Juiced Electric Bikes Review – Scrambler, RipCurrent and Crosscurrent Reviewed

May 16, 2023

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When we say that electric bikes are a convenient way to get around - and it goes even further than that.

Juiced and other similar bikes just give you a certain edge, and they're so fun. If you're a biker hobbyist or enthusiast in your free time, it's no doubt that electrical bikes sparked your interest right away. If it didn't, the COVID-19 outbreak times got us all endlessly scrolling the web for more info on every topic available.

While the electrical bike is pretty similar to the regular bike - pedals and all, their bike just gives you so much more. Pedaling and going super fast? What more could one ask for!

Now, there is a variety of Juiced products out there, and we could only pick a few - only the best they can offer!

Juiced Bikes Reviewed - Our Top Picks of 2024

Speed pedelecs deserve all the hype right now. They offer a whole new experience of riding, which is why they became so popular so soon.

A bike and the juice give even going to the store or your place of work a little (or a little more than that) excitement. Maybe you're not looking for yourself, but for your husband, as a bike can make a fantastic update to his old set of tires and wheel! The features are so exciting, and these

Without any further ado, here are our top picks for 2024 Juiced Bikes - look at our picks for bikes meet motor power in the detailed reviews below!

1. Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Reviews S2 and CrossCurrent X - Best Overall


One of our favorite picks by far, has to be CrossCurrent S2 and X.

These two electric bicycles fall into the Class 3 bicycles according to the federal law, so you'll have no trouble following the law with any of these rides.

The sporty demeanor of Crosscurrent mixed with the power and the specs make these pedelecs one of the best on the market right now.

The two electric bicycles fall into the medium-price category, but the performance goes the extra mile, literally!

Customers usually state that the price of the X is worth spending a few couple hundred dollars more - both are on sale right now.

Read our Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent S review for the models S2 and X to see why are these two our top picks, besides the fantastic specs!

CrossCurrent S2


Sporty Crosscurrent's look is justified with the athletic body or frame. The frame is enhanced, and the design is perfected to get a pretty good display and controls.

The rest of the assembly is standard, more or less. S2 and X roll on 700c wheel set and tires, which gives the Crosscurrent the speed it needs.

The S2 model of this company is certainly a little more elegant in black, so those who are looking to commute to work and back may like this model better.

Crosscurrent X is sportier, especially if bought in the red color. That's one of the differences - the model X is available in three colors: red, black, and white, while S2 can only be purchased in white.

Also, the CrossCurrent X comes with a back rack, which can be an essential accessory for you if you like to drive your bicycle to the supermarket or just carry tons of stuff with you when you go!

The company's bicycles have advanced LCD displays which give you 6 levels of motor assistance: 0, 1, 2, 3, Eco, Sport, and Race.

The interface has three simple buttons so it's easy to use due to two display modes: Basic and Advanced.

The display is also backlit so you'll easily find your way even in the dark! The display is also water-resistant, so a little rain won't harm it!

Models S2 and X have an Eco mode which can save you some extra power and prolong the range for even 10-15 miles.
Never run out of power with company CrossCurrent products!

The Tires

The wheels and tires are compact in size (14 inches) for better traction when children are getting accustomed to the experience.

If your child did not paddle before and is a complete beginner, you can remove the kickstand and add training wheels to ease the riding.

Motor and battery power

One of the best things about CrossCurrent is speed.

Both S2 and X bicycles are equipped with powerful 750-watt Bafang geared hub motors!

This means these babies can go up to 20 mph on motor power alone - so if you need to get somewhere fast without breaking a sweat, go with the CrossCurrent. S2 and X as well can reach 28 mph when using human and motor power combined. Adding "gas", or power is maneuvered with your thumb.

When we're talking about the gears, the CrossCurrent S2 has 8, while the X has 9 gears - the company is again going a little further.

When we're talking about the most important information - batteries and their power of these two bicycles, that's the main difference. The S2 is equipped with a 52 volt 13Ah cell, it can go for 65+ miles on a full charge which is still more than most motor-assisted bicycles. 

The CrossCurrent X has a 52V, 19Ah cell which goes literally the extra mile since the range for the model X is 80+ miles. Charge time is the same for both models, between 5 and 7 hours, which is not too long but a fast charger can be bought separately.

The fast charger speeds up the charge time to 2.5 hours, so it's an accessory worth contacting customer service for!

For a better look at the features and specs of both of these bikes, check out our Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent in-depth review!

