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Addmotor M-550 Ebike

August 15, 2023

What’s better than an ordinary fat bike?

An electric fat bike.

It was just recently when fat bikes made their way into the bicycle market - and there are electric versions that take the concept of a bicycle to a whole new level.

The Addmotor M-550 is a great example of this idea.

You get what would be a good fat tire bike on its own and add a powerful motor and battery combo to turn the bike into an unstoppable path-conquering machine.

M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike Side

The other noteworthy thing about adding a motor to a fat tire bike?

It makes the bike way more versatile, overcoming some aspects that could otherwise prevent a fat tire bike from being more than just an ordinary bike for less-traveled surfaces.

The Addmotor pays attention to detail while using innovative engineering to produce one of the most fun fat tire e-bikes you’ll ever ride.

The Addmotor M-550 ride quality is the same whether you plan on having a motor assist you or not.

If you have some money to spend and if you’re looking for a fat tire e-bike that can truly do it all, the M-550 is worthy of your attention.

But before I go any further, let’s take a look at the specs of the Addmotor M-550 - and then review each aspect of this amazing fat tire electric bike

Addmotor M-550 Blue

The first thing I will talk about is the frame of the Addmotor M-550. The e-bike’s constructed out of 6061, giving it a bit of flex as well as some additional response.

This being a fat tire electric bike, it’s not quite light, weighing in around 98 lbs.

However, unless you intend on carrying this e-bike around with you or climbing a ton of steps daily, this shouldn’t be an issue.

This electric bike’s front fork gives it a more aggressive appearance which is backed up by three different color options that center around a black color scheme with diverse detailing on the frame of rims.

A hybrid-style saddle and seat post combo gives this fat tire electric bike a more relaxed feel, which can be adjusted if you need to change your riding stance for a certain situation.

Extended stem and rubber grips add more comfort and maneuverability to the Addmotor M-550.

This bike’s frame features a rack that lets you carry your cargo or mount a child seat so you can bring your kids along for the ride.The carrier also comes with side frames that offer extra protection to your cargo.

Additionally, full-cover fenders will keep your pants dry and clean.

The handlebar is constructed of black aluminum and the grips are ergonomic black stitched Faux LeatherStem.

Addmotor M-550 P7

Pedals on this e-bike are alloy black pedals with pins and it also features a kickstand that’s rear-mounted and can be adjusted.

The Addmotor M-550 has an integrated brake tail light that’s powered by the main battery pack and features brake light functionality that’s activated any time you use the brakes.

The front light is also powered using the main battery pack and is controlled by the display.


The motor of the Addmotor M-550 is a workhouse.

The 750W read hub motor is operated by using a twist throttle, featuring a variable speed control that you can utilize to match your exact preferences at the moment.

Of course, you can always let the motor fully take over.

Upon activating the pedal-assist mode this bike’s motor provides power proportionate to the strength you’re applying to pedal the e-bike.

If you’re in the mood to exercise, you can go with the manual power mode that turns off the electric assistance.

M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike Close Up

Throttle mode will instantly accelerate the e-bike in a fraction of seconds without the requirement to pedal hard. You can enjoy the free ride while sitting back.

Also, you can travel longer distances while maintaining the constant speed of the e-bike.

This fat tire e-bike’s motor is powerful enough for all sorts of riding styles, whether you opt for flat road riding or some more extreme off-road riding.

With this motor, it’s pretty easy to get a maximum speed of 23 mph while riding on flat roads without pedaling.

The drivetrain isn’t really generous in its speed choices, offering seven total gears, whether you’re using the motor or not. Still, all the speeds are well-rationed, offering ample efficiency in low and high gear settings.

This e-bike features a Shimano right thumb shift which is also of good quality. 


The Addmotor M-550 is powered via a 48V lithium battery pack that can go up to 55 miles depending on the assistance level - and of course, on the incline.

While this is an advertised number, in reality, you can expect to get around 40-45 miles of riding.

It takes around 6 hours to charge the battery fully, and battery life is rated for 800 charge cycles.


The Addmotor M-550 comes with Tektro alloy disc brakes with 180mm front and rear rotors. These brakes are really easy to actuate thanks to the combined mechanical advantages of four-finger brake levers.

Motor inhibitors are also included and are used to cut power to the motor as soon as you squeeze brake levers - a great and necessary feature on such a heavy cadence-sensor-based electric bike.


This electric bike features alloy 26 inches double-walled, punched-out rims matching the fat tires.

These bigger rims are part of the e-bike’s advertised “all-terrain” capabilities.


The Addmotor M-550 has Kenda 26 x 4.00-inch fat tires. While the size of these tires doesn't match some of the top-tier fat tire electric bikes, they still offer a stable off-road ride.

Their knobby tread gives the e-bike lots of grip without making the ride too bumpy.

Addmotor M-550 Front

Pros And Cons After Testing

For $1600, this fat tire electric bike is a steal when you take everything into consideration.

The Addmotor M-550 is well-built and will provide you with some great off-road riding. It certainly doesn’t match the high-end fat tire electric bikes but all in all, it's of good quality, with a great motor and battery.

What I Like About The Addmotor M-550

Addmotor M-550 Close Up

As I mentioned earlier, the Addmotor M-550 would already be a great fat tire bike even without the motor. It features components of high quality in all the right areas - especially with the tires, brakes, and drivetrain.

This electric bike can tackle everything from sand to snow and other surfaces that an ordinary fat tire e-bike may struggle with.

Add a 750W motor to the equation and you’re off to the races.

The motor’s power, speed, and control turn the Addmotor M-550 into a fully capable commuter electric bike.

Crazy, right?

It works just fine and it’s pretty comfortable, efficient, and fast.

In a way, the Addmotor M-550 can sort of feel like a motorbike, but only with pedals and no loud gas-powered motor.

What I Don’t Like About The Addmotor M-550

The first thing I don’t like about this fat tire electric bike is the number of gears. While the speeds are well-rationed, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few extra.

Also, it would be nice if there was a feature to fully lock out the front shock for a more firm ride when desired.


  • High-quality fat tires
  • Disc brakes that provide a powerful stopping force
  • Very good motor


  • Fewer number of gears
  • Inability to fully lock out the front shock


The Addmotor M-550 is easily one of the best fat tire electric bikes on the market when you take into consideration the price and the features.

This e-bike combines craftsmanship, superior components and parts, classic fat tire bike design, and a mighty motor that can power you through miles of rough terrain or to your workplace.

The emphasis on comfort and the ease of use gives this fat tire e-bike one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever experience. It has the capability to ride places other e-bikes can’t - and for longer with barely any effort. 

Addmotor M-550

Addmotor M-550 Ebike

Our Rating - 89/100

The King of Fat Tire E-Bikes

The Addmotor M-550 fat tire electric bike is a great option if you’re looking for a comfortable and reliable mountain electric bike. Fat tires on this e-bike provide great stability and it has a beast of a motor that will power you through all sorts of terrains.

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