Folding Bike Helmet – How To Protect Yourself And Save Space [2024 Edition]

by Daria Vitel 

December 22, 2022

Bike helmets are an essential part of your cycling gear. Without one, you can end up seriously injured, if not worse. What's more, in most states, riding a bicycle without a helmet is illegal.

Unfortunately, bike helmets take up a lot of space. One thing that bothers me about commuting around with a bicycle is having to lug around a bulky helmet. I believe the same is true for anyone reading this article. Unless you're carrying a spacious bag, chances are you are also lugging your helmet when not riding your bicycle.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. Folding helmets have exploded in popularity over the past few years because people are looking for something more compact than a standard bike helmet. These helmets still offer the same cycling safety but take up only half the space.

Collapsible bike helmets are every cyclist's dream. Not only are they providing you with the impact protection you need, but they're also easy to carry and look extremely stylish.

Finding the best folding bike helmet for your needs can be quite a task. The market is incredibly large and filled with products that seemingly offer the same safety but at different price points.

Worry, not! I've done the research for you! I've scoured the market to find some of the best foldable bike helmets you can find on the current market. And as a bonus, I've also compiled short buyers guide so you can also become a folding bike helmet expert!

Folding Bike Helmet Comparison List Table

Product Name

Available In Sizes

Available In Colors

Folding Type

FEND Foldable Bike Helmet

FEND Foldable Bike Helmet

Small, Medium, Large

Matte black, matte white, matte yellow


Overade Plixi Foldable Bicycle Helmet

Overade Plixi Foldable Bicycle Helmet

Small, Medium, Large

Matte white

Folding in half down the middle

Closca Collapsible Helmet

Small, Medium, Large

Matte white, matte black

Flatten top to bottom

174Hudson Priority Outdoor Lightweight Helmet - Best Closca Clone

174Hudson Priority Outdoor

Small, Medium, Large

Gray/Neon, Onyx/Grey, Sea Foam/Red, White/Charcoal

Flatten top to bottom

Heemtle Folding Helmet - Best Budget Folding Helmet

Heemtle Folding Helmet

Small, Medium, Large

Black, green, purple, white


No products found.

In a hurry, after 37 hours of research we recommend:

FEND Foldable Bike Helmet 

 FEND Foldable Bike Helmet

Why it's the best?

  • Incredibly durable
  • Offers the best protection out of all foldable helmets
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Superb folding mechanism
  • Available in all sizes
  • Very compact when folded

  • 5 Best Foldable Bike Helmets - Reviews And Recommendations

    Finding the best foldable helmet can be quite tricky. Besides having to worry about it fitt your head, you also have to take into consideration the safety factor. Thankfully, you're in the right place. I've spent hours scouring the interwebs for the best foldable helmets you can buy.

    To make things as easy as possible, I've compiled my findings into this nifty list below. So, here are my top 5 picks for the best foldable bike helmet!

    1. FEND Foldable Bike Helmet - Best Folding Helmet Of 2024

    Fend foldable

    The story of how Fend came to be as a company is quite interesting. When riding his bicycle without a helmet around New York, Christian Heifner, the founder of Fend, got hit by an incoming taxi. The crash didn't cause any serious injuries, but it got Christian thinking about designing a bike helmet that would best suit his needs.

    And so in 2016, he started a Kickstarter for a lightweight foldable bike helmet that's designed to be both safe and stylish. After four years on the market, I have to admit that the Fend Helmet is a resounding success!

    The Fend helmet is an excellent all-around folding helmet, with one minor caveat - it may not fit everywhere. When folded, this helmet takes up half the original space, but it's still quite bulky. This is why this is an excellent choice for those cycling enthusiasts that use rideshare and don't necessarily need a helmet that's ultra-thin when folded.

    As for the folding mechanism - it's nothing short of perfect. It takes mere seconds to fold, and it unfolds just as quickly. I especially love the sound of the latches make when the helmet unfolds completely - it's incredibly satisfying.

    The folding is incredibly easy. All you have to do is pull up on the latches located on the side of the Fend helmet and squeeze.

    When it comes to size, these helmets come in small and medium/large. The small size fits a head that's anywhere between 54 and 56 cm in circumference, while the medium/large size fits heads 56 to 61 cm in circumference.

    When it comes to cycling safety, these folding helmets are CPSC compliant as well as European EN1078 bicycle safety standards certified.

    When it comes to color, this folding helmet is available in three colors: matte white, matte black, and matte yellow. I especially love the matt black model because it blends with most types of outfits and has that somewhat tactical look about it.


    • Provides superb safety
    • Durable
    • Incredible design
    • Folds and unfolds easily
    • Available in three colors


    • Absolutely none

    Overade Plixi Foldable Bicycle Helmet

    The Overade Plixi folding helmet was introduced all the way back in 2010. Overade, the company behind the product, had one simple idea: Create a truly foldable helmet for shorter commutes or when renting city bikes, and it has to be small enough when folded to fit a bag without taking up too much space.

