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May 21, 2024

Velotric has been steadily expanding its lineup of affordable and compelling electric bikes, consistently raising the bar for performance and value. Over the past year, the company's latest models have outshined competing offerings in key areas like power, range, and features included at lower price points. With each new release, Velotric demonstrates that it is listening intently to rider feedback and engineering bikes to exceed expectations.

Their latest innovation comes in the form of the Velotric Discover 2 commuter electric bike, which we've been rigorously testing in secret. Right out of the gate, it's evident that the Discover 2 has incorporated a surprising number of new and upgraded components that directly address the wants and needs of everyday e-bike commuters. From an improved torque sensor for natural pedal-assist to a brighter multifunction display, and with additions like Apple's Find My network integration for anti-theft protection and upgraded front suspension for all-weather comfort - the Discover 2 seems to have anticipated and answered virtually every request riders had for an evolution of the original model.

In signature Velotric fashion, the Discover 2 promises a premium, all-purpose ride that gives commuters the freedom to enjoy every journey with confidence and peace of mind. Its thoughtful innovations suggest future Velotric releases may push the boundaries of what affordable electric bikes can deliver even further.

assembly 1
assembly 2

I was able to fully assemble the bike solo in under an hour - and that includes charging the battery which runs in the background. Every component went together with simple hand tools as described. The handlebar adjustment allowed fine-tuning fit and the quick-release wheel system inspired confidence.

Overall the process felt very intuitive. Some e-bikes give the impression the whole thing could come apart halfway through, but the Discover 2 gave me the sense that everything clicked firmly into place as it should. Velotric also provided a handy accessory kit for bells, lights and guards that mounted with plug-and-play ease.

assembly 3

Now that it's built, the Discover 2 simply feels very solid. I'm impressed at how well-engineered it is straight from the box. Any new rider could easily replicate the stress-free assembly experience. Velotric clearly understands what riders want - a bike that's enjoyable to unpack and simplifies the process of hitting the road.

Discover 2

Velotric Discover 2 Electric Components


After removing the Velotric's 48V 14.7Ah battery from the box, I was struck by its solid yet streamlined build quality. Harnessing 705 Wh of power from certified Samsung/LG cells, its down tube carrier integration made for effortless installation.

Over the first few Charge/Discharge cycles, I tracked the bike's real-world range very closely. Even with lively use of the pedal assist levels, the battery consistently reached 65-70 miles before the low-voltage cutoff triggered. Switching to the economical eco-mode, I've no doubt it could exceed that.

But the biggest surprise was learning of its IPX7 water resistance certification. Too curious not to test, I submerged the entire pack underwater in a bucket. Amazingly, after several minutes fully submerged, pulling it out and reconnecting only showed a full charge reading on the LCD.


Needless to say, the Discover 2's robust and reputable lithium-ion cells, coupled with its waterproof design, have put my range anxiety to rest. Whether commuting downpours or long recreational rides, I know I can rely on this battery's massive 705Wh capacity and durability to power me through any adventure.


From the moment I engaged the throttle and felt the surge of torque under power, I was impressed with the Discover 2's motor. Rated for 750W continuous with a peak of 1,100W, it delivers forceful acceleration yet remains smooth and predictable.

Whether cruising along flat paths or tackling steep inclines, the motor gave me ample grunt to keep speeds up. Its 75Nm of twisting force propelled me upward with authority. Yet when braking or slowing, I encountered no jittery surges—it's impressively well-mannered.


In pedal-assist mode, the various torque sensor settings allowed customizable support. Even at the lowest levels, I enjoyed a tangible boost that made grinding uphill far less strenuous. Dialing it up gave a exhilarating burst of speed when needing to pass or merge into traffic.

Despite its powerful specifications, the motor never felt uncontrolled. Top speeds in excess of 28 mph left me feeling safe and in control. All in all, the Discover 2 packs serious muscle underneath its casual city commuter style without losing its sure-footed composure.


The clear 3.5-inch TFT color display was one of the first things I noticed on the Discover 2, neatly mounted on the top tube. Right away I could see it would provide all crucial ride information in a highly visible package.