JuicedBikes - CrossCurrent X

JuicedBikes - CrossCurrent S2

2. Juiced Bikes Review: Scrambler and HyperScrambler2

Juiced company is well known for its powerful and exciting bicycles and electric rides. The line between motorbikes and bicycles is not so clear when they're all produced by the Juiced company - which is having a sale right now.

The power and the astonishing performance of these two motorbikes are certainly something else. While the differences between X and S2 are tweaks and personal preferences, differences between the Scrambler and the Hyperscrambler 2 are more noticeable.

There is no doubt that both of these electric motorbikes are a great buy, it's up to you to decide which one fits your lifestyle best.

The juice, the design, everything is different - so let's see which is the one for you in the Juiced Bike company Scrambler Review!

Design and appearance

Even at the first glance, you can tell that the Scrambler has a retro, old-school look, while the Hyperscrambler 2 retains an image of a powerful electrical ride.

Scrambler seems like the perfect motorbike to cruise around town, while the Hyperscrambler seems like it could handle some dirt biking as well as the city traffic.

The Scrambler's equipped with 20" x 4" City or Knobby tires, which are ideal to smooth down city pavement and create the perfect commute to work and back home.

The Hyperscrambler 2's dimensions are 20" x 4" as well, but the tires are puncture resistant. In a sense, the Hyperscramber 2 is ready to be taken anywhere and anytime, while the Scrambler is ideal for running errands and riding regular routes.

The backlit display on Scrambler is simple, with two buttons it's simple to operate, with a range indicator in the corner.

On the Hyperscrambler, the display has temperature indicators, as well as how much juice is left of the available range, and more!

These two have a 1-year warranty on all parts, but contact the customer service for more info. Another info that accentuates the difference between the two: the Scrambler has headlight power of 1,050 lumens, and the Hyperscrambler 2 headlights have 2,000 lumens!

Besides the ease of use, using a replacement part is also easy-peasy, even if you're no bike mechanic. The instructions included are clear, so you can order updates on the website, and contact the customer service person for additional info or advice!

The only issues you could come across are the amounts the money spent on the additional parts - sometimes they are expensive, verging on being not worth the purchase. The upside? Fast shipping on website order, no need for a long trip to the company, saving some money!

Motor power and range

The Scrambler's motor specs are a little modest - a 750-watt Bafang front-wheel motor has an a-okay top speed of 28 miles, which is the average for electrical rides.

The Hyperscrambler 2 delivers here the 30+ mph top speed without issues, with an advanced, 1000-watt Bafang retroblade motor!

The throttle isn't thumb-activated, like on most bicycles, it's used by twisting - so it reminds us more of conventional motorbikes. The Scrambler is equipped with 7 gears and the Hyperscramber 2's gear shifter counts 8. When we're talking about the Scrambler and its range, it falls into an average category with a 45+ miles range. The cell has specs of 52V 13Ah, which needs 5 to 7 hours for a full charge.

The Hyperscramber 2 features 2 52V 19Ah batteries, which offer an exciting range of 100+ miles!

  • If you want to ride endlessly on your Juiced bike, you need a motorbike that will deliver a range over the industry average, like the Hyperscrambler 2. The Hyperscrambler 2 has a range of 100 miles, and more!
  • You read that right, 100 miles, and counting!

We take a deeper dive into the specs of these bikes in our Scrambler in-depth review!

JuicedBikes - Scrambler

JuicedBikes - HyperScrambler 2

3. Juiced Bikes Scorpion and Hyperscorpion Express

Juiced made many, many amazing electrical rides, one of them being the Hyperscorpion Express and the first version.

They fall more into the motorbike look, rather than a bicycle - so if you're a motorbike enthusiast, you will certainly appreciate the design!

These two are rather different among themselves, just like the Scrambler and the Hyperscrambler, with the Hyper Scorpion being an updated, improved version.

While both pedelecs are a great choice, a Hyper Scorpion can offer more for the bigger price. We'll cover each and every detail that separates the Scorpion from the Hyper Scorpion Express so you can make an informed decision - but you can contact the business customer service if you're having issues deciding!

The customers can certainly benefit from the advice given by the company employees - they know more than just the shipping time.

Continue reading to see the detailed bike review and their features!


The distinctions of these two-speed pedelecs are spotted even when it comes to the company design. The first bike was designed to keep up with day-to-day activities, while the Hyperscorpion Express' shape can withstand traveling or be used as a delivery vehicle.

