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Rambo The Cruiser

What’s better than an ordinary fat tire bike?

An electric fat tire bike.

It was just recently when fat-tire bikes made their way into the bike market - and there are electric versions that completely change the concept of the standard bicycle for the better!

The Rambo Cruiser is an excellent example of this idea. Add a powerful motor and battery combo to a fat tire bike to turn the bike into a path-conquering beast.

The other notable thing about adding an electric motor to a fat tire bike?

It makes the bike more versatile, overcoming some obstacles that could otherwise prevent an ordinary fat tire bike from being more than just a standard bike for less-traveled surfaces.

The Rambo pays attention to detail while utilizing innovative engineering to create one of the most fun fat tire electric bikes you’ll ever ride. The Rambo Cruiser’s ride quality is the same whether you use the motor assist or not.

if you’re looking for a fat tire electric bike that can do it all and if you have some money to spend, you should definitely consider the Cruiser.

Rambo The Cruiser 500W

The first thing I’d like to mention is the frame of the Rambo Cruiser.

This fat-tire electric bike’s frame is constructed out of 6061 Aluminum - standard material for the frame, might I add.

Unlike some other bikes that come in only one color option, the Rambo Cruiser comes in three color options: black, gray, and bright green.

The handlebars on this electric bike are pretty comfortable with the left one used to control the motor and the right one used for pedal gears with the throttle for the motor.

Since this is a fat tire electric bike, it’s not quite light. Weighing at around 59 pounds, Rambo Cruiser can be heavy for some people. However, if you don’t intend on carrying it every day, the weight shouldn’t be a problem.

One of the concerns that all riders have before buying a new bike is the level of comfort offered by the saddle. The Cruisers’ Tektro Seat saddle doesn’t disappoint - it provides an optimal balance between the saddle’s height and width.

The interesting thing about this electric bike is that it doesn’t have a suspension but rather fixed frame. Fixed frames without suspension are a great choice for cold-weather riding on fat tire e-bikes. However, riding on rough terrain can be somewhat tricky without having any suspension.

Another downside of this electric bike is that it doesn't feature a rack and fenders. While you can buy these separately, it’s annoying having to pay extra for features that come standard with most electric bikes.

Rambo Cruiser Black


Rambo Cruiser features a powerful high-torque mid-drive Truckrun motor that provides great power and performance.

While Cruiser’s motor has a nominal power rating of 500W it has an incredible peak power rating of 750W.

 Also, this motor features a high-speed reduction ratio which is similar to the one that Tesla uses in its motors!

Rambo Cruiser Motor

The Truckrun 500W mid-drive motor is absolutely fantastic for most applications, delivering an even balance of motor performance and battery longevity.

The Cruiser’s maximum torque can go up to 145 Nm and the maximum speed you can reach with it is 19 mph.

Whether you decide to go for a ride around the town or take the Cruiser for some off-road riding, the Truckrun motor will provide you with power to support all sorts of riding styles.

Another great thing about this motor is that it’s extremely quiet - riding through nature can be even more enjoyable.


Rambo Cruiser Battery

The Rambo Cruiser is powered via a 48V LG lithium battery pack that can go up to 35 miles depending on the assistance level - and of course, on the incline.

LG battery cells are one of the most reliable battery cells on the market, providing an industry-leading 800 charging cycle life span.

This reliability guarantees your e-bike will be ready when you are, whether it is weekend riding, hunting, or daily commuting.

The battery on the Rambo Cruiser has an easy slide-on/off design allowing easy and quick removal for charging or storage.

Not all batteries are equal. As a matter of fact, not even close. Many electric bikes that are advertised on the market at a certain amp-hour fall very short. Real-life tests show that Rambo outperforms, again and again, so don’t be fooled for less than the best!

Brake Type

Rambo Cruiser Brakes

The Rambo Cruiser comes with fully adjustable Tektro alloy disc brakes with 180mm front and rear rotors.

 These brakes are extremely easy to actuate due to the combined mechanical advantages of four-finger brake levers.


This fat-tire electric bike features 26-inch, double-walled rims without holes, which match the fat tires. These larger rims are part of the Cruisers’ advertised “all-terrain” capabilities.


The Rambo Cruiser has Kenda Krusade 26 x 4.00-inch fat tires.

Although the size of these tires doesn't quite match some of the top-tier fat tire e-bikes, they provide a stable off-road ride. 

The knobby tread of these fat tires offers the Cruiser lots of grip and stability without making the ride too bumpy.

Rambo The Cruiser

Post Test Summary: Rambo The Cruiser

Pros And Cons

For $2000, Rambo Cruiser is a steal when you take everything about it into consideration.

The Rambo Cruiser is very well-built and will offer you some great off-road riding experience. Even though it doesn’t match the high-end fat tire e-bikes, the Cruiser is of good quality, with a great battery and motor.

What I Like About The Rambo Cruiser

The Rambo Cruiser would already be an excellent fat tire bike even without the motor. It has components of high quality in all the right areas - especially with the tires, motor, and battery.
The fat tires on this electric bike will help to deliver a stable and comfortable ride on all types of trails.

The battery used on the Rambo Cruiser is quite efficient and provides you long-range to allow for a long day of adventure in the outdoors.

In addition, With Cruiser’s impressive motor, you will get to experience some decent off-road riding. On top of being very powerful, the 500W Truckrun motor featured on the Cruiser is extremely quiet - providing you with peaceful riding through nature.

What I Don’t Like About The Rambo Cruiser

The first thing I don’t like about this fat tire electric bike is the fact that it doesn’t come with suspension - which can be pretty important for off-road riding.

Also, the Cruiser is only available in one size with a 19-inch frame.


  • Powerful yet very quiet 500W motor
  • High-quality Kenda Krusade 26 x 4.0-inch tires
  • Great battery life delivering a maximum 35 miles of range
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to assemble


  • The Cruiser isn't equipped with suspension
  • Available in only one frame size
  • Doesn’t include fenders or rack

Advice To Buyers

Rambo Cruiser is an excellent option if you’re looking to get into fat-tire electric bikes. The motor of the Cruiser will provide power for some decent off-road riding and its tires will provide great stability.

The best part of it all is that the Rambo Cruiser comes with an entry-level price for a fat tire electric bike. For $2000, the Cruiser is an excellent bargain!


Rambo Cruiser is one of the best fat tire e-bikes on the market when you take the features and the price into consideration.

This fat tire electric bike combines craftsmanship, high-quality components and parts, and a powerful motor that will allow you to ride through miles of rough terrain or to your workplace.

Rambo Cruiser has the capability to ride places some other electric bikes can’t - and for longer with almost no effort.

While it doesn’t match the top-end mountain electric bikes, the Rambo Cruiser is a great option for anyone looking to get into fat tire e-bikes. 

Rambo The Cruiser Black

Our Rating - 94/100

The Perfect Entry Level Electric Bike

The Rambo Cruiser is a great entry-level e-bike for someone who’s just getting started. The 500W Truckrun motor paired with the 7-speed derailleur makes a good balance of climbing ability and speed. This e-bike can be used on both pavement and off-road with ease.

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