Electric Bike Winter Storage Tips – Taking A Step Further To Ensure The Longevity Of Your E-bike

by Dejan 

February 20, 2023

Regardless of your whereabouts, the winter will come, sooner or later, just like the legendary series has told us! 

Although we don’t need to think too deeply like the people from past eras about certain issues that the winter cold might bring - there are still a handful of things that all e-bike enthusiasts need to keep in mind.

Owning an electric bike during the winter can prove troublesome for those who aren’t knowledgeable enough about what to do with their e-bike during the cold days.

So, to prevent any hazardous situations, we’ll talk about several electric bike winter storage tips that all e-bike enthusiasts should know.

Buckle your seatbelts and sit tight!


Storage Unit

Every single item you possess within your household, especially those closely connected to your e-bike, should have a designated spot where it is located. All of your e-biking accessories need to be placed somewhere safe.

The same applies to your e-bike, especially during the winter, as things become rather complicated in those cold months. Let’s get straight to the point:

If you own a garage that offers lots of free space - some of it should be reserved and occupied strictly for your electric bike. An e-bike is a valuable motorized bicycle worth several thousand dollars, depending on the price tag.

That’s a hefty price tag item that shouldn’t be forgotten at all times, especially during the winter colds, where the smallest mistake can cause a drastic decline in the total value of your e-bike.

Before you bring your e-bike inside the garage - try to clean the whole interior, or at the very least, where you wish to place your beloved e-bike.

In doing so, you’ll get rid of any residual dirt, alongside moving other objects that might fall directly on your e-bike, which can potentially damage it.

Only place your e-bike inside your garage if it's a cool and dry space - high humidity can be dangerous for your e-bikes, as they are sensitive to extreme temperatures, both highs and lows.

Try to keep the overall temperature inside the garage around 32 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit - anything above or below that can jeopardize the general well-being of your e-bike, hindering its longevity.

A quick side note - most e-bikes can hold up to -22 degrees Fahrenheit; however, certain parts integrated within the e-bike aren’t designed to withhold such a low temperature, so if you notice that the temperature dropped that low, you’ll need to adjust the temperature immediately.

All in all, the garage is the safest choice as a storage unit, as it offers a spacious place that can be easily configured to your liking so that your e-bike can remain safe and functional throughout the winter.

However, those fortunate enough to have a garage will need to dedicate a certain area within their house or apartment where an e-bike can remain throughout the winter.

In most situations, things get complicated in such environments, as you’ll need to check your e-bike regularly, so no damage ensues.

Items can fall more frequently on your e-bike, your kids or household pets are prone to play around it; the list goes on and on.

If you’re fortunate enough to possess a foldable e-bike, then the hassle won’t be as difficult, as you can simply fold it and store it someplace safe.


Cleaning Your E-bike

Regardless of whether you own a garage or not, the fat electric bike, just like every other vehicle you might possess, requires regular cleaning.

Depending on the type of your e-bike, this job can be easy or difficult. Some e-bikes feature advanced water resistance, which doesn’t allow any water to remain on the bike’s frame for an extended period.

Unfortunately, others don’t have water resistance, so you’ll need to dry them out before you store them in your garage. You can accomplish this by using an older towel or just plain tissues.

Keep in mind that tissues can easily fall apart when they become wet, so stay on the lookout for any wet pieces that might remain on the bike’s frame.

Even if you own a water-resistant e-bike - it’s important to remember that you should only apply the water through a special sprinkle that imitates the rain so that you don’t damage the e-bike’s integrity.

There are several instances where people have severely damaged their e-bikes when they use a pressure washer to clean their e-bike, so stay on high alert for those!

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the battery contacts, as they are the prime locations for corrosion. Also, lubing the chain goes a long way, so don’t forget to do that as well!

Storing The E-Bike Battery

The battery of an e-bike serves as the heart of the unit, so taking great care of the battery is essential for ensuring the longevity of your e-bike.

The best way to keep your batteries safe during the winter is to remove them from the e-bike and store them where humidity won’t affect them.

Any significant changes to the temperature can alter the chemistry within the battery, resulting in permanent damage. To ensure that doesn’t occur - store it in a special box and place it at room temperature.

Another important note when storing your e-bike’s battery is that (if possible),you should store it separately, and the battery should be empty when stored. If you store a battery that has some energy left in it, you may cause damage to your battery’s integrity, lowering its capacity and workload.

Electric Bike Winter Storage Tips - Conclusion

This topic is often overlooked, and people get into e-biking without the necessairy knowladge to protect their gear during unforgiving weather-related  circumstances.

So, before we depart, let’s briefly explain once more what are the top three electric bike winter storage tips:

  1. The storage unit needs to be safe and warm, regardless of whether it is a garage or if you place the e-bike directly into the house.

  2. Before you bring the e-bike inside, it needs to be cleaned and dried thoroughly.

  3. Remove the battery to ensure its longevity.

If you have other questions regarding e-bikes - feel free to browse our website!


Dejan is a tech enthusiast and a big bike lover. Since college days when he was constantly on the move, everything was done with one thing in mind - get an e-bike. Now with the dream finally realized, he's reviewing e-bikes and providing advice to all fellow e-bikers out there.

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