Fastest Electric Bikes: [30 MPH+] E-Bikes Reviewed for 2024

by Dejan 

October 31, 2023

We feel like we're repeating this often – possibly every chance we get – but it's true:

An electric bike is a fantastic way of getting around – quick and convenient, without anegative impact on the environment.

Then again, there's a not-so-fine line between "quick" and "mind-boggling, adrenaline-inducing, stupendous fast" – and the electric bikes in our round-up dared to cross it.

So, if you're a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie in search of the fastest electric bike, keep reading.

One of the Fastest Electric Bike in the World 

The 12000W Enduro e-Bike is regarded as fastest electric bike in the world. With a top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h), the Enduro holds the title as the fastest production e-bike. This is the result of using a ridiculously powerful 12000 W electric motor, supported by a high-capacity battery. However, we did not include it in our list because we consider it to blurring the lines between an electric motorbike and a true e-bike, but judge for yourself from the pictures below.

Enduro 12000W Fastest Ebike in the world
Enduro 12000W Fastest Ebike in the world

How Motor Power Influences Speed

The speed of an electric bike depends on the electric motor. All things being equal, a stronger motor will yield faster speeds. However, the relation between electric power and speed is not linear, due to friction, wind resistance and grip. Below is a summary of how different wattage electric bike motors perform on flat terrain:

  • 250 W motor reaches a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h);
  • 500 W motor reaches a top speed of  25 mph (40 km/h);
  • 750 W motor reaches a top speed of  28 mph (45 km/h);
  • 1000 W motor reaches a top speed of  35 mph (55 km/h);
  • 1500 W motor reaches a top speed of 40 mph (63 km/h)

Classification of E-Bikes

For the sake of regulation, electric bicycles have been put into three different classes. However, this classification hasn’t been adopted throughout the US. In some states, e-bikes are treated as conventional bicycles. And there are no license or age limit restrictions to ride one, as of yet. In the EU for example, class 1 and class 2 are the only electric bikes which are street legal.

Class 1: Pedal-Assist Only Up to 20 mph

The electric motor will assist you while you pedal up to and until you reach 20 mph (32 km/h), when the assistance ceases.

Class 2: Pedal-Assist and Throttle Up to 20 mph

Same top speed as Class 1 However, they include a throttle mode, either a thumb toggle or a twistable handle,  quite similar to what you find on a traditional motorcycle.

Class 3: Pedal-Assist Only Up to 28 mph

These electric bikes function like class 1 e-bikes but are capable of reaching a top speed of 28 mph. 

Class Unrated: Unrestricted

This class' speed is only capped by electric motor power, and these are the e-bikes we will be focusing on in this review.

We reviewed five of the fastest e-bikes capable of pushing the limits of street-legal pedal-assisted speed!

Quick Comparison Table of Fastest Electric Bikes

Fastest Budget E-Bike
Ristretto 512 A24
ristretto 512 a24 electric bike

Go-anywhere, do-anything electric bike

  • Samsung battery cells capacity of 1,550Wh
  • Top speed is 40 mph
  • 250 Nm of torque
  • Up to 100 miles in pedal assist mode,
Top of the line e-bike 
Delfast Top 3.0/3.0i
Delfast Top 3.0i ebike

Super fast electric-bike with long range

  • 3000W motor and a supercharged 72V/48Ah
  • Top speed of 50mph
  • Weight: 154 Lbs / 70 Kg
  • 200 miles range

E-Bike Speed Laws and Delimiters

How fast can your e-bike go, though, and are you breaking any laws by pedalling faster?

Here’s the first hint — different laws apply to e-bikes than traditional ones.

If you’re up for a pedalling adventure, you must be in the clear with speed laws and delimiters. 

All your questions are answered; just scroll down.

Speed Laws on rapid E-Bikes

What’s the dealio on speed laws, and how fast can you really go?

