Himiway’s New E-bike Range To Launch Just In Time For Summer

by Electric-Biking Contributor Team 

May 9, 2023

A little birdie told me that Himiway, one of the world's biggest e-bike brands, is going to launch a new e-bike model in the next few weeks.

This got me really excited since their last two e-bikes, the Zebra and Big Dog,  were absolute bangers.

Sure, they had a few quirks about, such as slight understeer and a sluggish PAS response - but nothing too serious.

Here’s a quick refresher on Himiways last two bikes:

  • Zebra is a high-powered fat tire e-bike. It boasts a 750-watt motor and a huge battery that provides almost 60 miles of range.

  • The Big Dog is just as impressive. It comes with the same motor and battery but features a more e-scooter design. In other words, it’s perfect for lugging cargo around town.

The only perplexing thing about this news is why didn’t Himiway blow the horn earlier? It makes no sense - you’re still riding high on the launch of two e-bike models.

If I were in their place, I would blow the horn at the 2023 Superbowl.

Those ads already cost an arm and a leg. Why would you waste it on just promoting sustainable living and not on promoting your new product launch?

Don’t get me wrong, promoting sustainable and green energy solutions is crucial for our future as a species - but why wouldn’t you seize the opportunity to at least hint at a new product coming?

All the mystery really got my almonds working. What new will this e-bike bring to the industry? Maybe it’ll feature a beefier motor and battery? We will know when the bike hits the market.

With that said, we can make a pretty good guess if we closely study their previous two models.

Himiway Big Dog Banner

Possible design Improvements?

One thing you have to admit about Himiway’s e-bikes- they’re all pretty blocky. 

Let’s take, for example, one of their latest model - the Zebra. Sure, the bike is pretty sleek. However, the frame tubes are thick as all hell. 

I understand you need to cram a large battery somewhere, but does it have to be in the downtube?

This is a trend I’m slowly but surely getting tired of. Don’t get us wrong, hiding the battery in the downtube is pretty smart - but do you have to do it on the bottom side?

Why subjugate the battery to unnecessary water splashes when you can just put it on top? It will also make removing the battery a lot less complicated since I won’t have to fiddle with the front wheel as much.

Here’s my first prediction - I think the new Himiway bike line is going to be a little bit sleeker.

The frames won’t be super-sleek since chunkiness is kinda entwined with Himiway’s brand. But if you compare the first couple of bikes they launched with the new ones, you’ll see they’ve gotten sleeker.

Himiway Zebra Black

New Color Variants

One thing I'm pretty sure about is that the new e-bike will come in a couple of color variants. Why am I sure about this?

Well, they released two limited edition e-bikes mid-February. These e-bikes had the same key specs as the Zebra, but that’s not the exciting bit. What got my juices flowing was the frame color scheme. 

Instead of the usually drab matt black/white colors, these bikes featured vibrant and, honestly, refreshing blue and purple color combos. This is an indicator that maybe the next model is going to be available in a range of colors.

Himiway Speacial Edition

Handlebars, Cargo Racks, And Tires

Of course, an e-bike has other components than just the frame. There are also handlebars, cargo racks, and a seat.

When it comes to the handlebar design, I don’t think Himiway will do anything revolutionary. Maybe one of the new e-bikes will come with adjustable handlebars.

Himiway’s e-bikes are already damn comfortable, but if you could adjust the tilt of the handlebars, you’d be able to dial in a perfect riding position.

I don’t believe they’ll do anything revolutionary when it comes to cargo racks. Himiway is one of the leading cargo bike manufacturers. They already have the cargo rack game in the bag.

Another thing I’m pretty sure about is that the new bike is going to come with some kind of fat tires. And I don’t think they’re going to be twenty inchers.

It wasn’t that long ago they launched the Big Dog. So if I were a betting man, I would bet on the next bike featuring 26-inch tires. They wouldn’t release two scooter e-bikes in a row - at least, that wasn’t the case before.

Himiway Big Dog Banner 2

Advanced Features

So far, all I’ve been talking about are mere cosmetics. You can have the most perfectly designed e-bike, but if the motor sucks, all you’re left with is a steaming pile of junk. Shiny, well-crafted junk, but junk nonetheless.

Thankfully, Himiway’s engineers are pretty capable. They’ve got the fat-tire long-range e-bike formula down to a point.

