Himiway’s New and Improved D7 and D7 Pro for 2024

by Ruaan Nel 

January 23, 2024

Himiway unveiled their newest all-terrain electric bike models - the D7 and D7 Pro. Being upgrades of the popular Cobra and Cobra Pro, the D7 and D7 Pro represent Himiway's premium "D7" product line for off-road adventure. The "D" in the new names signifies their classification in Himiway's all-terrain series, while the "7" denotes their place as flagship models.

These new bikes offer riders a significantly improved riding experience from their predecessors through enhanced performance, comfort, and safety features. The powerful motors provide more torque to assist with steep hills and rough terrain. Transmission systems have been optimized for a smoother ride. Suspension and tire upgrades increase shock absorption and traction on any surface. Riders will enjoy more robust pedal assist and higher maximum speed capabilities.

Components throughout the frames have been strengthened for increased durability. Safety features like front and rear LED lights, reflective detailing, and bigger brake discs deliver increased visibility and shorter stopping distances. Whether riders are hauling gear into the backcountry or exploring new single tracks, the Himiway D7 and D7 Pro offer the most capable electric mountain biking available.

D7 carbon fiber

Himiway D7 

The Himiway D7 is ideal for those just getting their feet wet in the exciting world of off-road biking. As an entry-level electric mountain bike, the D7 provides new riders with a capable yet comfortable ride. With its powerful motor, smooth pedal assist, and user-friendly design, the D7 makes conquering rugged trails an accessible and thrilling experience. Whether you're an outdoors enthusiast hoping to explore more trails, an adventure seeker looking for your next challenge, or a hunter who needs rugged two-wheel transportation, the D7 delivers optimal performance and control for easy navigation through rough terrain.

D7 Upgrades and Improvements

The Himiway D7 represents a significant upgrade over the popular Cobra model. It features enhancements that tackle performance, comfort, and durability so riders can confidently take on rugged trails.

The suspension system received significant upgrades, starting with the front fork. The D7 features a 120mm travel air-sprung fork, a substantial increase from the 95mm on the original Cobra. This expanded travel allows the fork to fully absorb impacts from rougher trails at slower rebound speeds, keeping the front wheel tightly controlled over technical terrain. The dual air chambers also provide personalized tuning of spring rates for various rider sizes. Out back, the DNM Monarch rear shock offers lightweight aluminum construction along with adjustable rebound and lockout. Riders can stiffen the suspension for climbing efficiency or lock it out entirely for pavement. The advanced shock comports trail imperfections with smoothed fluidity, keeping tires on the ground no matter the conditions. With both ends upgraded, the D7 provides unmatched control and confidence over all off-road obstacles.


Braking power saw perhaps the most crucial enhancements. The front disc grew 13% larger to a massive 203mm diameter. This provides more surface area contact for the brake pads, translating to more robust stopping force delivery even during extreme trail tasks. The increased heat dissipation also ensures braking stiffness, feel, and modulation remain consistent lap after lap. Fade becomes virtually non-existent, even on long downhill runs with repeated hammering of the levers. Out back, the 180mm remained to prevent locking risks, but its thickness grew for stouter caliper clamping. These impressive systems inspire total faith in the D7’s ability to bring its robust weight to a stop swiftly from any speed. Whether negotiating steep grades littered with loose rocks or making sudden dodges of fallen trees, riders feel secure in complete command of their velocity.

The burly electric motor saw a tremendous boost from 750W to a whopping 1000W continuous rating. This means 250 additional watts are on tap to conquer any obstacle easily. Whether grinding up technical switchbacks with heavy loads strapped to the bike or blasting down the backside in turbo mode, riders enjoy ample low-end torque and mid-range shove for swift reaction. The D7 rockets up climbs that would leave unaided riders weary and walking. It passes other trail users with accelerative grunt to spare. With improved pedal-assist support, the extra wattage also permits faster top speed for efficient strava segment chasing or trail sprints. No longer do long stretches of fire road pose a boring pedal - the brute engine happily spins the oversized tires all day with watts to burn. Its strength ensures willing low-gear climbing over any terrain. Riders feel like the masters of their domain upon the D7’s capable machine.

In addition to functional upgrades, comfort features were also advanced. The previous 4.8" tires were swapped for slimmer yet burly 4.5" fat tires. Their reduced size cuts unnecessary rolling resistance while retaining the cushioning and flotation benefits of a balloon profile. But more importantly, the new rubber features an optimized tread compound. This provides ideal traction navigation on various terrains. Deep lugs firmly bite rocks and roots to help power up technical climbs, while widely spaced centered knobs aid controlled cornering on loose dirt descents. The tires' width still permits comfortable cruising on paved sections yet offers dredging stability through soft soil and mud. Rider comfort grew as the modified profile rolls over ruts and terrain anomalies with smoothed isolation. Overall grip and control were notably increased across all conditions.

