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Gen3 The Outcross

June 22, 2023

As of October 28th, 2022, Gen 3 Mobility, LLC has ceased operations and is no longer offering customer support. These e-bikes are not producing anymore.

One common issue people have with all-terrain e-bikes is that they generally feel too “off-roady,” meaning they’re not fit for city riding or commuting as much. 

On the contrary, some folks complain about their e-bike not having enough motor power to get them up steep hills. 

Both of these are genuine problems that cause headaches for riders.

What if I told you that there is an electric bike that can get you up a mountain and that you won’t feel awkward riding to work? Enter The Outcross, one of Gen3’s finest models.

This one isn’t a “classic” all-terrain e-bike by any stretch of the term, but it is a well-rounded and extremely versatile one. Today, I’m going to present you with a detailed review of The Outcross and let you judge its performance for yourself - based on the facts provided.


Gen3's The Outcross features a sturdy 6061 Double-Butted Aluminum frame with a dazzling, stylish design. Not only does it look good, but it's built to withstand the wear and tear that goes with all-terrain riding. 

Attached to the frame is the 26" 100mm stroke suspension fork with lock and adjust controls. Along with the tires, this component is responsible for the smooth riding experience. 

Gen3 OutCross

The ergonomic handlebars come equipped with thermoplastic rubber grips to ensure comfort and safety.

Now, I already said that the frame looks really good - and now I'll further elaborate on it. 

As with most e-bikes, the battery is attached to the thick down tube. But what sets The Outcross apart is that the battery is built seamlessly into the tube, following the shape of the frame. 

That’s important not only for aesthetic's sake but is also very practical.

The top and seat tube, as well as the chain and seat stays, are all slightly curved, significantly thinner than the down tube. Also, the top tube is set at an inclining angle which makes it easy to mount the bike. 

The frame accommodates riders of heights ranging from 6'6" to 5'10". Of course, folks that don't fit this height range can ride The Outcross too, but it might not be as comfy.

A big con of this e-bike is its weight - namely, it clocks in at 65.3 pounds. That makes it one of the heavier in its category, which could lead to a series of inconveniences for some individuals. If you have to carry it up several flights of stairs, you better be in decent shape!

Aside from this, I found no major setbacks with the construction of The Outcross. You can ride it all year and pretty much anywhere you like.


The heart of this electric bike is the Bafang rear hub motor. Since it’s located behind the gears, it enables the frame to have a clean and sleek appearance. 

With 500W of operating power and a peak of 1000W, this motor will allow you to conquer hills with ease. When ridden on flat terrain, the bike can reach a speed of up to 20 mph, which is a standard for models of this size. 

As for the sound, I'm happy to report that this motor is pretty quiet, which is important to many people. 

The controls of the motor are minimalist and straightforward. If you want to use the pedal assist, press the "M" button in the upper right corner, and the display will light up. The “+” and “-” signs are there to adjust the power that you want the motor to produce - and that's all there is to it.

One more thing: 

If you want to switch to full-motor power, press down the throttle lever - the only one on the controller. Pressing the throttle will completely rid you of the need to pedal the bike.

Gen3 The Outcr


The 500Wh battery is what powers the motor mentioned above. When fully charged, this battery will last up to 35 miles. Of course, the overall range depends on several factors - including the terrain (flat or mountainous) and the amount of pedal-assist or throttle you use.

The bike also features a real-time battery level indicator which lets you know how much battery life you have left based on current riding conditions. If your riding style and conditions change, so will the estimate. 

So if you, for example, ride up a hill at full throttle, the indicator will show a decrease in battery life; if you ride downhill for a while, you'll see the opposite.

It is crucial to note that the battery indicator does not show your battery capacity level. You can check that by pressing a button on the actual battery, and it will tell you whether the battery has to be charged or not.

Brake Type

This model features Gen3's in-house brakes made from black cast aluminum. These are spring actuated front and rear mechanical 160mm disc brakes, and they work reasonably well.

Problems might occur when you try to break on steep downhills, though. Namely, they may not slow you down as quickly as you would ideally want them to. 

However, when riding on flat surfaces, they work like a charm.


The thick tires of The Outcross come from CST, the world's largest manufacturer of bicycle tires. They're part of the company's BFT series, which conveniently stands for Big Fat Tires. As the name implies, the fat tires hold a lot of air, which is great if comfort is your main concern. When paired with the suspension fork, these tires will provide you with a smooth ride on almost any kind of surface.

On top of that, The Outcross tires feature the technology called EPS, or Exceptional Puncture Safety. It does make them more resilient to punctures - which translates to fewer flats.

Post-Test Summary: Gen3 The Outcross Neo Pros and Cons

Gen3 The Outcross is a well-built and robust electric bike that can serve all kinds of purposes.

Gen3 The Outcross

Being an all-terrain bike, it is designed to glide over various surfaces, including trails, sidewalks, roads - and anything else that you can ride on, really.

It's a good choice for those looking for an eco-friendly commute to work, as well as folks who just enjoy riding in nature with some assisted pedaling.

Now, this is not the cheapest e-bike out there - but it isn't the priciest either. I would say that it offers a good balance of cost and value. As for the downsides, it's pretty heavy, and the brakes could be better.

What Do I Like About Gen3 The Outcross?

This e-bike is fun to ride and shifts seamlessly from pedaling to assisted pedaling to full throttle mode. Such a smooth transition can be overwhelming if you've never ridden an e-bike before, so taking things slowly is essential.

The motor is quite powerful, and the range is more than enough for a reasonable commute to work or a full day of riding in nature. The battery indicator lets you know how much range you can expect based on your riding style, so you can adjust it if necessary.

The fat tires provide a very comfortable ride, and the suspension system works pretty well. Also - and I know many of you will appreciate this - The Outcross is one of the best-looking all-terrain e-bikes on the market for sure.

What Don't I Like About Gen3 The Outcross?

Again, the most significant issues with The Outcross are its brakes and weight. 

The brakes work fine most of the time - but they're not optimal for steep downhill rides as they don't have the resistance necessary to slow you down fast enough. 

The Outcross is a very heavy bicycle which may hinder your steering and overall control over it. And don’t get me started on carrying it up a flight of stairs. 

Gen3 - The Company

Coming from Bellevue, Washington, Gen3 is a relative newcomer on the electric biking scene. 

Nevertheless, this company has proven to be a worthy competitor to the more acclaimed names and has put out several high-quality models such as The Flex and The Stride - which have been received very well.

Advice to Buyers

If comfort, versatility, and fun are what you're after, then The Outcross might be the right e-bike for you. 

Even though the cost of $1499 may seem high to many people, this e-bike is actually a mid-cost model. If you have the means and you like what you've read so far, the chances are that you will adore this bike!


What can I add that hasn't already been said? 

The Outcross is a reliable, high-quality e-bike that will appeal to both thrill seekers and casual bike riders. It's equipped with a powerful motor, has an excellent battery range, and provides a smooth ride no matter where you're headed. 

Gen3 OutCross
Our Rating - 72/100

The Gen3 OutCross is an electric fat-tire all-terrain bicycle with a sleek, sporty design. Its tough tires offer great control and a bump-free ride - even in unfavorable conditions like snow and rain. The battery cuts the rider’s effort by half, making the experience on this electric bike even more enjoyable.

About the author

Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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