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August 11, 2023

Electric trikes have been gaining popularity as a practical mode of transportation for their stability, comfort, and versatility for people of all ages. Keeping in mind this growing demand for stability and comfort, Addmotor brings you all an affordable electric folding trike, CITYTRI E-310.

Designed with precision engineering, the Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 boasts a unique three-wheel configuration; where stability and comfort redefine your riding experience.

If you've ever wanted to effortlessly navigate through the bustling city streets or embark on a scenic adventure, this is the ultimate game-changer you've been waiting for. No more worries about balance as its three wheels will keep you steady on any road. Plus, this eco-friendly 750W electric trike will give you a powerful boost whenever you need it, whether to conquer hills or long distances. 

So, let’s dive into the impressive features and benefits of the Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 and discover why it's the ultimate choice for a secure, comfortable, and eco-friendly trike adventure.

Why go for Addmotor’s e-trike over an e-bike?

Addmotor recognizes the importance of comfort and stability in extended rides. Therefore, they designed the CITYTRI E-310 Electric Trike with advanced features that make this three-wheeler more balanced and ensure better traction on uneven surfaces.

#1 Battery Power and Motor:

The heart of any electric trike lies in its battery and motor. Equipped with a powerful 48V*20Ah UL-certified battery, this electric trike boasts an impressive range of up to 90+ miles under the PAS 1 level. Not only this, rated for 1000 to 1500 charge cycles, this battery makes sure to last longer.

Coupled with Addmotor's exclusively engineered 750W rear-mounted motor, with a peak power of 1400W and a maximum torque of 90Nm, you'll experience smooth and effortless rides. Whether you are cruising around town or tackling challenging terrains, this motor is up for any challenges.

#2 Parking Brake System and Speed Differential:

The CITYTRI E-310 has a Parking Brake System, providing extra assurance when you park your trike on slopes or uneven surfaces and preventing it from rolling away.

On the other side, the speed differential feature adds a layer of control when navigating sharp turns or corners. It allows the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds when turning. This unique attribute guarantees better stability and control while navigating corners and gives you peace of mind on every ride.

#3 Adjustable Seat Post and Lower Seating Position:

The Adjustable Seat Post with adjustable height ensures customizing your riding experience, finding the perfect fit for your comfort. This means no more aching shoulders or sprained wrists after a long ride.

Its lower seating position is another thoughtful design element that enhances stability. With a lower center of gravity, the CITYTRI E-310 provides a steady and secure ride, even when cornering at higher speeds. This accommodates riders of various heights, from  5'1" to 5 '9", and lets them easily mount and dismount the trike without any fuss.

#4 Adjustable Saddle with Backrest:

CITYTRI electric trike is fitted with an adjustable saddle with a backrest for optimal comfort. It supports your posture and reduces fatigue. The backrest is adjustable in height and angle, so you can find the best position for your comfort.

#5 Front Suspension Fork and Triple Disk Brake:

This folding electric trike has a front suspension fork with 80 mm of travel that smooths out uneven surfaces and absorbs shocks and bumps on the road. 

To further enhance safety, the trike is equipped with Triple Disk Brake System, featuring Tektro Mechanical Disc Rotors for all three wheels. This results in reliable and efficient braking, allowing you to stop promptly and safely whenever necessary.

#6 Foldable Bike Frame and Build Quality:

Convenience and durability come together with the CITYTRI E-310 Electric Trike. Its Foldable Bike Frame allows for easy storage and transportation, making it ideal for urban commuters who need to carry their trikes on public transport or store them in tight spaces.

Plus, the use of all alloy aluminum material, including strong 7020 alloy aluminum in the tail part and 6061 aluminum alloy in the head part, ensures sturdy and reliable construction. 

It doesn’t end here, thanks to the CNC Laser Cutting Head Tube, the e-trike frame maintains its structural integrity while being lightweight. This blend of strength and agility makes the CITYTRI E-310 a breeze to maneuver through tight spaces and city traffic.

#7 Pedal Assist with Speed Sensor & Throttle Control

The pedal assist and throttle cater to a variety of riding preferences. Moreover, the Right Hand Half Twist Throttle with Switch makes acceleration smooth and effortless, giving you full control over your ride.

And the featured Speed Sensor is there to assist you during pedaling. This smart feature adjusts the motor's power output based on the rider's pace, providing just the right amount of assistance to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Additional Impressive Features Of CITYTRI E-310:

The Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 Electric Trike doesn't stop impressing there. Check out some other standout features:

#1 EB 2.0 Lighting System and Reflective Tires

As a cherry on top, the CITYTRI E-310 has a sleek design and stylish look that will turn heads as you cruise through the city. The integration of the EB 2.0 Lighting System and Reflective Tires ensures that you're visible to other road users, promoting a safer riding experience, especially during low-light conditions.

#2 LCD Display 

Apart from that, the Addmotor EB 2.0 LCD Display is your command center, providing important information such as speed, battery level, and trip distance. With this user-friendly display, you can keep track of your ride and optimize your trike's performance as you see fit.

#3 Fenders and Baskets

The electric trike comes with front and rear fenders that protect you from mud and water splashes. You can also opt for optional front and rear baskets that can carry your groceries, luggage, or other items. The baskets are not included in the price, but they are available for purchase separately.


CITYTRI is Addmotor's only electric tricycle under $2,000. If you're someone who values stability and comfort in your rides, but you're on a tight budget, this folding electric trike is your perfect companion. 

Its exceptional stability and comfort features, combined with robust construction, a powerful motor, a long-lasting battery, and advanced safety features, make it a standout choice for urban commuters and leisure riders alike.

So, why settle for a conventional e-bike when you can experience the extra stability and comfort of the CITYTRI E-310? Embrace the future of electric trikes; hop on, hit the road, and experience the thrill of riding in style, while feeling secure and comfortable all the way with Addmotor.

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