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Ancheer Folding Electric Bike Review

May 21, 2023

Electric bikes have come a long way since they were first introduced. The notion among many people has always been that they are expensive machines that will cost you an arm and a leg. However, there are budget options available nowadays that ensure you need not break the bank to own one.
The only thing is that you can never be sure when you buying cheaply. Some manufacturers tend to make up for the low price by compromising the quality of the bike. You don’t want to end up with a substandard bicycle just you only looked at the price tag; the specifications must always be considered!
The Ancheer e-bike is a cost-friendly bicycle that has attracted interest from those looking to get their maiden e-bike experience. The following review considers the various features this bike offers and the overall performance to see if it lives up to the hype. We recently reviewed Ancheer Power Plus e-bike so read our mountain bike review.


The Ancheer e-bike features an aluminum alloy frame that utilizes a single front tube. This gives it a formidable build yet keeps it weight manageable. The frame is collapsible, meaning it requires minimal storage space and you can comfortably transport it in your vehicle.
The front fork consists of high-strength carbon steel that reinforces the sturdy construction of the bike. It also comes with premium comfort shock absorption to ensure that you remain comfortable during bumpy rides. The bike can comfortably support weights of up to 150kg and is ideal for riders between the heights of 5’2”-6’0”
My first ride on the Ancheer felt quite smooth; thanks to the decent overall geometry. The seat was comfortable and cushioned and the mid-curve handlebar felt natural in my hands. However, the 60-pound weight it packs weighed heavy on me, especially on climbs. I’m sure this is something that other riders have noticed, but it’s a good thing that the bike is foldable to offer convenience when transporting it.

Ancheer Mountain E-bike


This bike is powered by brushless rear hub motor which provides higher efficiency and torque output for scaling inclines. The 250 W motor will have you getting to speeds of up to 15.5 mph. The acceleration is pretty decent and promises to offer you a fun ride of level terrain.
The power you get from the bike is dependent on the mode you set the bike in. Basically there are two modes to choose from. The assist mode will help you out as you pedal manually whereas the e-bike mode powers the entire thing as you enjoy the ride without breaking a sweat. This is controlled by a tiny panel on the handlebar. The assist mode features 3 settings to allow you control over the level of work you have to put in.
One great thing I noticed on this bike is that even with the power switched off; it is still relatively easy to pedal. This makes it ideal for those who want to use the bicycle for their exercises. 


The Ancheer stores its power in a small capacity 36V, 8Ah lithium-ion battery. When fully charged, the battery will last you around 15miles without pedaling and 30miles with pedaling before it runs out of power. This is enough time to run your errands or enjoy the outdoors. However, the actual range will be influenced by the weight of the rider and terrain.
The folding bike also means that the battery is housed within the bike’s frame, which is not something you get in other e-bikes. This keeps the battery protected from elements, dirt, and other debris in the outdoors, helping to improve its durability.
Nevertheless, the charging time of the battery can be a turn-off for some people. It takes around 4-6hrs to get it back to full power, which as long time to wait for the impatient biking enthusiasts.


The bike is equipped with dual mechanical disk brakes which provide you with good stopping power at high speeds. The brakes are smooth and fluid to make sure that the bike is responsive enough to stop the ride on a dime. Overall, they do a good job on the trail, except for a little squealing when braking.


The 26” wheels on the Ancheer e-bike are made from a double-layered magnesium alloy that gives them the strength to offer you a stable ride with little feeling of drag. When you combine this with the shock absorbing provided by the carbon steel front forks, you can look forward to a smooth and comfortable ride even in an unforgiving terrain.
The 6-spoke design of the wheels not only gives the bike a unique look, but also helps in reducing the weight and improving the aerodynamics.

Ancheer electric Bike kit


The tires on this bike have a versatile treading design that is suitable for pavement biking, as well as off-road adventures. Your ride on the road will be smooth and you’ll also enjoy added grip on the dirt trail.

What Do We Like?

I really appreciate the extra accessories on the Ancheer that allow you to ride comfortably in the dark. The bike comes with a loud horn, as well as a bright LED headlight which guarantee that you can ride safely and comfortably in lowly illuminated environments.
The 2 working modes on the bike offer the luxury of relaxing during the ride and getting to work whenever you feel like. This actually helps to make the ride more adventurous and breaks the monotony of doing the same thing over and over.
I also like the design of the bike. It has a nice geometry; starting from the low frame to the mid-curve handlebar and the comfortable saddle. This offers you a comfortable ride with good posture. You’ll also appreciate the fact that the Ancheer is suitable for both male and female riders.
The foldablilty of the bike is another feature that enhances its convenience. The implication is that you require very little space to store it. You can easily throw it inside your car trunk and this protects your bike from potential vandals and thieves.


  • Nice design
  • Strong build
  • Dual riding mode
  • Comfortable
  • Foldable


  • Heavy
  • No fenders
  • Long charging time

What Don’t We Like?

The bike’s battery takes too long to fully charge when compared to other e-bikes in the market. The 4-6 hours is something I feel the company could consider improving in its next release.
The bike is also considerable heavy at 60 pounds. Your ride can turn into a nightmare if you run out of power in a hilly terrain where you have to tackle steep climbs.
The Ancheer doesn’t come with fenders, so riding it in wet and muddy conditions can be a very messy affair.

Advice to Buyers

The Ancheer e-bike seems like a decent mountain bike with the features to provide you with a fun riding experience. It has the flexibility to be used in a variety of terrains while offering the same level of performance.
Aside from a few issues like the weight and lack of fenders, this e-bike feels like an amazing acquisition for any bike enthusiast. If you have around $700 to spare, it shouldn’t be a tough decision to get your hands on this amazing machine.


The team at Ancheer did a great job on this folding electric bike. It has a sturdy frame and strong battery with the ability to take you on a fun outdoor adventure. Those looking for a bike for their daily commute or simply to enjoy a day on the trail will appreciate the features on the Ancheer e-bike.
Whether you are using the assist or e-bike mode, this bike promises a fantastic ride for anyone looking to switch from regular biking to e-biking. 

Ancheer folding 20 electric bike

Our Rating - 76/100

Ancheer 20"

The Ancheer folding e-bike is a versatile mountain bike that comes with quality features despite its affordable price. 

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