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Hands-on review – Swagcycle folding E-bike

by Ruaan Nel 

May 25, 2023

Everyone  knows finding a commuting bike is simple, but if you're searching for a compact and powerful e-bike packed with useful features, you need to understand that your options are surprisingly limited.

However, one bike stands out as truly portable, and that’s the Swagtron SwagCycle e-bike. It's among the best budget folding e-bikes of 2024, and we’re about to give you the lowdown on what to expect from this little dynamo.

I know, having an excellent bicycle is crucial especially if you're looking for a bicycle to use daily to go to school or work. If you are going to commute daily, you will need a bike that provides convenient features that make the experience more pleasurable.

The wrong sort of bicycle could mean all sorts of trouble, that is for sure. Because of this, it is important that you look into all of the options and choose a bike based on your requirements and preferences. But if you are a commuter, and need a folding e-bike to use daily, I must recommend you consider the Swagtron SwagCycle e-bike.

Pros And Cons After Testing

Are you going to go to the shop and back, or you will go across town on this particular bicycle? Both of these questions might appear a bit senseless, but they allow you to determine if the Swagtron SwagCycle is the correct bike for you. Have a moment to read the entire review of all its features and specifications to find out why this bike is as popular.

The bike features many helpful things that could make biking more convenient and enjoyable. A number of these things are useful, but not always crucial. Consider if you require a bike with as many attributes of this kind and in the event, you will have a real use of these on a daily basis.

Swagtron SwagCycle e-bike is among those winners of folding e-bikes and for a reason. It is compact, modern and user-friendly. It is somewhat popular amongst young individuals who like to have fun and effortless bike rides.

You see, the Swagtron SwagCycle e-bike has a smaller motor (250 W) and smaller battery, but its light and you get some range back due to that.  Consider this since it makes very little sense to get a bike like this to only drive a few blocks to the store, for instance.

If you want a stronger motor and battery, you may want to check out the EB-5, which also has pedal assist, and comes in a more conventional e-bike package.

The bike uses a 4.4 Ah lithium-ion 36V battery which lets you go up to 10 miles before needing to recharge it.

Its charging time is about 2.5h; making is excellent for daily commuters because it's possible to charge the battery after each use and have it ready for the next time you will need the bike. This charging time is among the quickest I've seen in the marketplace. Additionally, the battery is weather-resistant so that you may enjoy riding the bike even in rain and snow.

Front wheels are 12", and the back wheels are 10", which is great to keep you stable in all sorts of surfaces. Also, among the most significant things about this bike is that it is eco-friendly. Being an e-bike, the Swagtron SwagCycle is emission-free so that you’re able to enjoy riding a bicycle knowing that you are also saving the environment.

As soon as you fold it, it is simple to transfer or keep it in tight spaces. This is great for adults who must take their bicycle into public transportation and do not like leaving it outside the workplace or at the building hall. Additionally, it is simple to fit your folded bike in your vehicle's trunk.

The Swagtron SwagCycle e-bike comes with a micro USB charging interface which lets you charge your phone on the move. But note that charging your digital gadgets in the battery will lower the total battery life.

This makes it an ideal gift for teenagers who would rather die than run out of mobile phone charge!

There are some downsides or lack of swag, so to say. Max speed is 15 mph. Not the most powerful or fastest. Also, if you live in a hilly part of town, you may have issues speeding up, so be certain you think about that, too.

Most bicycles have this the contrary way, so please be cautious when riding the bicycle for the first time, especially if you're used to your old bicycle and old methods for braking. Be certain that you practice around the neighborhood .

swagcycle with charger

Customer Reviews

“Great Price, Excellent package!"

Most users knew what they were getting when purchasing the Swagcycle, thus many were more than content when describing their biking experience. Below are some of the customer reviews we found best to highlight.

Lets go through some of the one of the comments we found most fitting:
Testimony 1 ~ MJ 
A Boaters Dream!

“My wife and I were both very impressed. We bought 2 so I guess you could count this as 2 reviews!

We have only had them a week but our impression is that they are very well designed and constructed with top quality components. Oh, did I mention they are a BLAST to ride?

I am 6'1" and weigh about 240. I got a bit over 6 plus continuous miles on a full charge on rolling hills. If you are using them as a form of transportation around towns as we are, I would do some experimenting on how much distance you get per charge in the type of terrain you are riding. Based on the load and terrain it is in line with what I expected. With a bit of planning they do the job. Maybe at some point they will add a conversion kit to easily swap out batteries!

We are boaters and over 60, so they fill the role of compact transportation when we dock away from our home port. In the past we carried bicycles on board, but used them less than we thought we would because they were cumbersome getting ashore. We didn't care for standard folding bikes, and frankly had no desire for scooters or hover boards. The Swagcycle seemed like the perfect solution and so far we couldn't be happier with them. I expect ours will get a TON of use.”


  • USB Charging Port
  • Super light and portable
  • Great design, suitable for young and old
  • Has a honk and decent headlight


  • Low top speed (10 MPH)
  • Fairly short range
  • Brakes placed on opposite sides to conventional bikes

The Verdict

Swagtron is targeting fun loving individuals with their Swagcycle. Those who like the contemporary design, heavy-duty framework, and multi-use handlebars will be excited to know that its not just a looker, the bike is among the best folding e-bikes, but it is one of the favorites among bicycle riders.

If you're searching for a modern bicycle that is durable, dependable and perfect for long distance rides, then you have found one. The Swagtron SwagCycle e-bike is among the best and most preferred electric bikes on the market. It's a new type of bike that can get you everywhere and in almost no time.

It is advisable to try the bike simply because it is packed with fun and useful features that can make commuting more pleasurable than ever. Additionally, it's a great gift for a teenager who wants to swag around town!

swacycle side view

Our Rating - 76/100

The Tiny Swagcycle Comes in at a Great Price!

The Swagcycle doesn't have pedals, if that seems weird to you, then go for the EB-5

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About the author

Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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