Folding Electric Bikes: We review the best foldable Ebikes for 2019

Tired of commuting with your car? Over the last ten years, electric bikes have posed an intriguing alternative to those with short-medium distance commutes. Folding electric bikes add a few further benefits to the equation. You can take them everywhere and they don't take up much space. Plus, you don't have to fret about your bike getting stolen!

Riding a bike can improve your fitness, and all modern foldable electric bikes can function in pedal assist mode, meaning you can help the electric engine by pedaling like you would with a conventional bicycle.

Another bonus is that pedaling is optional, so if you choose to let the e-bike do the work,  you won't arrive at work all smelly and sweaty. Needless to say, you will also save on gas when you ride your electric bike, rather than driving.

Sounds good? Well, let's get to it then. Here's our review of the top 8 folding bikes, hand-picked by us at

The 8 Best Folding E-Bikes for 2019

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike (350 W)

 Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike 350W Motor

Aggressively styled fat tire folding e-bike. Our No.1 choice for kids

We begin this list with the aggressively styled Bandit. The EB-6 Bandit is a superior e bike for children and teens from a company named Swagtron. It packs an impressive 350-watt motor, with this bicycle can travel on slopes up to 25° with incredible ease. The maximum speed of this bicycle is 19 mph or 30km/h.

The EB-6 Bandit comes equipped with a removable lithium ion battery that will last you around 32 km (20 miles). As with a number of other electric bicycles, you can opt to pedal manually, use the engine without pedaling, or combine the two using pedal assist mode.

 This bike includes 4-inch tires that are mounted to 20-inch rims, which gives your children maximum grip and a smooth ride.

The Shimano MF-TZ21 freehub system allows you to coast freely even when you have stopped pedaling, by means of the electric engine only. The double disc brakes guarantee solid control and safety. Additionally, it has a kickstand lock to make your bicycle stand upright, folded or unfolded.

You can change between 7 Shimano gears, so no terrain will be left unconquered. Durability is ensured by the Bandit's of the high-quality aluminum framework. This e-bike comes with IPX4 certification, which makes it water-resistant to rain and splashing through puddles.

In general, this is another remarkable e bike that impressed us with its speed and flexibility. It's excellent for every terrain like a fat tire ebike should be.

Miageek Electric Bike

Second on the list is the fantastic e-bike from Miageek. The frame is made from aluminum alloy, which folds away for easy storage. The wheels are made from premium quality aluminum.

The 36 Volt lithium ion battery will keep your 250 W motor going for up to 20 miles (32 km). An intelligent charger is included, so you can expect the battery to fully charge within 4-6 hours. For convenience, the battery can be removed to make it lighter to carry or ride in "regular mode".  

Remember to choose between regular and dolphin shape design under purchasing options.

Miageek's e bike is safe to ride in the rain, but you will struggle in the snow or sand. I would rather recommend one of the fat tire options for all terrain riding.

The bike offers two modes: PAS and e-bike. The PAS system has 3-speed smart buttons that integrates with the LED display. This bike has a 7- a high-speed motor and easy to use transmission system. 

For security, it has an exceptional electric safety brake, which comes with a quick release, paired with an anti-slip durable tire.  To top it off, the bike has a horn and an LED headlamp. The Miageek folding electric bike comes with the peace of mind of a 1-year guarantee.

This is an brilliant e-bike that with's seal of approval. Those who purchased this from Amazon seem to agree, just read the user reviews!

Miageek folding electric bike

A great option, and reasonably priced. Amazing user reviews.

Ecotric 20-Inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

This Ecotric 20" model is a superior electric bike that's prepared to take you on a city ride, off-road, and all other types of terrain.

It includes a Shimano External 7 Speed Gear System and has a brushless motor.  Top speed is rated at 32 km/h (20 mph). 

What makes this bike stand out is its 500 W engine, above par for the course in this review, as the standard e-bike is around 250-350 W.

On the LED screen you will find the power steps displayed. A nice touch was that the bundled lithium ion battery came in a package, sealed for security. The frame is made out aluminum alloy and looks sharp.

Premium disc brakes can be found both in rear and front. The bicycle has all the features you need, but more importantly, good quality components as well. The Ecotric could be your preferred mode of transport on and off-road.

 ECOTRIC 20" New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle ebike 500W

Good fat-tire folding e-bike, if you like smaller wheels. Has a very powerful engine. 

Miageek 26-inch Folding E-Bike

Miageek 26inch Folding E Bike Electric Mountain Bike with Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery

Long range, lots of accessories, and only slightly more expensive than your average folding e-bike.

The e-bikes from Miageek continues to shine as they make our top 8 list with another e-bike, this time in the premium category.

This model includes a strong engine and battery that is removable. This bike's max speed is a 19 mph (30 km/h) and on a signle charge, you are able to travel around 45 kilometers.

Thanks to the smart charger, the battery charges in under 4 hours. As with the other Miageek bike we reviewed earlier, it also comes with a battery bag. You may choose between riding in assisted and e-bike mode. Three-speed smart buttons are featured on the meter along with an LED light and a horn are there to keep you safe in traffic.

This mountain bike has brakes that are excellent, both in back and front. You may stop in another, whatever the weather conditions. The Shimano 21-speed system provides you adaptability and can help you conquer all hills with incredible ease.

