better handling and a comfier ride on just plain asphalt or concrete, they also have the ability to keep stable and comfy off road too.

 They’re even pretty famous for being able to easily ride on top of sand, which gives you the option of riding on a beach (something that’s annoying and almost unimaginable on standard tires). 

If you get yourself a fat tire e-bike you're basically getting a bike and then some!

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Fat-Tire E-Bike

The Addmotor brand can offer you plenty of options for pretty much all types of e-bikes you might look for, but it still helps to know  a thing or two before going all in on a fat e-bike.

So how about we cover that thing or two before actually taking a look at the suggested models.

It really helps if you know what you’re looking at while reading reviews and suggestions, so let’s get this quick crash course started.

Who Are These Bikes For?

Fat tire electric bikes are pretty much for everyone - but with that said, there are some things that you can expect from them that might help you decide on whether you need one. 

Because they’re so versatile, they are recommended for riders who often find themselves in random terrains.

If your daily commute involves a nice freshly renovated bike lane but also has long strips of gravel, unfinished roads and muddy trails - a fat bike could be your best friend! 

Addmotor Motan m150

They are, in essence, for anyone who wants to be able to ride comfortably through anything. I know that they can look a bit intimidating, but they are just wider tires (that look really cool, if I may add) and nothing more.

There’s no added difficulty in riding them; these are electric bikes we’re talking about here, after all!

What Type Of Riding Can You Expect?

Addmotor Motan

If there is one word that I can use to describe a fat tire bike ride, it’s stability.

As I already mentioned, because the actual surface of the tire is large, the wheels can soak up a lot more bumpy roads and obstacles so that you don’t have to.

This means that the comfy ride pretty much translates to most environments.

From gravel to snow to mud, you’ll always feel like you’re riding on a cloud, especially if you pair the tires with a good electric motor. 

Riding on snow will give you even more advantage, as they kind of give you the same effect that snow boots do.

The weight distribution of you and the actual bike is much better on the fat tires, so you stay on top of the snow without breaking through it.

There’s also a wide choice of tire pressure on your fat tires.

See, fat tires can be ridden between about 35 and 70 psi, depending on what ride you’re looking for.

You need to keep your weight in the equation, or the quality of control will suffer, but there’s so much range that you’ll surely find the right mix! 

Are There Foldable Fat E-bikes?

Yes, foldable e-bikes are actually very popular at the moment and the fat-tire ones are no exception.

Now, many people will give their opinion on foldables and their advantages and disadvantages, but I stand by them because they do really have a lot to offer. 

Sure, if you’re looking for a rigid off-roader, then you might not want to go for a foldable, but even then it’s all a matter of the design that’s implemented by the company that you choose. 

m150 r7 Foldable E-bike

How Is The Motan Lineup Different From Other Addmotor E-Bikes?

So what can you expect from these bikes, and what’s so special about this particular collection?

Well, basically, what you’re looking at with the Motan lineup is a dedicated collection of fat tire e-bikes - it’s as simple as that. 

While there are wider tires on Addmotor city, cruiser, or folding models - the Motan series is where you’ll find all of the positives that the other bikes give you, but with a comfortable and versatile fat wheel and tire on both ends.

This means that you get the quality that Addmotor generally brings to the table but you’ll be able to truly go off-road (if need be), while being able to put much more weight on it. 

How Much Do Fat-Tire E-bikes Cost?

Addmotor Girl

Last but not least, before we actually start this round up - how much of a price difference are you looking at with fat e-bikes in comparison to regular ones?

 Well, it depends!

Traditional fat-tire bikes can sometimes be a bit more on the expensive side, but even with them it’s not a given that they’ll break your bank.

We generally try to give you as much bang for your buck, no matter which price tag you’re looking at for your new bike.

Still, fat bikes won’t really set you back much more than the others would.

All in all if I were to put it into a price range, you would see how ridiculous it is to even talk about a price range, because they can cost anywhere from under $1000 to $4000 and more.

That’s why I’ll focus on the bikes from their Motan lineup.

But you need to know what models to look at, and that’s what I promised here. So how about we stop talking about all these broad subjects and get to the point - what should you buy? 

Well, let the roundup begin, and let’s get you a fat e-bike:

The Roundup

1. M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike

Here to start us off is the M-550 P7, an all-terrain sturdy fat e-bike that has a lot to offer for the price point.

It’s equipped with 4 inch wide tires that will give you more than enough versatility for pretty much every kind of land you want to ride over.

