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Aventon Abound

After producing some of the best commuters and fat-tire e-bikes in the world, Aventon has moved on to tackle another challenge - creating an affordable (and comfortable) cargo bike.

Enter, Abound - Aventons latest e-bike. It features more than enough cargo space to pack a smaller house, all whilst providing a decent range and ample power.

Abound is the culmination of everything Aventon engineers learned while designing and producing previous models. The bike is sturdy, gorgeous to look at, and incredibly accessible.

What do I mean by accessibility? Well, you don’t even have to turn the pedals to get this bike zooming. Just engage the thumb throttle and enjoy.

Aventon Abound Frame

The frame design on the Abound is very much similar to Avenutre. They practically have the same downtube and handlebars. Sure, the stem on the handlebars is a bit longer, but that’s because of the whole geometry of the bike.

Another thing Abound and Aventure share in common is heft. This ebike weighs a whopping 88 pounds.

However, that’s a pretty common heft for a cargo e-bike. After all, Abound isn’t meant to be lugged upstairs. It’s meant to be parked in the garage. I don’t know why you would buy a bike like this if you don’t have a garage - you’d be better off with just about any commuter out there.

Since Abound is meant for lugging cargo around, it comes with ample space. For starters, it comes with a massive rear cargo rack that can fit almost two adults or a week's worth of groceries.

Speaking of transporting people, Abound comes with footboards to make your passenger’s riding experience as comfy as possible.

But wait, there’s more! There’s also a storage bag niftily tucked right below the seat post. The bag is fully waterproof and tough, which makes it perfect for stashing away your most precious and delicate items.

And if you want even more storage or something a bit more especially, you can find all kinds of accessories in the Aventon store. There’s a seat pad, rear and front rack baskets, panniers, and much more.

Some accessories are pretty overpriced, so I hope you’re ready to burn a hole in your wallet.

Now, since there’s so much cargo capacity, you need some sort of suspension, right? Right! This is why the Abound comes with front suspension with 50 mm of travel.

While you might think that’s not a lot, you need to consider this e-bike is meant to be ridden over the pavement. So, unless you’re planning on hitting every pothole you encounter, 50 mm of travel is more than enough.

My only pet peeve with the frame is the front-light placement. It’s attached to the suspension forks, which is a bit too low for my taste. It makes adjusting it mid-ride a mild pain in the ass.


Aventon Abound Motor

A bike that can chug along with 440 pounds of cargo needs a beefy motor. This is why Abound features a beastly 750W rear hub motor.

But that’s just the nominal power. The motor can churn out even more if you push it. To be more exact, it can output 1130 watts if the need arises.

Basically, this is the same motor as the one on the Aventure 2, but since Abound is even heftier than the Aventure, it can develop a top speed of 20 MPH.

Honestly, you don’t need more speed than that. Imagine how difficult to control this bike would be when fully loaded up and zooming around at 28 MPH. 

You’d turn a leisurely ride into a life-and-death situation.

At least you still have that amazing torque - 80 Nm of torque, to be more exact. Even if you live in the Himalayas and have to ride up a vertical mountain with this much torque, it’ll be child’s play. 

Another thing Aventon carried over from the Aventure 2 is the torque sensor. I’m pretty happy about that since their new sensors are extremely responsive. In other words, the second you apply force to the petals, the sensor will engage the motor.

Of course, if you’re not a fan of cardio, you can always use the thumb throttle. It’s located on the left-hand side of the handlebars.

Unfortunately, I noticed the bike was kind of sluggish to accelerate when running on the throttle. Abound should be anything but sluggish with that powerful of a motor. I guess it takes more than just 750W of power to push this beast.

One thing that certainly ain’t sluggish is the LCD display. Quite the contrary, it’s incredibly responsive, well-lit, and chock full of useful riding info. You can even pair it with your phone and get even more information about your ride, such as calories burned, your current location, elevation, and more.


Abound comes with a pretty beefy battery for a cargo bike. It’s rated at 750 Wh, which translates into around 22 miles of range if you’re using only the throttle.