This aluminum bicycle is extremely durable, lightweight, and easy to store. It's also very easy to take it with you on a trip. The suspension fork provides shock absorption.

Load capacity is listed as 330 pounds, which makes this one of the better versions you will find for bigger people. 2 out of 2 for Miageek ebikes in this review!

Goplus Folding Electric Bicycle

Next, we've got a solid performing budget e-bike for an awesome price. You can select between the 120-watt and 180-watt models (both for under $400).

This is a bike designed for riding around the city, and it works great in just that setting. A fully charged battery will last you about 30 km, or 19 miles, but that's assuming the rider adds in some PAS.

The charging time is about 5 hours. You may choose between two speed settings. Additionally, it comes with a quick-release clamp for quick folding.

The body is surprisingly durable and portable, since it's constructed from lightweight aluminum-alloy. It doesn't have the wow factor, like you get with the Swagtron Bandit for example, but serves as a great budget folding electric bike.

You do not have many options that are as cheap as this, and if you are really on a tight budget, consider getting the Goplus, you'll not get a better folding e-bike for this price.

 Goplus Folding Electric Bicycle Lightweight Portable Sport Bike Lithium Battery

Good budget option,  weak engine compared to other e-bikes

Cyrusher XF770 Foldable E-Bike 

Cyrusher XF770 Folding Electric Bike

Great specs. Hydraulic brakes on the 500 W version makes it the most appealing option

The Cyrusher's XF770 looks good! You might even make some folks jealous. It is truly a piece of eye candy. You can select between three modes: guided, help, and throttle. You can choose between a 250 W and a 500 W version.

The lithium ion battery has a charging time of 5 to 7 hours. Top speed comes in at around 20 mph (32 km/h). The 500 W version has hydraulic brakes which are made for travel on various types of terrain. The 250 W version has regular disc brakes.

Shimano gears are also featured by the XF700. The aluminum frame has a complete suspension fork, shock absorbers front and back , and cushioning for superior comfort. We recommend you get the 500 W electric bike motor kit, if you are in USA (anything above 250 is illegal in Europe), as it is a real beast to ride.

Hurbo Folding Electric Bike

 Hurbo 250W/350W Folding Electric Bike Aluminum Alloy Frame 36V

Nothing special here, a jack of all trades, master of none ebike

Hurbo combines old-school aesthetics with new school capabilities. The strong 250 W high-speed motor will propel you as fast as 25 km/h, or 15 mph.

You can change gears smoothly with the 7-speed Shimano Pro gears, and this transmission system is becoming a favorite among Ebike manufacturers lately.

The conventional PAS or non-PAS modes are standard, but , as well as a meter with 3-speed smart buttons to provide you with the best possible riding experience. With this bike, you do have to pedal, even if only slightly, to get the engine to activate.

For night riding, you have an LED headlamp and horn to keep you safe from traffic. The collapsible frame is constucted with lightweight aluminum alloy. 

The Hurbo's 36-volt battery gives you 30 kilometers (20 miles) of range, and is environmentally friendly to boot. It's tires are anti-slip and durable, and combines nicely with the solid front fork to absorb all the knocks and bumps the road throws at you.

The Hubro's seat is very comfortable and wide, and riding height can be adjusted from 70 to 110 cm (27 - 44"). The wheel diameter measures at 18.7" for the white model and 26" for all other versions.

The Hurbo's load capacity is 330 lbs, which shouldn't be an issue for most people. This is a decent bike, with an intriguing, retro look that lots of riders will love.

e-JOE EPIK SE Sport Edition

e-JOE 2018 EPIK SE Sport Edition

Brushless motor and great design make this a good option if you are looking for a 20" e-bike.

The EPIK SE is a modern e-bike packed with features. It has a brushless motor along with a decent 48 V battery which will charge in four hours, and can take you up to 50 km (35 mies) before running out of charge.You can also charge the battery outside the bike.

There's also an LCD screen that contains PAS, battery indicator, trip meter, and a speedometer. The Pedal Assist has 5 distinct modes to select from. The bike includes a thumb throttle, providing you control that is simple.

The body is made from the 6061 alloy frame. Tire dimensions measure at 20 x 1.75 inches. Note that this bike has smaller tires, like those you would typically associate with a trick bike.

The Spike SE comes with a puncture-resistant bicycle seat. On the front and rear, you will find TEKTRO rotor disk brakes, and a Shimano Tourney provides an adequate quantity of gears.

Additional accessories include front and rear lights, magnet clip, and a rear rack and fenders. The load capacity is 300 lbs. You can choose between four colours: Sky Blue, Tangerine, Black Matte and Frosty White.

This is a laid-back foldable e-bike that will satisfy you, but doesn't really excel in any specific way.

Review Summary

To recap, here's what we determined in this review:


Best Folding E-bike of 2019

Boasting amazing high-end specs the Miageek 26-inch Folding E-Bike with full suspension dominates the market. 


Best Value

The budget award goes to the GoPlus folding electric bike. To be able to get a foldable ebike for under $400 is a steal!


Interesting Option

​The Swagtron Bandit takes the cake as the most out there folding ebike in this review. We definitely recommend this for those looking for something different.


Not recommended 

The e-JOE EPIK SE Sport Edition is a decent electric bike, but fails to excel in any particular aspect. Also, we are not a fan of the 20" wheels, but your kids may disagree.