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Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo E-Bike Banner

August 15, 2023

The GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo Electric Bike represents an interesting choice for those who want to get more done with less effort. This fat-tire eBike provides an easy way for busy parents and professionals alike to transport groceries, kids, and other daily needs.

But is it worth almost $2000? Let's take a closer look at this Cargo e-bike and deliver our verdict.

The GAROOTAN M-81 is a powerful and reliable urban family cargo bike with an impressive 48V*750W motor that supports up to 907 peak watts, making it the ideal choice for tackling any terrain.

This step-through fat tire eBike features a dedicated inner ring that improves heat resistance, quietness and boosts its dissipation performance - perfect for those who love going out on long rides! With smooth acceleration and high torque from the motor, this electric bike can reach speeds of up to 28mph with pedal assist support.

This is quite a high top speed for a cargo bike, and we did not feel the need to ever go faster during our testing.


Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo E-Bike Battery

GAROOTAN M-81 electric bike features a large UL CERTIFIED 48V*20AH batter (960WH) with Samsung battery cells. The UL certification means it's safe, at least by international standards, and you can expect to get the rated performance from GAROOTAN M-81 even after years of riding.

The latest high-capacity 21700 battery cell (reaching 5000 mAh) has a higher max discharge current. It's rated as 3C, while its previous version - Samsung 18650 - is 2C and can only provide 2600mAh.

This upgrade goes hand in hand with the high top speed previously mentioned.

Pedal Assist & Throttle Mode

Choosing the level of assistance was never a problem during our testing. Seven different levels of pedal assist are handy for different gradients.

When you are on rough trails or climbs, you can easily switch to the most powerful motor mode and propel forward with less pedaling. However, you should clearly understand that the higher your chosen assistance level, the more it drains your battery.

Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo Electric Bike Pedal Assist

Similarly, if you get tired, you can quickly switch to throttle mode to ride this step through the fat-tire eBike like a motorbike.

In this case, as well, the battery is drained more quickly since you are not providing assistance.

Integrated Rear Rack

Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 Integrated Rear Rack

The integrated rear rack is a real handy feature for those who need a larger carrying capacity. It helps to carry larger cargo like kids, pets, and other items without feeling any load on your back.

The GAROOTAN M-81's integrated rear rack can support up to a maximum of 350 lbs, enough to carry two adults or multiple children on the same trip. However, we strongly advise you do not give a lift to more than one person at a time, for safety reasons!

Also, the long rear rack is practical for food delivery or courier service.

The rear rack also makes this cargo ebike suitable for outdoor hobbyists. Want to spend a relaxing evening outside or go on an outdoor adventure? The GAROOTAN M-81 can take all your gear with ease.

The rack is welded into the frame of the GAROOTAN M-81 electric bike for extra stability. It is also adjustable for varying loads and has anti-slip rubber to keep your cargo in place no matter the terrain.


The payload capacity of this electric cargo bike family is 350 lbs. Let's break this down. The payload includes:

  • rider weight

  • cargo weight

  • but not bike weight

The maximum weight of the rider (if you want to load cargo) is 275 lbs. You can load up to 75 lbs of cargo on this longtail bike.

Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo E-Bike Payload

This payload capacity is enough for more than one person as well as a small to medium cargo load.

Riding Range

This step-through fat tire eBike has a 105+ mile long riding range, which is enough for daily use and long trips. of course, we found the range to be greatly affected by our riding style, speed, terrain, load weight, and the level of assistance we choose.

While saying this, we were very impressed with how the bike performed when it came to range. The GAROOTAN M-81 electric bike will not let you down as it has been designed to provide a longer range than many electric bikes in the market.

If you ride at around 16 miles per hour on flat terrain with no cargo load, then you can expect to go 105 miles with this bike before recharging it. On hilly terrains and carrying cargo, the range may vary from 50 to 80 miles depending upon your riding style.


Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo E-Bike Tires

GAROOTAN M-81 has 20*4.0" reflective strip durable tires, which are designed to provide maximum grip and stability. These tires are suitable for riding on all terrains, whether it is a sandy beach or hilly terrain.

The tires also have an anti-slip layer that provides extra grip while riding on slippery surfaces. It helps you to gain control over the electric bike even when you encounter unexpected surprises like puddles or snow.

Addmotor boasts about the newly designed stab-resistant tires that have large convex glue tread patterns that help you avoid a flat tire on your trip.

We think it's a great choice for urban riders who want to enjoy the freedom of riding a step through a fat tire cargo ebike and stay safe on the way.

Pros of GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo Electric Bike


  • Very comfortable for carrying cargo or for traveling with family, thanks to the integrated rear rack.
  • Highly efficient motor and battery with great torque that provides the rider with smooth and effortless rides.
  • Durable tires with an anti-slip layer provide sufficient grip in all terrain conditions.
  • Long range of 105+ miles on flat terrain.

Cons of GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo Electric Bike


  • Does not have a pad/seat for the passenger on the track. Sometimes, this can be uncomfortable for the passenger.
  • The battery takes up to 8 hours to fully charge. Some other electric bike models on the market have quicker charging rates.
  • It's tough to pedal once it runs out of battery.


Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 is a great choice for cyclists who want to enjoy the freedom of riding without worrying about their cargo. It has been designed with a powerful motor and battery, an adjustable rear rack, a long range of 105+ miles on flat terrain, and durable tires that provide excellent grip in all terrains.

If you want to take your kids to more outdoor activities, or if you need to carry groceries or goods in your life or work, the GAROOTAN M-81 cargo electric bike is one of your best choices. This electric cargo bike is available online for an affordable price.

Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo
Our Rating - 90/100

With a highly efficient motor and battery that provides smooth, effortless rides and a durable anti-slip tire that provides grip in all terrain conditions, this bike is designed to handle whatever you throw its way. And with a long range of 105+ miles on flat terrain, you can ride worry-free, whether you need to carry groceries or goods for work, or want to take your kids on outdoor adventures!

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The Electric-Biking Contributor Team consists a dedicated team of professional athletes and enthusiasts of electric bikes. We have several members in a team that are real experts in the electric bike battery field and electric bike maintenance. Each of our contributors has owned their electric bike for a minimum of 2–4 years.

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  1. Great cargo bike for my needs

    I received this bike as a gift for my 60th birthday, as I like to take small trips to the shop, without having to drive my car.

    The bike serves really well as a cargo bike, I only have to charge it once a week (the battery capacity is terrific), and I have never had an issue where the groceries I bought would be too heavy to fit on the cargo rack.

    Great gift! Love my M81.

  2. Love this bike. Very comfortable, sturdy, durable.

    This is a great e-bike, especially for bigger riders. I’ve had it for nearly a year, and it has been a great commuter bike for me for running errands and riding around the city.

    Of note, the 5′ 9″ max rider height is not correct. I am 5’11” and I like an abnormally high seat, and this bike fits me great. If you are 5-9 to 6′, give it a test ride. It’ll likely be a good fit.

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