Testing it under bright sunlight confirmed the screen remains perfectly readable even in strong glare. The wide viewing angles from any position on the bike meant I never had to strain or crane my neck to check vital stats.

Being able to see speed, pedal assist level, battery life, and odometer/tripmeter all in large intuitive readouts proved invaluable while riding.

Whether commuting through busy streets or enjoying scenic trails, I always knew my speed without taking my eyes off the road for long.

velotric Discover 2 display

Navigating through the intuitive interface to adjust settings like light modes took mere seconds. With such a sharp and responsive display, fine-tuning the bike to my needs felt incredibly straightforward.

Overall, the Discover 2's brilliant screen gave me confidence and convenience in equal measure. It's the perfect interface for staying informed and connected during any journey.

Velotric Discover 2 Mechanical Components and Accessories


As someone who regularly commutes over 20 mph, I was anxious to evaluate the Discover 2's braking capabilities. Right away I noticed the 180mm hydraulic disc brakes delivered smooth, responsive power whether engaging them lightly or suddenly.

A particularly impressive feature is how the motor cuts out instantly when levering the brakes, letting them bite down harder. This provided valuable peace of mind knowing I could stop on a dime, especially in heavy traffic.


Even after heavier usage gaining familiarity with the brakes, I found the lever feel and stopping distances utterly consistent. Neither did they fade or lose pressure, inspiring constant confidence in their reliability.

Whether descending hills or needing to come to a quick halt, they hauled the bike's weight plus cargo and rider to a stop easily, in control and within short distances. Traction never broke either wet or dry.

After numerous stops from high speeds, I can confidently say these brakes live up to the demands of navigating busy streets at electric velocities. The Discover 2 inspires full control and security in any situation.



Right away I was impressed by the sturdy yet attractive aluminum step-through frame of the Discover 2. Available in four vibrant hues - Pine Green, Stone Gray, Mint, and Cherry Crimson - I opted for the eye-catching Pine Green. At just under 63 pounds fully loaded, its handling remained nimble.

Out on the road, the 80mm travel front suspension in a matching mint color soaked up bumps smoothly. Though the rear is rigid, the low-slung seat post allows room for an optional suspension insert down the line.

Through some intermittent rain, I was thrilled to find the IPX6-rated frame cutoff kept all electronics functioning perfectly despite wet conditions. Puddles and spray presented no issues aboard my bright green steed.

As for cargo, both the solid rear rack and ample under-seat compartment easily swallowed all my gear in style. Their robust builds, along with the bike's 440-pound capacity, left reassurance no matter what I decided to haul.

The Discover 2 truly blends strength, comfort and flair with a colorful frame that simply looks as tough as it is.



From the first ride, I was impressed by how the Discover 2's 80mm travel fork soaked up bumps and imperfections in the road. As someone who logs many miles commuting daily, comfort is a high priority.

Compared to other e-bikes with basic springs or no suspension at all, this true hydraulic fork provided a plush, controlled ride. Hitting potholes and seams no longer jolted through my body - the fork absorbed impact smoothly.

While the rear remains rigid, I appreciated the low-slung seat post tubing. Not only does it allow shorter folk to lower the perch far enough, but leaves room down the line to install an optional suspended seat post for extra cushioning over rear obstacles.

Overall, the front suspension livened up my journey considerably versus a stiff bike. Coupled with the able platform and responsive power train, I now look forward to wheeling this bike almost anywhere, be it urban streets or scattered trails.

It's clear Velotric prioritized comfort without compromising functionality - a perfect balance for any daily rider.

Drivetrain & Shifting

As an avid cyclist, I was eager to test the gearing capabilities of the Discover 2's 8-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain. Right away I noticed the precise trigger shifter allowing dependable changes under way.

Climbing steep slopes, I appreciated having a low enough gear to keep the pedals turning over. Likewise, descending or kicking it onto paved trails, higher ratios prevented spinning out of control.

While the abundant torque from the motor means the throttle satisfies most needs, I found myself occasionally adjusting gears for extra control or efficiency. Quick shifts matched my pacing well on varied terrain.

