Why TO/Not to buy Rad Power RadRover (2022 Review)

December 11, 2020

RadRover E-Bike Review
Our Rating - 4.5/5

The RadRover is a great combination of a charming design and good electrical components on a fat-tire bike that will take you anywhere you need to go. It takes advantage of a user-friendly construction to provide you with an e-bike experience to remember without bankrupting you.

RadRover - In-Depth Review

Rad Power Bikes is one of the fastest-growing electric bike manufacturers in the United States. The Seattle-based company has invested in a direct-to-customer model that bypasses middlemen to deliver the goods directly to the consumer. This enabled them to deliver high-quality e-bikes at ridiculously affordable prices.

Among their popular offerings is the RadRover, a fat-tire electric bike that will sweep you off your feet the moment you lay your eyes on it. But does it deliver what it promises or are we too quick to judge a book by it’s cover? 

The following review will lay bare everything you need to know about the RadRover and give you a good idea what to expect from it!

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Key Specs


7.7 lb


6061 Aluminum

Tire Size

26" X 4" (98-559)


750 W Geared Hub Motor


48V 14Ah (672 Wh)


30.3 miles

Max Speed

25 mph (40 k/hr)


Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes


The RadRover is built using a 6061-aluminum frame that is conveniently rugged to handle the off-road conditions yet still retains a lightweight design for nimble handling. With a top tube that slants towards the seat post, the standover height of the bike is reduced to 30.5”, which makes for effortless mounting and dismounting, even for shorter riders. 

The tough frame is coupled with an RST spring fork that offers decent suspension, and together with the huge tires, deliver a comfortable ride on all kinds of terrains. The fork is nothing out of the ordinary, but good enough for what the RadRover was trying to achieve; a price-friendly but reliable e-bike.

The geometry of the bike was designed to offer maximum comfort! The handlebar is wide and solid while the durable and ergonomic leather imitation grips allow for confident handling of the bike. You’ll also appreciate the cushioned Velo Plush saddle, which is wide but not too wide to chafe your inner thighs during pedaling.

There’s a handle that’s been built into the back of the saddle and this will come in handy when you have to push the bike upstairs or maneuver it around tight corners in your building. You’ll also appreciate the numerous mounting points on the bike’s frame that enable you to install useful accessories you’ll need during your trips.

Handlebars of a standing bike

Whether you want to mount a bottle cage rack, mini-pump, and other bolt-on accessories, there’s enough room for these on the RadRover. Not to mention, that wide fenders have been included on both the front and rear tires to keep you dry in wet conditions. 

We also like that Rad Power Bikes chose to go with metal pedals, which feel far more solid than the plastic you’ll normally find on cheap e-bike models. A heavy-duty kickstand with a wide plastic foot will also come in handy when you want to park the bike.

On the downside, the RadRover is quite heavy, and the large tires that make the bike such a comfort to ride can give you a nightmare when you run out of battery power on the trail. At 69lbs, you’ll have a hard time pedaling yourself out of such a situation.

Chainrings of a standing bike


The RadRover is powered by a 750W rear hub motor that will propel you to a top speed of 20mph, after which the motor assist will instantly die. What we didn’t like about this is that the motor power cuts off suddenly when you reach the speed limit, as opposed to easing off gradually. 

The 80Nm of torque produced by the motor will give you a strong start and smooth acceleration, as well as take you up small hills with relative ease. However, the motor tends to be a no-show on long and steep climbs, which will have you struggling to move the beast.

The display is pretty huge and easy to access at the center of the handlebar. It also comes with intuitive control buttons that make for a user-friendly performance when you want to adjust the various electrical components of the RadRover.


Paired with the 750W motor is a high-performance 672Wh Rad battery pack, and this is arguably the most impressive component on the bike.

The battery uses Samsung 35E 18650 battery cells, which are generally preferred in situations where the capacity is prioritized over the power.

This battery allows you to ride for 45 miles before running out of power. The 35E cells also help to keep the weight of the battery low, which is what the manufacturer wanted on an already heavy bike. 

