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There are some e-bikes that simply catch your attention. Some do that with looks, some do that with specs, but some manage to do it with a combination of both.

BEZIOR since their start in 2018 have established themselves as one of the more creative electric bike manufacturers, with a focus on building affordable ebikes without compromising quality, durability and comfort.

The BEZIOR X500 Pro is an e-bike that’s the topic of discussion all over the community, and we’re no exception.

I’ve decided to dive deep into what this electric bike can offer, and I found a bunch of things worth sharing with you.

My fascination with this e-bike doesn’t stop with its unusual looks, it goes much deeper into some of the most interesting problem-solving ideas from BEZIOR.

Now that you know what to expect let’s dive right in and see what this e-bike has to offer to its users!

BEZIOR X500 Black

When it comes to the frame on mountain e-bikes, it’s one of the most important aspects of an e-bike. Battery and motor come first, but the frame is up there on the list of priorities.

Commuting e-bikes can have a less durable frame, but that’s because rough conditions don’t await them.

The frame needs to be durable, and that’s exactly what BEZIOR X500 Pro offers. The aluminum alloy frame that’s the backbone of this e-bike is tough yet lightweight. In conditions that this bike is meant to be in, that’s the perfect combination.

BEZIOR X500 Frame Yellow

The construction of the frame is where this e-bike gets all the looks. It’s a rugged, square-shaped frame that’s bound to get some looks on the street.

But the fact is that the X500 Pro gets its stability and long-lasting experience from the construction of the frame.

The frame is also foldable, which is an amazing feature if you’re looking to take your e-bike in the wild with a car, and then ride it. It’s compact and easy to unfold, giving you plenty of room to work with.


The X500 Pro might have an entry-level price, but it certainly offers much more than that. The motor is where it all starts, and it’s one of the stars of the show.

I’ve seen quite a few e-bikes with powerful motors, and this is definitely one of the best-built motors out there in this price range.

The brushless motor with 500 Watts of power offers help with some of the most unforgiving terrains you’ll find yourself exploring.

BEZIOR X500 Motor

The star gear design that’s incorporated in this lightweight motor allows you to get access to amplified torque and improved energy efficiency conversion rate, which is quite an upgrade from the competition.


BEZIOR X500 Battery

Battery is another aspect where the X500 Pro shines in all its glory. The battery that BEZIOR opted for is a 48 Volt one with a charging time that’s manageable and a range that the competition can only dream of.

These lithium-ion batteries are in the frame itself.

But the fact that they’re hidden from the eye of the spectator doesn’t mean they’re not removable - on the contrary, they are!

They’re also waterproof and dustproof, which is a must when it comes to off-road e-bikes.

10.4 Amper hours gives you plenty of power and capacity to receive assistance from this platform for up to 100km, which is quite a lengthy ride.

It’s worth mentioning that the pure electric mode can provide you with up to 45km, and the power-assisted mode can get you up to 100 kilometers in range.

The batteries charge for 4 to 6 hours, depending on their level. But even 6 hours is a decent time to get to 100% of your battery’s capacity.


BEZIOR X500 Brakes

The X500 Pro adopts the ZOOM mechanical disc brakes.

It features a dual system on both front and rear disc brakes, which allows for pretty smooth braking.

The emergency brake that’s featured on this build also allows you to ride more carefree since it brakes quite smoothly and will stop you whenever you’re in need of stopping.

A fast heat dissipation system is also present, which will prevent your brakes from overheating and running their course earlier than expected.

Another feature that’s now popular with e-bikes in this category is automatic power cut-off. This is a safety feature that prevents you from crashing.

The automatic cut-off overrides the throttle, allowing your e-bike to stop when needed, even if you forget to take your hand off of the throttle.

All of these features are well-known and incorporated in many e-bikes in this class, but rarely do you see all of them on one e-bike, and that’s why the X500 Pro is above the majority of its competition.


BEZIOR X500 Tires

The tire size for the BEZIOR X500 Pro is 26 * 1.95 inches. These tires are quite sturdy and durable while also providing the rider with amazing stability.