It’s not a small unit mind you, the manufacturer suggests that the riders be somewhere between 5’10’’ and 6’5’’ with a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Addmotor M-550 Ebike

M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike

The Design

The M-550 looks and feels like a standard MTB, and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s not a long bike - it has a wheel base of 48 inches.

The height of the handlebar is at 45.5 inches, which (if you don’t want to do the math in your head) means that your shoulders and back won’t get tired on a longer ride. 

The seat can go from a minimum height of 34 to a maximum of 42.5 inches so there’s plenty of room for adjustment.

The Specs

As far as the spec sheet goes, you get a 7-speed cassette in the back, an 80mm travel Addshox in the front with integrated head and backlights on both sides. 

The handlebar is 27.5 inches wide and there’s a twist grip throttle handle with a power-cut switch located on the right side.

 Now let’s focus on what you’re here for - tires!

Out of the box you get the Kenda Juggernaut 26x4 inches fat tires. These are the lightest fat tires on the market, and while that may seem worrying, they’re actually very durable for being just over 800 grams in weight.

M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike Close Up

 The ride that they offer (in combination with the Addshox Front fork) is versatile and comfortable, especially since the bike has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

The Motor And Battery Power

You get a 750w brushless hub motor to lug you around the easier and harder terrains, while the 16Ah Panasonic battery keeps more than enough power stored for whenever you need it.

Range wise you’re looking at a realistic 25-30 miles without any pedal assisting. There is a promise of 55 miles with assistance, which is a bit of a stretch to be honest.

Overall you can expect up to 40 miles in range with pedal assist, which is still very impressive.

M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike Side

M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike

2. M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike

Next we find ourselves looking at the M-150 R7 foldable.

If you take a look at the spec sheet, it’s a bike that might be familiar to anyone who’s knows the M-140 R7 step trough, and there’s a good reason for that.

This is pretty much the foldable version of the M-140, which means that you get pretty much the same specs - and that’s a really good thing. 

Tektro rotors, Shimano derailleurs, Kenda tires - the whole deal, but foldable.

M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike

M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike

The Design

The main thing that this model doesn’t share with the immensely popular M-150 is the design. It has a folding top-tube, plus a folding mainframe, and folding pedals that all come together to give you a low profile design that can be folded away within about 10 seconds.

The Specs

M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike Folded

There is a 6062 aluminum alloy frame, with a shox spring suspension system at the front.

In the back you get a 7-speed Shimano Altus Derailleur and the wheels are 20’’ big, equipped with 4 inch wide tires, those being the Kenda 20x4 inch K1167 Blackwall Clincher models. 

They’re lightweight, and offer up to 280 pounds of weight capacity, which is pretty darn great for a foldable model.

They’re lightweight, and offer up to 280 pounds of weight capacity, which is pretty darn great for a foldable model.

The ride they offer in combination with the rest of the spec sheet is comfortable to say the least.

You won’t get as much versatility as on the previously mentioned M550 for instance, but that has more to do with the foldable design. 

The Motor And Battery Power

The M-150 comes with an integrated high-speed brushless 750w wheel motor.

Those numbers rival some of the larger bikes on today’s list, so when you consider this a much lighter construction, you can see how much power you’ll have at your disposal. 

The battery is no slouch either - you get a 48V*16 rechargeable Panasonic lithium cell pack with a charge time of about 6-7 hours.
Depending on the intensity of riding and terrain, it can last you around 30 miles (the advertised 55 miles seems unlikely).
M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike

M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike

3. Citypro E-43 E-Bike

Now that we have covered the foldables and the off-roaders, it’s time for a sturdy e-bike for the city.

The Citypro E-43 is pretty much the step-trough version of the E53, a pretty popular MTB style bike.

The specs are still here, but you get some stylish design on those 2.3 inch tires.

Citypro E-43 E-Bike

Citypro E-43 E-Bike

The Design

The manufacturer decided to go for comfort with the E-43.

The Addmotor EB2.0 mechanical design is a healthy mix of a polygon frame design, an adjustable seat, an adjustable U-style curved handlebar, and a multipurpose rear rack.

All of that (and plenty more) combined with the comfortable and versatile 2.3-inch tires and the powerful motor give you a true city cruiser. 

But, how do those tires actually behave once you get on the bike you might be wondering? We’ll get to it, don’t worry. 

The Specs

The e-bike comes with an oil spring fork with 100mm of travel on the front and a Shimano 7-speed derailleur in the back.

With an SIS index system, those seven speeds get switched around by the Shimano right thumb shifter. 

All the name brand specs are covered, as they should be. 

