July 25, 2023

Finding a suitable e-bike that can offer a healthy balance between stability and adrenaline is hard to find nowadays. Even if we find one, there are often several things that aren’t as good as they should be.

Despite all odds, the manufacturers behind the Rad Power Rad Rover 6 plus did an excellent job in creating and further updating the RadRover bicycle, closely approaching the nearly perfected bike we all once dreamt about!

What are its key elements? How fast can it be ridden? How long can the battery last before completely draining itself? Is it durable enough for people with a larger body constitution?


Key Specs


73.4 lbs


6061 Aluminum Alloy

Tire Size

26” X 4”


750W Brushless Geared Hub Motor


48V, 14Ah (672Wh) Lithium NMC


25-45 miles per charge

Max Speed

20 mph


Rad Power Bikes Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Rad Rover 6 Plus Frame

Try not to be discouraged by the overall weight of the bike! Although the numbers might seem high - the RadRover fat tire frame is constructed with a 6061-aluminum that boasts several key features:

Most people, regardless of their weight, will be within the bike’s maximum weight capacity - with a firm 275 lbs payload capacity, nothing will stop you. Pushing above the pointed limit isn’t advisable. But, for slow-paced and shorter routes - you can squeeze a few miles.

The RadRover excels in harsh environments, especially when the snow shows its white color. 

Combining its large tires with excellent suspension, the bike is more than capable of pushing through thick layers of snow. In those situations, the RST spring fork mounted on the front will provide superb stability, as it offers preload adjustments that guarantee stability at all times.

On the other hand, if you decide to have a more comfortable experience and just ride your bike on a flat surface - the lightweight frame of this bike won’t slow you down! 

We often point out that the RadRover plus is one of the best choices for people that like to mix it up - both extreme and casual riding environments!

Most people find it hard to find a bike that can be beneficial for all family members. Fortunately, even those problems are solved with this bike, as the stand over height of the bike’s top tube can be lowered to 30.5”, offering effortless accessibility for shorter riders.

And don’t even let us start with the level of comfort it provides! The RadRover’s geometry has no built-in flaws: starting with the wheelbase of 47.8” - even the largest among us can casually fit on this bike.

The ergonomic leather imitation grips on the handlebar offer a soft, but firm grip for the rider. On top of that, the leather sticks firmly to the palm of your hand, which provides a further sense of security during our riding sessions.

One of the most worrying concerns that all riders experience before purchasing a new bike is the level of comfort provided by the saddle. Even here, the RadRover’s Velo Plush saddle doesn’t disappoint, as it provides an optimal balance between the width and height of the saddle.

Venturing on extended rides can prove tiresome, especially if you try to incorporate routes that include forests and mountains. In order to replenish the ever-occurring sweat, riders need a source of water at all times.

Fortunately, you will find a sufficient amount of space on the seat tube, where you can mount various stuff, like a mini-pump, other bolt-on accessories, and of course, the bottle cage rack, which comes in handy during those extended rides. Remember to stay hydrated!

Sweat isn’t the only thing that can get us wet during our riding experiences. Although harmless, rain can be somewhat a pain to deal with, especially if you find yourself needing to ride through deep puddles.

The RadRover is manufactured with mounted fenders on both the front and rear tires, which are wide enough to keep you dry at all times, regardless of how deep the puddles might be!

RadPower Radrover 6 Plus Review

Source: radpowerbikes.com

Rad Rover 6 Engine

Let’s leave that robust frame for now and share the spotlight for another excellent component of the RadRover 6 plus - the 750W geared hub motor! As the number suggests, this bike is capable of propelling the user to a top speed of 20mph.

As soon as you hit the 20mph mark, the motor assist will instantly shut off, leaving you on your own to control this beast. For newcomers, we highly advise a slower approach in learning how to use this e-bike, as it can reach much higher speeds when going downhills.

Younger bikers are continuously seeking an e-bike that can offer a strong start with smooth acceleration, as they desire the adventuristic, adrenaline rush provided by combining those two components.