Overall shift quality has proven smooth and durable even after miles of usage. Not once did I encounter skipped or failed changes, maintaining a reliable platform.

As much as I enjoy the pedal assist levels, having this transmission at the ready inspires riding the Discover 2 like a regular bicycle too. It's a welcoming balance of electric convenience and involved cycling.


Another great feature on the Discover 2 were the stock Kenda 27.5 x 2.4 inch tires. Rolling them by hand, their thickness and tread design conveyed durability suited for mixed surface riding.

My initial riding impressions lived up to this - even at full electric speeds, the tires gripped pavement confidently without undue road noise. Their wide profile imparted a plusher ride quality over cracks and seams.

Whether navigating crowded bike lanes or off-road jaunts on gravel paths, the tires stayed firmly rooted. On rainy days their contact patch never gave cause for slippage.

Several hundred miles in and the tread still looks nearly new, without flat spots or bald sections forming prematurely. I've yet to invest in replacement rubber, a testament to the Kenda's longevity.

Overall the tires proved themselves up to the demands of an electric commuter without reservation. Their cushy size brings that much more fun and stability to my daily Discover 2 rides.

Extras & Accessories

I was impressed by the number of included extras and accessories straight out of the gate. The 80mm front suspension fork, rear rack, full fenders, integrated front and rear lights with brake functions, and adjustable handlebars demonstrated Velotric's commitment to a comprehensive commute-ready package.

Out on my test rides, standout features like the suspension fork, lights, and rack proved their convenience on a daily basis. The suspension absorbed road imperfections with ease, lights ensured visibility, and the rack meant I could haul anything from groceries to gear with no issues.

Additional thoughtful specifications such as the locking battery, color display with charging capabilities, 3A fast charger, and included toolkit left me feeling genuinely cared for as an owner. Even the thru-axle front wheel reflected solid, long-lasting construction.

It's clear Velotric spared no effort nurturing the Discover 2 into a complete urban emulator package. Between its performance and fixtures, this e-bike has my full confidence for tackling anything the city can throw at it.

Cruise Control Function

Velotric-Discover-2-Review - shifter and grip

The cruise control on my Velotric Discover 2 is so convenient when I want to relax into a steady ride. You can simply engage the function to keep a consistent speed without pedaling strain. The motor then regulates power, allowing you to drift effortlessly, hands-free. This lets me fully appreciate the passing scenery without distraction. No throttle - just smooth cruising enjoyment for me.

Apple Find My Compatibility


One of the standout security features on the Discover 2 is its support for Apple's Find My network. This allows the bike's location to be tracked via Bluetooth if ever lost or stolen. Using nearby iOS devices, the Find My service can locate the bike on a live map. If unauthorized movement is detected, an alert with its whereabouts can even be sent to the owner. As someone who commutes daily, this extra peace of mind is invaluable should the worst occur. Knowing authorities could help recover the Discover 2 with this tech onboard brings welcomed assurance.

Velotric Discover 2 Performance Review

Acceleration & Speed

I was eager to explore the full performance range of the Discover 2. Right away I appreciated the linear power delivery from its 750W mid-mounted motor across the five pedal assist levels.

While maximum unaided speed topped out around 12 mph, even the lowest PAS provided an energizing boost. Climbing gradually through the settings, acceleration steadily increased yet always felt balanced and in control.

Reaching the Class 2 and 3 speed limits opened my eyes further. Sailing above 20 mph on PAS 4 and 5 with minimal effort gave an exhilarating simulation of flying. And blasting past 28 mph in Class 3 while mashing the pedals conveyed serious grunt.

Overall the Discover 2 matched my effort intuition whether cruising lazily or pushing for top velocity. Its torque sensor translated natural cycling cues into boosted mobility. As a result, I gained fitness riding it like an ordinary bike too.

This e-bike impressed as much for versatility as outright thrills - a stellar do-it-all urban companion.

Range Test & Battery Charging

To evaluate the Discover 2's range capabilities, I set out for a variety of mixed-use rides programmed into its display computer. Starting with a full battery, I logged journeys consisting of urban streets, bike paths and occasional hills.

