Best Electric Gravel Bikes – Find Out Which One Is Perfect For You

May 19, 2023

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One of the best things when it comes to e-bikes is their amazing and vast utilization assortment that you can pick and choose from.

If you’re up for a casual ride around the city, there are e-bikes for that, or maybe you’d like to experience some longer rides in some rural areas, there's also an e-bike or two for that.

But today, we’re going to talk about a specific e-bike niche  - gravel e-bikes or how some call them e-gravel bikes.

So, if you’re somebody who’s interested in gravel e-bikes or is keen on finding out what are the best electric gravel bikes on the market, keep reading and find out!

Gravel ebike

Quick Comparison Table of Top Gravel E-Bikes

Most Comfortable Gravel e-Bike
Ride1Up Roadster V2

Roadster V2 is the embodiment of elegance and grace

  • Comfort & Elegance
  • 350W to 500W motor with additional pedal-assist
  • 36V 7.0ah Samsung 35e cells battery with 360Wh
  • Extremely durable alloy frame
Budget Gravel e-Bike

Cannondale Topstone Neo 5


The Topstone Neo 5 is one of the most impressive e-gravel bikes you can get your hands on out there

  • Durable & Powerful
  • Bosch Performance Line Speed drive-unit
  • Bosch PowerTube 500Wh (113km)
  • High durability alloy frame & fork

Best Electric Gravel Bikes - Top 9 Picks For 2022

Now we’re going to take a look at the nine best gravel e-bikes out there and see which one will suit you the best.

There are some considerable differences that you need to take into consideration when picking and choosing your next e-bike.

Every model has its strengths and weaknesses, but it only depends on the rider when it comes to picking which strong points are the most important.

So the only thing you should keep in mind while looking at the list that we’re going to get into shortly is that there isn’t one universal bike that’s better than the rest, but instead that every single of these 9 bikes can be the best, depending on what you’re looking for.

1.Cannondale Topstone Neo SL 2

Electric Bike Specifications:

  • Mahle ebikemotion X35+ 250W motor
  • Mahle ebikemotion X35 250Wh battery
  • SmartForm C2 Alloy, 135mm bolt-on, tapered headtube, flat mount disc, multiple gear/bottle mounts frame
  • Shimano GRX hydraulic disc, 160mm RT56 rotors brakes
  • WTB Resolute Comp, 700 x 42c, tubeless-ready tires
Cannondale Topstone Neo SL 2

Cannondale Topstone Neo SL 2

Here’s yet another Cannondale gravel e-bike that we’ve mentioned earlier. We know that it may seem unusual that two Cannondale e-bikes are in the first three spots on our list, but there are multiple good reasons for that.

First of all, although very similar to the Topstone NEO 5, this Cannondale gravel e-bike has something to offer as an individual model.

First of all, the motor that’s been put in this e-gravel bike is a powerful ebikemotion rear-hub drive system with 250W. This may be only half of what the other Cannondale offered, but there’s a reason for that!

This is a smaller package with a smaller frame and less power required. This e-bike is amazing for those who like to do all the work with just a little bit of assistance from their e-bikes.

A motor that’s as compact as this one is requires an adequate battery, and that’s exactly what Cannondale went with.

A 250Wh battery is more than enough to give you around 47 miles of range if used correctly. Of course, if you use your strength as your primary source of power, this range can be extended greatly.

This battery allows for a solid 40Nm of torque, which might not seem much in comparison to the previous two e-bikes, but is quite enough to get you through some rough situations!

Now that we’ve mentioned the frame, let’s take a look at it.

The frame is а SmartForm C2 Alloy that has a tapered headtube, flat mount disc, multiple gear/bottle mounts which are all quite unique and useful.

When paired with the WTB Resolute Comp, 700 x 42c, tubeless-ready tires, there’s nothing that can stop you.

In addition to that, it seems that Cannondale always looks at comfort as one of the most important things when it comes to its products. This e-bike is no exception with some of the most comfortable riding positions out there.

This e-bike is amazing for those who are willing to put in the work in order to enjoy a rural surrounding that’s hard to reach. Otherwise, you should look for some e-bikes that provide some more support to the rider’s efforts.

2. Niner – RLT E9 RDO 4-Star

E-bike Specifications:

  • Bosch GEN4 performance lineCX 28MPH motor
  • BOSCH POWERTUBE 500WH battery
  • NINER RDO carbon frame
  • SHIMANO GRX 400 brakes
  • PERFORMANCE, 700X50C front tire
Niner – RLT E9 RDO 4-Star

Niner – RLT E9 RDO 4-Star

One of the most surprising gravel e-bikes on this list is the Niner RLT E9 RDO 4-star. That’s because the power and durability that this gravel e-bike offers are often overlooked, often falling in the shade of its competitors.

