Fenders For RadRover (And Aftermarket) – Which Ones Should You Pick?

by Dejan 

February 12, 2023

Fenders are an integral part of anyone’s bike setup, regardless of whether you’re going off-road or just around town. Their purpose, of course, is to protect both the bike, the rider, and the equipment. 

The last thing you want is a top-to-bottom muddied bike to clean up all the time - especially since, as a RadRover owner, you have full access to road and off-road terrain. 

On an electric bike, protection becomes even more crucial since there is also the battery and controller to worry about when you hit the road.

With that said, let’s go over some highly recommended fenders for RadRover!

Sort Of Fenders for rad-power bike

What Sort Of Fenders Do You Need For RadRover? 

First off, we’ve got two types of fenders - full and short. 

While we can agree that short fenders look cool on any bike, the majority of riders online still opt for full ones. Why?

Well, short fenders just don’t offer that much protection in comparison. In other words, they don’t really do the thing they’re supposed to do. 

That doesn’t mean we should rule them out right away, though.

Before we get to our list of top fenders for RadRover (and aftermarket), let’s turn our attention to the bike in question first - the RadRover. 

The RadRover comes with 26” x 4” tires and can develop speeds up to 25 mph. 

Now, if you’re planning on going mainly off-road and muddy terrain, you’ll want to leave some extra space between the fenders and tires. Do this so that things don’t get clogged when the bike's wheels gather up mud.

RadRover Full Fenders

Top Fenders For RadRover (And Aftermarket) Recommendations

You somehow run into a jam and end up damaging or breaking your stock fenders. What do you do? We’ve included our solutions for you to try and see what fits. Take a look!

RadRover Full Fenders

The Rad OEM fenders are compatible with both the 2018 and 2019 RadRover models and the rear rack - if you have it installed, that is. They’re extra wide and do a great job blocking dust, debris, water, and mud. 

Construction-wise, Rad Bikes’ fenders are made from durable PVC and stainless-steel brackets and hardware. 

The kit includes everything you’ll need to mount it, and both rear and front fenders are included. However, if you’re unsure of how to go about it, you should ask a bike tech to do it for you.

The RadRover and RadRover Step-Thru 1 are both 2020 models and come with the rear fender pre-installed - with a front fender available as an upgrade.

Emojo Wildcat Fenders

Emojo Bike’s Wildcat fenders were initially intended for the Emojo Wildcat. Still, many have shown that they could easily tweak their RadRovers and make them compatible with Emojo’s fender kit (mainly the installing brackets).

Unlike Rad’s fenders, which are mostly made of PVC polymer, Emojo makes their Wildcat fenders out of pressed steel. Depending on your style and where you’ll be riding, your bike’s fender material is going to be pretty important.

While PVC is generally a great option to go with, if you live in a very sunny area and your bike is in the open, the heat could damage and bend the material. On the other hand, steel’s more resistant to such weather changes, but it is much more of a hassle to deal with when in bends due to collision. 

Pick your battles, huh?

Lastly, Emojo’s fenders are slightly narrower than RadRover’s 4” tires. That still leaves Emojo as an option - as long as you know that you won’t be getting too dirty during a ride.

MRI-Denver’s Rover All Metal Full Fender Kit 

Like the previous entry on this list, we have another all-metal kit to mention. All the advantages and precautions still apply, by the way.

MRI-Denver went ahead and made a metal fender kit designed explicitly for the RadRover, so it’s your best bet as far as aftermarket accessories go. 

Speaking of the fit, the equipment is compatible with the 2018 and 2019 RadRovers.

VoltBike Yukon Fenders

Here’s another good option for bikes with 26” x 4” tires. VoltBike’s fenders are a good alternative for RadRover owners that want full coverage. They’re durable, easy to install, and often come in at a slightly lower price than the other entries so far. 

The installation might require some adjustments, though. 

Mucky Nutz Face And Butt Fenders

The Mucky Nutz Fender kit is a pretty neat find! 

These fenders are lightweight - they both weigh 30 grams each - the entire set costs about half the price of some other bands, and its universal fit makes it compatible with any fat-tire bike out there.

The downside? 

Well, the Mucky Nutz fenders are on the short side - they don’t give the same coverage that a full fender would. Nonetheless, most users remain satisfied.

DIY Approach

Some riders have taken things into their own hands, like using a corrugated pipe, a milk jug, or - get this - a street sign!

Now, this was mainly due to Rad Power Bikes either not having developed fenders at the time or fenders being unavailable at their store. 

A lot has changed since then, and Rad Power Bikes now have better coverage for their customers - but if you’re up for some DIY-ing, by all means, go ahead!

Your Nearest Dirt Bike Dealer

Another popular option came up due to the unavailability of Rad Power Bikes’ official fender kits, and online forums began to talk about finding decent fenders at motocross shops. 

Depending on your needs, you might find some great equipment that will suit you well, not in a “regular” bike shop but at a motocross dealer. 

Chances are your bike will need some adjustments, of course, but it could be well worth it - and you might save some cash along the way, too.

Final Thoughts

We stand by the fact that the RadRover is an excellent investment due to its price and quality. And not only that - we deem it to be one of Rad Power’s top bikes!

When deciding on what fenders to install, consider your style and the trails you’ll be riding first.

If you end up with a broken fender and need a quick fix, we’ve included affordable options on this list to try out. That being said, investing in good-quality fenders with proper coverage will save you serious cleaning time in the long run.

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