The Best Electric Beach Cruisers 2017 

A round-up review of the best electric beach cruisers of 2017 

Ancheer Electric
Mountain Bike
Juiced Bikes
CrossCurrent Air 
Extreme Scooters
Newport & Malibu

Keep Cool, stay Cruising

Why to choose a Cruiser and what to expect from your bike.  

Some bikes we choose to ride can't make our trips ‘fun’. Overly-geared super serious bikes designed for sport don’t often lend themselves to casual riding, and If you happen to purchase one of these bikes, your biking experience could be hindered greatly especially for beginners. However, that is not the situation in regards to cruiser bicycles.

These bikes ensure you optimal cycling experience without being bogged down with excess design features. Great for beginners and perfect for someone who wants their exercise free and fun!

The position of the handlebar and the chair matters a lot. Cruiser bicycles are designed with this in mind, and their seats and handlebars can be adjusted to a proper riding height for simple pedaling.

The seats are big and comfy you feel comfortable every time you're on the ride. Furthermore, some cruiser bicycles come with gender-specific seats, although some women find men's seats preferrable and vice versa the Option is always there where the more specialized bike types don’t always cater to these things.

These bikes are simple to control because of tires that are wide and their upright seating positions, and this is great when applying this to an Electric model. Going fast can be scary so having a more beginner friendly bike with compensation with regards to control is imperative. They're not prone to failure and need little maintenance since cruiser bikes are of high quality and simple design. Your rides are not only fun but also stress-free since you will not need to perform unnecessary repairs during your rides.

Customization and Durability

Every E-bike enthusiast has their preference concerning the sort of bike that provides the best riding experience. Cruise cycles can, as previously stated, have a great range of options with various design choices that can make your bike different and fresh.

Options such as; dimensions, colors, and different styles are always on hand. For your kids, you can pick a smaller frame size for instance. Other options that can be varied include rider height framework color, decals, frame type, handlebar type, framework brakes color, fenders and handle grip shade and this isn’t even considering the variation the Electric parts provide! It all depends on taste and your preferences.

Cruisers are typically made of light and strong materials such as aluminum, steel, cast plastics, and rubber. These substances are famous for their ability to resist corrosion and wear. Consequently, longer services are offered by cruiser bicycles without deteriorating, regarding performance since they don’t typically have overly complex gadgets added apart from the motor and control panel.

The Price

Price tags fluctuate widely by design and make. For this reason, you need to have some additional bucks if you prefer a specialized E-bike. For our list we have tried to pick solid bikes that won't break your bank, but also don’t lack quality.

Before deciding, consider your budget and expectations. Confirm that your cruiser bicycle has the fundamental features you want and need then proceed.

1.  Juiced Bikes - Oceancurrent (2017 update)

Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Electric Beach Cruiser1

This sleek electric beach cruiser from the edgy company Juiced Bikes, where quality is always a consistent plus.  

The bike itself is centered around outdoor performance, with speeds of up to 28 mph claimed. Charging time is a reasonable 6 hours with the battery itself housed in a sealed pack, which is removable. Let's take a look at the specifications to get a better idea of how this e-bike stacks up.


  • Max Speed:28 Mph
  • Shimano 7 Gears Shifting System for Fat Tire
  • 500 W Geared Hub Motor
  • Removable 48V lithium cell with 2-amp charger
  • 17.4 Ah Super Extended Range & 21.0 Ah Hyper Extended Packs are compatible with all OceanCurrents
  • 26 X 4.0 Fat Tire in All Road Fat Tire-Durable All Condition
  • Torque Sensor pedal assist and throttle

Feature Spotlight:


Juiced Bikes is well known for creating quality and reliable utility e-bikes and cruisers used as true car replacement vehicles. Their ODK series of Utility electric bikes dominated the segment while being nominated as E-bike of the Year at Interbike 2016. Now their new CrossCurrent sets the bar high in the sporty, high-speed e-cruiser category. 


