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Ride1Up Roadster V2 Review

May 19, 2023

Ride1Up Roadster V2 In-Depth Review

The Roadster V2 commuter bike from Ride1Up has challenged the notion of what to expect in electric bikes in the sub-$1000 price range.

Despite its relatively stripped-down appearance, this e-bike packs a punch with its functional features. 

Of particular note is the use of belt drives instead of the traditional chain drives found on most budget e-bikes.

So, just what makes the Roadster V2 stand out from the crowd? Let us answer that for you in the following Ride1Up Roadster V2 electric bike review. 

Ride1Up Roadster V2 at a Glance

The Roadster V2 was released to replace the original version of the Roadster and comes with exciting changes that make it the perfect urban commuter bike. From a distance, you’ll have a hard time telling if it enjoys electric assistance. 

This is thanks to a simple and minimalist frame design that will have you picturing an ordinary road bike. But there’s more to the bike than just the sleek look. Let us take a deeper look into the individual features of the V2:


The Roadster V2's aluminum alloy frame strikes the perfect balance between weight and durability. Weighing in at 33lbs, it has shed a hefty 17lbs from its predecessor making for a smoother ride. Despite the light weight, it can still support up to 275lbs of rider weight.

This e-bike is suitable for individuals between 5’7” and 6’2” in height, with two available sizes - 52cm and 58cm – making sure everyone gets their desirable fit. Cleanly designed, this electric bike looks just like any traditional bicycle; giving onlookers no indication that you're riding an e-bike!

Ride1UP The Roadster V2 Frame

The Roadster V2 has a range of different color options that let users show off their personalities. With the choice of matte burgundy, matte black or matte silver frames, it's hard to not find a color you like. The battery is neatly integrated into the down tube, making it look indistinguishable from traditional road bikes. Overall we give the Roadster V2 a thumbs up for its aesthetics.

Its riding geometry ensures a comfortable ride, with a narrow riser handlebar and a Custom Gel Ergonomic Road seat providing an extra bit of cushioning.

Durable Velo rubber grips on the handlebar ensure you enjoy reliable control as you roll on the 700c tires. A quick test on the bike revealed just what a pleasure it is to ride! Its lightweight build gives you total control on the road while the upright riding position eases the strain on your back. 

The basic construction of the Roadster V2 does mean you're missing out on a few features. You won't find any fenders, lights or rear wheel racks included with it, making it less suitable for an urban commute.

However, considering the low price tag of under $1000, the manufacturer had to make some sacrifices in order to keep the cost this low.


Ride1Up went with a modest 350W nominal geared hub motor to keep up with the overall simple design of the Roadster V2. While this may sound a little underwhelming to most, the engine still impresses with a peak power of 500W to drive you to a top speed of 24mph on pedal-assist. 

Furthermore, the 40nm torque produced by the motor makes your work much easier on gentle climbs and against headwinds, although it’s nothing to rave about. You should note that this electric bike has no throttle, so you must put in some pedaling effort to engage the PAS. 

The pedal-assist mode of the Roadster V2 gives users the ability to conserve battery power and extend their ride. A simple LCD display on the left side of the handlebar displays useful data like battery gauge and speed, as well as allowing users to switch between the 5 different PAS levels.

The highlight feature of the Roadster V2 is undeniably its belt drive, which allows a much smoother ride than traditional chain drives.

Although it’s not the fancy Gates carbon fiber belt you’ll find on premium models, this significantly raises the status of the V2 in the market. With this, you get to enjoy limited maintenance and durable performance that you can only dream of in a chain-driven bike. 

Although it’s not the fancy Gates carbon fiber belt you’ll find on premium models, this significantly raises the status of the V2 in the market. With this, you get to enjoy limited maintenance and durable performance that you can only dream of in a chain-driven bike. 


You won’t be overwhelmed by the relatively small battery fitted on the Roadster V2. The 252Wh 36V 7.0ah pack with Samsung 35e Cells can manage a range of between 20 and 35 miles, depending on factors like riding terrain and PAS level you’re using. 

The battery of the Roadster V2 is discreetly hidden in the downtube of the frame, giving the appearance of riding a regular bike. Unfortunately, users are not able to extend their ride with a backup battery as they are only able to charge the battery while it is still on the bike.