Promised and delivered, the RadRover’s 80Nm of torque produced by the geared hub motor can effortlessly provide that sense of excitement to younger and older riders.

The power manifested by this motor will allow you to conquer most small hills with little to no difficulty. Some minor issues arise when needing to overcome steep and long climbs, but only if the rider approaches close to the 275lb maximum payload capacity.

Are you tired of not knowing how fast you are riding?

Fortunately, the team behind the RadRover 6 plus made an excellent job at solving that problem, as the bike comes mounted with a backlit LCD display, which provides a clear outline of several key pieces of information:

Regardless of how fast you might accelerate, the speedometer will show a precise number on how fast you are currently moving.

Rad power RadRover 6 plus size

Most people have a tight schedule - rushing from home to work and vice versa is a common practice in the 21st century. So, to keep them updated if they are running late, the LCD offers a built-in clock, relieving you of the pressure of pulling your phone out of the pocket while riding.

An even more neat feature of the RadRover’s display lies within the odometer, which precisely measures the distance traveled from point A to point B in any given situation.

The previous pieces of information are strictly provided on the main LCD mounted on the ceneter of the 700mm handlebar. The other one is located on the left side of the handlebar and its two main features are as follows:

The pedal assist level displayed at all times is a must-have for all newer bikes, regardless of how strong their engine might be.

For the newcomers - the pedal assist level displays a number from zero to five, determining the assisted level of boost provided by the engine. In short: as you raise the number higher - the more adrenaline will be incorporated in your driving sessions!

Just remember: safety should be your number one priority at all times. To ensure that you have done everything that’s within the bike’s jurisdiction - set the pedal assist level to at least one or two at all times.

And to top things off, the secondary LCD will show you your remaining battery life at all times, as well as offer you the main power and headlight button.

Fortunately, even if you forget how it’s accomplished - you can always go back to the user’s manual that comes with the bike. In there, you can find all of the necessary pieces of information regarding the engine and how to use the display of the bike.

But, we highly doubt that you’ll ever need such detailed instructions, as the display has built-in intuitive control buttons that offer a convenient handling experience.

Rad Rover 6 Battery

In order to manage with the 750W geared hub motor, manufacturers needed to find a suitable battery capable of using every last watt hidden behind the engine. After revealing the secret behind the battery - we were left speechless!

The 672Wh Lithium Rad battery is nothing shy of perfection. One might say that the battery mounted on the RadRover 6 plus is the single best component of this bike’s generation.

Rad Rover 6 e-Bike battery

What is the secret behind the success of this battery?

It excels in prioritizing preserving the renaming usage time, rather than spending it all in a short time like most other bike batteries. In short - the capacity of the battery is favored over the power.

Now we can test those extended riding sessions previously mentioned, as it’s made clear how they are made possible - because of the battery! It guarantees staggering 45 miles before 

running out of power.

Keep in mind that those numbers might significantly change, depending on how you use the e-bike, the circumstances of the voyage (harsher environments will drain the battery faster), and the load capacity.

All of the previously mentioned stuff will lower the maximum travel distance of the bike. Still, even if you put it to the absolute limit, it should still offer a sufficient amount of riding time.

All of that was made possible with the Samsung 35E cells, which are low in weight, but strong in power, as intended by the manufacturers.

Your only concern should be to pay close attention to the display of the bike and be cautious about how much time you can squeeze from the battery until it runs out. Riders rarely run out of steam before they arrive at their destination, but happy accidents happen from time to time!

All of this is important to remember, as the 672Wh Lithium Rad battery requires at least 6 hours to fully recharge, which can put a short stop on some adventures.Brakes

Rad Rover 6 Brakes

The previous generation of the RadRover only offered Tektro mechanical brakes capable of stopping the bike most of the time effortlessly. But, as technology advanced and the traffic got denser - the need for better brakes became mandatory.

