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Aventon Aventure2

When Aventon released the Aventure e-bike it was almost an instant hit. And for a good reason. The bike provided a ton of range, had a decent motor, and the ride was buttery smooth.

However, the bike had issues. For starters, the torque sensor was unresponsive, to say the least. I don’t know if it was improperly configured or just the best one they could fine, but it took quite a while for it to figure out when it should turn on the motor.

Another issue was the range. Sure, 45 miles is decent, but not for a $1900 bike. Other bikes in the same price range offered 60 miles of range.

Aventure 2 still has some problems left over from its predecessor, but most issues have been cleared up.

Aventure2 Frame

Aventure 2 has practically the same frame as its predecessor. The only difference is in the colors. I have absolutely no qualms about this. After all, why change something that already works admirably?

Aventure 2 rocks a sleek, hydroformed aluminum alloy frame. The only thing that’s chonky on it is the down tube, but that’s because it houses the battery.

I like the simple design. The simpler you make something, the fewer things are going to break. This bike is a perfect example of that. The massive downtube provides more than enough structural integrity.

I’m pretty sure you can drop the Aventon 2 from a second story, and nothing would break - it’s that sturdy.

Speaking of heights, I sure hope you’re not planning on carrying this e-bike anywhere. It weighs a whopping 77 pounds. So, if you’re living in an apartment building without a secure bike locker, you’re basically screwed. But hey, at least you’re going to get a great workout.

I forgot to mention that Aventon 2 comes in both step-throughs and step-over flavors. I would recommend you get a step-through Aventon since it’s a tad bit sleeker. That, and it’s easier to get on and off. 

Now, onto the fenders.

The fenders on the Aventon 2 haven’t been updated, which is something that mildly annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, they work great 99% of the time - until you run into the mud.

For some reason, the back wheel throws mud over the fenders. I guess that’s because of the fat tires. So, if it’s muddy outside, you don’t want to be riding the Aventure 2 - that is, unless you like mud sports.


Aventure2 Motor

Just like the original, Aventure 2 also comes with a 750-watt motor.

I’m glad the guys didn’t fiddle with it since it’s already a beast of a motor.

Those 750 watts are just its nominal power. This puppy can churn out an additional 380 watts if the need arises.

This is not where the good stuff ends, oh no. The motor produces somewhere around 80 Nm of torque.

If you don’t know what that means, let me give you a quick rundown. The more torque, the more power the motor can output to the wheels instantly. So, with 80 Nm of torque, you’re able to reach the top speed of 28 MPH in mere seconds.

One major improvement over the original Aventure was made in the torque sensor department. 

As I mentioned in the intro, the original Aventure was a sluggish beast. It took a while for the torque sensor to figure out when it should engage the motor.

I’m ecstatic to report that the sensor on the Aventure 2 is one of the most responsive I’ve had the pleasure of testing. The second you apply pressure on the pedals, you can feel the motor kicking in.

As for the controls, they’re as simple as they can be. There’s a control cluster on the righthand side of the handlebars that turns the motor on and off, allows you to switch between 4 levels of pedal assist, as well as turn on the light.

Right below it, there’s also the thumb throttle. So, if you ever get tired of riding the Aventure the old fashion way, just stick your thumb out and start zooming at full speed.

There’s also a gorgeous LCD display smack dab in the middle of the handlebars. It’s in color and displays all the usual info about your ride - current speed, battery charge, PAS level, etc.

And if you want more details about your ride, you can pair the bike with the Aventon app. The app has a pretty decent google maps integration as well as a plethora of information about your ride, such as calories burned, elevation, and much, much more.


One of the biggest problems with the original Aventure was the range. It came with a pretty underpowered battery.

Don’t get me wrong, 45 miles is a lot of range, but not for an e-bike that’s priced just a sliver under $2000.

Thankfully, this is not the case with Aventure 2. This e-bike comes with a 48-volt, 15 Ah battery that can provide enough juice to take you for around 60 miles.

Of course, you can only get this range if you ride the bike on PAS 1. As you up the PAS level, the range drops off, but not that significantly. 

In my case, I managed to squeeze out around 40 miles on PAS 4, which is damn impressive for a budget-friendly fat tire e-bike.

You can charge the battery while it’s inside the bike, or you can remove it and take it with you.

