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tenways ago T

by Ruaan Nel 

March 3, 2024

One of the latest additions to Tenways' expanding lineup of premium electric bicycles, the AGO T promises to take urban commuting and leisure riding to the next level. Unveiled at the 2023 Eurobike expo, the Tenways team aimed to develop an e-bike well-equipped for the varied needs of modern city cyclists.

Powered by a high-torque Bafang mid-drive motor and capacious battery, the AGO T delivers the muscle needed to navigate crowded streets and hills easily. Its speed is governed to a max of 15 mph for safety in traffic yet it offers zippy acceleration when needed. Ensuring efficient transportation over longer distances is a Gates carbon belt drive and an Enviolo geared hub that optimizes pedal power at all speeds.

With its reliable maintenance-free powertrain and extended riding range per charge, the AGO T presents itself as a versatile urban bike for everything from quick trips around town to leisurely weekend rides outside the city. Its comprehensive gearing and suspension components enhance user comfort over short and long-haul cycling adventures. First revealed at Eurobike, the Tenways AGO T is poised to shake up the e-bike market with its perfected formula for city cruising and recreational riding.

tenways ago T packaging

Assembling the Tenways Ago T went smoothly, thanks to many pre-installed components. The rear rack, fenders, and outer casing for the internal gearing were already attached, cutting down significantly on assembly time. I installed the handlebars, front wheel, saddle, and basic reflectors within 30 minutes without needing any tools beyond my hands.

While the basic assembly was simple, the Ago T required some post-assembly adjustments expected of most bikes. Specifically, I needed to realign the brakes, which were slightly knocked out of position during shipping. Properly indexing the gears to achieve crisp shifting also took some additional fine-tuning, as is common for enthusiasts new to bicycle mechanics.

Fully assembling the Ago T and performing the necessary post-assembly adjustments took me around an hour. The online manuals provided clear pictures to guide me through the process, though patience is still required when adjusting components precisely. For those short on time or new to bike work, a dealer may be worth paying to handle any needed tweaks after unpacking.

The good news is that with some basic mechanical skills, riders can self-assemble the Ago T easily, a credit to Tenways' excellent pre-installation of accessories. Some fine-tuning should always be expected to account for typical vibrations during shipping.


  • The Bafang M410 mid-drive motor can reach up to 15 mph, making it suitable for navigating city streets.
  • The belt drive provides efficient power transfer and low maintenance.
  • The geared hub allows for optimized pedaling efficiency across all speeds.
  • The capacious battery enables short city rides and longer excursions on a single charge.
  • The reliable drivetrain requires no regular maintenance needs.
  • Features like gears and suspension enhance riding comfort over varied terrains and distances.


  • The comprehensive equipment and integrated design make the bike heavier than other e-bike options.
  • The limited gearing can restrict the flexibility of the riding experience.
  • The battery life may be shorter than other e-bike models, potentially impacting the bike's range.
  • The bike requires some basic adjustments after assembly due to normal shipping impacts on pre-tuned components. This additional time spent adjusting could be seen as a limitation.

Tenways Ago T Electric Components


The Tenways Ago T has a sizable 504Wh lithium-ion battery that provides respectable riding range and performance. This large capacity battery allows the bike to travel up to the rated maximum of 62 miles on a single charge, giving riders enough juice to make short city commutes or longer weekend joyrides comfortably.

A major perk of the Ago T's battery system is that it can be easily removed from the down tube for charging. This makes it convenient to top up inside the home or office without moving the entire bike. Alternatively, the battery can be charged in situ by simply connecting the charger. Either method only requires around 6 hours for a full replenishment of power.


Weighing in at just under 11 pounds, transporting the 504Wh detachable battery is manageable too. This makes it possible to top up on the go if extension cords are available when stopping for a break. Compared to fixed integrated batteries found on some competitive e-bike models, the removable design provides excellent practicality for routine charging needs


Powering the Tenways Ago T is a robust yet efficient Bafang M410 mid-drive motor. The mid-drive system uses the rider's pedaling to provide a natural cycling feel. It can propel the bike up to a maximum assisted speed of 15 mph, making navigating busy urban environments a breeze.