But we’ve included it today, and its amazing features easily put it in the second place on our list.

This e-bike might look like something meant for casual riding, but trust us - it is a monster in rural environments!

The sturdy Race Day Optimized (RDO) carbon fiber frame and fork allow for a sense of significant security and stability while riding.

But, let’s take a look at some of the most important features of this gravel e-bike and see how it compares to the rest of this list.

Firstly, the motor that’s found in the RLT E9 RDO is the Bosch Gen4 performance line CX which has a maximum speed of around 28mph. We’re saying “around” since there were some instances where people managed to get to an even higher speed.

A motor such as this also needs an equal-powered battery to go with it.

The battery that has been chosen to power this gravel e-bike is the Bosch PowerTube 500Wh which allows you to use all 75Nm of torque that’s available.

One thing that may be obvious is the fact that this is the same battery that’s found on the e-bike that occupates first place on this list.

It seems that this particular battery has shown itself in its full glory during the testing phases and it has made its way to the top of this list on multiple occasions.

Another thing that sets this gravel e-bike from the rest of them is the clearness and the transparency of the data displayed on the display.

Bosch Purion is what Niner went with for the display, and it seems that they haven’t made a mistake with it.

As far as comfort goes, this e-bike doesn’t look too comfortable to ride, but that’s exactly contrary to reality. RLT E9 RDO is an extremely comfortable e-bike to ride, with the exception of the seat. But if you happen not to like it, you can always replace it!

All-in-all this is another amazing choice if you don’t like the previous (or the next) bike.

3. Cannondale Topstone Neo 5

E-bike Specifications:

  • Bosch Performance Line Speed drive-unit
  • Top speed is 28 mph
  • Range: up to 70 miles (113 km)
  • Bosch PowerTube 500Wh battery
  • SmartForm C1 Alloy Frame, 12x142 thru-axle frame
  • Shimano GRX hydraulic brakes, 180/160mm RT54 rotors
  • WTB Exposure, 700 x 36c, tubeless-ready tires

Cannondale Topstone Neo 5

This is the first Cannondale gravel e-bike on this list, but don’t be surprised if you see another one or two later on.

Cannondale was one of the strongest companies on the market for many years in the past and will be for many years to come if they continue with all of their great work.

The Topstone Neo 5 is one of the most luxurious-looking bikes on this list, regardless of it having that steampunk look that incorporates the innovation of today with the simple rustic look.

But, looks are not everything.

Bosch Performance Line Speed drive-unit is the heart of this gravel e-bike. With a maximum speed of around 28 mph, this is one of the faster gravel e-bikes out there.

Bosch is a company that is well known for the endurance and long-lasting products, so you don’t have to worry about rough surroundings doing anything bad to your e-bike’s motor.

In addition to that, the torque that the Topstone Neo 5 has is amazingly helpful in countless situations. 85Nm is quite a serious torque!

A good combination with such a powerful motor is a long-lasting battery. The battery that Cannondale went with is a Bosch PowerTube 500Wh one. This battery allows you to have a range of around 70 miles or 113 kilometers.

Trips that require gravel e-bikes are often long and a battery that can get you far is a must. It seems that Cannondale thought of that and provided us with a generous amount of milage.

We have also taken a closer look at the level of comfort that Topstone Neo 5 brings, and we must tell you that we’re impressed.

The rugged-looking frame is a SmartForm C1 Alloy Frame that provides you with stability and comfort that’s rarely thought of when talking about gravel e-bikes.

There’s still room for improvement, but nothing too drastic. We’d like to see these bikes in more colors and size variations in order to fully cover the market potential that this gravel e-bike has.

But besides that, Cannondale says that you’re getting a no-frills, all-function gravel road bike with multiple mounts for water bottles, racks, and storage, purpose-built for adventure.

Is that true? It absolutely is. It seems that Cannondale has thought of everything a high-quality e-gravel bike needs and what its rider requires.

They even thought about the comfort, which is unusual when it comes to gravel bikes. These e-bikes are often uncomfortable and hard to ride for longer periods of time, but Cannondale gave it their best and made a seat that you have no reason to replace.

