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Lectricebikes Xpremium
Lectricebikes Xpremium

Lectric’s XPremium e-bike definitely makes a strong statement in today’s e-bike market. The upgraded frame and improved spec list show that the company is more than ready to compete with already established and well-known brands such as Ride1UP and Rad Power Bikes for a larger share of the e-bike market. 

This e-bike is capable of overcoming almost anything you throw at it. It features a quick folding mechanism for easy transport or storage, a fork suspension, 4-inch fat tires for off-road rides, and a powerful motor that can tackle the most demanding rides. 

With a twist throttle or pedal-assist, XPremium Lite can be a Class 2 or Class 3 electric bike, based on its settings, along with a range of important features such as integrated lights and a rear rack with a huge payload capacity for cargo transport.

But before I go any further, let’s take a look at the specs of the XPremium - and then take a closer look at each aspect of this powerful and affordable folding electric bike.


Lectric XPremium Frame 1

With this foldable e-bike, Lectric has come up with a brand new frame design that includes sleek integrated batteries on the top tube. The bike’s frame folds in half so you can store it or take the XPremium on the go.

However, compared to other electric bikes, the XPremium is quite heavy, weighing at a stunning 75 lbs. So, unless you’ve been spending some time in the gym, transporting and moving the bike around while folded will be pretty difficult.

Nevertheless, the XPremium is an electric bike made for all-road riding, hauling luggage, tackling steep hills, and commuting basically anywhere. 

With a payload capacity of 330 lbs and a rear rack that can carry 55 lbs, this bike is made to handle bags, groceries, books, and more. In the overall bike’s frame, there are integrated front and rear lights and a pretty powerful mid-drive motor (but more on that later).

The XPremium comes with a 7-speed drivetrain and 32T front chainring, which is a perfect choice for an affordable electric bike at this price category. The XPremium even has a shift sensor which makes the connection between the bike and its rider smooth and controlled.

A backlit LCD display is in the package too. Interestingly enough, there is even a dynamic torque sensor that serves to increase the responsiveness of the motor based on your power.


Lectric XPremium Handlebars

At the bike’s front portion, you can find 25inch wide handlebars, which provide a comfortable riding position while also offering plenty of space for any extra accessories you might want to add. The handlebars also include Faux-leather grips which are not only comfortable but stylish as well.


Lectric Xpremium Motor2

Another standout feature of this foldable e-bike is the Truckrun 500W mid-drive motor. You don’t see a 500W mid-drive motor with a folding electric bike often, especially at this price point.

The main difference between a hub motor and a mid-drive motor is the position of the motor on the bike. Mid-drive motors are located in the center of the frame whereas the hub drive motors are built into one of the wheels.

Anyway, this XPremium’s motor can produce enough power to reach a top speed of 28mph. Moreover, this motor interacts with a torque sensor which sets the perfect amount of power depending on the speed of your pedal stroke. In addition to the 5 levels of pedal assistance, this bike has a half-twist throttle for full-electric mode. 

With both pedal assist and throttle, the XPremium provides a wide range of settings and options for you to use. In addition, each electrical component is IP-65 rated, meaning it offers the best protection against water, dirt, and road grime.

One distinct feature of this e-bike is cruise control. You can hold the pedal-assist button while using the throttle in order to engage cruise control. The LCD screen will display “Cruise” notifying you that you’re in cruise control. It will keep you at your current speed until you decide to hit the brakes.



Moving to the battery department, the inclusion of not one but two electric batteries in the XPremium is really impressive. When used with the 7-speed drivetrain, these 500Wh batteries can offer a stunning range of over 100 miles. 

Additionally, the battery management system drains both batteries at the same rate, making sure you have access to maximum power for longer periods of time.

As I already said, the XPremium has 5 different pedal assist levels, with Level 1 (which is the lowest power setting) providing the longest range at a speed of around 7mph with pedal assist.

The highest power setting is Level 5, which can take you up to 60 miles at around 25mph. And to be honest, with this kind of range, this e-bike borders on the motorcycle level.  

Moreover, by using only the throttle, you can expect to get an impressive amount of distance out of this electric bike, going up to 50 miles at around 20 mph. 

All in all, with this dual battery pack, you should have more than enough power, range, and options to get you around the city.

Also, it takes between 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the XPremium and the charger is included in the box when you purchase this bike.

Brake Type

Lectric Xpremium Brakes

Another standout feature of this e-bike is the Zoom hydraulic disc brakes, as these provide reliable stopping power in all types of terrains and weather conditions. These brakes are strong and it's easy to press the brake lever simply with one finger. Not only will they boost your confidence but will indeed keep you safe and sound.


Lectric XPremium Motor

Again, the XPremium proves to be pretty safe and comfortable. As you see, the company added larger 4inch fat tires to accomplish safety, significantly boosting comfort on all kinds of terrains and weather conditions. However, the trade-off is a loss in some cornering speed, although this e-bike was never meant to be performance oriented.

Based on availability, the XPremium comes with tires that are from well-recognized brands Chaoyang or CST.

Post Test Summary: XPremium Pros And Cons

For $1900, this fat tire folding e-bike is a steal when you consider everything. 

The Lectric XPremium is well-built and will make for a great commuter, and will offer you some decent off-road riding as well. However, this e-bike certainly doesn’t match the high-end electric bikes. Nevertheless, the XPremimum is of good quality, featuring a great 5002 motor and dual   battery pack.

What I Like About The XPremium

The XPremium is designed to perform in all weather conditions and on all types of terrains, taking you around the city in no time at all, and with the gear, you need to carry luggage.

The battery setup makes the XPremium the folding electric bike with the longest range at over 100 miles. With its powerful 500W motor, throttle options, and pedal assist, you will have more than enough power for your daily commuting.


  • Two 48v 10.4Ah batteries that offer 1000Wh and up to 100 miles of range
  • A powerful 500W motor that can produce enough power to reach a top speed of 28mph
  • Huge payload capacity of 330 lbs and a rear rack that can handle a load up to 55 lb

What I Don’t Like About The XPremium

The XPremium is certainly the heaviest electric bike that the company offers. Even though it’s a  folding e-bike, it’s still pretty heavy to lift. So, if you expect to travel with your e-bike, you might  want to consider the 75lbs weight of this one or look at a lighter foldable e-bike.

In addition, if you are frequently riding your e-bike at night, I would recommend getting an upgraded light. Even though the XPremium comes with a premium light, which increases the range of the beam, the LED just isn’t strong enough for dark nights.


  • At 75 lbs, the XPremium is pretty heavy
  • It’s available in one size that may not suit riders over 6’
  • Front light not bright enough for night riding

Advice To Buyers

After a detailed review of each component, I believe that this folding electric bike is a strong option for anyone who is looking for a daily commuter or those who regularly travel with their bike and want all-terrain capabilities.

The Lectric XPremium is unique at this price point due to its mid-drive motor, enormous battery range, huge payload capacity, and folding frame.


For the price tag attached to this e-bike, the Lectric XPremium should be considered an affordable folding electric bike that comes with all the necessary components and options.

It rides great, and the Truckrun 500W motor is powerful, the fat tires and comfortable frame geometry make for a relaxed ride, and the brakes are super grippy. You simply won’t find many mid-drive folding electric bikes at this price. 

Whether you want to use it for your daily commuting to work or take it for off-road rides, the XPremium has you covered.

Lectric Xpremium
Our Rating - 88/100

Lectric XPremium

The components chosen by Lectric make this electric bike unique in its category. Smooth power supply and a whopping range of up to 100 miles, XPremium is packed with all of the extras required for urban riding and commuting.

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