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Dearest biker, welcome to yet another review on your favorite transportation vehicle.

We've definitely been through some ups and downs, hopping on a lot of different models – more than you can even imagine. But, as you know, the fun never ends.

It's time to continue the tradition of neat picking bikes and giving a modest rating that will round up its performance but, more importantly, help you decide if this is the model for you or if it's better to wait for the next review.

It even rhymes, so let’s get right into reviewing.


First, a short background story about Vvolt e-bikes.

The company's founder, Kyle Ranson, is also the founder of Showers Pass, a brand that produces cycling apparel and gear.

This is actually one of the younger e-bike companies, with a humble beginning in 2019. The headquarters for both Vvolt and Shower Pass are in one place – Oregon, Portland.

Also, most of the workforce is located here.

The mission of Vvolt is to upgrade the design and maintenance of e-bikes, revolutionizing the rider experience and improving the vehicle. The way they’re trying to accomplish this is by equipping their bikes with carbon belts instead of the traditional chains that you’re used to.

Here's another fun fact about this company. 

They sponsor the University of Oregon and e-bike Design Studio, which is 

At the moment, you have a choice between 7 models: Alpha, Alpha S, Centauri, Centauri S, Sirius, Slice Lite, and PIE.


Things you should know before purchasing a Vvolt Electric Bike

  • Who are they for?

Before you enter the shop and start browsing, know that electric bikes are made for different rider profiles, different strengths, and in general, different goals.

Since today we are focused on Vvolt, this model of electric bikes is made for lighter adventures, so to speak.

These bikes are meant for ordinary riders, nothing too much or over the top.

Some of the activities that are ideal for Volt electric bikes are:

city transportation, urban communicating, traveling, recreational riding

  • What kind of Motor?

When it comes to riding Vvolt electric bikes, you have two options: 350W and 650W.

If you want to get this bike as a gift for your child, or someone who needs a better model than the lame, old traditional one, the 350w is the ideal milestone. 

Take it from us, it's enough for a smooth ride around the block. A rough estimate of the speed would be around 20mph, which is quite acceptable and recommended for urban areas.

Can you go up the hill with this one?

Well, it depends on the hill you're conquering. 

If you’re aiming at smaller hills or uneven terrains, the bike will prevail. 

However, don’t overestimate the power of this bad boy. Although it will take you through the city stress-free, it’s not ideal for hard-core adventures.

What about the second one, though?

The 650W, on the other hand, gives you a bit more power options. There's definitely a significant shift in speed with these models. For example, Centauri has this engine, and its max speed is around 31mph.

So it's safe to say that this is suitable for some less adventurous ventures. However, the main recommendation is that it should be somewhere nearby and not in unknown terrains.

As you know from previous reviews, workforce machines intended for unknown start from 750W and up.

Know your limits, guys!

  • What kind of Drive?

The major component that powers your e-bike is the motor. And in the case of Vvolt e-bikes, you’ve got two types: hub and mid-drive motors.

Let’s get into the essence of both of these. 

First, the hub-drive motor. It’s positioned on the front or rear wheel. This enables the propulsion by spinning the tire on which it is mounted.

If you're an inexperienced driver, however, this might be a common hiccup until you get used to it. You may find it harder to find balance or steer clear.

Next up, we have the mid-drive motor.

Unlike its hub partner, the mid-drive motor here is positioned directly in between the bike's pedals. And just like that, this ensures gravity, providing load balancing and creating the feeling of riding a traditional bike.

This type of engine will work better if you are not a professional. Simply, he will not feel the additional weight of the motor.

On the one hand, this is a huge relief, and we can understand why.

What you may not feel under your feet, but you will understand when you cover a certain part of the road, is the efficiency of this motor. It's no secret that mid-drive motorbikes translate into longer riding range.

So, if you have in mind trips over hilly areas this summer or simply plan to "enjoy the ride" on a long run, mid-drive motors it is.

  • What kind of Battery?

Low battery? No worries. Vvolt models come with a battery pack that will ensure that your machine runs smoothly.

Assuming you're not looking for a hassle, the 500Wh battery is the upgrade you need. It fits in the same space in the frame, and it's simple to change.

A great thing about this battery is that it provides you with up to 55 miles of range.

  • How far can the bike go?