4. Look E-765 Gravel

Electric Bike Specifications:

  • 400W FAZUA EVATION motor
  • 250Wh removable battery
  • Quality carbon frame with an integrated
  • FAZUA Evation bottom bracket motor frame
    FSA ALLOY 42T ( XS-S 170 mm / M-L -XL 175 mm ) BCD 104 brakes
  • WTB Riddler tires
Look E-765 Gravel

Look E-765 Gravel

This gravel e-bike is one of the most sport-like-looking e-bikes on this list. This may put some people off, but trust us - looks aren’t everything!

A bike like this has much more to offer than just different colors that set it apart from its competition.

Firstly, the motor that the Look went for is the Fazua Evation. This motor has a maximum power of 400W which is quite impressive.

Look claims that they have “developed the most complete motor currently available on the market”, which is a bold statement.

This e-bike allows you to set how much assistance you need, and you can choose from these options:
0W, 125W, 250W, 400W

As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from, which means there’s rarely an occasion in which you won’t have adequate assistance from the Look E-765 Gravel!

In addition to that, this amazing e-bike has a battery that’s worth talking about, besides providing its riders with 60Nm of torque, there are some other significant points we have to mention.

This battery has 250 Wh which is exactly the same as the second Cannondale model that we’ve inspected.

But there’s one problem. Besides the fact that the battery is removable, it seems to be too small for the bike that it’s attached to.

A motor that’s 400W strong can’t serve you on longer trips when paired with a battery that only has 250 Wh power.

That only indicates that you have to be conservative with your battery spending and that you can’t rely on your e-bike to get you through the rough spots in the long run.

This isn’t a deal-breaker for some of you that don’t require that much battery life since you don’t go on long trips, but for those that do - maybe consider some other options.

Another thing that you should be aware of is the fork position. It is quite low so riders that don’t like to keep their seats high up may want to skip this one.

Another thing that we’d like to see when it comes to the Look E-765 gravel is that we’d like to see it in multiple colors.

At this time, the only available color is the matte gray that doesn’t look bad, but a blue, green, or black one would also be nice!

Look E-765 Gravel

Look E-765 Gravel

5. Orbea Gain M30 1X

Electric Bike Specifications:

  • Ebikemotion X35 rear hub motor
  • Ebikemotion 36V/6.9A 248Wh ANT+ battery
  • Orbea Gain Carbon OMR monocoque structure frame
  • Shimano RX400 Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Schwalbe G-ONE Bite, 40-622, 700x38C,
  • Performance Line RaceGuard, TLE, ADDIX Classic Skin tires
Orbea Gain M30 1X

NAKTO 26" City Fat Tire Electric Bike 300W

As one of the most promising gravel e-bikes on this list, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Orbea Gain M30 1X.

This sleek-looking but rugged e-bike is one of the most beautiful out there. But can its specs live up to the visual potential this e-bike has? Let’s find out!

First of all, let’s take a look at the motor that the Gain M30 1X has. This e-bike has the Ebikemotion X35 motor in the rear hub. What does that mean? Let’s see.

It means that this motor has 250W, that are supported by a 250Wh battery, but more on battery later.

First of all, it seems that the motor with 250W power is quite popular when it comes to gravel bikes, which is good (for some people).

This motor is mostly used on terrain that is semi-demanding and not within extremely rural environments that may require you to have a stronger unit.

With only 250Wh to support the electric motor the battery life isn’t much greater, but that’s not as big of a deal as some people make it out to be.

Most of the people reading this and buying a gravel e-bike won’t find themselves in situations where they’ll need 400W of energy to climb up the hill.

Of course, it’s amazing to have that extra power in case you need it, but 90% of casual e-bikers won’t have a need for that.

The toughness of the Orbea Gain M30 1X is its biggest upside. The Orbea Gain Carbon OMR monocoque structure is sturdy and durable beyond expectations.

An e-bike like this seems indestructible, and that’s because it is virtually indestructible.

Besides being indestructible, it’s also as comfortable, so if that’s a primary concern of yours, you shouldn’t worry!

But, it seems to us that this is the first bike on this list that needs a lot of work in order to be on the top.

This e-bike can be an amazing start to your e-gravel bike experience, but we guarantee you that once you’re a bit more experienced, you’ll come back to this list in order to find a more serious gravel e-bike.

6. Ride1 Up ROADSTER V2

Electric Bike Specifications:

  • 350w geared hub motor with 40nm torque
  • Integrated 36V battery
  • 6061 aluminum alloy frame
  • Tektro R315 Dual Pivot brakes
  • Kenda Kwest 700Cx28 or WTB Resolute 700Cx42 tires
Ride1Up Roadster V2


This is one of the most elegant e-gravel bikes out there. With its sleek looks, it may appear as a regular bike to someone.

But its elegance shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness.