Since this is a city cruiser you also need to be able to carry around some weight, which thankfully you can!

The multi purpose rack in the back has a 55 pound weight capacity, and helps you pack up and carry whatever you may need it to. 

Citypro E-43 E-Bike Girl

Now the tires aren’t as “fat” as they are on our other recommendations. But, this is a city cruiser after all, and comfort is still the number one priority.

On board there are the Kenda Gigas puncture-resistant 26.2.3 inch tires that offer plenty of weight capacity and a great amount of durability.

The ride is plenty comfortable in our experience, especially for a cruiser in this range!

The Motor And Battery Power

A 48V*500W rear brushless motor is used to power up this cruiser, with a 20Ah EB2.0 Samsung battery that offers a range of about 125 miles.

That’s the advertised feature - in real-life testing, the range is a bit lower, around 110 miles. Still, an excellent result for a city touring e-bike.

Citypro E-43 E-Bike White

Citypro E-43 E-Bike

4. Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike

The Wildtan M-5600 is a mid-drive Ebike that offers a pretty juiced-up spec sheet.

It features an all-terrain design with a hidden motor in the middle, and I have to say - it’s the best looking bike on the list by a mile (in my humble opinion).

Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike

Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike

The Design

M-5600 is durable, comfortable, and versatile - which is pretty much all that you want from a good all-terrain e-bike, but the list doesn’t stop there.

You’re looking at a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, painted to perfection in a camo style, since this model is referred to as the e-bike for your hunting trips.

The Specs

Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike Screen

Now it’s time for those specs I was mentioning.

The M-5600 has an alloy frame, as already mentioned, but on it there are two 26 inch aluminum double wall rims that are equipped with the Kenda Juggernaut Pro 4.5 inch wide tires. 

As previously mentioned Kenda models, these are lightweight but durable tires.

They can take on a lot of weight and run over anything you might find while offroading. 

I could go on comparing tire brands and picking which ones might be good for which situations, but in my experience the Juggernaut series gives you everything you need to feel comfortable and safe on all terrains. 

You get Wellgo aluminum pedals, Shimano Alivio 9 speed derailleur with the matching Alivio branded right shift lever on the Promax aluminum handlebar. 

Speaking of the handlebar, let's not forget the 5 inch LCD smart color display that comes with bluetooth, navigation and all of the other things you come to expect from a high-end e-bike.

And I’m being conservative with listing everything to not waste time, I wasn’t joking when I said that this is a juiced up E-bike!  

The Motor And Battery Power

There is a BBSHD Bafang Mid Drive motor that has power rated at 1000w. It has plenty of torque and will climb up most hills with ease, no matter where you want to take it for a challenge.

The battery pack is a lithium Panasonic 35GA, and the promised range on a charge is about 60 miles, which is optimistic. 

In reality you're looking at about 40 miles, give or take (an impressive number nonetheless).

 Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike Side

Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike

5. M-350 P7 Electric Tricycle

Last but not least, I will give you something a bit more interesting.

The M-350 P7 is the definition of stability and comfort. 

The three-wheel frame in combination with the 4 inch 60 TPI tires give you versatility in where you can ride it, and comfort wherever you go.

M-350 P7 Electric Tricycle

M-350 P7 Electric Tricycle

The Design

Just like the rest of the roundup, the bike has an 6061 aluminum alloy frame with an addshox fork in the front.

It’s a great looking bike, let’s just put it simply. The black/red paint job offers a kind of stealthy look, though you’ll hardly be hidden away on the street since this e-bike is quite an interesting thing to look at.

The Specs

The bike comes with a comfortable wide saddle, integrated headlights, a large capacity basket, an adjustable handlebar stem and dual rear brake rotors.

There is a 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur and a Simano SIS Index 7-speed freewheel.

All in all, it's a well-equipped, comfortable and safe ride. 

There's a combination of a Kenda 24x4 inch fat tire on the front and two 20x4 inch ones in the back.

The tires in question are the Kenda 60 TPI fat tires, and the e-bike offers up to a whopping 450 pounds of weight capacity. 

M-350 P7 Electric Tricycle Close Up

The Motor And Battery Power

The motor used is a 750W front-mounted Bafang motor. Those 750 watts can go up to about 1000 peak watts of power, and it will lug you around easily with its 80 Newton meters of torque.

The battery pack is a Panasonic branded 17.5 Ah cell that will give you about 45-55 miles with some level one pedal assistance.

Well, on paper it does, you can expect lower numbers but nothing you should worry about.

M-350 P7 Electric Tricycle

M-350 P7 Electric Tricycle

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