The distance your loyal e-bike can travel depends on many factors, such as engine, battery, and so on.

While weaker engines are not intended for crazy and unforgettable adventures, the more powerful ones can still take you to the end of the world and back (of course, with occasional battery charging).

As for Vvolt e-bikes, they belong to the first group. However, don't get it twisted. Just because they aren't synonymous with rocketry doesn't mean they can't live up to your expectations.

On the contrary, fully charged and equipped, your Vvolt e-bike can drive you 40 miles, more or less. This is quite great for motors of 350W and 650W.

  • How much does it cost?

If you are a faithful reader of bike reviews, you must have found yourself in a situation where you gasped when you saw the price tag on a bike you like.

What can you say – it's the market.

We often come across models that are overpriced and less and less those that can fit into the spending power of ordinary bike enthusiasts.

What we can say with certainty is that Vvolt bikes are a fresh surprise. 

Unlike some others that have seen the light of reviews, these bikes are actually budget-friendly, with prices ranging from around $1,000 to $2,000 – depending on the model.

  • Always test your bike.

Before you open your wallet or sign a check, there’s one more crucial thing you have to do – take your favorite for a test drive.

Although skimming through specs will help you understand the power of your bike, nothing compares to a good-old test drive.

If you’re up for an adventure, you don’t want to end up with a model that’s merely a commuter – and vice versa.

So, without further ado – here’s a rundown of the most popular models of Vvolt bikes and what are their pros and cons.

Top 7 Vvolt E-bikes for 2024

The first on our list is Alpha. 

And right off the bat, you can say that it’s a classic commuter e-bike. Vvolt's Alpha has a simple design and comes in two colors: slate and chalk white. It is very economical and was created for simple needs: a trip to the supermarket, school, park, or general recreational driving.

This is evidenced by the fact that this bad boy is equipped with a 350W engine. 

So, if you were planning to go to hilly areas with this commuter e-bike, think again. Although this engine will be able to take you 15-40 miles, it is not 100% that you will be able to overtake gravel roads or similar.

Vvolt Alpha Electric Bike Review

You might be able to get to some point, but you’ll have lots of trouble pushing through – and that’s not on your list.

The key with Alpha is keeping it simple and affordable for everyone who wants easy driving. This model comes in two sizes. The first S/M size is available for those who are 5'2" to 6" and M/L, 5'9" to 6'4".


  • Simplicity in the design
  • Able to go 20mph
  • Two colors available
  • Hydraulic brakes paired with 160nm rotors


  • Doesn’t come with a throttle
  • It isn’t suitable for hilly areas
  • The battery only available in 375wh

Now, the closest cousin of the previous model – Alpha S.

Although it’s a slightly smaller model, it still comes in two sizes, which is awesome.

Basically, you have S/M size, which is intended for height from 4'9" to 5'8", which is very generous. Therefore, it is also suitable for kids who want to try this e-bike

Another size is L/LX which is made for people between 5'7" and 6'1". Although this is a smaller gap than the first one, it's definitely a plus for this model.

Vvolt Sirius bike

The Vvolt Alpha S model is by no means intended for some fast and demanding outdoor adventures and hilly areas. This model is not a furious machine, but it’s very useful in terms of reaching point B from point A.

The engine on this model is far from the previous workhorse machine that we reviewed and is 350W. Frankly, this is more than enough for everyday driving in the city, a trip to the market, school, work, and some short recreation – but nothing more than that.

Even commuter bikes like the Vvolt Alpha S are equipped with hydraulic brakes that guarantee safety when it's time to put a stop. These brakes carry a gold medal compared to the others, mostly due to efficiency and performance.


  • A minimalist design
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Powerful hydraulic brakes
  • 5.5 hours to be 100% charged


  • It isn’t meant for hilly areas
  • Front and rear lights are not integrated
  • A single-speed e-bike

Up next is Centauri – the first in line with a slightly stronger mission and engine. Unlike the Alpha models, this one’s equipped with a 650W motor, offering higher speed and an enhanced rider experience.

The design is slightly different. With this model, the frame is flatter, not concave, giving it a sporty look. Also, this model is ready to carry a little more weight – 51 lbs.

What's awesome about this bike is that it offers an Enviolo internal gear hub. Basically, you just twist the shifter, and you'll find the perfect gear.