This e-bike also features a Gates carbon belt and Enviolo geared hub that optimize efficiency. The belt drive system is virtually maintenance-free, while the internal gears of the Enviolo hub allow for smooth shifting across a wide speed range. This versatile drivetrain, paired with the sizable 504Wh battery, allows riders to tackle varied terrain and unpredictable distances easily.

Whether launching from stoplights or boosting steep inclines, the mid-drive motor delivers plenty of low-end torque. Its assist cuts off precisely at 15 mph as required by law. Combined with the efficient powertrain and large battery, riders can use the Ago T for spontaneous, longer joyrides outside the city as comfortably as quick trips. The maintenance-free motor is built to provide years of dependable pedal-assist without the high costs of traditional bicycle mechanics.


The Tenways Ago T features a full-color TFT instrument display mounted conveniently on the handlebars. This allows riders to monitor key information like remaining battery life, current range estimation and selected pedal-assist level at a glance. The large and vivid color screen provides easy legibility, whether checking stats while rolling or stopping.

Visual feedback is adjusted intelligently based on lighting conditions - when the bike's lighting system is off, the display brightness is high. But once the lights are engaged, the screen dims to compensate and avoid washout that could occur in direct sunlight. This adaptive brightness concept works well for normal day-to-night riding scenarios.

However, some testers noted the screen could become too dark even during daylight hours if the front and rear lights are used. Strong sunshine visibility was reduced as a result. While the intent of varying brightness is practical, the dimming algorithm may need slight refinement to maintain optimal daytime legibility in all conditions without the lights impacting visibility too severely.

Tenways Ago T Mechanical Components and Accessories


The Tenways Ago T relies on hydraulic disc brakes for reliable and powerful stopping performance. At the front and rear wheels sit 180mm hydraulic disc rotors gripped by brake calipers.

Hydraulic disc brakes are widely considered the top choice for e-bikes, providing instant, progressive braking even in wet conditions. On the Ago T, the braking feel is crisp and modulation is easy, allowing riders to bleed speed smoothly. The discs deliver excellent and consistent control, whether stopping gradually or engaging an emergency brake.

The brakes inspired confidence during testing and never faded even after long descents. Their stopping power is vital not just for safety but also for navigating busy urban traffic. Radial leverage keeps them responsive regardless of how much force is applied.

Maintenance of the sealed hydraulic system is minimal; typically, inspections are just for pad wear. For commute safety, riders can count on dependable wet or dry braking from the low-maintenance disks. Overall, the Tenways Ago T's brakes facilitate secure and hassle-free riding in any condition.


Despite its step-through design, the Tenways Ago T has a stylish aluminum frame with sleek details. Its rear rack is elegantly integrated, running parallel to the wide chainstays and down tube for a clean look. The battery is also nicely concealed within the down tube.

Up front, Tenways' signature dual-lens integrated headlight helps distinguish the Ago T's appearance. Meanwhile, a slim rear light enhances safety. The belt drive and compact rear geared hub maximize drivetrain efficiency through a neat package.

While the mid-mounted Bafang motor can't entirely hide its functional bulkiness, cables and wires are thoughtfully routed for a tidy cockpit. The adjustable stem allows fine-tuning the ergonomic fit as well.

The test bike shone especially brightly in Jungle Green—the dark metallic paint featured subtle sparkling and shimmering effects depending on the light. This eye-catching hue perfectly highlighted the Ago T's elegant yet practical frame design. With understated sophistication and woman-focused practicalities like the step-through layout, this e-bike is worthy of its stylish looks.


The Tenways Ago T features front suspension to enhance rider comfort over varied terrain. A classic Suntour XCM suspension fork with coil springs smooths out road vibrations and bumps that could otherwise jar the rider's hands and arms. The suspension has adjustable preload to accommodate different riders and loads.