If you’re rolling in the US, an e-bike with a motor of less than 750W going 20mph is safe. In Europe, it’s a different story. Over there, the generally-accepted speed limit is 15mph.

Delimiting My E-Bike

20mph isn’t fast enough for you? You can delimit your bike to go even quicker.This allows you to go as fast as 25mph, which complies with the law in Denmark, where you’re allowed to roll at a speed of 28mph.

Be careful, though.

That’s the briefest we can do.

For more info on how fast your e-bike can go and the deets on the law, click here.

Technical and Legal Differences between Electric Bikes and Speed Pedelecs

Do you already have an e-bike that meets your daily commuting needs, but you want something with a bit more "juice" to it? Or is this your first time shopping for an electric bike?

Here's why we're asking:

Even though the popularity of e-bikes has exploded in recent years, there's still a lot of confusion regarding what an electric bike is – and isn't. It gets even worse when you throw the relatively new category of speed pedelecs into the mix. 

And since it's hard to ignore speed pedelecs when talking about the fastest electric bikes, we figured it's best to clear things up before we go any further.

So, what's the difference between traditional electric bikes and the high-speed alternatives known as speed pedelecs? And what's a pedelec, anyway?

Let's start at the beginning:

What's a Pedalec?

"Pedelec" – short for Pedal Electric Cycle – is a collective term for electric motor-powered bicycles that rely on pedal-assist as a means of propulsion. With pedelecs, motor assistance kicks in automatically when you start pedaling, but there is no throttle present.

That still sounds a lot like an electric bike, doesn't it?

That's because the electric biking community tends to use the two terms interchangeably – which brings us to our next point:

There's a difference between an e-bike and a speed pedelec – and it boils down to propulsion methods.

A pedelec can deliver varying levels of pedal-assist but no throttle. The motor's there to boost your pedaling power, not replace it entirely. On the other hand, an electric bike is generally throttle-based, delivering power on demand – without the rider necessarily having to do anything.

That wasn't too hard, now, was it?

Now, pedelecs are generally split up into two separate categories based on the top speed at which they can provide motor assistance to the rider. You have the "conventional" electric bikes with an assisted-pedaling speed of 15.5 mph and those that can reach – and exceed – 28 mph in pedal-assist mode.

If you're here looking for an electric bike that can achieve the latter, what you're after is the so-called speed pedelec – or, simply put, a high-speed e-bike.

fast electric bikes

How Fast Is Too Fast?

So, we already pointed out that, if you want a fast e-bike that's approved for use on United States' roads, a Class 3 speed pedelec is your best bet.

We'll dig deeper into how this classification works later on in the article. For now, it's important to remember that it groups electric bikes based on motor power and achievable top speeds.

An electric bike with a pedal-assist speed of 15.5 mph is treated the same as a "conventional" bike in most countries worldwide. That means that you don't need a license or a license plate, and you're not required to wear a helmet – even though we highly recommend that you do.

A speed pedelec (or a high-speed e-bike) can easily hit the 28 mph mark in pedal-assist mode. It doesn't sound like a lot – not compared to a car – but make no mistake about it:

You'll be dealing with dangerous speeds whenever you hop on a high-speed electric bike – and that's never something to be taken lightly!

So, unsurprisingly, the regulations are a lot more rigorous when it comes to fast e-bikes:

You'll likely have to register your two-wheeler with your country's vehicle registration authorities, get a driving license, and wear a helmet at all times. Plus, you'll have to obtain liability insurance.

If that doesn't tell you how serious things can get at these speeds, we're not sure what will.

Laws and regulations ruin all the fun, huh?

But we're talking about introducing electric motor-powered two-wheelers that reach speeds of up to 28 mph onto the roads. Oh, and just for comparison, the average cycling speed is around 10 to 12 mph.

It's easy to see why high-speed electric bikes are no joke.

Fastest Electric Bikes – Top 7 Picks for 2024

These days, there seem to be two distinct flavors of electric bikes hitting the streets:

The more casual-feeling e-bikes that meet the needs of daily commuting, running errands, and cruising around town – and the high-powered beasts that take top speeds to a new level.

