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Dennis Leigh

~ Dennis Leigh


From the outset I'v been badgered by my kids to get them an E-bike but really couldn't find a source of info where I could actually interact with the author.
Electric-biking.com has absolutely eased my concerns about switching to the E-bike technology and made it a simple choice.


~ KerryAlsot


After moving to the countryside in Waterford Ireland, I was in dire need for a means of transport that didn't break the bank and also helped with my exercise. Always heard of E-Biking just didn't think it was safe or made for beginners so never followed up....Heard about this site from a friend in Norway and I can't say enough good things about the feedback from my initial queries on the random products I needed info on! 

~ TheSoulfuleX


Hate surfing aimlessly on amazon for what works....Electric-biking.com saved me all that effort and even gave me info tailored to me specifically which was a wonderful surprise!

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About The author

Electric-Biking.com is an electric bike review site created and managed by myself, Ruaan Nelson. I live in Norway, and I own a 250 W front wheel drive e-bike, which I use to ride in the summer, winter, on the ice, in snow and pretty much any other weather condition imaginable.

I don't consider myself a world-leading expert on electric bikes, but I do have a lot of experience with maintaining and tinkering with my own, as well as my girlfriend's e-bikes.

In the summer of 2018, we plan to take our two e-bikes to France, where we will do a full electric (since I also own a Tesla) tour of the French countryside.

Lastly, you might wonder how I do the in-depth reviews you find on this website...Well, in Norway the so-called expert bike shops let you try out the bikes before buying, and as long as you buy a bike every so often, you can test-drive as many models as you like.

And I certainly do...

I hope you guys enjoy my reviews! Good luck with choosing your next bike, and remember, the future is electric.

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