Both rides have a large back rack to fit some light luggage. The first is available in two colors: black and blue, while the latter is available only in the designer color of yellow.

If you have issues with this, contact customer service via emails to see if it'd be possible to get it in any other color, feel free to contact the customers' support and wait for them to get back to you with emails if the shipping of a different color is available.

The brakes are 180mm hydraulic discs, which is somewhat the industry standard. The brakes are reliable and they are a safety feature anyone would appreciate, according to reviews.

There is a horn on each bike type made by this company. In the COVID-19 times, the bikes are much more popular, and the customer service is growing, as the support is needed more and more.

Both speed pedelecs have 20" x 4" puncture-resistant tires, so you're safe even when narrow city streets. The wheel style is a set of mag wheels, a specific these two pedelecs share.

  • Needing a lot of things when you go to work? Hyperscorpion Express has a big back rack, which can fit a large bag or even a small suitcase.
  • Traveling with a reduced carbon footprint was never easier!

Motor and range specs

The motor of the Crosscurrent older version is a 750-watt hub motor, which has a top speed of 28 mph. The Hyperscorpion Express has a 1000-watt retroblade motor, which is more powerful and it offers a top speed of 30+ miles per hour.

The acceleration is activated with a twist, like all traditional motorbikes which can give you a feeling you're riding a regular motorbike.

The gear shifter on the basic, first bike counts 7 gears, while the Hyperscorpion Express has 8 gears - a slight update, not worth the money.

Both pedelecs are on sale right now, making them a great buy. Choosing between the two can be difficult if the money isn't the deciding factor. For more content, write emails to the customer service (emails address available on site) for support or more info on the shipping and sale.

If we're talking about the power cell - here is where it gets interesting. The basic bike has a range of 45+ miles, which is somewhat average, but nothing more than that.

As for the Hyperscorpion Express, the range is 70+ miles on a full charge, and both take between 5 and 7 hours to charge. We can safely say that all pedelecs by this manufacturer take a bit too long to charge which can be a problem if you're using it back and forth each day.

We take a better look at both models in our Juiced Bikes Scorpion in depth review!

JuicedBikes - Scorpion

JuicedBikes - HyperScorpionExpress

4. Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent Review: Ripcurrent and Ripcurrent S

Ripcurrent and the S type are a simple choice, just like the Juiced bikes logo and icon. Business customer service and the website got so much praise for these, as well as for fast shipping.

These pedelecs are ideal for all kinds of terrain, from strolling down city streets to cross country rides. If you need a bike that can support you in the daily commute or any routine, we advise you to pick RipCurrent!

The differences between these two are slight at best. It all comes down to certain factors that are important to you - for example, if you need extra support. To figure it out, let's check out the detailed specs in the reviews!

Read the thorough Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S review to see what it's all about!

Design and features

The bikes look like sporty vehicles, which is a look many are going for. The S has a back rack, which can be important if you carry your laptop or a briefcase each morning.

The wheel material is aluminum, so they are light and easy. A good set of wheels makes the whole vehicle more attractive!

As for the color, the RipCurrent comes in one color - black, while the S has a variety of colors available - red, black, and white.

Check with the customer service to see if the color you want is back in stock - since some reviews say that they can be out of a certain color.

The braking system on both is made of 180mm hydraulic discs, which offer safety support in the city, in case you need to brake hard and you often do.

Range and motor specs

The range could be a deciding factor for you if you're torn between these two. The RipCurrent has a range of 40+ miles with the 52V 13Ah cell, while the S has a cell with more juice at 19Ah, which offers you a range of over 70 miles.

That kind of range is above the average, so it's definitely something to consider when scrolling through the reviews. Charge time takes 5 to 7 hours - those times can be reduced by investing in a fast charger.

The motor on both of them is a 750-watt Bafang hub motor. It meets the industry average, with a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

Acceleration is done with your thumb, which is easy to figure out even if you are riding your first speed pedelec. The gear shift on each is a Shimano 9 Speed Cassette Drivetrain, ensuring you get a smooth stroll down the city.

  • Buying an electric vehicle that works for all kinds of rides can be difficult because it either works for the streets or uneven terrain, but that's where the RipCurrent comes in.
  • The possibilities for riding are endless with these bad boys!

For a more thorough comparison between these two models, be sure to check out our Rip Current In-depth review, where we take a better look at what these bikes have to offer!

JuicedBikes - RipCurrent

JuicedBikes - RipCurrent S

Pedelecs And Speed Pedelecs - Differences

When you're new in the e-bike world and whether you bought your first e-bike or not, you are faced with a load of questions. That's not surprising - if anything, that's normal.