The five electric bikes listed below decided to go down the fast-and-furious road – and are our top picks for the fastest electric bikes of 2024!

1. Ristretto 512 A24 - Efficient Mobility Personified

Renowned American brand Ristretto has long been at the forefront of premium electric bicycle design and engineering.

With sustainability and efficient commuting in mind, their research and development experts meticulously crafted the 512 A24 urban e-bike.

Every element of its lightweight yet durable hydroformed aluminum frame was precisely engineered using advanced computer modelling and testing to balance optimal performance with eco-friendly transport. 

Ristretto's expertise is evident in the 512 A24's framework, which anchors the rider's focus entirely on rapid, smooth travel through busy city streets and paths. Its streamlined form prioritizes the quickest possible arrivals without compromising quality or comfort.

ristretto 512 a24 electric bike

Ristretto 512 A24 - The Fastest Electric Hunting Bike




Frame & Design

The frame of the 512 A24 underwent extensive research and development to produce an engineering marvel equal to Ristretto's high standards. Crafted from lightweight yet durable 6061-T6 aluminum, the frame achieves strength through optimized design rather than heft. Its high strength-to-weight permits nimble handling to match the bike's accelerative prowess while still withstanding the rigors of high-octane riding.

Dozens of virtual impact simulations led to an ultra-durable yet exceedingly light chassis that banks grams without sacrificing resilience. Its low-stepped design embraces simplicity, unstudiedly inviting passengers aboard from any roadside.

Ergonomics were paramount in the sloping frame’s precise shaping. An integrated suspension system intelligently absorbs vibrations without disruption to momentum. Aerodynamic tweaks like its tapered downtube diminish air resistance, freeing the electric engine to propel with minimal opposing force.

Internally, networked wires flow undetectably between components within a protected sleeve. This concealment maintains the 512 A24’s sleek visual language focused foremost on performance aesthetics.

Additionally, subtle LED accents nestled up front provide sufficient nighttime illumination while retaining discretion. Their placement and a strategically low battery maximize stability at speed through balanced weight distribution.

Wind tunnel testing optimized every bend and angle, and the compacted front-end shape was meticulously refined, cutting through the advancing breeze with ultimate fluidity. Users feel scarcely any resistance – simply swift, clean transport.

Motor & Battery

At the 512 A24’s nucleus pulses a potent CYC mid-drive motor. Its extensive torque unleashes up to 250 Nm to prompt acceleration, exceeding most transmission vehicles from idle.

Paired with a high-capacity Samsung battery of 1,550 Wh, it propels the bicycle to a maximum of 40 MPH while allowing over 100 miles on one charge. Riders smoothly crest hills with minimal effort.

ristretto 512 a24 one of the fastest e bikes
Paired with a high-capacity Samsung battery of 1,550 Wh, it propels the bicycle to a maximum of 40 MPH while allowing over 100 miles on one charge.
Riders smoothly crest hills with minimal effort.

Five levels of customizable pedal-assist in tailoring the motor’s output to any rider's demands or terrain. Whether a leisurely cruise or rushing deadline, options encourage comfortable enjoyment.

Wheels & Brakes

This bike comes in two wheel sizes, 20” and 24”, equipped to handle varied road surfaces with balance. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes generate fade-free stopping force from any velocity.

Front suspension absorbs irregularities into ongoing momentum. Together, these high-performing components secure control and predictable handling for safety.

Weighing meticulous craftsmanship and technology, the 512 A24 establishes new standards for rapid personal electric transportation. Ristretto’s passion infiltrates each component, ensuring swift arrivals through sustainable means.

ristretto 512 a24

Ristretto 512 A24 - The Fastest Hunting E-Bike of 2024

2. Hi Power Cycles Revolution XX - A Powerful Fast Commute E-Bike

The Revolution XX from Hi Power Cycles is an innovative commute machine that simplifies urban transport.

