Addmotor Motan Fat Tire E-Bike Review

February 12, 2023

Addmotor Motan 1000W Electric Fat Tire Bike

Our Rating - 5/5

The King of Fat Tire E-Bikes

The AddMotor Motan  is a very powerful and capable off-road fat tire electric bike that’s ready to tackle the most demanding terrain.

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Addmotor Motan Review

It hasn’t been long since the fat tire bikes were brought into the market, but thanks to their functionality, more people are beginning to embrace and buy them.

AddMotor has added to the utility of these bikes by launching their electric varieties. Their Motan electric fat bike models come with powerful and exciting features that are geared towards off-road use. The AddMotor Motan electric bike can comfortably plow its way through strenuous terrain like snow, sand, mud, gravel, etc.

With the help of new technology and clever engineering, the manufacturer has released a bike model that is a true crowd pleaser. The Motan e-bike is a powerful piece of machinery that will face off with any off-road obstacles and ensure that your adventures are much easier and more enjoyable than before.

Product Specs

Frame Size

6061 Aluminum Alloy frame appropriate for people of heights 5’6’-6’8


Bafang 500 W Hub Brushless Motor


Shimano SIS Index thumb shifters


48V*10.4 A Lithium Cell Batteries


Kenda 26” * 4” Fat Tires


Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc Brakes


The AddMotor Motan e-bike is built using 6061 aluminum alloy frame which weighs in at around 67 pounds. The compact and sporty frame features a curved top tube that slopes downward.

This unique frame design helps to tame extreme trails, as well as enable the rider to comfortably rest their feet on the ground when the bike is at a stop. The frame is also anchored with strong suspension forks and a reliable braking system.

The 30cm quick release seat post on the bike makes it appropriate for individuals between the heights of 5’6”-6’8”. This also ensures that long-distance biking escapades on the Motan e-bike are quite a breeze.

However, some clients have complained about the overall build which can be heavy, particularly for smaller and lighter individuals. You don’t want the battery running out on you on a hilly terrain if you are in this category of people.

addmotor motan review


This bike comes with a powerful Bafang brushless motor that is attached to the rear hub of the bicycle. The motor enables the bike to produce 500 continuous watts and can go as high as 750 watts. The powerful motor ensures that the Motan is one of the most powerful e-bikes in the market.

With the capabilities of reaching a maximum speed of 23 mph, the power behind this bike makes it a superb climber that will have you ascending hilly terrain with relative ease. Not even a muddy trail will stop you in your tracks.

The motor also allows the bike to support a weight limit of 350 pounds, making it the ideal choice for big-bodied riders.  


The AddMotor Motan e-bike runs on a 48V system and an 10.4 Ah lithium battery. This massive battery has an estimated range of between 35-45 miles, with pedal assist, before it requires to be recharged. The battery will last you long enough to bike further outfield and still come back with some power to spare.

The powerful motor also has impressive torque for scaling the steepest of slopes; it can successfully climb trails with up to 60-degree gradients. This will conserve a lot of your energy even when you are riding in uneven terrain.

The location of the lithium battery on the downtube leaves the bike well balanced. Furthermore, the battery can conveniently be removed for charging or storing.


This electric bike is also fitted with Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc braking system in the front and back with 180mm rotors. The brakes provide you with huge power to make sure that you don’t lose your way in muddy or wet conditions.  

The brake levers can be adjusted and come equipped with motor inhibitors. These constantly cut off power to the motor every time you press the brake levers, providing you with an efficient braking system.

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Pros And Cons After Testing

There are a number of features on the AddMotor Motan e-bike that really left a good impression on us. The stand out feature definitely has to be the overall sturdy build of the bike. From the aluminum frame to the fat tires, not to mention that there is a powerful motor that adds to its general versatility.

Another thing we feel you’ll like about the bike is the advanced pedal assistance sensor. This crucial device measures the torque on the cranks and rotations so that the motor power stops or starts whenever the rider starts or stops pedaling. This is a good way to save power but also ensures that you remain active on the bike.

You also get to monitor the way you are riding when using the Motan e-bike. The Bafang display in the middle of the handlebars keeps you updated with electronic feedback regarding distance, speed, battery level, wattage output, and so on.

Another great quality is that the bike’s top speed of 23 mph that won’t slow you down when you get the speed bug. And even though you'll feel that you are going fast at this speed, the wide tires, handlebars, and overall geometry of the bike ensure that you remain stable and in complete control of the bike.

Despite all the useful features on the Motan e-bike, there are still drawbacks you’d like to watch out for. For one, the bike doesn’t come with a backlight, making it a bit risky to ride in the night.

We also reckon that the bike has many components that make it quite a daunting task to assemble. I suggest that you find a professional technician to put it up together the first time you decide to get one.  

What we liked

  • Stable and comfortable ride
  • Can handle all types of terrain
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Long battery life and range
  • Powerful hub motor
  • Great top speed for a fat-tire bike

What we didn't like

  • Not easy to assemble
  • No backlight

The Verdict

The AddMotor Motan e-bike has all the features that you’ll find in the best off-road fat tire electric bikes in the market today. If you are looking for an all-round bike that will serve you diligently in all kinds of terrain, my advice is that the Motan will be a worthy investment. 

Addmotor has used the perfect combination of technology and clever engineering to produce a superior product in the Motan fat tire electric bike. Not only is it a stable and sturdy bike that will offer you a wonderful riding experience, but also a durable workhorse that will see you taking on all kinds of terrain.

This bike provides you with comfort, functionality, and versatility during your off-road biking expedition. The ride is smooth all the way and that is why we recommend the AddMotor Motan electric fat tire bike to you.

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