Riding mainly in the middle PAS settings for balanced exercise and assistance, I consistently covered well over the estimated factory range of up to 70 miles on a charge. Even pushing the bike harder up hills or with frequent bursts didn't deplete the battery prematurely.

What surprised me most was discovering not only the standard five pedal assist levels, but a total of fifteen with the addition of Eco, Trail and Boost modes. Each profile modifies power and delivery for customized responsiveness.

When power grew low, the bike helpfully switched to less boosted Eco mode as a final reserve. A comprehensive fuel gauge on the display also avoided any uncertainty.

Charging up via the included 3A fast charger replenished the battery swiftly. A drained pack jumped from 0-100% in a mere 5 hours.

Overall the Discover 2's reliable range and efficient charging address any anxiety over being stranded partway through daily activities. I feel comfortable exploring farther using its capable powertrain and trusted range reports.

Brakes & The Brake Test

As someone who logs many urban miles, reliable brakes are essential for safe and confident riding. I was eager to put the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes through rigorous testing on the Discover 2.

Beginning at top speeds on pavement, I was impressed by the short and controlled stopping distances achieved - around 30 feet even when loaded with gear. Their progressive feel allowed easy modulation.

Braking force remained strong and linear even in wet conditions. With no loss of control or increased stopping length, these discs prove versatile for any weather.

Wicked stops were just as impressive off-road on loose gravel and dirt trails. The Discover 2 stabbed to a halt with total assurance for navigating technical descents.

Tackling steep 7% grades while towing heavy cargo, the brakes admirably arrested speeds over 15 mph without fading. With no signs of overheating or wear after intensive testing, their performance proves truly impeccable.

The Tektro discs inject indispensable confidence for safely enjoying this e-bike across diverse environments. Their stopping power justified the Discover 2's reassuring stability.


After extensive testing across diverse terrains, I can confidently say the Discover 2 handles like an absolute dream. Whether navigating crowded urban streets or winding backcountry trails, its stable and responsive handling always put a grin on my face.

The lightweight yet durable aluminum frame soaks up bumps thanks to the front suspension fork, keeping rides smooth no matter the conditions. Wide 2.4" tires provided superb traction while the disc brakes enabled me to confidently put the brakes on with ease.

Between the adjustable stem and seat height, I was able to fine-tune the fit for maximum comfort. The upright riding position gave great visibility of traffic.

Technology like the 15-speed pedal assist, integrated lights, Apple Find My and charging ports took convenience to another level. Styling is on point with stealthy matte colors and sleek lines.

In summary, the Discover 2 is truly an awesomely comfortable and customizable e-bike commuter chalk full of cool tech and style. It's versatility and handling capabilities made me feel happy and confident pedaling it anywhere.

What I Like About The Discover 2


  • Built it Apple Find My feature for security
  • Extremely customizable with up to 15 different riding levels
  • Powerful braking function
  • Accommodates heavy riders comfortably
  • Great overall value for money

What I Don’t Like About The Discover 2


  • Heavy construction
  • Takes extra effort to access full motor power in Class 2 mode


In closing, the Velotric Discover 2 has absolutely exceeded my expectations as an e-bike for commuting and recreational riding. It delivers thrilling performance with natural and intuitive controls. Over multiple long test rides on mixed terrain, it proved durable and reliable. This e-bike is loaded with features that make commuting and errands a joy. The integrated lighting, fenders, rack, and multi-speed pedal assist create the complete urban package. 

At $1,699, the Velotric Discover 2 offers immense value that will pay dividends over traditional commuting costs. The sturdy construction and powerful components ensure it stands up to demanding use for years. Factor in the replaceable battery and this bike has the potential to be an investment that earns back its price many times over.

For combining e-mobility with fitness while traveling at exhilarating speeds, the Discover 2 delivers a grinn-inducing ride every time. Its versatile and customizable design accommodates a wide range of riders. As an awesome everyday e-bike that brings the fun, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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Our Rating - 89/100

At $1,699, the Velotric Discover 2 offers immense value that will pay dividends over traditional commuting costs. The sturdy construction and powerful components ensure it stands up to demanding use for years

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