    The Overade Plixi helmet managed to fulfill the expectations and is currently one of the best selling folding helmets on the market. And since the folding aspect of this bike helmet is its main selling point, I'll start from there.

    The folding mechanism on this bike helmet is truly impressive. It's all held together with a single clip that's located above the crown of your head. There are hinges on the sides that push inwards when you press on the clip and the helmet folds in itself. While it may sound complicated on paper, the folding process is incredibly easy and takes only a couple of seconds.

    When folded, this bike helmet takes up space as small as 21 x 11 x 16 centimeters - just a bit larger than a standard lunchbox. This means you won't have any trouble fitting this helmet inside your rucksack or bag.

    When it comes to the fit of the Oveerade Plixi helmet, it's exclusively done through pads. Overade Plixi comes with three different thicknesses to fit every head size. The strap is also adjustable, so don't worry about the fit.

    Overade Plixi folding helmet isn't designed for long commutes, so there's not much ventilation. There are 14 vents around the helmet, but they're not channeled well. It's not the worst ventilation on a bike helmet, but it's not the best.

    As for certification. The Plixi helmet is certified for both US and European safety commissions, which means it's legal and provides you with more than enough protection from impact and crashes.


    • Folds easily
    • Durable and quality made
    • Stylish
    • Great for city commuting


    • Vents aren't channeled well
    • May not be a good fit for some

    3. Closca Collapsible Helmet - Best Collapsible Helmet

    The Closca Collapsible Helmet was one of the first of its kind to hit the market a few years back. Since then it has attracted the attention of many bicycle enthusiasts across the world. Unlike the previous two helmets in this list, this one just oozes style and has a unique way of folding.

    Before I go any further with the review, I have to talk about the way this helmet folds. Unlike other folding bike helmets on the market that fold down the middle or along the length, the Closca helmet actually collapses in itself. All you have to do to fold it is to gently press on the top of it, and in a couple of seconds, you'll have a squished helmet!

    When folded, the Closca helmet takes up only 50% of the space when unfolded. And when you unfold it, you get a stylish looking helmet that closely resembles a baseball cap. While this may be a turnoff for some of you, I guarantee you won't find a better designed collapsible helmet than the Closca helmet.

    The Closcla collapsible bike helmet looks awesome, but it's also incredibly comfortable to wear. The interior of the Closca comes with soft, comfy padding that prevents any discomfort no matter how rough the ride is. What's more, the padded cushion is extended a little bit beyond the tip of the Closca collapsible helmet for further comfort.

    My only gripe with the Closca is that it's a bit on the heavy side. It weighs around 400 grams which means you will feel it after a while. Still, that's a small price to pay for a helmet that's incredibly stylish and offers great protection.

    The helmet is certified by both the US CPSC as well as Europe's ISO EN 1074, so you don't have to worry about the Closco helmet not protecting you from impact.


    • The most stylish foldable helmets on the market
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Takes up very little space when folded
    • Innovative folding design


    • A bit on the heavy side

    4. 174Hudson Priority Outdoor Lightweight Helmet - Best Closca Clone

    174Hudson Priority Outdoor Lightweight Helmet - Best Closca Clone

    If you liked the previous helmet, you'll certainly like the 174Hydson Priority Outdoor Lightweight helmet. This helmet is a love child of two companies - Closca and Priority.

    174Hudson came to prominence thanks to their Kickstarter campaigned which birthed what is now know as the Priority Classic bike. Since then, this company has made over seven different models, including an e-bike dubbed theEmbark. Thanks to 'no-maintenance' belts, comfortable seats, and a whole slew of useful accessories, Priority is one of the best-known bicycle brands in the world.

    After they designed one of the best selling bikes in the world, Priority set out to make the most comfortable and compact helmets in the world. This is when they approached Closca for a partnership of dreams. The result of this partnership is one of the best foldable helmets ever!

    The 174Hudson Priority helmet features the same basic design as the Closca helmet, but it's available at half the price. Just like the Closca, the Piority Outdoor is made up of three concentric rings that collapse into one another when you squash the 174Hudson Priority Outdoor. When folded, this helmet takes up two inches less than when unfolded.

    To ensure the helmet keeps its shape, the three concentric rings lock in place thanks to powerful magnets. This means you don't have to worry about this collapsible helmet collapsing on its own while you're wearing it.

    The inside features soft and comfy padding that won't cause any discomfort even during the roughest of bike rides. On top of that, this helmet weighs less than the Closca. Although 350 grams is still on the heavy side, it's still better than the Closca counterpart.

    This helmet is certified by both the US CPSC and it's also compliant with the European ISO EN 1074 standard, which means it provides more than enough security from impact.

    Just like the Closca, this is a good looking helmet, and I'm sure you won't have any trouble fitting it in with your attire.


    • Looks Great
    • Lightweight
    • Folds and unfolds easily
    • Affordable price


    • A bit less comfy as the Closca

    5. Heemtle Folding Helmet - Best Budget Folding Helmet

    Heemtle Folding Helmet - Best Budget Folding Helmet

    No products found.

