Tips on How to Maximize Your Electric Bike’s Range

by Daria Vitel 

September 2, 2023

Hiya there, bike-lovers!

It’s time to take a breather from reviews and focus on something else that’s crucial – maximizing your e-bike’s range.

Yup, it’s maintenance o’clock.

Your e-bike is your transport BFF, offering an eco-friendly and convenient way of getting around urban areas and ticking off your daily bucket list. However, you can do more than just cruise around town. 

You can work on enhancing your bike’s range.

To help you do that – we’ve outlined a couple of immediately effective tips that’ll help you level up your game and enjoy the ride even more.


Your bike’s power comes from its batteries – and for that reason alone – they’re the first ones you should take care of regularly. 

The first thing you should work on here is your charging habits. When you buy an electric bike, going through “the manual” and asking questions is a must if you want a smooth ride.

Bear in mind that different bike motors require different charging times.

The point? 

You should note down how much time you should set aside to charge your e-bike’s batteries up to 100% – without overcharging or leaving it on 50%.

That’s a no-go.

If you overcharge your e-bike all the time, something’s bound to go wrong – your batteries may overheat, affecting the performance of your bike. And who wants that?

Also, if you forget to charge it, just leave it halfway, you won’t get far with your e-bike, and once again, your batteries will start to decline in performance.

Keeping a balance here is crucial!

And speaking of overheating, it’s vital that you keep your batteries in an optimal temperature range. These batteries contain flammable gases that can ignite during high temperatures and cause a fire that’s gonna be hard to put out.

I kid you not – especially with higher-energy lithium batteries – e-bike fires are pretty common.

The ultimate question:

Where should you store these batteries, then?

Well, the best advice would be to store your e-bike batteries in an insulated garage, along with your other equipment. Don’t keep them around in your house.

Riding Techniques

Next up, we have efficient riding techniques. Yes, your e-bike’s range and performance can depend on how you ride it.

The best practice here would be to utilize the pedal-assist mode – where you start peddling, and then the motor kicks in after some time. This will provide the added burst of power you need, in just the right time. 

Also, one additional tip – pay attention to the speed limit while you’re on pedal-assist mode. This is because e-bikes often have different levels of assistance, so monitoring your speed and adjusting to the mode.

Don’t go over the top with the pedal-assist mode. It’s there to help you, but you should rely on it 100% of the time. The best advice here would be to use pedal-assist when you need it the most – for instance, climbing a steep hill.

Terrain Considerations

You’d also want to pay attention to the terrain you’re riding your e-bike on. Although e-bikes are slightly stronger, and generally hold more power, you shouldn’t overestimate that.

Opt for terrains that won’t damage the “exterior” of your bike. If you spend too much time on dirty, steep, and unsafe terrains, something’s bound to get caught up in your tracks and potentially damage the performance of your e-bike.

Also, you’ll want to carefully adjust the level of assistance depending on your terrain. Don’t go all in if you’re riding across a flat surface. This will drain the energy of your bike, and you’ll have to pedal through the rocky road all by yourself.

Here’s an extra tip.

Avoid these three types of terrains, as they will drastically slow down your bike and affect its performance: 

  • Muddy paths: These paths can clog the tires on your e-bike.

  • Deep sand: Riding through sand will require extra power from your e-bike, and it can easily cause wear and tear.

  • Deep waters: Avoid puddles. Riding through water for too long with your e-bike is a big no.


Software Improvements

Sometimes, the secret of enhanced range lies in the software improvements of your e-bike.

Although exterior maintenance is crucial if you want your e-bike to function properly, you should also keep an eye out for software updates. 

Simply speaking, this means staying up-to-date with the company’s updates regarding your model, like the bike’s electronic control unit (ECU), display updates, diagnostic tools, and even battery management. 

Also, it’s not uncommon for e-bike manufacturers to introduce new models or add something extra to the exisiting ones to ramp up your ride. For instance, the manufacturer you bought your e-bike from may add the “turbo” mode to enhance the speed on your bike. 

Summing Up

That’s a wrap. 

If you’re a genuine e-bike enthusiast and you’re ready to conquer the road with your new e-bike, you shouldn’t skimp on the tips that will help you maximixe its range.

The best advice would be to inquire about your battery charging time, storage options, riding techniques, and software updates. Although taking care of the exterior of your bike is crucial, you shouldn’t underestimate the technicalities either.

After all – it’s not just any bike – it’s an electric bike you’re bringing on the road with you.

Stay safe, and enjoy the ride!


Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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