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Cannondale Habit Neo Bike

August 19, 2023

Going on a mountain bike ride is never an easy affair but it helps to have the right kind of bike on your side. The best mountain bikes come with all-round capabilities that allow you to take on all kinds of off-road trails without bowing down to the rough conditions.

The Habitat Neo is an upgrade from the Cannondale Monterra, and that’s why there’s so much that should excite you about this eMTB. 

At a glance  the two bikes  almost look the same, however, they are two different beasts. Unlike the Moterra, the Habit was built for easier yet exciting and fast rides down the forest roads. 

The review of the Cannondale Habit Neo  provides you with a closer look at the promising e-mountain bike by considering its different features and what it brings to the table. Stay put to know whether it’s worth your dime!

Given its close resemblance to the Cannondale Moterra, we can comfortably say that the Habitat Neo is a capable bike that any adventurer would want to take on an off-road trail.


All four iterations of the Habitat Neo eMTB feature a carbon fiber composite front triangle paired with a SmartFoam C1 aluminum alloy back end. The front triangle bears a close resemblance to the Moterra, although it has a less bulky and less aggressive frame with straight lines and great appearance.

The carbon and alloy blend in the frame results in a lightweight yet Best Cannondale e-bike that shines on the rugged terrain. Thanks to proportional response suspension design, all the frame sizes, from small to extra-large, come with custom shock links, as well as pivot locations for a personalized suspension feel.  

Bike standing in the forest

A horst link suspension system on the bike offers 130mm of travel. The top tube slants towards the seat tube for a shorter standover height while the front triangle leaves enough room to mount a water bottle cage. 

The Habit Neo felt agile and sturdy on our test ride. Its use of proportional response suspension technology kept us right at home on the rough trails and its comfortable geometry gave us the stamina to keep on riding for the whole day. 

Another aspect we like about this bike is the lifetime warranty on the frame, which should give you peace of mind on any unforgiving trails. 

Extra Features

Just because you’re riding a battery-powered mountain bike, don’t think for a moment that you won’t need to rehydrate. That is why we should point out the water bottle cage mount on the front triangle with enough space to accommodate a decent size bottle.

Furthermore, the bike comes with an alloy skid plate under the frame that protects the motor and battery from inevitable punishment as you ride. On the side is a plastic cover to keep stones, twigs, and other debris off the motor.

However, we would have wished the manufacturer included front and rear lights to help with navigation in low light conditions, as well as for safety on the road. The same is true for a pair of fenders should you need to go on an adventure in wet conditions.


Chain rings of an electric bike

The Habit Neo is fitted with the latest Gen 4 Bosch Performance Line CX motor that is not only smaller but also more lightweight and efficient than previous versions.

The mid-mounted motor sits low in the frame to offer a good weight balance and it comes with a 250W capacity.

Four different pedal-assist modes provide a maximum torque of 75Nm, which should make light work of steep hills that you encounter on the trail.

 An easy-to-access Bosch Kiox display on the handlebar enables you to tweak the settings without taking your hand off the handlebar.

The modes include ECO, TOUR, e-MTB, and TURBO which provide 60%, 140%, 140-340%, and 340% respectively of your pedaling input as assistance. This bike remains nimble on climbs and gives you the confidence you need on downhill rides.


A 500Wh Bosch battery pack has been included on the Habit Neo to allow for long-distance biking. We were able to squeeze 55 miles out of the lithium-ion battery pack, which is slightly lower than the 60miles that the manufacturer specifies!

However, we made the most of the e-MTB mode on a relatively hilly trail; you’d probably extend the range on a less demanding terrain!

The battery will require 4.5 hours to fully recharge once it is running on empty, so you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the trail without motor assistance. At almost 50 pounds, the Habit Neo won’t be easy to manage with only your pedaling to depend on.

Woman jumping with the bike in the forest


The tires on the Habit Neo are fast-rolling and feel stable on the roughest of terrains. They are wide and feature a detailed tread pattern that enhances traction on slippery and loose surfaces. 

The tires also feature a reflective “MAXXIS” branding on the side that helps to make you more visible to motorists and safer when riding on the road. 

Post-Test Summary: Cannondale Habit Neo Pros & Cons

The Cannondale Habit Neo e-mountain bike boasts a number of features that allow for an exciting mountain bike experience. It stands out from the crowd with its conspicuous and charming all-black color scheme and seamless frame design.

However, beauty does run deeper than the skin when it comes to the Habit Neo. The carbon and aluminum frame is lightweight to keep you agile on the rough forest paths but also sturdy enough to make for durable use. Proportional response suspension technology delivers a custom riding experience to keep you comfortable all the way.

The powerful Bosch motor and battery work together to provide you with a long-range eMTB performance on types of off-road terrains. These are also centrally and low positioned on the bike’s frame to balance the weight and make for nimble handling. 

On the downside, the Habit Neo lacks some notable extra features that would go a long way to increase the practicality of the bike. For instance, the Neo could really use a headlight for night riding and a pair of fenders when it rains.

However, the few oversights don’t take away from the overall quality that you get from the Habit Neo. It is a wonderful choice for MTB enthusiasts who want to take their adventures to the next level.

What Do We about Cannondale Habit Neo?


  • Strong and lightweight frame
  • Powerful Bosh Line motor
  • Nice all-black design
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Superior braking performance
  • Proportional response suspension technology
  • Long-range battery
  • Smooth gear shifting

What Don’t We Like about Cannondale Habit Neo?


  • Pretty pricey
  • A little bit heavy


From the review above, it is clear that the Cannondale Habit Neo will be a superb buy for any avid mountain biker looking to upgrade their outdoor experience. 

It boasts a number of high-performance features that you'll find useful when you are riding on a trail. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay dearly to get your hands on this remarkable off-road machine. 

If you can afford the Habit Neo, there’s nothing to slow you down once you hit the rugged backcountry paths!

Cannondale Habit Neo Review
Our Rating - 93/100

 The Cannondale Habit Neo excels on those light off-road trails. It boasts a charming design, playful agility, and an exciting mix of high-performance specifications to maximize your time outdoors. It is just what you need to upgrade your current mountain biking adventures!

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Emma was born and raised in the UK, studied in Amsterdam (where she discovered her passion for biking), and is currently living in Ohio. Her main passion is cycling, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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