As one of Hi Power's premium electric bike models, it aims to make the daily commute as quick, convenient, and energy-efficient as possible.

With its lightweight yet rugged aluminum frame, powerful integrated battery and motor system, and high-performance wheels and brakes, the Revolution XX is optimized for moving at high speeds with minimal effort. 

hi power cycles revolution xx ebike

Hi power cycles revolution xx fastest e-bike




Frame & Design

The sleek yet sturdy aluminum frame of the Revolution XX was designed with practical urban transport in mind. Hi Power utilized hydroforming for a lightweight structure that absorbs road vibration.

An integrated battery blends unobtrusively into the down tube for a refined aesthetic. The step-through frame makes for effortless mounting and dismounting, while its upright ergonomics are comfortable for any body type.

The smooth paintwork and colors deflect grime and withstand the elements. Together, these elements constitute a modern design that lets riders focus on the ride rather than the bike itself.

Motor & Battery

The Revolution XX features an innovative electric motor design uniquely crafted for high-speed thrills.

Building upon the proven motor in the original Revolution model, engineers designed this motor with ultra-thick copper windings for an unprecedented power-to-weight ratio. Special double-layer winding techniques pump out industry-leading rpm capabilities per voltage applied.

When paired with the bike's wide 24" x 3.0" tires, the motor can spin them at eye-watering speeds exceeding 70 mph completely unloaded. 

To keep pace with the Revolution XX's unprecedented power capabilities, the battery system required a ground-up redesign for heavy-duty specifications. Crafted entirely in the USA, every component features fortified construction with reinforced welds and thicker electrical pathways.

 A custom 150A battery management system rigorously monitors cell performance. Cutting-edge Sony VTC6 cells configured in a 23S8P array deliver massive current output for holding insane speeds yet allowing for a range of nearly  100 miles. 


Wheels & Brakes

Ensuring the Revolution XX can unlock its immense speeds requires matching tires up to the formidable task. Custom 24" x 3.0" wide rubber utilizes a hybrid moped tire construction fortified with an extra thick casing for control at extreme velocities.

Weighing in at almost 3 pounds apiece, these tires dwarf ordinary e-bike tires with sheer heft and resilience. A wider and more substantial tread compound grips the pavement with tenacious adhesion under hard cornering and acceleration where lesser tires would fail. 

Reining in the Revolution XX's titanic speeds demands equally prodigious stopping force. Rising to the challenge are the most awe-inspiring brakes ever fitted to a series-produced electric bicycle.

Magura unveils their newest stopped-on-a-dime titans: the MT7e calipers clutching dual 220mm MDR-P rotors. Interlinked using sophisticated dovetail joints, these rotors unleash braking intensity on a scale hitherto undreamt. 

hi power cycles revolution xx ebike

Hi Power Cycles Revolution XX

3. Delfast Top 3.0/3.0i - The Speediest Commute E-Bike

When reaching destinations promptly matters most, turn to the Delfast Top 3.0/3.0i. As the flagship models from experts in fast electric bicycles, these e-bikes arrive ahead of schedule through meticulously optimized performance.

Delfast prioritized swift, reliable transportation when designing the Top 3.0/3.0i. Every component underwent rigorous testing to maximize acceleration, top speeds, and range without compromising safety or comfort.

The results establish these e-bikes as the ultimate urban transit machines.

Delfast Top 3.0i ebike

Delfast Top 3.0/3.0i




Frame & Design

The Delfast engineering team meticulously designed the Top 3.0/3.0i frame for optimum strength, maneuverability, and comfort. Its high tensile full-suspension steel frame is both resilient and svelte. Computers modeled every millimeter to eliminate excess weight while exceeding stress tolerances.

The bike has a low step-over height, allowing swift mounting and dismounting in any situation. An integrated spring-supported suspension system cushions impact from road irregularities without hindering responsiveness.