Vvolt Centauri

You can't miss this one – pedaling, coasting, or stopping, you're on the right track.

And just like a cherry on top, this model comes with a removable battery. Just a simple twist, and you’re all done.


  • Enviolo internal gear hub
  • Removable battery
  • Suitable for hilly areas


  • No suspension
  • The range is lackluster for the price

We also have another mini-one here. Centauri S is a sleek commuter. Just like most suits from this brand, there is no excessive emphasis, and all the cable is neatly tucked inside the frame.

A sight for sore eyes!

The model's pretty lightweight, only 51 lbs, so even if you add some accessories of your own, you won't have trouble keeping up on the road. And just like the others, it comes in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

Vvolt Centauri S

The only thing that could be upgraded is the front suspension. It's a commuter bike, we get it, but the pavement is not in the best condition everywhere. This would make the ride even more smooth and safe for you, wouldn't you say so?


  • 650W engine
  • A lower-top tube
  • MPF mid-drive motor


  • The range could be better considering the price
  • No suspension

Finally, we have a candidate for slightly more dangerous driving, so to speak. The Vvolt Sirius model is made for rough roads but nothing that is beyond your current capabilities.

This model will help you overcome cracked pavements in your city, unexpected gravel roads in your short adventure, and even occasional hops around curbs.

Nice, for a commuter bike, wouldn't you say so?

The surprise doesn't stop there. If you choose Sirius as your loyal companion, you can rest assured because there's a built-in torque sensor that automatically adjusts assistance.

Vvolt Sirius bike

No matter how hard you pedal, you're safe.

And once you're done pedaling, there's a removable 375W battery, sleekly nested into the frame, and it takes only 5 hours to be fully charged.


  • Enviolo TR internal planetary hub
  • Removable and lockable battery for security
  • Simple and unique display and control system
  • Gear change when you’re not pedaling


  • Underwhelming battery capacity
  • A bit pricey because of its separated parts

Up next, we have an interesting model -- Slice Lite. The first thing that MUST be mentioned is that this is a single-speed drivetrain mode. Once you hop on this bad boy, you can switch between pedal assist and the twist throttle.

It offers up to 20 miles of pedal riding and can carry around 40 pounds on the rear rack - but don't go overboard with it.

Vvolt Slice Lite

The battery? A solid 8/10.

It has a 500Wh battery pack that adds 50 miles on a single charge (and this would be around 5h, as with other models).

Although this is a light ride, it is important to say that the oval model is equipped with hydraulic brakes, making your ride smooth and safe.


  • Extended mile range, up to 50 miles
  • Can carry 40 pounds in the rear rack
  • Hydraulic brakes


  • No suspension
  • The motor is not torquey enough

7. PIE

There is no other word -- Volt's PIE model is a classic commuter and your loyal companion.

At first glance, this model is very compact, equipped, and ready for a light cruise around the city. This commuter can go up to 80 miles on a single charge with a 100Wh battery, which is exceptional.

The top speed is 28mph, enough to get you where you need to be and when you need to be.

Vvolt PIE

Also, if you are in a hurry and suddenly find yourself crowded in the city, don't fret.

In addition to GPS and a 4G smart system, this model also has hydraulic brakes to ensure a 100% safe and smooth ride.

Oh, yeah, I completely forgot to mention.

You can put in a reservation for this one – it’ll start shipping in late 2024.


  • Tool-free adjustable handlebar
  • 80 lbs
  • Integrated multi-vision lights
  • 500Wh+ battery


  • Not available yet
  • Not as budget-friendly as other models
  • Pretty heavy
  • No suspension


It's wrap-up time for Vvolt e-bikes.

Most of the models check out all the boxes for light commuter e-bikes. The frames leave more than enough space for your legs, the brakes are definitely on-point, and charging time won't take up the entire day – no worries.

Any complaints about the models we reviewed? Well, maybe just a tiny one.

We’d like to see them in more colors and with a stronger battery. Currently, on their website, most models are available in slate and chalk white (which is currently unavailable). 

Also, just because they’re commuter bikes doesn’t mean they should be tied to a low-performing battery.

But overall, Vvolt e-bikes are definitely a cute little ride, and they’re budget-friendly.

For a complete scoop, down to the tiniest detail, jump over to the best all-terrain off-road E-Bikes list. There, you’ll find everything you need about anything.


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