While the battery is technically removable from the frame, this is only possible during servicing. It is not designed to come out every other day for charging. Included in the package is a 36V 2 Amp charger that will need around 2-4 hours to get the empty battery fully juiced up. 

P.S. The charging port is nicely tucked towards the base of the downtube for easy and fast access during charging. 


The Roadmaster V2 uses a pair of old-fashioned Tektro V-brakes for when you want to bring the ride to a stop. These may not come with the low-maintenance and responsiveness you get from hydraulic brakes, but still do a decent job when you hit the top speeds. 

Ride1Up Roadster V2

The Tektro brake levers on the Roadster V2 come with ergonomic rubber inserts, allowing for a smooth and precise application of brakes.

Featuring a single-speed construction, users don't have to worry about adjusting gears when the terrain changes. Additionally, this ride is made even better by the efficiency of a belt drive to balance out any downsides.


The Roadster V2 features two slim street wheels paired with narrow Kenda Kwest 700Cx28C tires that are designed for excellent road performance.

The tires have adequate treading to ensure stable rides even in wet conditions. For easy on and off, the front wheel is equipped with a quick release feature.

Removing the rear wheel may require a bit more effort. Finally, the all-black color of both wheels and tires complement the frame for greater aesthetic appeal.

Ride1UP The Roadster V2 ires

What Do I Like?

The Roadster V2 had several features which impressed us. The belt drive was one of the stand-out features, as it provides a low-maintenance and long-lasting performance without compromising on a quiet ride in comparison to a chain drive.

Also, the variety of color options is very nice, especially considering the bikes already sleek and stylish apperance.

At only 33lbs, this bike is conveniently lightweight, which allows you to ride relatively comfortably even when you run out of battery life. The low weight plus the diamond triangle also allows you to easily throw the bike on your shoulder and carry it upstairs. 

The frame of the Roadster V2 is elegantly designed with a seamless appearance. Unless someone spots the rear hub motor, it is generally hard to believe that this is an electric bike just by looking at it from a distance. 

Ride1UP The Roadster V2

This bike also impresses with the overall riding geometry it offers. Aside from the nice-to-hold rubber grips on the riser handlebar, the ergonomic saddle ensures you enjoy a comfortable and stable ride. 

We also like the basic LCD controls on the bike, which are quite easy to operate as you ride the bike. Not to mention that the monochrome backlit screen displays clear information. 

The overall simplistic design of the Roadster V2 makes it an easy-to-maintain bike. There is no chain to clean every time, no derailleur to tune, or gears to shift. Ultimately, the ride is smooth and pleasant at all times. 

Although there is no throttle mode on the bike, we feel that Ride1Up did a wonderful job with the PAS-only design. In addition to extending the range of the low-capacity battery; it also ensures that you remain active throughout the ride. 

You can reach up to 24mph with this bike - faster than some more expensive models in the market!

Lastly, you get an incredible value for money as features like belt drive are uncommon on budget electric bikes.


  • Belt drive, smooth and stylish frame
  • Pretty affordable, 3 color options available
  • Fast charge and very comfortable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Great for city use
  • Good top speed

What I Don’t Like?

Our main gripe with the Roadster V2 has more to do with what Ride1Up chose not to include on the bike than what they included. For a city bike, leaving out features such as a kickstand, lights, and fenders can be an inconvenience if you use the bike for your daily commute. 

The only consolation is that there is an integrated bell on the left side of the handlebar to serve as the only urban-friendly feature on the bike. 

When riding the Roadmaster V2, you'll get a much more authentic bicycle experience due to its combination of stiff fork and small tires. This also means you'll feel every bump on the road, so it's best to stick to smooth pavements for a pleasant ride.

The integrated battery design makes it impossible to switch batteries when your power runs out, limiting your ride duration to the range of a single charge cycle.


  • Lack of accessories (no lights, fenders, or racks)
  • Low-capacity battery
  • No suspension

Advice to Buyers

If you're looking for your first electric bike, the Ride1Up Roadmaster V2 could be a great option. Its straightforward design and light construction make it easy to transition from regular bikes, while its price tag of under $1000 ensures you don't have to break the bank!

Roadster v2
Our Rating - 81/100

Ride1Up Roadster V2

The Ride1Up Roadster V2 is an entry-level priced electric bike with the look of an ordinary road bike. It mixes elegant frame construction with reliable electric components to provide you with a pleasant electric biking experience around the city.

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