Fast-steering geometry paired with wide and ergonomic handlebars encourage confident navigation through urban jungles. The integrated downtube battery achieves a balanced center of gravity for greater stability at speed.

Also, sophisticated sleeves seamlessly house all electrical components while shedding water and debris. Subtle lights and routing maintain a clean aesthetic focused on performance above all else. Together, these elements constitute a premiere urban assault machine.

Motor & Battery

The Top 3.0 electric bike pushes the performance limits with its military-grade drivetrain. A single-speed gear and waterproof QS V2 motor with IPX5 protection allow adventures anywhere—even muddy trails won't hinder progress. Initial acceleration sees surge currents up to 5,000 watts from the 3,000-watt continuous motor.

 Brief 6,000-watt outputs emulate motorcycle acceleration. Such exponential speeds are attainable thanks to this enhanced bursting power. 

With peaks reaching 50 mph, riders experience a new dimension of thrills. Of course, local regulations apply; the Top 3.0 implements multi-tiered speed modes to comply with any jurisdiction.

Pedal assist, unlimited daily use, and energy recovery settings furnish options for riders seeking the perfect blend of functionality and lawful excitement. Buyers are warned: no other e-bike delivers quite this level of jaw-dropping velocity.

To empower record-shattering endurance, the Top 2.0 relies on a mammoth 72V 48AH lithium battery. This colossal energy reserve houses over 3.5 kWh - light years beyond ordinary e-bike capacities. Though not purpose-built for breaking records, the upshot became clear: with its unprecedented charge duration estimated at 200+ miles, the Top 2.0 could potentially ride farther than any electric bicycle in history. 

Unbeknownst even to Delfast, their design aiming simply to exceed customers' extended-ranging needs had shattered the Guinness World Record. 

Wheels & Brakes

The bike has wide 80/100- 19” motorcycle tires. These high-performance wheels optimize traction, handling, and rolling efficiency over varied terrain.

With 50+ mph capabilities, safety demanded superb stopping power. Delfast installed Tektro's HD-E525 dual-line hydraulic disc, its 203mm rotors at each wheel endowed with phenomenal braking force. A extensive title hides an essential truth: these brakes guarantee impeccable control commensurate with the Top 2.0's incredible velocities.

Delfast Top 3.0i electric bike

Delfast Top 3.0/3.0i - Top 3 pick for Fastest e-bike

4. Rad Power RadRover 6 - Best Value-for-Money Fast E-Bike

Rad Power Bikes' fifth-generation RadRover is one hefty, big-wheeled, rugged-but-charming, go-anywhere, do-anything type of electric bike.

It might not boast the insane speed levels of our previous pick – but it's a blast to ride, nonetheless. So, make no mistake about it:

The RadRover 6 certainly holds its own among the best fat-tire electric bikes – all without costing an arm and a leg.

Be sure to read the full Rad Power RadRover review, and see why they call it the Hummer of e-bikes!

rad power 5 e-bike

Rad Power RadRover 6 - The Fastest Budget Electric Bike of 2024




Frame & Design

Bike electrics aside, the RadRover 6's "conventional" components are comparable to your average mid-range bicycle. It's the frame's construction – coupled with the e-bike electrical drive – that makes a difference and gives it that large-and-in-charge vibe.

The 18-inch 6061 aluminum frame is built for off-roading conditions, but surprisingly enough, it doesn't weigh as much as you'd expect from such a robust-looking bike.

One might argue that 69-pound weight is hefty enough, but we're talking about a fat-tire bike here. It was never meant to be as lightweight as a folding city cruiser. Plus, all that weight comes with a 275-pound load capacity.

Motor & Battery

RadRover 6 comes fitted with a Bafang 750-watt geared rear hub motor and features five pedal assist levels, all powered by a 48V 14 Ah Lithium battery.

Now, let's talk performance:

It comes with a factory-set speed limit of 20 mph, but here's the cool part – you can max out the speed to 25 mph through the control panel.