    Bike helmets aren't exactly the cheapest piece of cycling gear. If you want good protection you need to pay good money. Unfortunately, not everyone has the cash to buy a top-of-the-line folding helmet. Thankfully, there are a couple of great budget options for those that are not in the best place financially.

    Introducing, Heemetle Foldable Cycling Helmet - a lightweight bike helm that's easy to carry and provides you with the necessary protection while on your cycling adventures.

    Just like with the Fend, the Heemetly Folding helmet folds along its length. But, unlike the Fend, this helmet takes a little bit less space. This is because the individual plastic loops that comprise the helmet are a bit thinner.

    When it comes to the folding process itself, it's pretty straightforward. All you have to do is squish the helmet from the side and it will collapse on its own. I really wish the manufacturer added hinges or buttons that will lock everything in place, but the system works really well as is.

    The helmet features solid padding, as well as mesh where the top of your head should be. Unfortunately, it all feels incredibly cheap. Unfortunately, you won't find another foldable bike helmet for this price. Thankfully, the helmet is certified by both the US and European commissions, which means they're legal.

    When it comes to vents, this is one of the most open bike helmets out there. Thanks to its design, your head will get ample cooling. Unfortunately, you won't fare well when it's raining outside, but who likes riding a bike in the rain anyway.

    In summary, the Heemetle folding helmet is an excellent stop-gap solution. If you're looking for a compact helmet but don't have a big budget, this helmet will do until you save enough money for a higher quality model. 


    • Easy to fold and unfold
    • Takes up very little space when folded
    • Great for women


    • Cheap construction
    • The padding feels cheap
    • Not designed to last very long

    No products found.

    Foldable Bike Helmets: Buyer’s Guide

    To wear or not to wear, that is a question many cycling enthusiasts ask themselves when presented with a foldable bike helm. We all know how a simple cycling helmet helps with your safety while on the road. However, unless you have a dedicated carrying bag for your bulky helmet, you are stuck lugging it around.

    Thankfully, with the invention of foldable bike helmets, the days lugging around a bicycle helmet are gone! In this guide, I'll discuss the safety of these helmets, different types of folding helmets, and some features you should keep in mind when on the lookout for the best model for your needs.

    Foldable Cycling Helmet

    Is A Folding Helmet Safe?

    The first thing many cycling enthusiasts ask themselves when they see a folding helmet is, "are they safe?"

    The answer is an astounding YES! These helmets can protect your head from a fall or a crash as long as they are made to meet the CPSC standards (Consumer Product Safety Commission) for bike helmets.

    Always Look For The CPSC Sticker

    When browsing folding helmets, try and look around the inside. If a helmet is built to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission safety standards, it will have a sticker inside.

    All of the helmets I reviewed in this article are compliant with these standards, so you don't have to worry about compromising your cycling safety if you decide to buy it.


    When it comes to types of folding helmets, they can fold in one of three ways:

    1. Folding in half down the middle
    2. Accordion-style folding
    3. Flatten top to bottom

    Bicycle helmet designers need to think about the helmet's function while making it attractive. No one wants to fork out their hard-earned cash for an ugly, heavy helmet even if it can fold.

    This is why designers have settled on one of three folding methods. No matter what type you choose, you can rest assured you're fully protected from head impacts and crashes.

    Whether you'll go for a collapsible bike helmet or one that folds down in the middle, it's totally up to you.

    Foldable Cycling Helmet


    Although bike helmets aren't the most attractive piece of cycling gear. Still, that doesn't mean they shouldn't compliment your style. Thankfully, folding helmets come in all shapes and sizes -some even with built-in dinosaur spines!

    When browsing folding helmets, you should constrict yourself to just how safe they are. It would help if you also looked for a folding helmet that fits in with your dressing style.

    Sporty Or Stylish?

    stylish helmet

    If you're looking for something extremely stylish, I recommend you go for a collapsible bike helm that looks like a baseball cap. It doesn't have much ventilation, but it'll complement any type of outfit you're wearing.

    If you're into more sporty stuff, I recommend you go for a collapsible bike helmet that folds in the middle. These helmets offer excellent cycling protection while providing you with all the ventilation you need.


    Besides the design, you also have to consider the weight of the foldable helmet. The first-ever folding helmet weighs a whopping 500 grams. No one in their right mind would wear a helmet this heavy.

    Thankfully, most folding helmets you can find today are all extremely lightweight. Still, with that said, there is a big difference between a 175-gram bike helmet and a 400-gram helm. This is why you must figure out what's the ideal weight by trying out different helmets until you find the ideal weight.


    Lastly, you have to factor in the durability of the folding helmet. Unfortunately, determining how durable a folding helmet is can be quite tricky. It all boils down to manufacturers' claims and customer testimonials. Some helmets are designed to withstand a single hit, while others can take a really hard beating and still provide you with the necessary protection.

    When browsing for a collapsible bike helm, I recommend checking out the review section and seeing what people are saying about the durability.

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    Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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