E-bikes didn't appear a long time ago - they're still a novelty in these times, and all the necessary information may not be well-known yet. Since they appeared, they've been a favorite method to commute to work and back.

People working in the city saluted the invention of e-bikes, because not only can you park anywhere, you can get there faster. So, let's hit the important topics like what is the main difference between a pedelec and a speed pedelec?

A pedelec, or a pedal electric cycle, is a motor-powered bicycle, which relies on the pedal-assist for propulsion. When you pedal, the motor assists, but without the "gas".

The difference between a pedelec and the speed pedelec is in the propulsion. While pedelec's motor only boosts the power you're giving the bike, the speed pedelec has propulsion-based power which can move the bike - all by itself. The biker doesn't have to do much but steer the wheel.

There are also two types of pedelecs based on the top speed they can give assistance to. Regular electric bikes can reach around 15, 15.5 mph in motor-assistance mode. And to top all that, there are electric bikes that go up to, and can even exceed the speed of 28 mph!

Federal Law: Important Information

When we're talking about the United States, you should keep in mind that there are some legal obstacles. It's not fun like these pedelecs, but a harsh reality.

The federal law defines low-speed electric bicycles as a two-wheeled vehicle with operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750W when powered on the electric motor alone, the maximum speed doesn't go over 20 mph. The law allows electric bikes that are powered by the motor alone, or pedal-assist bikes.

The law doesn't say much about the speed you can achieve by using the mode combining pedals and motor power - only the speed achieved on the motor power alone.

Most pedelecs are ridden with a combination of human and electric motor power, and the law doesn't specify how fast can you go in such a mode.

Electric bikes are regulated as bicycles, and each electric bike must meet the bicycle safety standard. The federal law about pedelecs only referenced the product standards and safety - it does not regulate the speed at all.

Many states have a law about wearing helmets while on a bike, as well as other safety measurements. That's usually the only thing you should be paying attention to if you're riding a conventional bike, that doesn't go over 15.5 mph.

If your bike reaches (or goes over) 28 mph, the law is a little more rigorous, due to the speed. 28 mph may not seem like much at first, but 30 mph is the usual city limit in most countries.

The law states that you must register your electric or juiced bike of such power with the registering authorities, wear a helmet, and most likely even apply for a driving license!

That all may seem like a tad too much, but it isn't really. If you were a regular car driver before you started riding a motor-powered bike, you were informed about the rules of the traffic.

Many people riding e-bikes are not drivers themselves, therefore they would benefit from learning about the traffic rules beforehand. The whole experience is much safer this way.


Where are Juiced Bikes made?

Every bike produced by the company is designed, engineered, and created by a team in San Diego, California. Every American will agree that a US-based company immediately sounds reliable.

And for a reason too - every product is created to match the quality of the rest of the products. The company is a leader in the US-based producers of electric rides!

How does Juiced Bike compare to Rad Power bikes?

When we're comparing the Juiced company to Rad Power, many people state that Rad Power bike doesn't have the looks of a Ripcurrent, for example. Rad Power company offers some specs the first bike doesn't have - like torque sensing. Cadence sensing is fine, but torque offers a better riding experience overall.

On the other hand, replacement part orders are done faster with the Juiced company. Another thing, the customer service experience is a tad better than the experience with Rad Power company, since they are more accurate with emails.

The Rad Power company also cannot say that their products ship within a week upon the business website order or through emails exchange, while the Juiced can - making customers happy to pay the price for the support!

It bears saying that the JB bikes are made in the USA, while the Rad Power company produces its bikes in China - which makes the price on JB justified. That info isn't available on their business website.

electric bike

Should I get a fat tire e-bike?

A fat-tire bike will give you the possibility to ride on a variety of terrain. In the places where you would normally dirt bike, you can use a fat-tire pedelec, too, since the regular-sized tires would not be able to go. Fat tires also offer fewer issues, and reviews state only the best on the fat tire bike.

Imagine riding regular tires over snow or mud? Cannot? Well, that's where fat tires come in. Those aren't the only places where you could feel the benefits of fat tires.

Wet terrain, as well as the mud, is no problem with the fat tires because they prevent slippage and sinking into the mud - the tires offer a better grip, support, and more control over the ride.

Even in the most challenging terrain, fat tires will give you the feeling of safety and support because of the grip on the terrain, like with Pedego.

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