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Lankeleisi XT750 fat tire first impressions

October 24, 2023

The Lankeleisi XT750 Plus is a foldable fat tire electric bike that boasts an impressive 1000-watt rear hub motor and an equally impressive 840Wh battery. But, how does it hold up in a busy and congested city like Barcelona?

Unboxing and Assembly

In the interest of full disclosure, the electric bike reviewed in this article was generously provided to me by Lankeleisi.

The bike arrived in secure packaging, a mystery waiting to be unveiled. With anticipation and a touch of challenge, I embarked on the thrilling adventure of opening it. Little did I know, this initial hurdle foreshadowed the remarkable journey the bike had taken before finding its way to me, ready to conquer the bustling streets of Barcelona.

Assembling the bike was a breeze, thanks to the invaluable assistance of my younger brother. Surprisingly, there were no uncertainties or doubts about the configuration, despite this being my first time tackling such a traditionally "manly" task. Breaking stereotypes, we effortlessly transformed a pile of parts into a magnificent two-wheeled companion.

We recorded our unboxing and assembly process and you can watch it in the video below:

YouTube video of Lankeleisi XT750:

But wait, there's more! The box came complete with a handy toolkit, erasing any worries about lacking the necessary tools. With user-friendly gadgets and detailed instructions in the manual, the assembly process became a joyous and straightforward affair.

Yet, in this tale of triumph, a minor query emerged during the attachment of the front wheel. The picture showcased a mysterious metallic component, leaving me puzzled about its intended purpose. A more elaborate explanation in the manual would have been a welcomed addition, as attaching the front wheel is a critical step in the grand scheme of bike assembly.

Overall, this journey of unboxing and assembling the bike was a delightful and engaging experience, filled with surprises, determination, and a newfound sense of accomplishment.

First Impressions: A Striking Companion

From the moment I laid eyes on the Lankeleisi, I was captivated. This fat tire electric mountain bike boasts a vibrant yellow hue that demands attention. Upon closer inspection, the flawless finish throughout only added to its allure. It's safe to say that visually, this bike is an absolute stunner. However, for the perfectionists out there, a slight adjustment to the seat alignment would take it to the next level.

The seat itself is crafted from luxurious high-quality leather. Not only does it provide comfort, but it also adds a touch of elegance to every journey.

Bike Components

Gearing: Unleash the Power

One remarkable feature that sets the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus apart from the rest is its 27 gears. Some may consider it excessive, but trust me, it works like magic. The triple crankset upfront offers a versatile 42/32/22 configuration, complemented by an 11-32 9-speed cassette at the rear. This impressive gear range ensures the perfect pedaling cadence for those long rides and challenging uphill climbs. Bid farewell to relying on brute force to conquer hills - this bike conserves your energy effortlessly.

Brakes: Safety Meets Performance

The hydraulic brakes found on the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus are a high-end feature for the price range.

They perform like champions, even in the face of wet and muddy terrain, steep descents, or when carrying a heavier load.

These brakes go the extra mile by incorporating built-in cut-off sensors, ensuring your safety on this robust e-bike. 

With 180mm rotors, they deliver substantial stopping power without the irritating brake squeals commonly associated with disc brakes.

In terms of brakes, this bike undoubtedly deserves top marks!

brakes Xt750

Suspension: Glide Like a Dream

When it comes to suspension, the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus reigns supreme. With a motorcycle-style suspension fork at the front and a single rear shock absorber, this bike offers an exceptionally smooth ride, even on poorly maintained roads. Although the front fork lacks a lockout option, it does provide some preload adjustment.

Surprisingly, the rear shock offers superior firmness compared to other bikes I've encountered, resulting in a satisfying rebound. Every linkage moves with grace, ensuring top-notch suspension performance.

Please note that while this suspension setup excels in mild to moderate off-road riding conditions, it may not be suitable for sustained heavy off-road use. It's best to exercise caution when facing jumps or traversing large rocks and tree roots.

Wheels and Tires: Comfortable but Noisy

The XT750 Plus is equipped with full-size 26-inch wheels fitted with 4-inch CHAOYANG fat tires.

These tires offer commendable grip during the test ride, although they did produce some noise at higher speeds.

 The wheels exude durability, with well-tensioned spokes.

Notably, the front wheel bearing proved particularly smooth and free-spinning.

wheels and tires


The bike comes with a comprehensive range of accessories, including a pannier rack, front headlight, kickstand, and mudguards. While a rear light is absent, a reflector is provided. Adding a rechargeable light is a simple solution if desired. All finishing kit components exhibit good quality, with the handlebar striking a balance between width and comfort.

However, the grips didn't provide a satisfactory feel, and it's something I would recommend you replace and personalize if you're willing to go to the effort.