After all, fat tire e-bikes are way more comfortable for long rides than regular commuters. The fat tires cushion more shock and also have more bite in them, which means you can easily ride over country trails.

Better Motor?

I don’t believe Himiway is going to skimp on the motor when it comes to their new e-bike. Quite the contrary - I think the new bike will feature their 750W motor.

All other bikes they have on offer have this motor, and I don’t think they’re planning on developing a new motor any time soon.

Research and development take time and money - lots of money. If Himiway was going to put a new motor in the new bike, they would’ve at least hinted at it.

The motor they already have is more than decent. Besides the massive power output, it can also churn out a whopping 80 Nm of torque. With this much torque and power, Himiway bikes go uphill like it’s nothing.

The only way they could improve on the motor is if they made it even more powerful. Imagine having a long-range e-bike that can churn out a constant 1000W - that would be glorious.

New LCD Display?

One thing is for sure; the new bike is definitely going to feature Himiway’s new Smart LCD Display.

The display is a pretty impressive piece of tech. It can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and is pretty bright to boot.

It kinda sucks that their older models don’t come with this display. It’s not like that would significantly impact the price. Still, you can always buy it and install it yourself.

Himiway LCD

Improved Battery

As I mentioned before, Himiway engineers are masters in designing long-range e-bikes. So, I won’t be too surprised if their new e-bike features an absolute monster of a battery.

The new e-bike will probably come with a 960 Wh battery - identical to the one on the Zebra.

If they keep the same motor, Himiway’s new model will probably have around 90 miles of range.

I hope they somehow cram an even larger battery. Why not go for a battery that allows for 100 miles of range?

That would affect the overall aesthetics and the weight, though. On the other hand, it’s not like the bike has to be super light. Himiway isn’t known for producing easily portable e-bikes, and I don’t think this new model is going to change that.

Himiway’s Expertise In Long-Range And Fat-Tire E-Bikes And Possible Design 

Himiway’s entire brand revolves around long-range fat-tire e-bikes. 

In fact, they’re one of the leading brands in this niche. You’ll have to look far and wide to find another e-bike brand that offers bikes with 60+ miles of range at an affordable price.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the tires. Himiway is one of the reasons why fat-tire e-bikes are so popular.

Most people had a prejudice against oversized tires since they saw them as incredibly inefficient. Himiway and a handful of other manufacturers managed to prove the contrary.

Now everyone knows fat tires provide more stability as well as less rolling resistance than regular tires.

When it comes to possible improvements they could make on the new e-bike, I’d like to see even more range and maybe a beefier motor.

Don’t get me wrong, Himiway’s 750-watt motor is already pretty beefy, but It would hurt if it was just a tad bit more powerful.

As for the frame design, maybe they’ll make the frame a bit sleeker. That’s still pretty iffy since Himiway isn’t known for producing sleek e-bikes.

Himiway Cobra

Conclusion: Recapping My Speculations

Before I continue, I must stress that everything in this article is pure speculation. Himiway still hasn’t released any statement about releasing a new bike.

All my speculations are based on their previous models and how the company’s design evolved over time.

Let’s start with the overall design.

If we go by the previous two models Himiway released - the new e-bike is probably going to feature a sleek yet slightly chunky frame.

The battery will probably be hidden in the downtube. I hope they place the battery bay on the top of the tube instead of the bottom since that’ll make it easier to access.

When it comes to color choice, maybe Himiway introduces a couple of variants. They released a special edition of the Zebra that had a custom color scheme.

Maybe the new e-bike will feature something similar? I honestly hope so.

Now onto some more technical stuff.

The new bike is probably going to pack a powerful motor and a chunker of a battery. After all, Himiway is known for producing some of the best long-range fat-tire e-bikes in the world.

I don’t believe they’ll introduce a new motor with this bike. The one they already use is pretty capable and, most importantly, efficient.

Don’t get me wrong, cramming a 1200-watt motor into a fat-tire e-bike sounds like great fun - but I don’t think the guys at Himiway are that crazy.

The new bike will probably come with a 750-watt, 80 Nm motor. You honestly don’t need more than that. Anything above 1000 watts is pure overkill. At that point, you’re getting into electric dirt bike territory.

Lastly, I’m pretty confident the new e-bike is going to feature Himiways new and improved LCD screen. It’s only marginally more expensive than their old one, so there’s no reason not to feature it on your new bike.


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