The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent 48V S-Pedelec E-Bike is designed on a fundamentally sound 700c aluminum bicycle frame with an integrated down tube battery pack. Every part is carefully designed, engineered and manufactured to the "Juiced" standard.


The CrossCurrent is all about sporty performance. Juiced Bikes have designed the bike for maximum performance, minimum weight while maintaining an affordable price.

2. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike2

An Electric Mountain Bike from the stable of Ancheer, it is available for a price tag of 849 USD on  Is it worth 850 USD? Well, we are about to find out. 

With a Lithium-Ion battery that claims to offer 24 miles of full electric mode range, with a top speed of 18 mph, at first glance, it may appear to be a good choice.

However, the bike’s performance has a different story to tell, as can be seen from quite a few reviews that make us stop in our tracks before we click the ‘add the cart.' First, let's look closely at the specifications, at least what has been claimed by the manufacturer.


  • Maximum speed: 30km/h 18mph
  • Pure electric mode mileage: 40KM/24mile
  • PAS mode mileage: 55KM/34mile
  • Load capacity: 150kg/ 330lbs
  • Lithium battery: 36V 12AH
  • Motor: 250W high-speed brushless gear motors
  • Brake: Front and rear disc brakes

The unfortunate side of the Ancheer E-Bike:

To the credit of the manufacturer, they have spelled out clearly that the electric mode mileage and PAS mode mileage depends on the weight and terrain. Apart from that, most of the other specifications have value on paper and do not translate into performance on the ground. The critical reviews show quite clearly that the problems are not limited to a single feature. If, the bike had a common problem, then in all fairness, it would have been rectified or solved. However, regretfully, in the case of Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike, as the problems are multiple issues and features, a fix would not help. One of the biggest problems faced by users is the poor customer service from the company. Imagine purchasing a product and having to endlessly wait for a response or action from the company despite claims of warranty and replacement.

An electric bike should handle effortlessly. This means that the braking should never wreck a bike because of a different arrangement, as has been pointed out by one user who found that the brakes were mounted in a manner opposite to what everyone comes across. A mountain bike needs to be sturdy, the parts should never come loose or dislodge, which unfortunately has been a common grievance of users of this bike. One user went so far as to call it junk. Imagine finding that some part comes loose with every trip you make? Not a very pleasant prospect.

An electric bike should offer convenience and should never demand frequent visits to a service center. And to make things worse, a user may not be very close to any service center to receive assistance. This product deserves thumbs down, and users would do well to ride away from this choice, looking for a better product.

3. Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Air 

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Air1.

This model from Juiced Bikes is positioned as a bike that will tackle inclines effortlessly, with a good battery backup. With a price tag of 1195 USD, the manufacturers claim standout features. Well, we are going to find out exactly if it is true.

Well, what strikes as good is the choice of battery packs that just expands the range of the electric bike from 37 miles to 100 miles. This is staggering and can transport a user over long distances without serious effort. Before we take a look at the actual reviews of users, lets first look at the specs.


  • Disc Brakes
  • 48V/8.8 Ah Battery Pack
  • 9 Speed Drivetrain
  • Thumb Throttle

Key Features:

Disc Breaks:

The disc brakes are good to have, permitting users to come to a quick stop. You may never know when you need to come to a grinding halt in a hurry. And, as mentioned, the bike comes with an option of two choices for range – the standard range and the extended range. We are profiling the standard range here, which is by itself impressive, taking the user 37 miles on a single charge. And convenience is always a feature desired in any activity, including wheels, and the thumb throttle makes it easy to handle acceleration from the 500W motor.

Quality Customer support:

Another important aspect worth noting is the customer service. Products may face minor problems, either as a result of a manufacturing defect or shipment damage. And Juiced Bikes has lived up to customer expectations by shipping replacements and spares to users who needed them. The thoughtful inclusion of a set free spares has come in most handy for users. Overall, this bike could be a cool acquisition. Go for it, if you want speed, range, looks and support from the manufacturer, to enjoy hassle-free rides.

