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What's more awesome than an electric bike....a fat tire electric bike. These e-bikes perform excellent on every type of terrain, be it sand, snow, trail biking, or showing off in the city.  In this comparison review we take five fat tire e-bikes through their paces to see which ones comes out on top. 

conversion kits

You probably love biking, we do to.  This means you likely also already own a bike. Did you know you can convert almost any standard bike into an electric bike.

By using a mid, front  or rear wheel drive conversion kit you too can be the proud new owner of an e-bike for the fraction of  the price.

Road E-Bikes

Show off more than just your muscles this summer. Check out our electric bikes reviews and find best solution for yourself . What's great about electric bikes is their ability to use them as a means of transport for work or travel. We have a lot of reviews, based on price, road and off-road e-bikes read our review to find out more.

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Hunting E-Bikes

Bring on the wild! Electric bikes have made their way into your savvy hunter's arsenal with their fat tire, all purpose design. They are quiet and can traverse any terrain, as well as carry a decent amount of extra weight.

Check out the best hunting bikes for sale before hunting season starts!

The 5 Best Electric Hunting Bikes – Bring On The Wild
Tongsheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive Motor Conversion Kit

E-Bike Conversion 

If you think converting your current normal bike into an ebike is something reserved only for those with a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering, think again!

Installing a electric drive conversion kit is easier than you think. We recommend the best kits currently on the market.

Folding E-bikes

Fancy a road trip and want to bring the bikes, but don't own a bike rack? Need to store your bike somewhere that's simply not big enough to fit it.

This is where a folding electric bike comes in handy. We review the best folding e-bikes to help you pick the right one for your needs.

Folding Electric Bikes: We review the best foldable Ebikes for 2020

Important Factors

Essentials to look for in your new bike 

Drive System

The drive system in your e-bike will impact its overall power and weight.

- Front wheel drive systems turn your bike into an all wheel drive e-bike, since your pedaling is powering up the rear.

- Mid-drive systems will give you excellent torque and are great for mountain bikes.

- Rear drive systems give you the most power, as you can typically find these drive systems rated at 750 W or even 1000 W.

Battery Range

The battery and the range it gives you is very important when choosing an e-bike. Typically batteries come in either 36 V or 48 V with 10-20 Ah capacity.

This will give you around 30 to 70 miles of range, depending on the size and efficiency of your motor. What is also important to note is the charging time of your e-bike.

Make sure that the battery is a lithium iron battery, and that it comes with at least 1 year guarantee.

Safety and Comfort 

Safety features, especially a good set of brakes are extremely important. What to look for here is a set of dual disk ceramic brakes, both on the front and rear wheels.

Comfortability is also key, and should you have the budget, a full suspension kit along with a shock absorbing seat is also a nice to have.

Also try to find a bike with a comfy seat, if you've ever driven a bicycle for longer than 10 miles then you will know what we are talking about. A comfortable seat is an absolute must!

Electric-Biking Tutorials

Hands-on Guides to get started 

Pros and cons of owning an E-bike

If you're still on the fence about owning an electric bicycle, then this is the guide for you. We created an honest guide detailing the disadvantages and advantages of owning an electric bike, as compared to a normal bike. 

We also give a brief introduction to how this e-biking craze started, dating back to the 1990's!

How do electric bikes work?

No, it's not a wizard cycle, the only magic here is the incredible advances over last 20 years in battery and motor technology. This has allowed electric bikes to become light and powerful enough to be practically feasible. 

In this guide we take you through the detailed inner workings of the electric bike. 

Why get an E-bike conversion Kit?

You do not have to buy an entirely new electric bike when you can simply fit a conversion kit. With these kits, all you need is your old, mechanical bike, some knowledge (which we provide in this guide) and some basic tools.

We explain exactly why you need a mid, rear or front drive electric bike conversion kit.

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