Besides looking amazing, this bike is durable and hardly even scratchable. But, can it meet your requirements?

Let’s find out.

First order of business - the motor. The motor that they went with has a peak power of 500W, and a regular 350W mode.

Now, this is something that we haven’t seen before, so let’s take it apart.

One of the things that set the Ride1 Up ROADSTER V2 from the rest of the competition is the fact that you have all the energy you’ll ever need.

The 350W regular (or normal) mode is the most often used one. If you’re riding up a hill or have difficulty reaching your goal, you’ll use the 350W power.

But, if you find yourself in a situation where you need some extra boost in order to overcome the obstacle in front of you, the 500 watts of power is more than enough to help you with that.

Over a display that you have available on your e-bike’s fork, you’ll see how much power your e-bike is using at the moment.

This motor makes the Roadster V2 one of the most powerful gravel e-bikes on this list.

With that monstrosity of a motor, this bike needs an adequate battery. The battery that you’ll get if you buy a Roadster V2 is a 36V 7.0ah Samsung 35e cells one that allows for a 40Nm torque.

Also, if you happen to have a reason to replace your batteries, you can always do so for under $200 which is amazing.

But, let’s take a look at the frame of this e-bike. It is as important as the battery and the motor!

The alloy frame allows you to feel safe and stable while riding, while also providing you with minimal damage even under the harshest circumstances.

Under those circumstances, comfort is also quite important. Although this e-bike isn’t designed for comfort, you should be able to enjoy a comfy ride even in rural areas!

This frame is paired with two amazing WTB Resolute 700Cx42 gravel tires that will provide you with extra grip in rural environments.

7. Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2

E-bike Specifications:

  • Mahle ebikemotion X35 250W motor
  • Mahle ebikemotion X35 250Wh battery
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork
  • Shimano UR300 hydraulic disc, 160/160mm RT56 rotors brakes
  • Schwalbe Energizer Plus, 700 x 38c, Green Guard, Addix-E compound tires
Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2

Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2

Another Cannondale on the list shouldn’t be a surprise to you, although this is the last one.

It seems that the trend of minimalistic-looking gravel e-bikes has caught on, so the Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 is following the flow.

First of all, it’s really beginner-friendly, and that’s extremely important. Neo SL2 is an amazing starter e-bike since it’s user-friendly and it doesn’t require any prior experience!

Reliable and simple to use, this e-bike is one of the best ones to pick as a beginner.

The motor that Cannondale went for with the Quick Neo SL 2 is a semi-powerful 250W motor. We’ve talked about how 250W can seem like not enough, which can be true but only in certain extreme scenarios.

But as a beginner bike, this is plenty of power to get you to your destination and back home.

Also, it comes with a 250Wh battery that’s also not as big as some other batteries on this list, but it is big enough to provide you with enough energy to overcome almost any obstacle, and with the help of 40Nm torque you have available with this model.

Pedal assist is an amazing thing, and this e-bike seems to be centered around it.

These two models are really similar, and there aren’t many differences that you can take into consideration.

The frame of this bike is also something that’s similar to the Topstone Neo SL 2.

Carbon fiber frame and fork provide the rider of this gravel e-bike with a feeling of sturdiness that we all deserve while keeping the sleek look that Cannondale regularly goes for in their e-bikes.

One more thing that we’d like to mention about this Cannondale model is that comfort seems to be at the center of attention. The position of the fork, the seat, and the wheels allow you to assume a comfortable position that will keep you balanced at all times.

8. Giant Revolt E+ Pro XR

Electric Bike Specifications:

  • Shimano EP8, 85Nm, up to 400% assistance motor
  • EnergyPak Compact 500Wh EnergyPak Plus range extender compatible battery
  • ALUXX SL Aluminium frame
  • Shimano BR-RX810, hydraulic disc, 160mm brakes
  • Shimano GRX Di2 ST-RX815 1x11 speed shifters
Giant Revolt E+ Pro XR

Giant Revolt E+ Pro XR

This bike is one of the more unusual-looking bikes on this list.

But, as we’ve told you before, looks aren’t everything so don’t skip this one too soon!

First of all, if you were to skip this e-gravel bike just for its looks, you’d miss out on some amazing features.

First on the list of these amazing features is its motor. The Shimano EP8 motor provides you with up to 400% assistance, which is rarely seen.

With the power of 85Nm, it really stands out without any exaggeration.

Of course, with a motor such as this one, there needs to be a propper battery included. In this case, that’s the EnergyPak Compact 500Wh EnergyPak Plus battery, and this allows you to fully utilize the 85Nm of torque you have at your disposal.