The only problem comes when you run out of battery in the middle of the ride (which sounds like a long shot). The battery requires 6 hours to fully recharge, and this may cut short your adventure.

Battery of an electric bike


A set of Tektro mechanical disc brakes is used to stop the bike . These entry-level brakes do a satisfactory job, although they are not as efficient as hydraulic disc brakes. Occasionally, you might have to fiddle with the brakes and tune them to maintain their performance. Anyway, we must concede that something has to give in a bike that was designed for the budget consumer.


The RadRover rides on large 26" aluminum-alloy wheels that provide enough strength to carry the heavy bike frame. Their sturdiness is reinforced by their double-wall design so that you enjoy a stable ride every time you’re on the bike.


When you look at the extremely huge tires on the RadRover, you can’t help but wonder how tough the ride is going to be. However, we were surprised at just how nimble the bike feels. The chunky 4” tires allow the bike to climb over anything while making the ride bouncy and fun.

We had an exciting time transitioning from grass to dirt and back to the tarmac. The tread pattern on the tires also offers great traction on the surface, keeping you from losing control of the ride so you can use this e-bike for hunting. But what makes the RadRover tires shine on the rough terrain might just be your undoing when the battery starts to run on empty.

Their huge size makes them pretty heavy, and hence add to the overall weight of the bike!

What Do We Like About RadRover?

The RadRover features a headlight that is not only bright but can also be operated from the display. You just need to press the “Mode” and “Up” buttons simultaneously to turn it on. Furthermore, a rear light will illuminate even brighter whenever you pull the brake levers, helping to keep you visible and safe on the road. 

The battery used on the RadRover is quite efficient and offers you long-range to allow for a day-long adventure in the outdoors. Also, it maintains a lightweight build that doesn’t add too much weight to the already heavy bike.

There are numerous mounting racks on the bike’s frame that help to enhance the overall practicality of the RadRover. You get to mount useful accessories to use on the trail, including things like a water bottle, bike pump, tool kit, etc. 

Also, the fat tires help to deliver a comfortable and stable ride on all sorts of trails. They also feature a puncture-resistant lining to make sure that not even thorns and broken glass will interrupt your adventure.

The bike controller is simple and user-friendly. With its intuitive control buttons, you get to manage the motor power and battery usage effortlessly for efficient performance and satisfying experiences.

Electric bike controller on a handlebar

Another useful feature is the wide plastic bottom of the aluminum kickstand, which helps to keep the bike from sinking under its weight even if you park it on wet or loose ground. 

Finally, the fact that you don’t have to deal with middlemen when buying from Rad Power Bikes makes the process quite seamless. Besides, the bike is pretty affordable without compromising the quality of experience you get.


  • Good price
  • Fat tires
  • Comfortable ride
  • Powerful battery
  • User-friendly controller
  • Cozy saddle

What Don’t We Like About RadRover?

The 80Nm of torque is only tangible when you are riding on relatively flat terrain. On the other hand, the torque is notably absent on tough climbs and you’ll need to put in some tremendous pedaling effort to conquer the hill. 

The bike is not only heavy but also bulky. This means storing or transporting it can be a tricky endeavor.


  • Heavy design
  • Mechanical disc brakes aren’t powerful
  • Long charging time

Advice to Buyers

Riding the RadRover fat-tire electric bike makes you feel like a kid on their best e-bike. The bouncy tires deliver a bouncy and thrilling ride and the long-range of the battery makes you feel like the ride will never come to an end. Overall, this bike is a great investment for anyone who enjoys a fabulous time on off-road trails.

The best part of it all is that the bike comes with an entry-level price for an e-bike. For less than $1500, the RadRover is an excellent bargain!


Overall, you get to enjoy exceptional comfort on a machine that offers impressive rugged terrain capabilities when you ride the RadRover. The only thing you want to watch out for is the weight, which can end up being a burden if you don’t plan your adventure appropriately. If you are looking for the best budget-friendly e-bike, the RadRover is the bike for you.

Enjoy the Ride!

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