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May 22, 2023

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Best Electric Mini Bikes 
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Rad Power Expand 5 folding fat tire e-bike
$1500 to $2000
1 user reviews
$1500 to $2000
0 user reviews
$1500 to $2000
0 user reviews
Addmotor M150
$1500 to $2000
0 user reviews
Hands-on review – Swagcycle folding E-bike
$500 to $1000
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Electric mini bikes mark a recurring epoch of bike experience. They are stylish, stealthy, and pleasant to ride.

There are as many models of electric mini mini bikes as there are different types of riders, but they all have in common one thing - the ability to avoid manual engagements with regular bikes.

Do you want the best electric mini bike for casual cruising, a mountain, or a dirt bike?

No matter whether you're looking for a adult e-bike or one for your kid, you will find what you need in our roundup of the best electric mini bikes.

Best All-Around Pick
Rad Power Expand 5

The RadExpand 5 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a bike they could use for daily commuting and very short off-road adventures.

  • 672Wh battery
  • 750W motor
  • 25-45 mile range

Budget Pick
Addmotor Motan

Motan Mini Bike

Addmotor used a number of tweaks to create a solid mini bike at an affordable price.

  • 556Wh battery
  • 750W motor
  • 28 mph pedal-assist

Before we start: What is An Electric Mini Bike, and How Does It Differ from a Regular Mini Bike?

The electric mini bike is also known as a battery-powered moped or a pedal-assist bike.

While it has all the favorable characteristics of a regular mini bike (compactness, lightweight, excellent dynamics, etc.), it makes the ride even easier because it has the pedal-assist function.

When it comes to the minibikes' design, they can be more described as mini motorized vehicles than a bicycle. Perhaps something as a "scooter sibling" could do.

There are two main differences between electric and regular mini bikes.

Firstly, electric mini bikes have a motor that provides excellent power and torque so that you don't get tired during long rides.

Secondly, they come with a battery, and that's the only thing you need to worry about - charging. The larger the capacity of the battery, the longer the electric bike will run.

Why go the electric route?

Their motor and battery will give you some of the best power levels and assist you can get. Riding one of these is so addictive you'll find yourself barely using other forms of transportation!

Plus, they are fast and will get you anywhere quickly. There's no fuel, no mess, and no additional cost.

A common misconception is that electric mini bikes are loud. Quite the contrary - there's just a bit of noise due to the chain and motor spinning, but it's nothing compared to other motorized vehicles.

5 Best Electric Mini Bikes of 2022

1. Juiced Bikes Scrambler - Our Top Pick

The Scrambler would've easily won a competition for the most innovative and stylish electric dirt bike if there were one.

The Frame

Because of the unique frame and seat, this bike looks like a trendy scooter that you can pedal. The universal sizing and adjustable handlebars account for the maximum level of comfort. The one downside with the Scrambler is the weight, we do value portability when it comes to a mini e-bike and this one weights a hefty 78 lbs, which is about what you except a regular ebike to weigh.

Longest range mini bike

Juiced Bikes Scrambler - The Longest Range Mini Electric Bike

The Engine

The upgraded voltage is well worth the price, but it comes at some risks. The motor needs a lot to handle this system, especially at top speed. Fortunately, the custom 750W Bafan motor is outstanding. It has the ability to reach a top speed of up to 28mph, and the pedal-assist technology is top-notch.

The Tires

What is amazing about this bike is that the fat tires absorb any uneven terrain you may come across. So, even though its primary purpose is city use, you'll have no trouble taking it off-road.

The Battery

But its strongest attribute is its range. Namely, the Scrambler dirt bike can do from 40 to 75 miles on a single charge of the battery, depending on the mode. The higher voltage of the battery (52 V instead of the usual 48V system) accounts for this factor. And it only takes around 4.5 hours to charge!

The improved battery technology on the Scrambler increases its range beyond expected.

