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Juiced Bikes RipRacer Blue

The terms “nimble” and “fat tire” rarely go together when it comes to e-bikes, but they do with the Juiced RipRacer. This fun-sized e-bike cleverly combines the joy of go-anywhere electric bicycles with the accessibility of small-format micro-mobility vehicles.

For this reason, it makes the Juiced RipRacer just as much of a practical electric bike as it’s a fun-loving and adventure-riding runabout.

It may look tiny, and it kind of is, but this e-bike still comes with everything we’re familiar with and love from California-based Juiced Bikes. This includes big batteries, big motors, quality electric bike parts, and general indifference to plain and boring e-bike design.

This e-bike also marks the first introduction of Juiced’s new second-generation e-bike batteries that feature some extra elements, like a carry handle and a secret spot for an AirTag tracking device.

Additionally, RipRacer comes in two variants: Class 2 and Class 3, which I will discuss later.


The frame design of this e-bike is a bit of a deviation from the moped-style e-bikes Juiced Bikes is known for.

RipRacer still comes equipped with smaller fat tires as moped-style electric bikes do, but it also has an adjustable seat - offering much easier pedaling. 

RipRacer Blue Side

So if you’re looking to get some exercise you still want a moped-style riding experience, then the RipRacer might be just for you. I’m a big fan of the upright handlebars meaning you won’t have to be concerned about being hunched over while riding.

The RipRacer features a mid-step frame, and it sits low to the ground, so it’s meant to be accessible to a wide range of rider heights.

In addition, RipRacer is Juiced’s most lightweight electric bike. Also, it comes in some cool colors if you ask me: noir, baja blue, hi-viz yellow, and mystic green. Completing the appearance is the integrated controller and the 52V battery is externally mounted in the downtube.

Furthermore, instead of going with cheap lights, Juiced outfitted this e-bike with some high-quality and ultra-bright LED lights. The headlight puts out a staggering 1,050 lumens - more than enough to light up the whole road and not just shine towards some car drivers in a puny hope that they notice you.

RipRacer Blue Side 2

At the same time, there are several compromises here that lower the cost of RipRacer.

While the front fork appears like a suspension fork, that’s just a clever design.

RipRacer actually has a rigid fork, which means that there’s no suspension other than what you receive from the 4 inches of air and rubber between the rims and the ground.

Next, this electric bike is a single-speed, so there’s no derailleur. Although RipRacer does have a tensioner on the back, it doesn’t shift gears. Instead, it keeps the chain from flopping around and makes it easier to take out the wheel if you need to change a flat tire.

Lastly, accessories allow you to make the e-bike your own. With this electric bike, there are a couple of optional accessories such as fenders, rear rack, front rack, rear basket, and finally a frame bag that fits perfectly on top of the top tube.

RipRacer can turn into a utility e-bike that’s set up for whatever type of riding you intend to do.


RipRacer features a Bafang 750W 5:1 geared hub motor, with a response set by cadence sensors. With twist-throttle riding, the Class 2 variant of this bike offers a 20mph top speed whereas the Class 3 type provides a 28mph top speed.

RipRacer Motor Black

The Class 2 RipRacer produces a healthy 64 Nm of torque, while the Class 3 type bumps that up to 80 Nm and gains a so-called Race Track performance mode that removes electronic speed restrictions for off-road riding.

A one-button LED display is found on the handlebar of the Class 2 model that allows the rider to select from five levels of pedal assist.

The Class 3 model, on the other hand, benefits from a modern back-illuminated LCD matrix display that comes with a customized interface with three buttons that let you choose seven different levels of motor assist. It also has a screen that shows you real-time metrics including speed, ride efficiency, and trip distance.


As I already mentioned, this e-bike comes in two variants, meaning they have two different types of batteries.

The Class 2 model features a 10Ah battery that provides over 35 miles of range per charge whereas Class 3 comes with a 15Ah battery that will offer 55 miles of rage.

RipRacer Battery Black

Regardless, the removable 52V battery platform has been designed to be IP65 water-resistant and there's an easy-to-read LED charge meter that helps keep an eye on energy levels.

Brake Type

RipRacer comes with strong and grippy Logan hydraulic disc brakes that feature 180-mm rotors.

These will feel much better in comparison to mechanical disc brakes and will also require less adjusting.

RipRacer Side Black

However, unfortunately, the Logan brakes are slightly worse compared to Shimano or Tektro. Even though they provide a solid stopping force, I would recommend switching the Logan brakes for Shimano hydraulic brakes.


This electric bike features double-walled aluminum-alloy rims that perfectly match its fat tires.


The rims of this e-bike are wrapped in 20x4-inch CST fat tires that feature knobby treads. Designed for all-terrain use these tires look like they can take on everything you throw at them. Although RipRacer doesn't have a front suspension fork, the fat tires provide enough suspension for me.

RipRacer Tire

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RipRacer Blue Side 3

For $1600 for the Class 3 version and $1400 for the Class 2 model, this fat tire e-bike is a steal when you consider everything about it.

RipRacer is a well-built electric bike that will provide you with great riding around the town and some off-road experience. It features great components from its unique frame design to its motor and battery.

What I Like About Juiced Bikes RipRacer

With a 750W hub motor that exudes 1000W of peak power, this e-bike is ready to conquer some roads, whether you take RipRacer for a casual ride around the town or for some moderate trails. 

Along with the motor comes the amazing 52V battery that can provide between 35 and 55 miles of range on a single charge, depending on the model. 

Another thing I like about this e-bike is the frame design which makes the RipRacer accessible to a wide variety of rider heights.


  • Great frame design
  • Powerful 750W hub motor
  • Great battery life delivering a maximum of 55 miles of range per charge
  • Affordable price

What I Don’t Like About Juiced Bikes RipRacer

The first thing I don’t like about the RipRacer is the fact that it doesn’t have a suspension fork - which can be very important for off-road riding. 

In addition, this e-bike comes with the Logan hydraulic disc brakes which aren’t of the best quality so I recommend switching them for better ones.


  • Lack of suspension fork
  • Lower quality brakes

Advice To Buyers

uiced RipRacer is a fantastic option if you wish to get into fat-tire e-bikes. The motor of the RipRacer will offer power for some nice off-road riding and its fat tires will provide enough stability.

The best part about all of this is that RipRacer comes with an entry-level price for a fat tire electric bicycle. For $1600 (or $1400 for a Class 2 model), the RipRacer is a great bargain!

Juiced Bikes RipRacer Blue
Our Rating - 89/100

The Juiced RipRacer is a high-performance all-terrain electric bike that comes at a very reasonable price, which will undoubtedly find a following with smaller and lighter off-road riders looking for an exciting, durable fat-tired ride.


Juiced Bikes is a reputable e-bike brand in the US and is known for their high-quality electric bikes. The RipRacer is one great example of the brand’s craftsmanship.

Combining high-quality components, fat tires, a great battery, and a powerful motor, this electric bike will provide miles of enjoyment whether you’re taking it around the town or for some off-road riding.

While it doesn’t quite match the top-end fat tire e-bikes, the RipRacer is an amazing choice for anyone looking to try out a fat tire e-bike.

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