The Advantages and Disadvantages of owning an Electric Bike

by Ruaan Nelson 

July 21, 2023

Fun Facts:
Did you know that E-bikes turn people into daily cyclists?
Only 55 % of bikers rode their standard bike once a week or more before purchasing an e-bike.
After upgrading to a shiny new electric bike, this number to 93 percent.
Even the few (6%) who had never ridden regular bikes as adults were now cycling weekly or daily.

In recent decades, the number of bicycles around the world has been multiplying. The traditional bicycle has always been an environmentally friendly mode of transport with many other advantages over other forms of short to medium range transportation.

This bright shining star that is bicycle transportation is only eclipsed by e-bikes which have taken the world by storm.
In this article, you will learn the reasons about why we here at are so infatuated with electric biking.

What is an E-Bike

An electric bicycle is equipped with an electric motor which is partially (or completely if you are lazy) responsible for the bike's propulsion. The power of the engine can range from 150W to 1000 W. The maximum speed achievable by an e-bike ranges from 25 to 50 km / h.

More about the engine later...

You should note that the weight of your typical e-bicycle is around 40 kg, and can be as heavy as 70 kg depending on its type and design. Meaning your electric bike will be considerably heavier than a standard bicycle. You can use electric exercise bike as an indoor cycling bike to boost your muscle endurance.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of e-bikes:

Factory produced

Electric bicycles, which were assembled in the factory, have a particular frame design, with which the battery can be mounted in it.


These are normal city bikes converted into an electric bike with the help of installed various parts, namely: motor, battery, charger, control unit, and speed controller. Assembly of such a bicycle can take only a few hours. If you decide to make an electrical bike from an ordinary bicycle yourself, you can buy a conversion kit that will make it possible to make a dream come true.
For the convenience of storage, electric bikes can be foldable.

Before diving into the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes, a quick history lesson is in order.

Interest in this form of transport arose in 1990, preceded by the development of powerful lithium ion batteries and, light high power electric motors. This interest in electric bicycles peaked in the US in 2002 and as early as 1998 in China and Japan.

To date, the production of e-bikes is dominated by manufacturing giants in North. America, China and, of course, the Netherlands.

Ok, let's get to the juicy stuff. Let's list the advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles?

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Bikes


  • Allows seniors or those physically unable to far travel longer distances
  • The downtube battery keeps weight low and Enhances balance
  • It is compact and requires very little maintenance
  • Allows you to travel faster than a regular bike(especially when going uphill)
  • Easy to maintain, it's just an ordinary bike with an added battery and motor
  • Very useful for commuting quickly and avoiding traffic
  • If the battery is empty, you can just cycle normally, which may help you lose weight! 🙂
  • High mobility & versatility - overcomes off-road, dirt, snow


  • It's heavy, which makes it difficult to store and very difficult to pedal up a hill if you run out of battery power
  • Short battery life and long charging time, should you buy a 10 Ah 36 V battery, you are likely limited to around 50 km (36 mi)
  • Double the price of a standard bicycle

In Closing

When compared to their fuel guzzling counterparts we can see that that electric bikes have some distinct advantages.
Even after factoring in the downsides, we here at feel that we are doing you, our dear biking enthusiast, a great disservice if we don't urge you to go out and try an e-bike.

You will love it, it's like a moped, but you don't need a license. Plus you can still get a great workout should you wish to combine your horsepower with the motor. Yes, you can pedal to help the motor out.
Factor in the ease of maintenance, quiet operation, environmental friendliness and bragging rights and and and...

Still, these types of bicycles are still not so common in most of the United States and Canada as they are in the rest of the developed world. Since the number of ordinary cyclists is growing every year, it's just a matter of time for growth to spread to these regions just like it has in mainland Europe.


Fat E-Bike Advantages

Fat Electric Bikes Disadvantages

Get More from us!

Now that you know a little more about the good and uglier side of things, we hope you see what amazing options the E-Bike opens up. Its a whole new world out there and no body better than we here at Electric-Biking to show you what's what!

If you'd rather play it a little slower, browse through our review hub over at Electric Biking Home and take your time digesting things, good luck out there!


Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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  1. I love this technology so much,, wish I could travel abroad you train me I'll learn very fast and make many bicycles for business,,

  2. There is no doubt that E bikes are a huge financial success. E bikes on some level have moved people out of cars and on to bikes which is clearly a good thing. However E bike enthusiasts generally get minimal fitness improvement as they are inclined (no pun intended) to employ the e mode whenever the terrain ie hills require more physical exertion. Personally I believe conventional human powered bikes are still the gold standard for those who want the benefits of physical exertion while being kind to the environment.

  3. hey Ruaan,

    I appreciate your post, as of now I am on the boarder of being okay with e-bikes (being a traditional biker and thinking full assist e-bikes are motor bikes.) Something I do want to mention, I am a mechanic for Trek bikes and I have seen a lot of E-bikes in my time and I can tell you E-bikes require HUGE amounts more of maintenance than the average bike. The stress that an e-bike puts on drive train, wheels, tires, is insane. Things wear down extremely fast making them very expensive. (Not as expensive as a car, which makes them so much of a better option) Another thing I want to mention is that depending on what e-bike you buy, a lot of shops will not work on them or best case scenario charge triple the cost of normal repairs.

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