One could not simply just rely on entry-level brakes, as they wear down extremely quickly in today’s circumstances. Fortunately, we don’t need to worry about stability anymore, as RadRover 6 plus introduced new, highly-optimized brakes.

The all-new Nutt hydraulic disc brakes offer superior stopping power. Unrivaled by its predecessors, the brakes guarantee maximum stability whenever you find yourself needing to pull a sharp stop.

The old Tektro mechanical brakes required the riders to firmly hold and press the brakes, if necessary to pull a hard stop. The unpleasant feeling behind that need was frustrating to most, if not all riders.

We found that the Nutt hydraulic disc brakes respond immediately after pressing the brakes, which provides a level of security that wasn’t available with the previous set of mechanical brakes.

Before taking a break from brakes, we’ll just point out that we’re pleased by the results of the ergonomic touch provided when holding the brakes, resulting in the overall reduction of rider’s fatigue.

Rad Rover 6 Plus fat tire on the road

Rad Rover 6 Rims

With a more classic look, the durable 26” aluminum-alloy tires offer a stylish, but robust feeling to the spectator, as well as the rider of the bike.

It’s necessary for them to be reinforced with a double-wall 36H design, as manufacturers are expecting that this electric bike will be mainly targeted by certain individuals that boast a larger body constitution.

It’s necessary for them to be reinforced with a double-wall 36H design, as manufacturers are expecting that this electric bike will be mainly targeted by certain individuals that boast a larger body constitution.

Rad Rover 6 Tires

Most newcomers are either “petrified” or delighted to see fat tires mounted on a bicycle. 

This time around, we will address the former ones, as it’s important to realize that having fat tires doesn’t immediately point towards a tougher riding experience.

On the contrary, we were even surprised at how nimble and swift the bike feels! If you are searching for a bicycle that offers a fun and bouncy ride, then there isn’t a better option than the RadRover with its bulky 4” tires.

Overcoming most obstacles and providing an excellent feeling once you transition from grass to dirt, and are an excellent source of stability that can’t be easily shaken.

What we like and what we don’t like about Rad Rover 6 Plus

What We Liked

When you get a hand on this rad power e-bike, you’ll quickly realize that there are quite a few reasons why should you invest in this beauty. We can safely agree that the comfort behind this fat tire e-bike is unmatched, as well as the level of stability provided at all times.

During our several quick test, we noticed that the brakes are reliable at all times, regardless of the road conditions and how fast are you traveling. Even if you reach a speed that offers discomfort to you particularly, you can immediately calibrate the pedal assist level, which will lower the traveling speed of your e-bike.

To top things off, the handling experience offered by this e-bike was the main thing that caught our attention. We found zero difficulty in controlling the e-bike at al times, as the robust fork paired with fat tires offer excellent handling.

What We Didn’t Like

The main and only issue that we found during our test runs is the overall brightness level of the secondary display. During night rides, you won’t find any difficulty in reading the pieces of information displayed on the secondary LCD.

But, as soon as the sun starts to shine brightly, the refraction of light between the sun and the secondary display will harden your capabilities to see the current battery life and pedal assist level. We believe that solving this problem should be the number one priority for the newer model RadRover 6’.


  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Reliable brakes
  • Excellent handling
  • Responsive pedal assist


  • The brightness of the secondary LCD is very low

Advice To Buyers

The new Rad Rover 6 is a great upgrade over the previous generation - no doubt about that. If you were considering it before and didn’t jump on the bandwagon, now it could be the time to start your electric biking adventure. The great motor & battery, comfortable ride, upgraded brakes and overall durability make it well worthy of your money.

Rad Power Rad Rover 6 Plus - Conclusion

Even though the Rad Power Rad Rover 6 plus might not be the absolute perfect fat tire bike that most people are searching for, it is a great unit with many enhanced features.

The frame is robust, the engine is extremely powerful, and the battery lasts long. In addition, the brakes are hydraulic, and the combination of rims and tires offer superb stability. If you enjoy riding fat tire bikes, this is one you should add to your shortlist.

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