Electric Components

The Lankeleisi XT750 Plus is a powerful e-bike with impressive battery capacity. To truly put its motor and battery performance to the test, I embarked on an exhilarating 40 km journey. Now, let me share with you the thrilling details of my adventure, despite the challenging weather conditions.

Motor Performance

My expectations were sky-high, and the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus did not disappoint. With its 1000-watt rear hub motor, the ride was incredibly smooth and surprisingly quiet. Starting off with level 1 assist, I was immediately blown away by the motor's ample power, effortlessly conquering even the steepest hills. The pedal assist, driven by cadence, was impressively responsive, providing a seamless riding experience.

The XT750 Plus tackled the initial long hill climb with ease, showcasing its remarkable power without breaking a sweat. While I'm uncertain about the motor's manufacturer, I can confidently say that its performance rivals that of the renowned Bafang hub motor. In fact, it's even quieter, which is a remarkable feat. On the flatter and undulating sections of my ride, the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus felt exceptional. Its powerful motor allowed me to maintain a good average speed without exerting excessive effort.

In summary, this hub motor is not only impressively powerful but also incredibly smooth and quiet. It outshines many other big hub motors I've encountered, easily conquering steep hills without showing any signs of strain or struggle.


Prepare to be captivated by the S700 LCD display, offering a clear and easily readable interface with all the essential features. One standout feature is the battery power indicator, equipped with 10 bars instead of the usual 5, providing a more accurate gauge of battery usage. Additionally, right out of the box, the display is set to MPH, saving you the trouble of adjusting it. For those seeking customization, you'll be delighted to know that the advanced settings menu (accessed by long-pressing the arrow keys) allows you to configure speed, throttles, and PAS settings. To optimize battery consumption, I personally recommend setting the maximum speed to a reasonable 18 mph / 30 km/h. Overall, the S700 LCD display seamlessly combines visual appeal with a high level of functionality.

XT750 display


When it comes to battery range, several factors come into play, such as weather conditions, rider weight, power usage, and terrain incline. During my ride, the weather was wet and windy, with a moderate temperature. I weighed approximately 105 kg and primarily used assist levels 2-3 for 90% of the journey.

The Lankeleisi battery boasts an impressive 840Wh energy capacity. While specific information regarding the cells used remains undisclosed, the initial battery performance is commendable. According to Lankeleisi's website, the range can vary between 45 to 120 km, depending on throttle or PAS usage. After covering 40 kilometers, the battery indicator only showed a loss of 5 out of 10 bars, proving the manufacturer's claims to be true.

Removing the battery is a breeze. Simply unfold the bike, unlock it using the key, and utilize the recessed handle to detach it. The battery can be charged either in place or detached, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Get ready to embark on an electrifying adventure with the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus!

Comfort and Handling

Full-suspension electric fat bikes typically excel in this aspect, and the Lankeleisi is no exception. The riding position can be described as more sporty compared to other fat tire bikes that I recently tested. Throughout the ride, I didn't experience any discomfort, thanks to the big tires and full suspension that provided a remarkably smooth and enjoyable riding experience. The only aspect I didn't quite appreciate was the large saddle, although this is purely a matter of personal preference, as some riders prefer generously padded saddles.

Another notable advantage is the bike's effortless maneuverability at high speeds. As a more environmentally friendly alternative to motorcycles and cars, it offers a newfound sense of freedom and confidence on the road.


One notable feature of the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus is its folding design. While it may not be a traditional folding electric fat bike with folding handlebars and pedals, it can still be folded in half, which can be advantageous for those with limited storage space or for easier transportation by car.

I drive a Hyundai Getz and was easily able to fit and transport the XT750 in my car.

However, it's worth mentioning that the bike is quite bulky and heavy, requiring a fair amount of strength to lift.


This bike is quite large in size! Despite the saddle height being adjustable, it has a long frame. As someone slightly shorter side (160 cm / 5f4), I felt like the bike was a little on the big side for me.

Lankeleisi did inform me that if the reach feels too long, one option is to install a shorter or adjustable stem. Additionally, handlebars with a set-back design can also be considered for a more personalized fit.


Lankeleisi XT750

With its impressive performance, good-quality components, and folding design, the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus is a solid choice for anyone looking for a versatile electric fat bike.

The bike's ease of storage is truly remarkable. Despite its powerful and imposing presence, it can be easily disassembled and occupies minimal space. The ability to fit it into the trunk of a small car makes it an ideal travel companion. For instance, it fits effortlessly in my Hyundai Getz.

Whether you're commuting to work, going off-road on trails, or carrying cargo on your rear pannier rack, I can truly say that this bike can handle it all with ease.

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Our Rating - 86/100

With its impressive performance, good-quality components, and folding design, the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus is a solid choice for anyone looking for a versatile electric fat bike.

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Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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