How E-Bikes Offer A Unique Cardio Workout for Boxers & Other Athletes

by Daria Vitel 

December 15, 2022

As a boxer, you cannot compromise on any aspect of the workout. 

Your health and muscle tone should be on peak levels at all times. While most people are quite obsessed with their arm muscles, abs, chest, and so on, they miss out on the one that matters the most: the heart.

Your heart is the most hardworking muscle of your body and will reward you immensely if you train it to endure better. Cardio workouts are the key in this matter as they push this little thumper in your chest beyond its usual limits, strengthening it from the core.


While cardio is no news for athletes and boxers, the way it is done is under a radical transformation. The metamorphosis may still need a few more years but we are headed that way fast.

E-bikes are the new normal in a cardio workout for athletes and in this article, I am going to dissect the premise and present my findings on its practicality.

Electric bikes for unique cardio workout

What’s The Deal With E-Bikes?

E-bikes or electric bikes are nothing like what first pops into mind when hearing the name. They are very much like your average bicycle, except with some electrical parts integrated into the frame, and a pretty dreamy design.

So using one is like riding a bike (duh), except with less effort. This may sound a bit odd, I mean isn’t the whole point of an exercise is to push our bodies beyond their limits? It is, but we can exert our hearts without tiring out our bodies.

The electric components simply make riding much easier by cutting down labor as much as possible. This means that you can ride one of these for longer and hence ramp up your heart for a helluva cardio workout.

The most important aspect of any exercise is its result, and this baby can deliver just that.

Of course, as a boxer, you’ll want to train your body for combat too, and for that, you can punch at free-standing bags all you want, but the heart needs cardio, lots of it.

Why Are E-Bikes On The Rise?

So when did athletes and boxers get all so soft about their workout?

They didn’t, and they never will. But consider this, what would you rather invest your energy in, training to box or cycling? While the physical advantages of riding bicycles are not up for debate, it can sometimes become a drag.

Cycling against the slope or over long distances is simply too much for your body, and you could instead be using this energy for the actual training and exercise. E-bikes don’t eliminate the challenge, they only minimize it to a reasonable level.

While regular biking is comparable to running, burning off as many as 500 calories in an hour, using an e-bike is as intense as brisk fast-paced walking, with as many as 400 calories lost per hour.

The difference is not all that great but the effort required is substantially less in the latter case.

People are becoming more and more inclined towards e-biking as they find it convenient. And I’m not only referring to athletes training for cardio but also the elderly and those suffering from arthritis, as these bikes can help them exercise without wasting every muscle of their body.

Tackle Laziness With E-Bikes

If you’re a newbie in the world of boxing then you must’ve figured out by now that there is no room for laziness in this territory. I don’t blame you for being lazy, it’s the routine that forces you to be as such, but we can always change things.

This is where e-biking comes to the rescue.

People who use e-bikes are of course doing so instead of a passive means of transport such as a bus or car. Not only is it better for the environment but also for tackling the laziness out of our lives and instead. committing to hardcore training.

So it is not only the merits of e-biking itself that matter but also the mentality it helps shape, and that’s why athletes are showing an increased inclination towards it.

Cardio electric bikes Exercise

How To Use E-Bikes?

Using fastest e-bikes is not hard at all, the basics are the same except that you’ve got three options in this case:

Manual/Pedal Only

This is exactly like riding a regular bike, the motor does not exert any resistance against your pedaling, and you can change gears too.


This is somewhere in between pedaling and completely motorized operation. The motor simply augments your efforts, minimizing the exertion on your part. You can turn on the assist with the push of a button and set it to low, medium, or high.

Electric Only 

This mode allows you to ride the e-bike like a motorcycle or scooter, just twist the throttle (left handlebar) and you’ll see how your e-bike runs on its own.

Exercising With E-Bikes

With e-bikes, you have complete control over your exercise intensity. You can set the pedal-assist to low for a decent exercise or high when you’re feeling tired or trying to go against a slope.

You can customize the whole experience to optimize output and comfort.

For a cardio workout, you’ll have to ride your e-bike for at least twenty minutes straight, and that too is the bare minimum. However, with the convenience afforded by e-bikes, you won’t have any trouble with the time.

You will have to warm up a bit first, for around 5 minutes, and then pedal as hard as possible, perhaps in sets of 10 seconds, and you can do two dozens of such sets.

After this, allow yourself to cool down with some smooth pedaling, followed by a moderate pace for about 20 minutes, and then go for hard pedaling again. Remember to cool yourself off before you end the session.

Bottom Line

Are they worth it then? Of course, they are. It’s not as much about the intensity of the workout as accessibility, frequency, and consistency. E-bikes take the edge in all three areas as opposed to running or regular biking.

Expect to see more and more athletes training like this, and perhaps you’d want to join them too. If that is the case, then happy pedaling to you 🙂


Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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