The Accessories

The amount of gear and accessories that you get for a budget-friendly price is astounding: mechanical disc brakes and the chain guard serve as excellent protection. The display is located next to the right-hand side handlebar, which is a bit different than what we're used to, but we liked it.

Also, you'll often find these mini bikes on sale if you buy two, which makes them even a better deal.

2. Addmotor Motan - Best Budget Pick

Addmotor Motan delivers one of the best budget picks on the market, with its futuristic look and equally appealing features.

The Frame

Due to the carefully designed alloy frame, the primary purpose of this dirt bike is beach cruising, it gives off urban and retro vibes, which will make everyone admire you.

The Engine


The Addmotor Motan, The Best Budget Pick

What its 750W motor brings to the table is a stable and fast performance, though we'd like it to be a bit quieter. Other than that, it comes equipped with the variable speed control due to the 1/2 twist throttle. It also has an engine stop switch.

The motor sound is a bit noisy, but for the price tag, it's more than good.

The top speed it can reach with pedal assist is up to 28mph, though you will probably want to keep it at 20.

The Tires

What is amazing about this bike is that the fat tires absorb any uneven terrain you may come across. So, even though its primary purpose is city use, you'll have no trouble taking it off-road.

The Battery

You don't have to spend big to get a 750W powerful engine with adjustable speed settings, and the Motan is a proof.

An 11.6Ah battery is located under the saddle, in a convenient place that saves up space. For a complete recharge of the battery, you'll need for around 5 hours, which is okay - we've seen better, and we've seen worse.

The Accessories

An intuitive and bright display is integrated between the handlebars. It also features a seat with a backrest, which is something we don't see often with e-bikes - especially not in this price range.

Addmotor Motan Mini

Addmotor Motan - Best Budget Pick Mini Electric Bike

3. Rad Power Expand 5 - Best All-Around Pick

Rad Power Expand 5 is the new iteration of the old RadMini 4 folding bike which was already a pretty decent electric bike offering a fantastic mix of mobility for daily commuting and offroad fun.

Now, the Expand 5 improves on all these characteristics - while also delivering better ergonomics and frame stability.


Rad Power Expand 5 - Best All-Around Pick

The Frame

Unlike the previous version, Expand 5 now boasts a step-through frame design. That allows for easy mounting - no matter your height and it's pretty light for a fat-tire foldable e-bike, too. That is because the frame is built out of lightweight - but durable - 6061 aluminum. The frame is extremely sturdy and even comes with reinforcements for the headset joint and the joint between the downtube and the chainstay.

And the best thing about the Expand 5 is that it measures only 29 x 25 x 41 inches when folded. That means that even if you have little to no place for storage, you won’t have much trouble storing this e-bike.

The Engine

The Expand 5 comes with a 750-watt rear hub motor, which provides more than enough power to go over just about any type of terrain.

On top of all that, the motor is also pretty torquey. The moment you push on the thumb throttle, you’ll feel the motor’s power. In just a matter of seconds, you’ll be cruising at a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

The efficiency in the power delivery and quiet operation of the motor vaults The Expand 5 above other mini e-bikes.

The Tires

The Expand 5 doesn’t come with front suspension, so Rad Power offset this by including bigger tires than on the previous models.

This e-bike comes with 20 x 4-inch puncture-resistant tires you can inflate or deflate - depending on the kind of terrain. But again, note that the range of the e-bike drops the more you deflate the tires.

The Accessories

Safety features are maximized, too. With the integrated brake light and front and rear fenders made from the durable PVC, you'll be protected against any accidents.

The Battery

Rad Power Expand 5 comes with a 672 Wh battery that provides you with around 45 miles of range. And sure, the charging time of 6.5 hours isn’t ideal, but it makes sense when you factor in the price.

Although the battery isn’t something to write home about, the way Rad Power built it is rather innovative.


If you want to introduce your kid to the best motor-powered two-wheeled vehicle, the Swagtron EB-5 is arguably the best option.