During testing, the suspension noticeably soaked up pavement cracks, small curbs, and rough chip seal roads that typically compromise comfort on rigid bikes. Riders appreciated the suspension's versatility, too—it could be locked out fully for efficient pedaling on smooth paths yet flex sufficiently over hard impacts. Depending on the rider's needs, the fork proved capable of both comfort and performance.

With its 63mm of travel, the front suspension strikes a nice balance for an urban bike that is equally likely to see paved streets, gentle dirt lanes, and boardwalks. It cushions enough to prevent fatigue on long rides yet stays relatively lightweight. The Ago T's suspension helps absorb bumps without hindering its nimble handling. Riders of all ages can appreciate the enhanced composure and control.


The Tenways Ago T utilizes a low-maintenance and efficient drivetrain. Power is transmitted from the Bafang mid-drive motor to the rear wheel via a Gates carbon belt drive. This provides excellent power transfer with zero required lubrication or adjustment over time.

An Enviolo geared hub houses the bike's 8-speed transmission. The planetary gearing allows for smooth and seamless shifting regardless of pedaling cadence or torque applied. Riders can adjust their gearing on the fly without interruption.

The geared hub's wide range of gear ratios means riders will always be in the optimal setting on any terrain, from steep climbs to top-speed flats. Shifting is performed via easy-to-reach triggers on the right handlebar, providing intuitive operation.

During testing, the drivetrain proved durable and delivered crisp shifts without delays. The low-maintenance system required no cleaning or adjustments even after prolonged use in wet conditions. The belt drive and geared hub provide the highest durability, reliability and simplicity.


tenways ago T

The Tenways Ago T runs on wide 28-inch tires designed to soak up road imperfections comfortably. The fat but relatively low-rolling-resistance tires contribute to a smooth ride.

Testers appreciated the tires' puncture protection from anti-flat striping woven into the casing. This provided peace of mind against common sidewalk debris like glass or thorn bushes. Even without supplemental sealant, the striped tires reliably sealed small pinpricks encountered on rides.

Inflating the 28-inch tires proved simple with a bike pump and maintained pressure well. The broad footprint provided secure handling on pavement and lightly packed cinder trails. Their width permitted some forgiveness over rough or off-camber surfaces without losing traction.

While not as fast-rolling as narrow, high-pressure tires, these distributed the rider's weight impressively well for a comfortable cruise. They performed well in wet conditions, without losing grip. Overall, the 28-inch tires delivered a plush ride suitable for mixed urban/gravel use.


One of the strongest assets of Tenways Ago T is its thoughtfully integrated design that incorporates useful extras without compromising aesthetics. Unlike some e-bikes that feel like a basic frame with add-ons, the Ago T provides key accessories needed for utility and safety straight from the factory.

Mudguards and a rear rack are seamlessly incorporated into the frame, protecting components while enabling extra cargo capacity. Whether hauling groceries, a laptop, or children, the integrated rack expands what riders can transport. Similarly, full-coverage mudguards prevent the rider and goods from getting soiled on wet rides.

Front and rear LED lights are neatly housed in the frame for always-on visibility and navigation of early morning or nighttime trips. No extraneous mounts or wires detract from appearance. The lights increase safety year-round without the hassle of bringing additional accessories.

Through its thoughtful built-in features, the Ago T is ready for any daily task straight out of the box. Commuters don't have to add extras to make the bike functional. Meanwhile, leisure riders have all they need to explore further on weekends.

Testers appreciated the convenience of an all-in-one commuter machine. They could focus on riding instead of bolting on other gear. The Tenways shows attention to real-world needs, ensuring the Ago T is a practical partner for any journey on two wheels. Its integrated design is a strong selling point for reliability and long-term ownership.