You can extend the range for an additional 35 miles if you use the eco PAS mode and ride the bike at half its max speed. 50 miles of range on a single charge is nothing to scoff at. If you use the throttle sparingly, you can ride the Abound for a couple of weeks before a recharge.

This is pretty standard for most cargo e-bikes in this price range. Unfortunately, you can’t have a bike that can carry this much stuff and have as much range as a commuter. The more weight, the more juice the motor has to draw to keep the bike rolling.

Just like on the Aventure 2, the battery on the Abound is located in the side of the downtube. It’s pretty well-hidden since it comes with a custom cover plate.

Unfortunately, you can’t get a spare battery as of me writing this review. I hope Aventon fixes that problem soon. I would like to have a spare battery just so I have no downtime since it can take up to 6 hours for a full recharge.

At least it’s not fully integrated. If you don’t want to charge it while it’s inside the bike, you can remove it and take it somewhere more convenient.


Aventon Abound Brakes

Yet another thing Abound and Aventure 2 share are the brakes. Both bikes come with Terko HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes with 180-millimeter rotors

The brakes are pretty adequate for this bike.

They perform admirably well. I rode this bike all over my town, and not once did I have a problem with them during the review. 

I even tried loading the bike with as much weight as possible and braking downhill. Even when the odds were stacked against the brakes, they still managed to get me to a complete stop in just a couple of feet.

The wheels didn’t even skid once.


Abound comes with  20″ x 2.4″ Innova City tires. They don’t offer a lot of grip, but they don’t have to. They’re meant for riding over good old pavement and nothing else.

After all, why would you ride a cargo bike on an offroad trail? If you want a dose of adventure, you can always go for Aventure 2.

One little detail I like about the Innova City tires is the reflective walls. This will make you more visible to other motorists, which is crucial if you’re planning on transporting your kids.

Aventon Abound Tires


Aventon Abound Comfort

Abound is a pretty comfy bike as long as you’re under 6 foot. Once you get over that threshold, the bike starts getting uncomfortable. This is because it’s pretty short.

Even with the saddle protracted all the way out, I still couldn’t find a comfortable riding position.

However, once I gave this bike to a friend who’s around 10 inches shorter than me, he had a blast riding this bike.

This is the case with most cargo bikes. After all, you need a low center of gravity if you want to remain stable while zooming around with 440 pounds of cargo.

Other than that, the bike is a dream to ride. The front suspension does a terrific job at absorbing road shock - ensuring one smooth riding experience.

What I Like About Aventon Abound

While I’m not personally a fan of cargo bikes, that doesn’t mean I can’t see value in them.

For starters, the Abound comes with more than enough cargo space to pack a house. And if you want more, you can always buy one of many accessories from the Aventon store, including front and back baskets, seat pads, and more.

Although a bit sluggish, the motor on this bike is a beast. With 1130 watts of peak power and 80 Nm of torque, there’s no hill you won’t be able to climb. 

The range is also pretty decent. I mean, there are plenty of e-bikes in this price range that provide twice as much range, but none can lug around 440 pounds of cargo.

What I Don’t Like About Aventon Abound

The list of things I don’t like about the Abound is pretty short. 

I don’t like how there are no spare batteries in the shop. I guess Aventon hasn’t managed to roll them out in time.

While I’m pretty sure most of you won’t have a problem using just one battery, I always like to keep a spare. This way, I eliminate recharge downtime as well as extend the battery lifespan since they have a limited number of recharge cycles.

Advice To Consumers

Abound is a perfect choice for anyone that’s looking for an e-bike they can use for grocery shopping as well as driving kids around town. The bike provides a perfect blend of power, range, and comfort you don’t often see among cargo bikes at this price range.

Aventon Abound
Our Rating - 84/100

Sleek and spacey - Aventon Abound is one of the best cargo e-bikes on the market. And for a good reason. This bike offers a perfect mix of power, range, cargo space, and comfort. This is something you don’t often see in this price range.

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