Perhaps the most impactful upgrade lies beneath - a fully re-engineered 8-speed transmission system. The lower 40T chainring and wider-spanning 11-34T cassette were crafted to flawlessly suit riders' varied strength levels and the changing gradients. This equates to easier climbing of stubborn hills without spinning out the lower ratios. Shimano's proven derailleur shifts between the transmission's close-set gears with silky precision, so quick adjustments can be made according to terrain. Chain slap and thrown chains became things of the past. The modified 44T chainring previously found on the Cobra could not compare to the buttery-smooth efficiency of this refined componentry. Together, they endow the D7 with incredible liveliness and adaptability for all trail scenarios.

Beyond its enhanced mechanical upgrades, the D7 features several ergonomics, connectivity, and convenience improvements. The buttons on the motor controller were enlarged for single-handed shifting of pedal-assist levels without removing hands from the handles. An improved LCD provides clearer readouts of ride data and notifications. It is compatible with the Himiway app for Bluetooth connectivity, allowing remote monitoring and customization from a smartphone and over-the-air firmware updates


  • Stronger motor provides ample power for climbing, hauling loads, and speed
  • Improved suspension with a longer travel fork absorbs trail imperfections better.
  • Larger front brake rotor delivers powerful, fade-resistant braking
  • Smoother shifting with the 8-speed Shimano transmission and wider gearing range
  • More comfortable ergonomic grips and revised fat tires enhance the riding experience
  • Reinforced components and frame improve durability for rugged off-road use.


  • Higher price than the previous Cobra model due to extensive upgrades
  • Heavier weight from larger battery and reinforced construction
  • More advanced components are complex and may have higher repair costs.

 Himiway D7

The Himiway D7 is ideal for those just getting their feet wet in the exciting world of off-road biking. As an entry-level electric mountain bike, the D7 provides new riders with a capable yet comfortable ride. With its powerful motor, smooth pedal assist, and user-friendly design, the D7 makes conquering rugged trails an accessible and thrilling experience

Himiway D7 Pro

The Himiway D7 Pro is for those who push the limits of off-road riding. As the premier electric mountain bike in Himiway's lineup, the D7 Pro takes extreme trail performance to the next level. With innovative features like hydraulically-controlled four-piston disc brakes, a lowered aggressive riding position, and a phenomenally upgraded transmission, the D7 Pro empowers riders to conquer any terrain they encounter fearlessly. Whether embarking on technical rock descents or multi-day adventure rides, the D7 Pro embodies the spirit of exploration, speed, and conquering the outdoors on two wheels through pure electric mountain biking supremacy.

D7 Pro Upgrades and Improvements

The D7 Pro takes Himiway's premium electric mountain biking to the extreme with specialized upgrades tailored for professional-level off-road performance. With these new improvements, it ensures that there are no limitations to your off-road biking adventures. 

One area receiving intensive focus was the suspension system. The suspension was thoroughly re-engineered for backcountry domination. Up front, the 220mm travel fork sets a new industry standard. Its immense stroke, dual-inline configuration, and precisely tuned dampers allow chewing through terrain at ludicrous speeds while maintaining flawless control. Out back, the RockShox Monarch shock features a robust aluminum body and three-position pedal-activated lockout. It expertly manages hammer blows and harsh impacts, whether wide open or firmly locked. Together, the suspension elevates handling precision, stability, and grip to new heights on even the most punishing trails.

d7 pro

Stopping power is now truly extreme with braking enhancements. The massive 203mm front rotor delivers strong initial bite for immediate velocity reduction. Its increased heat dissipation keeps braking feel and power consistent lap after lap. In the rear, an oversized 180mm rotor pairs perfectly with a beefy four-piston caliper for rock-solid control. Modulations are incredibly fine-tuned to navigate steep, technical descents with obstacles smoothly. Fade and compression issues become distant memories. Combined with the suspension upgrades, the brakes inspire total confidence in best-in-class descending abilities.

Shimano's top-tier CUES groupset elevates reliability and performance to a new level. The nuanced 38T chainring pairs superbly with the massive 11-48T cassette. This setup delivers seamless modulation across any terrain, from blistering flats to brutal bergs. Shifts are crisp and accurate thanks to the CUES shadow rear derailleur. Additionally, this unit withstands punishing trail impacts that would destroy lesser components. Its reinforced construction proves resilient and durable even in severe mountain biking environments. Overall, the drivetrain exemplifies precision, reliability and enhanced gearing range.