Tenways Ago X Performance Review


Powering the Ago T is a Bafang M420 mid-drive motor capable of producing up to 80Nm of torque. However, to better suit the Enviolo continuously variable gear hub on the rear wheel, Tenways has limited the motor's output to 55Nm. This torque restriction is common for e-bikes using comparable gear hub setups.

Test riders found the Ago T's acceleration lively and responsive even with the reduced torque rating. Selecting higher pedal assist levels allowed seamless takeoffs from a full stop. Passing slower traffic or merging required minimal effort. Sustaining speeds of 15mph on level ground felt natural and balanced.

With the torque lowered to play nicely with the durable and low-maintenance Enviolo hub, real-world performance did not suffer. Riders appreciate the tradeoff for enhanced drivetrain durability and smoother gear shifts. The Ago T delivers plenty of zip and cruising ability for urban commutes or casual joyrides.


To evaluate the Ago T's realistic range, we took it on various terrain, including urban streets, bike paths, and gravel roads. The bike came equipped with its standard 504Wh lithium-ion battery integrated into the downtube.

Mixed riding with typical pedal assistance levels, the battery gauge indicated around 40% charge remaining. Extrapolating from this, the Ago T can expect a maximum real-world range of roughly 62 miles on a single charge under average usage. More strenuous cycling may diminish the range slightly.

Charging the 504Wh battery to full capacity takes approximately 6 hours using the standard charger. This provides enough juice for over a week's worth of average commuting and errands before needing to plug back in overnight or at the office. The click-lock charging port integrated at the stem facilitates simple and secure recharging.

Testers found the sizable battery more suitable for accessing public transit and performing daily activities around town or on lighter weekend recreational rides while minimizing charging frequency needs.


With its reliable frame geometry and lightweight construction, the Tenways Ago T handles impressively for an electric bike. Its 700c wheels with 28mm tires provide stable yet nimble traction on pavement and gravel surfaces.

The low center of gravity from the centrally mounted battery and motor gives the bike well-balanced and confident steering feedback. Riders feel in control even around tight corners or quick slalom maneuvers.

While not as hair-trigger responsive as a purely pedal-powered road bike, testers found steering quick and direct for precisely leaning into turns. The wide tires offer decent forgiveness over uneven or cambered terrain without wobbling.

Braking power from the mechanical disc brakes provides confident stopping ability, modulating well even during hard emergency stops. The disk brakes inspire confidence-inspiring on downhill sections.

Overall, the Ago T feels light on its wheels, whether zipping around urban traffic or winding through recreation paths. Its handling impresses commuters looking for an agile partner navigating intense city environments.


The Tenways Ago T is a thoughtful and well-rounded commuting companion. Its integrated design, smooth-shifting drivetrain, plush suspension, and tires combine to create an enjoyable riding experience for daily use. Commuters will appreciate the convenience of built-in lights and rack without added bulk.

Real-world range testing showed the sizable battery enables ample mobility around town or on lighter recreational rides between charges. Performance is certainly sufficient, with zippy acceleration available for passing or hills. While not achieving top e-bike speeds, most urban missions can be accomplished easily.

Build quality exudes a premium feel and is solid enough for longevity. Low maintenance requirements further the Ago T's value proposition over time. Ultimately, it delivers versatility for transportation and recreation while maintaining an approachable price point.

For those seeking an electric bike capable of replacing regular commutes with ease and a smile, the Tenways Ago T achieves its goal admirably. It earns a strong recommendation for any rider valuing practicality, reliability and all-day riding enjoyment above all else.

In conclusion, the Tenways Ago T presents an appealing electric bicycle that will suit many riders seeking reliable transportation and leisure riding. It merges integrated accessories, smooth and natural performance, and ergonomic comfort into an affordable package. 

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Our Rating - 91/100

The Tenways Ago T presents an impressive combination of features, performance, and value for the price. While not the most affordable e-bike on the market, several aspects of its design and capabilities make a strong case as a worthwhile investment.

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Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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