This battery offers you 500Wh of power which is in the rank of top 2 on this list, which is amazing!

Besides the battery, you get an EnergyPak 4A smart compact charger that makes your life that much easier.

This combo is really what makes Giant Revold E+ Pro XR stand out from the rest of the competition. It does take the 8th spot on our list, but you have to remember that these are the 9 best e-gravel bikes out there and that the 8th place is something!

What makes this gravel e-bike so visually unusual is its frame.

This ALUXX SL aluminum frame is the main point of discussion when it comes to this particular e-bike.

The fork is Advanced-Grade Composite, a full-composite OverDrive steerer that provides you with extra stability when steering.

But the color and the shape really are unusual, so if you’re leaning more towards elegance and comfort, maybe you should take a look at some Cannondale models since the level of comfort can be better in comparison to what you’re getting here.

Otherwise, this e-bike is one of the most promising pieces on this list.

9. Merida eSILEX+ 600

Electric Bike Specifications:

  • MAHLE motor system X35+ rear hub motor
  • MAHLE B1-C 250Wh battery
  • Aluminut eSILEX+ LITE frame
  • Shimano GRX600 brakes
  • Continental Terra Trail, 650Bx47 tires
Merida eSILEX+ 600

Merida eSILEX+ 600

One of the more conventional gravel e-bikes on this list, Merida eSILEX+ 600 is one of the most popular e-bikes you’ll ever come across.

For those who are only now making the transition from regular bikes into the e-bike world and like the outdoors, this model may be for you.

Equipped with the rear hub MAHLE motor system X35+, this e-bike can get you from point A to point B no matter the distance!

Paired with a battery that has 250Wh, this really is the beginner’s dream with the classic 40Nm torque that’s widely used and known.

As we’ve talked about in detail earlier, if you’re a bit more of an experienced driver, this may seem like too small of a battery capacity, and it very well may be (for you).

This only goes to show that personal preference is just that - personal preference.

Some riders will never use up all the energy stored in their MAHLE B1-C battery, and some will constantly be under the impression that it’s too small.

So, if you’re a beginner driver, this battery will probably be perfect for you, but if you’re a more experienced rider, there are some bigger battery choices on this list that we’re sure will fit your needs and meet your standards!

Besides being beginner-friendly, this bike is also amazingly easy to get around with. With a weight of only 14kg or 31lbs, this e-bike is light as a feather.

With the aluminum eSILEX+ LITE frame, the durability of this e-bike shouldn’t even be questioned.

You may see a scratch or two, but that’s completely normal. When it comes to damage such as the deformation of the fork or some critical damage to the body, this e-gravel bike is indestructible.

One thing that we have to mention at the end of our Merida eSilex+ 600 is that although this is a beginner-friendly e-bike, you shouldn’t expect too much comfort from it. A softer seat and a more comfortable fork position are possible, and that’s the only investment you should consider if you go for this e-bike.

So, once again - if you’re new to the e-bike world, our recommendation is to consider this one as your first e-bike!


As you’ve had an opportunity to see, there’s a lot of information to take into consideration. First of all, some of these e-bikes may seem more than similar to each other, but that’s quite alright.

The majority of people that are new to this e-bike world think like that, but that’s exactly why it’s important to do your own research.

We encourage you to pick one (or multiple) from this list that you like and do separate research for it.

Buying an e-bike can be stressful, and that’s why you have to take your time. If you rush your decision, you may regret it.

We highly advise you to read our list at least one more time, then pick one or multiple that you like, and then invest time in finding out as much information as possible.

Some companies even offer test drives, and if you get an opportunity to go on a test ride, you should certainly do so.

An experience like that can definitely bring you closer to the question of what are the best electric gravel bikes.

Cannondale Topstone Neo SL 2 Electric Bike Review

Our Top Pick

Cannondale Topstone Neo SL 2

Being on a budget and yet wanting to get yourself something that’ll both look good and serve you well seems to be the main point of the Topstone Neo SL2. Cannondale really gave the opportunity to beginner riders to experience everything for a low price.


Best Looking And Most Comfortable 

Cannondale Topstone Neo 5

The Topstone Neo 5 is one of the most impressive e-gravel bikes you can get your hands on out there. Built to last and serve its rider throughout rough terrain and long rides, this e-bike certainly deserves a top spot on our list.

Ride1Up Roadster V2

Best Budget Gravel E-Bike


Roadster V2 is the embodiment of elegance and grace. This e-bike may seem fragile at first glance, but the durability that is combined with the elegance of sharp and thin lines definitely makes this e-bike good for both off-road trips and urban rides.

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