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by Ruaan Nel 

May 18, 2023

Addmotor New Model Banner

Addmotor is a known brand with more than ten years of experience in the R&D of electric bikes.
Electric trike is one of Addmotor's outstanding product lines which offers the best quality and impressive range of e-trike.

Addmotor electric trike has recently been the top-selling e-trike in the market, with its Grandtan M-340 being at the top of the list. But Addmotor keeps improvising and updating its products with advanced features and better quality electrical and mechanical components.

So the two new models of Addmotor electric trikes have recently been launched, named Soletri 366x and Herotri 365x adult electric tricycle, and here’s what you can expect from the new Addmotor electric trikes.

addmotor 365x

HEROTRI M-365X E-trike

All these models of Addmotor electric trikes are updated with EB 2.0 system with 750 Watt motor power and 20 Ah battery that provides a long range. They are equipped with an efficient lighting system and a 5-inch LCD.

Addmotor has recently launched two new models of adult electric tricycles with updated and improvised features that provide a much better experience to the riders. So here are some of the main components you can find in the newly launched models of the Addmotor electric trike.  

The new model of Addmotor electric trikes are equipped with a powerful 750 Watt Bafang front-mounted brushless motor. The powerful 750-watt electric motor allows you to climb the hills on your adult electric tricycle smoothly and conveniently. The electric motor is best for any type of riding, whether daily commuting or long travel riding. The powerful electric motor of the Addmotor electric trike provides fast acceleration while keeping the electric tricycle in a balanced state.  

M365 engine

The new 366x and 365x models of the Addmotor electric trike comes with both throttle and pedal assist system. The pedal assist system has 7 levels, allowing you to choose the varying speed and pedal assistance. When you are tired or in a hurry and don’t want to pedal at all, you can use the half-twist throttle with variable speed control according to your preference.      


The battery is the main component of an e-trike. The higher the capacity of an electric trike battery, the longer the distance you can cover on your 3-wheel electric bike.

The M-365x and M-366x electric trike has a large 20 Ah lithium-ion battery that provides a range of 85 miles on a single charge.

It takes about 8 to 10 hours to charge the 20 Ah lithium-ion battery of an Addmotor electric trike.

Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo E-Bike Battery


The frame design plays a huge role in providing comfort and stability to the riders, especially in providing convenience in getting on and off the electric trike. 

The 366x and 365x models of the Addmotor electric trike are built with a solid and durable 6601 aluminum alloy frame.

All the features of both models are somewhat similar, but one of the differences between the two is their frame design. 

The 366x e-trike has a lower step-through frame design, whereas the 365x e-trike has a step-over frame. So if we talk about which electric trike is best in terms of mounting the e-trike conveniently, then it is Soletri 366x electric trike due to its lower step-through frame, which doesn’t require a lot of effort or movement in getting on and off the e-trike.

Another great thing about the new models of Addmotor electric trike is that they come with a rear and front suspension that provides maximum comfort and a smooth and bump-free riding experience, even on the roughest surfaces. Both the models of the Soletri M-366x and Herotri M-365x offer a beautiful color palette. The 366X e-trike comes in army green, yellow, orange, red, Neptune blue, and white. The 365X e-trike comes in sky blue, yellow, orange, red, and white.


The new models of Addmotor electric trike are equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brake.

The same brakes are present in all other models of Addmotor electric trike. Then you might wonder what makes the newly launched M-365x,M-366x electric trike different from the other models. It’s the new parking brakes feature that makes the newly launched models stand out. 

The parking brakes let the 3-wheel electric bike stay where you leave or park it. It prevents the e-trike from rolling away from its place as you make a short trip to a grocery store. It’s a very useful feature that was missing in the previous models. 

An electric tricycle for two adults

all terrain electric trike

You might wonder what we mean by an electric tricycle for two adults. So the newly launched Addmotor 365X and 366X 3-wheel electric bikes can easily accommodate two adults. They come with a comfortable, faux leather banana seat which is 23” x 8.5” inches in size, which means it is fairly large enough to carry two people. So on this electric tricycle, you can let any passenger sit behind you, be it your friend, your partner, or even your children, which you couldn’t on the previous models of the Addmotor electric trike. You can travel around the city with your friend or drop your child at school or college on this newly launched Addmotor electric trike.

Footrest board

Another difference between the two new models of the Addmotor electric trike is the presence of a wooden footrest board. The Soletri 366X adult electric tricycle with the step-through frame also has a wooden footrest board, while the 365X e-trike does not have a footrest board. The footrest board makes it easier to get on and off the electric trike, preventing the risk of falls and injuries for adults. It also provides a platform to keep your feet at rest when using a throttle mode or when you feel tired after continuous pedaling.

Fat tires

Like all other previous models of Addmotor electric trike, the new 366X and 365X models also have fat tires. The 20” x 4” wide Kenda tires provide maximum stability and a comfortable riding experience, even on rough terrains and hills. The fat tires are durable and resistant to frequent punctures and wear and tear. The extra width of the tires provides the e-trike with a better grip on the roads, thus resulting in maximum stability during the ride.

Pros and cons of M-366X and M-365X Addmotor electric trikes


  • Rear and Front suspension

  • Banana seat can accommodate two people
  • Parking brake is nice extra
  • Very long range for its size (big battery)


  • Long battery recharging time
  • On the heavy side (hard to transport by car or carry around)


The new models of the Addmotor electric trike have all the features that can provide you with the best riding experience. They can be your best purchase, especially if you are looking for an electric tricycle for two adults, which you won't find anywhere else.    

About the author

Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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