The Frame

The whole construction of the bike is adaptable so that your kid can use it. When it comes to the setup of the seat, it can be positioned rather low for any height of the rider.

Handlebars are also adjustable in terms of height, though their size may be a bit small for someone who has large hands. It wouldn't be the case hadn't there been for a unique shape of the handlebars with the place for wrist rest.

Swagtron EB-5 Mini

Swagtron EB 5 - Great starter Foldable E-Bike For Kids

The battery is not the best - the range is up to 15 miles per single charge - but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker for a beginner's bike. 

The Engine

The top speed engine can attain is up to 15 mph, which is lower than average, but more than enough for this purpose.

As for the pedal assist, this dirt bike does it a bit differently. Namely, the motor is engaged while you're pedaling, and once you stop, it stops, too. It's conveniently called the "pedal-to-go" mode.

Based on our experience, those of you who have already ridden an e-bike might find this mode a bit strange, but it's quite handy for novice riders.

The Tires

The wheels and tires are compact in size (14 inches) for better traction when children are getting accustomed to the experience.

If your child did not paddle before and is a complete beginner, you can remove the kickstand and add training wheels to ease the riding.

The Battery

The battery is not the best - the range is up to 15 miles per single charge - but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker for a beginner's bike. 

The Accessories

There aren't many extra features and accessories, but what is cool is that there is dual power-on. You can engage the throttle on the right-side handlebar, or pedal it like a regular bike, which many kids prefer.

5.  I·PAS Rattan Fat Tire Folding Electric Mini Bike - Solid Alternative

The Ratan mini dirt bike strives to achieve a modern vibe, albeit only semi-successfully.

The Frame

The thing is that there's nothing overly innovative or outstanding about it, but that allows it to blend in with many occasions.

One thing that's a drastic improvement to previous models is the sturdy aluminum construction. Dynamics are nothing short of impressive, either.

I·PAS Rattan Mini E-bike

I·PAS Rattan Fat Tire Folding Electric Mini Bike - A Solid Choice

The Engine

Additionally, the 500W motor is less powerful than that of other competitors today. It still can reach high top speed - at least on paper.

The top speed that is advertised is 28mph, and the maximum range is said to be 80 miles. However, during our extensive testing, we've got lower results - 18 for top speed and 50 miles for range under mixed conditions (partially unassisted, and partially electric mode).

In the end, we felt that there's a lot of space for improvement with this fat tire bike, at least compared to the other top picks on our list.

The Tires

You can take this electric bike on an off-road journey with the rugged suspension fork and anti-skidding fat tires, knowing that it will endure. It's also good for every day commuting.

The Battery

Apart from having a significantly lower range at top speed than advertised, the battery is okay, especially when you're riding in Eco Mode. We're talking about the standard 48V 13Ah lithium battery.

The Accessories

Not a lot of accessories going on here besides the IPAS LCD display.

In the end, we felt that there's a lot of space for improvement with this dirt bike, at least compared to the other top picks on our list.

After 38 Hours of Research, We Recommend:

juiced mini bike scrambler

Our Top Pick

Juiced Bikes Scrambler

The Juiced Bikes Scrambler is all about long-distance trails and endeavors. With the speed of up to 28 mph and 45+ mile range, it's a wonderful companion for a long ride.

Plus, with a more relaxed frame and seat design, it looks very stylish.

The Best Electric Mini Dirt Bike

Our Budget Pick

Addmotor Motan

All of your needs can be fulfilled on a budget-friendly note with the Addmotor Motan. It exceeded our expectations by far and rose to the top of our list easily.

Its 750W rear brushless motor outperforms some models that cost three times as much.

Final Words

After careful consideration of electric mini bikes, we decided to hail the Juiced Bikes Scrambler as the winner.

Why is it better?

Its motor is capable of incredible speeds, and it's unrivaled in range without skimping on the quality of other features.

The Addmotor Motan packs a bunch of excellent features if you're looking for something easier on your pocket.

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