Additional handling upgrades include a lowered and rearward-shifted ergonomic cockpit geometry integrated with redesigned controls. The sloping "attack position" places weight further back for nimble front-end pop and stable corner-holding. This poised configuration keeps riders fully engaged with the trail regardless of conditions. Reinforcing these enhancements, the handlebar was increased to 780mm for confident maneuvering. Also, the ultra-plush Taiwan Velo grips wrapped in comfort for long days in the saddle. Larger controller buttons allow convenient single-handed shifting of pedal-assist levels without removing hands. Together, these refined ergonomic components embody a cockpit perfectly attuned to weighing and wielding the D7 Pro’s formidable mass with deft precision through technical terrain at extreme velocities.

Convenience and critical safety features like the hydraulic dropper seatpost and modular tail light further boost the D7 Pro's downhill dexterity. The dropper allows lightning-quick saddle height adjustments to expertly shift weight distribution for optimized navigation through technical sections. Its buttery smooth operation empowers confident descents. Out back, the integrated tail light enhances low-light conspicuity for night adventures off the beaten path. 

With nearly every component meticulously redesigned and reinforced, the D7 Pro is built to enable total domination of the harshest terrain at extreme speeds while maintaining ultimate control and composure. Professional-grade performance is unlocked for the most demanding mountain biking aficionados to push their skills to new limits. Whether tackling extreme rock rolls or multiday backcountry missions, riders can confidently conquer any obstacle with the D7 Pro's revolutionary upgrades.


  • Enhanced 220mm travel suspension soaks up extreme terrain at speed
  • Massive 203mm front brake and 4-piston calipers inspire confidence downhill
  • Low, rearward cockpit and long bars provide agile handling
  • Wide 11-48t cassette and 38t chainring give optimal gearing for any terrain
  • The sturdy Shimano drivetrain shifts precisely through punishing conditions
  • Dropper post and integrated lights improve control and night riding ability


  • Significantly higher price than standard D7 due to pro-level components
  • Heaviest model, so less nimble than trail-oriented hardtails
  • Massive brakes/rotors could be overkill for casual riders/climates

 Himiway D7 Pro

With innovative features like hydraulically-controlled four-piston disc brakes, a lowered aggressive riding position, and a phenomenally upgraded transmission, the D7 Pro empowers riders to conquer any terrain they encounter fearlessly.

What riders should expect from the D7 and D7 Pro

The improved Himiway D7 balances capability and approachability. Upgrades like the robust motor, front suspension and brakes enhance handling on demanding terrain at higher speeds than before. Riders feel empowered to navigate rougher trails confidently. The bike retains accessible features for a wide range of skills. Modes cater to newcomers learning the ropes or experienced cyclists wanting exercise. The ergonomic updates facilitate long days in comfort on the trail. 

Overall, these upgrades elevate performance for thrill-seeking adventures while usability stays friendly for all abilities. Riders can progress their skills over time as confidence grows with the bike. It inspires pushing boundaries gradually in a rewarding yet forgiving package.

On the other hand, the Himiway D7 Pro spares no effort to enable mastery of nature's most testing environments. Every component undergoes rigorous re-engineering to conquer any obstacle. Riders feel their full potential unlocked during thrilling descents, safely tackling terrain usually confined to pros. Precision handling allowed by refinements inspires using skills to their limits, yet it comes at the cost of an intensive learning curve. Taming such a potent steed requires honing control through technical challenges. Only with experience does one truly bond in conquering backcountry missions audaciously.

Overall, it symbolizes the pinnacle of electric mountain biking performance. Those embracing the visceral connection it forges will find endless rewards for pushing abilities relentlessly to new peaks.


In conclusion, the Himiway D7 and D7 Pro represent two distinct tiers of the electric mountain biking experience. The D7 balances impressive abilities with accessibility, allowing riders to continuously progress on a partner that grows alongside their skills. Its upgrades facilitate enjoying a wide variety of trails with fewer limitations. 

Meanwhile, the D7 Pro incarnates unrestricted extremes of the sport in a machine engineered purely for domination. It rewards intense commitment by empowering expert mastery over terrain seldom tamed. Though only for the most skilled rider, its no-compromise renovations symbolize the pinnacle of e-mountain biking performance. 

Whether one's ambitions involve enjoyable cruising or audacious limit-breaking, these siblings from Himiway offer a premium partner for any off-road aspirations.


Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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