I love the custom plate that conceals it in the frame. If only Aventon included these custom plates with spare batteries, it would save a lot of pain having to remove the one that comes with the e-bike.

As for the recharge time, it’s pretty standard. If the battery is completely out of juice, it will take around 5 hours to recharge. So, if you’re going to use it for daily commuting, I recommend you get a spare.


Aventure2 Brakes

Manufacturers usually cheap out on the brakes. Thankfully, this is not the case with Aventure 2.

This chunker of a bike comes with Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors. 

While a far cry from professional hydraulic brakes, the HD-E350 does its job admirably well.

No matter how wet, cold, or dirty they get, you’ll have no trouble coming to a full stop in just a couple of feet.

Just be careful how you brake when zooming at full speed. 

Because of the fat tires, the bike is pretty difficult to control, and when you add skidding to the mix, you get a recipe for disaster.


One of Aventure 2’s main selling points are the fat tires. And these are certainly some chunky tires.

They measure 26 x 4 inches and provide more than enough cushion for the pushin’, if you know what I mean.

If you don’t, what I meant was they provide ample shock absorption. This might not be too important for those that are going to ride this beast over pavement, but for those with more adventurous ideas, this is a big deal.

Unfortunately, since there’s no rear suspension, you will feel some road shock, but nothing overly serious. Don’t worry, you won’t get sore if you take this baby for a spin on your local offroad trail.

Aventure2 Tires


Aventure2 Comfort

The Aventure 2 is as comfortable as an e-bike can get.

The front suspension and the fat tires work in combination to absorb most of the road shock, resulting in a pretty smooth riding experience.

The only way Aventon could’ve made this bike even comfier is by adding rear suspension. But, that would drive the price through the roof.

Since I’m on the taller side, I was worried I would have issues assuming a comfortable riding position. Thankfully, this bike is large enough even for me. I did have to raise the seat for quite a bit, but that’s the case with literally every bike I ride.

The one thing I had trouble with was controlling this beast at high speeds. This is because the tires are so big that they mess with maneuverability.

I recommend you slow down when approaching sharp turns unless you want to find out how it feels to slam the ground at 28 miles per hour.

What I Like About Aventon Aventure 2

Honestly, what’s not to like about Aventure 2? This bike is a perfect blend of a commuter and an adventure bike. 

You get a beast of a motor that will get you up even the steepest of hills without breaking a sweat. On top of that, it’s pretty torquey, too, so you’ll get those 750 watts of power delivered nearly instantly.

The battery is just as beefy as the motor. Although 60 miles is pretty average for a bike in this price range, it’s an improvement over the measly 45 miles the original Aventure offered.

Oh, and then there are the wheels. Although they make maneuvering the bike a bit of a chore, they can find grip on just about any surface. And since they’re almost as fat as motorcycle tires, they’ll absorb most of the road shock.

What I Don’t Like About Aventon Aventure 2

Most of the things I don't like about the Aventure are the leftovers from the original.

First off, the bike is as heavy as an elephant. I honestly hope you don’t have to lug this bike upstairs. Even lifting this bike slightly makes me feel like I’m going to get a hernia.

Another thing that ergs me a bit is the downgraded derailleur. Sure, Shimano Altus is more than fine for an e-bike in this price range, but the original one came with Acera, which is a step above when it comes to quality.

Advice To Consumers

If you’re looking for a bike that can zoom you around town and surrounding offroad trails - the Aventure 2 is your best choice. It’s reasonably priced, comes with a beastly motor, has a decent range and is sleek to boot.

Aventon Aventure2
Our Rating - 90/100

Fast, comfortable and affordable, the Aventure 2 is a perfect pick for anyone that wants to add a dose of adventure (pun intended) in their daily commuting. With an upgraded torque sensor and increased range, this e-bike is a marked improvement over the original.

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  1. Aventon Aventure 2

    I have an Aventon Aventure 2 and today I made a stop for about 30 minutes and I used the off/on button on the handlebars came back and it would not restart. I took the battery out and put back in and still would not start. I had only done about 5 miles on level 2 assist. The battery was at 98% when I stopped. Anyone have this happen? I’m calling company tomorrow but I was just curious.

    1. Hello,
      You have to turn the battery back on. It has an automatic shut off after about 10 minutes. It will also do that if you lean the handlebars on something and the brakes are getting pushed it will not start either..

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