Great User Feedback:

Users have gushed about this bike, vouching for its unassisted and assisted speeds. One particular user, a verified one, went to the extent of checking with a GPS app and found impressive results.  With the right speeds and a right combination of unassisted throttle and a pedal assist, it is possible to squeeze out 50 miles on a charge, which lives up to the expectations of users.

4. Extreme Scooters
Newport & Malibu

Extreme Scooters newport and malibu beach cruisers2

These beach cruisers from X-Treme Scooters are touted to offer great riding pleasure, without any resistance. For a great price, these two models claim to offer a single charge ride up to 20 miles dashing along at 20 mph. Let's check if this is indeed true.

The mention of a beach bike will immediately bring to mind the need for a rust-resistant build, and lightweight frame to push the range higher. On both these counts, these twin models score high.  Manufactured from lightweight aluminum, the frames are stubbornly resistant to rust. Before you rush to decide on this good looking bike, take a look at the specs to see, if the power and range match the looks.


  • 100% Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Lithium LiPo4 Batteries
  • Disc brakes, basket accessory
  • Choice of throttle, pedal assisted or fully pedaled
  • 300W rear hub motor

Bike Spotlight:

Great Combo:

Now, this is quite a combination. You get to travel 20 miles on a single charge that requires just 4 hours to get the juice back, and you can go at 20 miles per hour. With a sleek and compact looking model powered by the rear hub motor, you should breeze through locations easily and in style.  The twist throttle means that your thumb gets relief if you would like to travel at a steady pace along flat terrain.

Solid User Reviews:

A few users did have issues with the batteries that came with the bike, but, they have mentioned that the replacements worked fine. For many, this is the bike they have always wanted to have, but could not get one. If you fancy a bike that will help you move around at a decent pace and take you to reasonable distances, then maybe this could be the one for you.

This stunning bike has received good reviews from users. An object that has been chosen as a gift from someone is an indication of the impression it has created in the person who is gifting it.  Users have found this bike to be a good choice for a gift. This makes it a decent buy. Its lightweight build makes it a good bike to iron out the issues while biking across terrain with inclines. A pedal assisted shot at inclines, will help users to breeze through to locations.


To recap, here's what we determined in this review


Best E-Beach Cruiser of 2017

Juiced Bikes OceanCurrent is the winner, hands down for the features, performance and the incredible extended range. If you have the budget, then do not think of anything else.


Best Value

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Air is the ideal choice when you need to strike a balance between cost and performance.  This model sure makes other models a bit cross with amazing performance and reasonable cost.


Interesting Option

Extreme Scooters Newport and Malibu are models that lend stunning looks to complement decent performance to meet specific needs. If your purse strings do not give you great freedom, choose this.


Not recommended 

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike will be a choice you will regret if you put your money on it. Do not choose this product unless you love to pick fights with customer service.

Wrapping up...

An electric bike can add great value, helping meet specific travel demands effortlessly. It could be a little trip across the countryside or a short commute to your workplace. The bike will admirably meet your requirements.

The obvious secret is in choosing the right model. It is not a case of horses for courses, but something that will more or less meet most of your requirements.  It is all about striking a balance. Never fall for the cheapest model advantage. Because if it is priced way too cheap than other products, the chances are that the product quality may also be poor.

However, the most expensive model is not always the most optimal one you need to buy. You need to get one by applying these factors – range, speed, charging time, frame build quality, handling convenience, customer service, looks and finally the price tag. 

If this category isn't quite floating your boat, be sure to check out our Best Fat Tire E-bikes review page and get a different angle on the product options!

That being said should you own a bike you want to rather convert your self be sure to take a peek at our Top 5 conversion kits for 2017 and see what suites you best! E-bikes can be daunting to get stuck into at first, but once you get rolling, you wont take a glance back!