While it can't compete with the Flatlander in the speed department, a top speed of 25 miles per hour is anything but slow.

Range-wise, you can expect to get anywhere from 25 to 45 miles on a single charge, depending on whether you're using pedal-assist or throttle-only. 

Wheels & Brakes

A good portion of RadRover's stability and traction in off-road conditions stems from the extra-wide, 26-by-4-inch Kenda Juggernaut tires. As chunky and comically large as they are, the tires make transitioning between various terrains a surprisingly smooth experience.

We would've liked to see it equipped with a set of hydraulic disc brakes – but that's far from a complaint:

The Tektro Aries mechanical brakes, with 180-millimeter front and rear rotors, do a satisfactory job of providing enough stopping power.

rad power 5 - fastest budget ebike

Rad Power RadRover 6 - The Best All-Round Fast E-bike for 2024

5. Trek Domane+ SLR 6 - Fastest Road E-Bike

Over the past couple of years, you might’ve noticed that e-bikes have become almost ubiquitous. Bikes these days come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but one type of bike that’s been lagging behind is the road bike.

You see, road bikes need to be as light as a feather, and all that additional electronics made most fledgling road e-bikes a bit unviable since they weighed as much as a brick house.

Well, all that has changed with Trek’s Domane+ series. These bikes are ultra-light, speedy, and stylish as all hell.

Domane+ SLR 6 features a carbon frame, a tiny but powerful motor, and a somewhat underwhelming battery.

fastest trek SLR 6 e-bike

Trek Domane+ SLR 6 - The Fastest Road Electric Bike of 2024




Frame & Design

At first glance, Domane+ SLR 6 looks like your run-of-the-mill road bike. But as you get close, you soon realize it’s anything but normal.

The frame is built out of feather-light but extremely tough carbon fibers. Combined with an ultra-light motor, this bike weighs just a tad under 26 lbs.  This makes it one of the lightest e-bikes in the world. Hell, this is lighter than most regular bikes.

Unfortunately, to keep the weight low, the guys and gals at Trek had to make some compromises. The biggest one being that the battery is fully integrated into the frame. This means you can’t take it out of the frame. 

You also don’t get any suspension, but that’s the norm with road bikes. Suspension is just unnecessary weight.

Motor & Battery

Domane+ SLR 6 is the first-ever bike to feature the 360-watt TQ harmonic pin ring motor.

The secret behind this motor? It’s super light while providing more than enough power to get you to a top speed of 28 MPH. Technically you could go faster than that, but in that case, you’d be breaking the law.

While 360W might seem a bit underpowered, you need to factor in that this bike is already pretty light, so it doesn’t need a lot of power to get it moving.

The 360 Wh battery is fully integrated into the frame and will provide you with around 40 miles of range. Trek claims you can squeeze out around 50 miles of range, but real-world data says otherwise.

Wheels & Brakes

Just like the frame, the wheels on this bike are built out of featherlight carbon.

The 40-mm tires provide more than enough traction on pavement, but i wouldn’t test them on anything rougher. They’re just too narrow for offroading.

As for the brakes, they’re just as high-end as the rest of the bike. To be more precise SLR 6 comes with Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes that provide more than enough stopping power under all conditions, no matter how harsh.
SLR 6 Trek Domane e-bike

Trek Domane+ SLR 6 - The Fastest Road Electric Bike of 2024

6. Trek Allant+ - The Fastest Commute Ebike 

Another one of Trek's models that made it to our list is the award-winning Allant+ – a fast electric bike designed with the urban commuter's needs in mind.

Granted, on the surface, Trek's Allant+ looks relatively mild-mannered and tame, as you would expect from an average cruiser built for getting around town. It's what the automotive world would call a "sleeper" – an ordinary-looking vehicle that packs a punch under the hood.

But once you start paddling and wake up this speed pedelec's motor, you'll find that it can put many more aggressive-looking e-bikes to shame.

Read our full Trek Allant+ review and see for yourself!

