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Many people like to use a bike to commute to work or go cycling off-road as an outdoor sport. Biking provides a great workout option. It is also an enjoyable hobby for those who simply want to go on a long distance cycling.

The Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike is an e-bike falling under the Sports & Outdoors category, which avid mountain bikers may want to consider buying. It is a durable and lightweight electric bike that gives users the flexibility to go biking with or without working the pedals.

In this honest review of Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike, we will look at the important features that make this product stand out from similar products in the market. Feedback on the pros and cons of using the product will be provided.

There will also be some testimonials from people who have purchased this particular electric bike, which can be helpful to those making a decision to buy this e-bike.

Ancheer Power Plus Overview

The Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike is a sporty product distributed by Ancheer. Ancheer has been in the health and fitness equipment industry for the last ten years selling high quality products manufactured in Taiwan and China.

Aside from e-bikes, Ancheer also distributes products like treadmill, AB bench, AB trainer, scooter and skateboard. If you travel a lot using your bike, you will like Ancheer’s Power Plus Mountain Electric Bike. It offers more features than a regular bike.

It is equipped with a motor that you can use to travel at a higher speed. You can rest your legs while traveling or you can use the pedals to get some leg workout. It looks stylish and rugged enough to brave through the rough mountain trails.

Let’s take a closer look at the cool features of this piece of outdoor sports equipment.

Product Specs

The price of this electric mountain bike from Ancheer is selling for under $1000. Despite the low price point, there are good reasons why it’s worth buying.

Read the specifications of the e-bike below and see for yourself if its features will merit your approval.



Maximum speed

25 mph


Removable 36V, 12 AH ion lithium battery with smart lithium battery charger


Anti-slip wear resistant tires


250W high speed brushless gear motors


3-speed smart meter button

Charging time

4-6 hours

Bicycle weight

About 20kg

Front and rear wheels

Double layer Aluminum alloy wheel

Load capacity

 150 kg

Wheel diameter

26 inch


Bright LED headlamp and horn

Front fork

High-strength carbon steel with premium comfort shock absorption

Safely Go Fast Up to 25 mph:
This e-bike is equipped with a 21-speed transmission system giving bikers the flexibility to travel fast at speeds up to 25 mph. With the fitted front and rear disc brakes, biking is perfectly safe especially when you need to make a sudden halt. This mountain bike also comes with a bright LED headlight which makes travelling in low-light a lot safer.

Durable and Lightweight:
The Ancheer Power Plus electric bike’s front fork is made with carbon steel and the rest of the bike parts – the handlebars, saddle tube, wheels and pedals – are made with corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. Both of the mentioned materials are sturdy and light, so the bike does not feel heavy to maneuver. This e-bike can take on the challenge of going through rugged terrain.

Easy to Charge Lithium Battery:
The 36V 12 Ah lithium ion battery comes with an easy charge port system so charging is not a problem. You have the option to charge the battery while fitted in the down tube or you can remove it to charge anywhere you like. When fully charged, this bike can take you up to a distance of 40 (pure electric mode) to 60 kilometers (with pedal assist).

Pedal Assist Varies Bike Functionality:
The Pedal Assist feature allows the biker to choose whether to ride with or without working the pedals. You can turn off Pedal Assist completely so you can enjoy the ride by just twisting the throttle. You can turn on Pedal Assist to low, mid or high varying biking speed accordingly while pedalling.

Pros and Cons

What’s good about Ancheer Power Plus electric mountain bike is that it is versatile enough to serve your travel purposes. It lets you reach your destination faster because it has a motor and a rechargeable battery. When the battery is dead, you can still use it by simply pedalling. In addition, the price of the bike is way cheaper compared to other electric bikes.

Regarding negative feedback on this product, there are a few to take note of. First is the seemingly long charging time of 5 hours, which is only required when the battery is totally drained. To shorten the charging time, charge the battery more frequently.

The speed of this motor bike (25 mph) is comparatively slower than other motor bikes. If you want to travel faster, don’t buy this one.

This model of Ancheer electric bike is not foldable, so it can take more space when storing. It is also harder to bring along in a vehicle when travelling.

Lastly, some buyers have complaints about the unclear assembly instructions. It would probably be better to avail of the FREE ASSEMBLY SERVICE when ordering your unit if you’re not good at DIY bike assembly.



  • arrow-circle-up
    Use as a motor bike or a regular bike
  • arrow-circle-up
    Travel at higher speed and longer ranges compared to a regular bike
  • arrow-circle-up
    Spend less with its great price
  • arrow-circle-up
    Stay safe with its dual disk brakes, bright LED headlight and loud horn


  • arrow-circle-down
    Long charging time
  • arrow-circle-down
    Slower speed compared to other motor bikes
  • arrow-circle-down
    Unfolding e-bike
  • arrow-circle-down
    Assembling instruction can be unclear


Our rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars. Verified buyers give the same rating on the average. Many customers had to deal with particular issues like making adjustments to the bike, finding assembly difficult, taking time getting used to Pedal Assist and changing up tires after some time of use. Despite these concerns, most buyers still consider the price a steal.

If you’re looking to buy an electric bike, the Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike is a good option. The e-bike is affordable and the quality is good at that price point. If you don’t need a very fast electric bike and you have manageable travel needs, this e-bike can serve your purpose.

This e-bike can help you save money on fuel because of its dual function – use the rechargeable battery or just the pedals. It is made of durable materials but if you really want it to last a long time, take good care of it.

The rechargeable lithium battery won’t last forever. But to make sure that it will remain useable for at least 3 years, be careful not to overcharge it. Just charge it when you intend to use it. If you’re storing the battery, don’t keep it at full charge. A 40% charge at 40o storage temperature is recommended.

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