When talking about e-bikes, especially mountain and off-road e-bikes, the problem with tires is that they’re often made just for mountain biking or for commuting.

These tires can do both, and they can do it pretty well. In addition to their versatility, the tires on the X500 Pro have anti-skid and anti-vibration features, making them perfect for any type of terrain, especially in rural areas.

You might have noticed that they’re a bit bigger, and that’s also for a reason. 

The logic behind bigger tires and wheels is that you’ll have to do less work for good results.

Paired with quality transmission and a powerful engine, these tires do wonders in rough terrain.

Of course, they’re also suitable for commuting and driving around town, making the X500 Pro one of the most versatile e-bikes out there.

Spoked vs Integrated Wheels - Which one should you choose?

Before I give my recommendation, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of both wheels.
While the integrated wheels on the BEZIOR X500 pro will increase your speed since they are lightweight, the spoke wheels will carry you through potholes, poor terrain and in general be more durability. 

So depending on what you plan to use the bike for, and the quality of your roads, you may want to go with the spoked option just to be safe. However, my personal recommendation would be the integrated (mag) wheels just because they look baller!

Posts Test Summary: BEZIOR X500 Pro

Our regular readers are quite familiar with this part. Now, I’m going to tell you the overall feeling of this e-bike, its strengths, and weaknesses in order to help you better understand this e-bike and make an educated decision about whether to consider it or not.

Now let’s jump into the post-test summary and see what I noticed as the objective pros and cons when it comes to the X500 Pro.

What I Like About BEZIOR X500 Pro

The X500 Pro is a well-rounded e-bike. The fact that it’s foldable and can easily be transported by other means of transport from point A to point B is quite an awesome feature. Standing at 23kg, it’s lightweight and not a hassle to move.

The range of the batteries really is on a premium level. 45km of full throttle and up to 100km with pedal assist is quite a formidable range and should serve as an example to the competition.

The X500 Pro provides you with stability and safety throughout lots of different terrain types, from mountain roads and gravel roads to smooth city streets, which are all nice options to have.


  • Versatile and compact
  • More than decent range
  • Powerful motor (30° max grade)
  • Replaceable and rechargeable batteries
  • Lots of safety features

What I Don’t Like About BEZIOR X500 Pro

Although I’ve shown my appreciation for this e-bike throughout this whole journey, there is a thing or two I’d change.

First of all, the seat is not as comfortable as you’d hope it to be when riding on rough terrain. Now, this problem may be solved by buying another seat, which doesn’t seem like much of a hassle. But that’s more money out of your pocket, and that’s why this is a con.

The second thing I’d like to direct your attention to is that his e-bike is quite powerful. It has a big battery and good brakes, but some beginners, especially with mountain biking, should perhaps start with something a bit more their size and power.


  • An uncomfortable seat
  • May be too powerful for beginners

Advice To Customers

This e-bike has a fair price tag. But that doesn’t mean it’s an entry-level e-bike, especially for mountain e-biking. You should definitely consider this a worthy purchase, especially because of the long-lasting parts that are incorporated into this e-bike. But if this is your first e-bike, then you should probably search for an option with a bit less power.


BEZIOR X500 Black

Even though there are a ton of alternatives to this e-bike, the BEZIOR X500 Pro is a valid option.

With a purchase such as this one, your needs for mountain biking as well as commuting can be met.

The resilience of this e-bike is high level, and the fact that you can take the battery out is quite a nice addition.

Parts for it are cheap, and you can keep your costs to a minimum, which is also what people are looking for in an e-bike.

All-in-all, this is a phenomenal purchase, but just keep in mind that you’ll probably be in the position to spend a few extra bucks on a new seat just for your own sense of comfort.

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The Electric-Biking Contributor Team consists a dedicated team of professional athletes and enthusiasts of electric bikes. We have several members in a team that are real experts in the electric bike battery field and electric bike maintenance. Each of our contributors has owned their electric bike for a minimum of 2–4 years.

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