Trek Allant+ e-bike

Trek Allant+ - The Fastest Commute Electric Bike of 2024




Frame & Design

The design and shape of the Allant+' frame was an instant attraction for us:

Every inch of the bike's frame looks well-thought-out, aesthetically pleasing, and seamless – especially with the removable integrated battery (RIB) system.

The slightly downward-slanted top tube and a stand-over height of 32.9 inches further enhance the inviting vibe, with comfortable frame geometry and ergonomics to boot.

Trek managed to shave a few pounds off by opting for a high-performance hydroformed frame. However, at 54 pounds, Allant+ is still relatively heavy, most likely due to its in-tube battery and motor size. 

Motor & Battery

Beneath the frame's polished surface lurks a real punch of power – Trek's Bosch Performance Line CX 250-watt mid-drive motor. Top speed-wise, it sticks to the same 28mph limit as Trek Domane+ – not that it's a bad thing:

Venturing into the over-30-miles-per-hour speed range is thrilling and all. However, most of us feel more comfortable – not to mention safe – sticking to Class 3 speed pedelec models, like the Trek Allant+.

The mid-drive motor is backed by an equally impressive long-range 500-Wh Bosch battery.
And by "long-range" we mean – you'll be able to squeeze over 100 miles out of it in Eco mode.

No matter how you cut it, that range is mind-blowing!

Wheels & Brakes

Allant+ features 27.5-inch wheels fitted with Schwalbe G-One tires, perfectly suited for urban commuting. They can handle the bike's weight and drive power and provide enough traction on city roads, without affecting cruising speed.

Also, it gets bonus points for the SR Suntour front suspension fork's nifty lockout feature that can engage or disengage depending on how rough or smooth the roads get.

The responsive Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes with 180-millimeter rotors mean that efficient braking performance won't be a concern. Feel free to push the Trek's Allant+ speed pedelec to its limits; it will still stop it in its tracks when needed. 

The Fastest Commute Ebike

Trek Allant+ - The Fastest Commute Ebike of 2024

7. Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X

CrossCurrent X is a standout commuter electric bike, checking off a considerable list of features at a price that won’t break the bank.

The range of 70 miles, 28+ mph adjustable top speed, ultra-durable tires, smooth pedal assist, and throttle operation are some of the fantastic features of this e-bike.

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X - The Fastest Road E-Bike




Frame & Design

The e-bike is well crafted out of 6061 aluminum with high-quality welds and a stylish matte finish. It has a comfortable handlebar with ergonomic handgrips that feature wide flat ends enabling you to rest your hands during your ride.

CrossCurrent X comes with the Suntour NCX suspension fork with a hydraulic lock and adjustable spring rate providing a smooth riding experience - it definitely makes a difference compared to a no-name suspension.

Motor & Battery

The e-bike features a 750W Bafang motor that allows the bike to go a little over 30 mph on a flat road in its ‘race mode’ with some pedal assist.

However, the best part of this electric bike is its massive 52V, 19.2Ah battery. If you multiply these numbers, you get 998Wh which translates to more than 90 miles of range. This range is greater compared to the majority of competitors. In other words, this electric bike will take you further than most other e-bikes on a single charge.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and don’t mind a smaller battery, the CrossCrurent S2 might be for you. It has a 676Wh power pack and can achieve the same speeds as CrossCurrent X.

Wheels & Brakes

CrossCurrent X comes equipped with 28 x 1.75-inch Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, famous for their excellent capabilities to repel flats.

This bike also features Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which offer incredible stopping force - a light squeeze is all needed to stop this 270lbs rider. Ultimately, these brakes provide a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X - The Fastest Road E-Bike

Fastest Electric Bikes – Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you go on an electric bike?

If you're pedaling, your physical abilities and pedaling power will be the only real limitations speed-wise. In other words, you can go as fast as you can pedal – but that's not what you're asking, is it?

