7 Reasons Why Fat Tire E-Bikes Are Safer

by Daria Vitel 

December 15, 2022

It doesn't matter whether you are an electric bike veteran or someone just getting into the world of these eco-friendly vehicles - one thing you need to do is check out fat tire e-bikes. You might have heard about them before and maybe even contemplated getting one, but you were unsure whether this is a good option and investment.

When we dive deep into a certain hobby, we run into the latest trends and are given advice daily. We are also constantly bombarded with information and new product choices. It seems like every month there is something new to buy. However, we assure you that fat tire electric bikes aren't a trend, and they have been around for quite some time.

When they first launched on the market, some people instantly found them interesting, but many thought they were completely unnecessary. However, as time went on, people finally realized why fat tire electric bikes gained popularity and why they can be superior to regular electric bikes. So, if you are wondering whether you should invest in a fat tire bike, you should check some of the pros of such a buy.

We have listed seven reasons why fat tire electric bikes seem safer and better in general. Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to buy one and that your current bike isn't good enough, but maybe you'll find yourself enjoying this interesting bike model more. In the end, it all depends on how you use your electric bike and whether you need a fat tire model.

fat tire bike terrain

One of the drawbacks of regular electric bikes is that they are often made for road use, and you cannot engage in extreme biking with them. So if you want to visit an off-road path, climb a mountain or a hill, or enjoy your regular winter cycling routine while the road is covered in snow, you'll probably have to invest in a fat tire bike. These bikes have improved grip, and they can ensure safety on some of the most troublesome roads and paths you have seen.

Muddy paths, snowy mountains, wet roads, and sand-covered beach paths are just some of the terrains that you will get to enjoy with your fat tire bike. Not only do these bikes have better traction, but they're also more stable. Since the tire's surface is larger, you get more balance and stability. In addition, the more contact surface you have, the more peace of mind you can have while riding.

Most mountain bikes have fat tires, but you still have to check the specifications because not all models have them. This might be counter-intuitive, and we agree that fat tires should be a must for mountain bikes, but read the specifications to ensure that you are getting exactly what you're expecting. Isn't it great to be safe on all terrain types?

2. Every Season Is A Season To Be Jolly

Fat tire bike in snow

If you are into fitness and enjoy electric biking, we presume that you don't enjoy it simply because you get exercise - you enjoy it because you get to ride around, visit nature, and take your mind off of stressful things. Electric biking is so much more than just a sport, and for many people, it's a hobby and almost a meditation technique.

With that in mind, we understand how tough and frustrating it must be when winter comes. Winter brings cold and wet weather, and most regular electric bikes don't operate well in such circumstances. However, we want you to be safe in all weather conditions – most accidents happen on wet and snowy surfaces.

You can still ride an electric bike outside during winter, it works normally, but it can be quite dangerous if you do so with regular tires. If you want to make sure that every day is a cycling day, no matter what season it is, we suggest you get fat tires. These do not slip on any wet surfaces, and they don't sink in snow, sand, or mud. Fat tires also add weight to your electric bike, which is why it might be a better choice for windy weather.

3. Minimal Maintenance of Fat-Tire e-bike

When we discuss the difference between regular tires and fat tires, we like to talk about an analogy between blankets and regular tires. Blankets are usually a little bit thinner, they don't provide as much protection against the cold. They can be quite cheap, though, and they still do the job pretty well, at least when severe weather conditions aren't around.

Riding bike in snow

Fat tires are more like quilts. They are thicker, heavier, and they provide a better structure. They don't get damaged as easily and work better in all weather conditions, but they can be pricier. They're an investment, but will last much longer than regular tires.

If you desire minimal maintenance and want to ensure that you can take your electric bike wherever you want , you should invest in fat tires. These are not prone to breaking, shape distortion, or deterioration. In conclusion, this truly is a safe choice.

4. No Compromises When It Comes To Comfort

If you ride long distances we're sure you are familiar with the ache you get in your lower back and your glutes after sitting around for a long time. Electric bikes with regular tires sometimes lack a proper suspension system, and it can be very tough to bring yourself to ride for longer. Once you find out how achy your body can be the day after, you'll probably want to invest in a gel seat.

With fat tires, this is not a problem. These tires do not need to be inflated that much, but they still provide fantastic comfort. Their pressure is between 15 and 10 PSI, and although they don't have a suspension system of their own, they don't need it. Their suspension is integrated into the structure of the tires themselves – they become a little bit squishier when you fill them with lower pressure. The elasticity of such rubber and the large surface of the tire all help to absorb shocks, which your glutes will thank you for.

Overall, although comfort might not be directly linked to your safety in traffic, it's connected to the feeling of safety you get when you’re confident in your riding experience and ride without any pain or ache. You’re compromising your long-term safety if you induce muscle ache or joint pain.

5. Take Your Hobby To The Next Level

Man and the fat tire bike

There are only so many casual rides one can embark on, right? After a certain number of times, these things get boring. The same thing happens with electric biking. Although you enjoy biking and like exploring new places and roads, you need a little more adrenaline once you become good at it.

When people opt for adrenaline, they usually want to ride on snow, sand, mud, mountains, and sometimes even in the grass, by rivers. Unfortunately, these rides can be quite dangerous, especially if you don't have fat tires. So if you want to up your cycling game without any health risks or risks related to electric bike damage, we think you should invest in fat tires.

6. Embrace The Healthy Lifestyle

The biggest problem in adapting ourselves to a new hobby is adapting our mindset. Our bodies can get used to changes, and the more you bike, the more stamina you'll have. However, many people are afraid to ride bikes. They are afraid to embark on new journeys, explore new hobbies, and they want to remain in their comfort zone. In such situations, fat-tire bikes can be a great stress reliever, as they give you peace of mind when it comes to personal safety.

We should not forget that electric biking as a concept helps people stay healthy in the long run. Once you embrace this hobby, you’ll often feel better and more relaxed due to endorphins and other “happy exercise hormones”. You will discover how great your body is and how many things it can do, you'll bike even more. To ensure your bike lasts a long time, you should get fat tires, as these are less prone to damage.

7. Fat Tires Are Great For Beginners As Well

We've talked about electric bike veterans who have cycled on many different surfaces and explored many parts of their country. We've talked about those who are bored with casual riding and need a little bit more adrenaline, exploring tricks and stunts. However, fast tires are great for beginners as well. They're great for young riders, elderly riders, as well as inexperienced, scared riders.

Child riding a fat tire bike

The larger the contact surface of the tire, the better the grip on the surface. The better the grip, the better the stability. Many think that it's a lot easier to learn how to ride with a fat tire bike, and while others beg to differ since fat tire bikes are too pricey for beginners, if you have some money to spare, starting with such a bike is a great choice.

Young riders that aren't as familiar with bike structure and traffic rules might also be more likely to get injured, which is why it's important to have big tires. These add weight to your bike, and you'll never encounter a situation where you trip over a certain obstacle on the surface, and your bike rotates completely. Many parents buy fat tires for their children to keep them safe.


Although fat tires are not a must, there are so many benefits that it's tough to find a reason not to buy such a bike model. Fat tires are safer, more fun, and give you peace of mind. They're safer both for you, your wallet, your family, and other drivers. Make sure to investigate all electric bike models before you buy them and look into the specifications. You'll thank yourself.


Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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