You came here to talk top speeds – what your electric bike can reach with a little bit of "juice" thrown into the mix.

Unlike Europe, where electric bikes are limited to 250-watt motors, in the United States, the maximum motor power is 750 watts, with the top speed of 20 mph. That's how the Consumer Product Safety Commission defines a low-speed electric bike, anyway.

Here's where things get interesting – and a tad bit complex:

E-bikes are split up into three classes – Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3, respectively – adopted by many countries and states to regulate electric bikes.

If we're going to talk about motors and power levels, you must understand how this classification works and what it means for electric bikes speed-wise first.

So, let's have a look at each class and the speed limit that comes with it:

Class 1 – Electric bikes in this class are considered the "most passive" of the bunch, offering pedal-assistance without throttle. That means that the motor only provides assistance when you're pedaling and limits the maximum assisted speed to 20 mph.

Class 2 – Class 2 electric bikes are typically defined as "low-speed throttle-assisted e-bikes." The throttle-assisted mode allows you to ride the Class 2 bike without pedaling, with the speed limit of 20 mph being the same as for Class 1 electric bikes. You could go higher than that, but only by pedaling yourself.

Class 3 – Lastly, Class 3 electric bikes – or the "speed pedal-assisted electric bicycles," as they're commonly known – pack a bit more speed and aerodynamics. The motor of a Class 3 e-bike will only provide assistance when the rider is pedaling and can reach a top speed of 28 mph before disengaging. They're usually fitted with a speedometer, too.

High-speed electric bikes – like the ones in our fastest e-bikes round-up – can go well beyond the specified speed limits. One of the fastest electric bikes to date, the Stealth B-52, has a top speed of 50 mph!

How fast can a 1000-watt electric bike go?

Here's the thing:

A "street-legal" electric bike will typically have a top speed of 20 mph – unless we're talking about a Class 3 speed pedelec, that is.

So, while an electric bike with a 1000-watt motor will pack a lot more power than a 750-watt option, the benefits of high wattage are often overstated. As you can see in our round-up of best electric bikes, even a seemingly "underpowered," 250-watt motor could reach that speed.

That's because the motor's design, gearing, and capability to deliver higher torque levels are often far more critical than the wattage itself.

With that said, a 1000-watt electric bike – that's four times the wattage, mind you – will undoubtedly feel like a beast, clocking in at a speed of 32 mph. However, once you hit the 1000-watt mark, you're going from "street-legal" city cruisers to off-road-only, high-powered electric bikes.

How fast will a 1500-watt e-bike go?

If a 1000-watt motor is enough to make your e-bike's speed not-so-road-legal, a 1500-watt one – that's a two horsepower motor, by the way – will feel flat-out insane.

We've already ventured into the Speed Pedelec category by now, with 1500-watt electric bikes raising the top speed levels to around 35 mph. Some may even be able to hit 40 mph, although only for shorter periods, as they'll eventually overheat.

Note that, at speeds of 30 mph – and higher – wind resistance will likely become a pretty big factor in your e-bike's performance and speed.

How fast can a 3000-watt e-bike go?

If you dive even deeper into the Speed Pedelec territory, you'll come across electric bikes fitted with 3000-watt motors. That's where all the record-breaking, boundary-pushing, headline-hitting – and, more often than not, budget-draining – starts.

Simply put, these e-bikes are built to impress.

No, scratch that.

They're made to blow every adrenaline junkie's mind.

Now, based on everything you've read this far, you know that it's going to be crazy fast – but how fast are we talking?

Well, that's a four horsepower motor we're talking about here. So, the fact that these electric bikes can easily hit speeds of 50 mph – even higher, depending on the motor's efficiency – shouldn't come as a shock.

What may shock you, though, is the high power consumption that usually comes with it.

At this point, it doesn't even matter how much effort you're putting into pedaling. Even trained cyclists can generate "only" about 400 watts, so you won't be contributing much to the overall range if you're sitting on an electricity-guzzling, 3000-watt motor.

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