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Bezior is one of those e-bike companies that popped out during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, unlike other companies, they didn’t fade into obscurity.

Quite the contrary, this company made a big splash in the market by producing affordable, fun, and comfy e-bikes.

XF001 is a perfect example of what Bezior stands for. This bike comes with a pretty decent motor, gigantic tires, and an out-of-this-world seat, and it is stylish to boot.

The only thing holding this bike back is the battery.

But hey, you can’t have everything when you’re on a budget. In terms of price to performance, this bike is as good as it gets.

The main reason why I decided to review this bike is because of its frame. I’m a bit of a sucker for moped-like e-bikes. That’s because I had a pretty similar bike when I was just a wee kid.

You see, my first bike had fat tires and a banana seat and was the coolest bike in the world. Come to think of it, my first bike wasn’t that different from the XF001.

This bike features a pretty basic wireframe-stye frame that just oozes style.

In essence, this e-bike’s frame is more akin to an old-timey dirt bike than a fat-tire bike.

Now, while you might think this means XF001 is gonna be pretty tough to pedal, you couldn’t be more wrong. The “banana seat” is pretty long, so you’ll have no trouble finding a sweet spot.

The only thing that kinda annoys me about the seat is that you can’t raise it. I’m a pretty tall guy, and this bike ain’t built for tall guys and gals.

If you’re over 6’ 3”, you’re gonna have a comfy time riding this bike.

I love how guys and gals at Bezior kept the costs low by simply plopping the battery under the seat. This shaved off a lot of unnecessary weight and added a dose of style to the whole bike.

Unfortunately, even with all the weight-cutting measures, this bike is still a pretty hefty boy. To be more precise, XF001 weighs just a tad over 77 lbs

I sure hope you don’t live in a building without an elevator because lugging this thing anywhere is a real nightmare.

At least you get a pretty generous front suspension with 150 millimeters of travel and a cool front light. 


The real MVP of this bike is the 1000-watt motor. You don’t often see a budget bike come with this beastly of a motor. 

Most bikes in this price range come with 750-watt motors that leave a lot to be desired.

XF001’s motor is more than capable of pulling well above its weight.

Although this bike’s top speed is just 15 MPH, you get a whopping 80 Nm of torque. This means you’ll be able to reach that top speed in less than 5 seconds.

Oh, and another thing. You can always fiddle with this bike’s controller and set its top speed to 25 MPH. However, this will probably void your warranty and get you in a world of trouble with the law.

With that said, if you can register this bike as a class III instead of class III, I recommend you do that because that will make this bike that much more fun.

Oh, and you’ll have a much easier time climbing hills. Not like this bike isn’t capable of climbing hills, but having extra power is always good.

When it comes to controls, it’s your standard e-bike fare.

You have your control cluster on the right-hand side of the handlebars with the buttons for turning the motor on/off, selecting the level of pedal assist, as well as turning on the front light. 

The taillight is located on the battery, and you have to turn it on from there - I guess that was a cost-cutting measure.

There’s also a pretty well-lit LCD screen in the middle of the handlebars. It’ll feed you all the riding info you could ever need, such as your battery level, power output, current speed, miles traveled, and more.

You also get a thumb throttle on the right-hand side of the handlebars. Unfortunately, the throttle is a bit sluggish, but that’s okay. The response time isn’t that egregious, it just takes some time to get used to it.


XF001 comes with pretty average mechanical disc brakes with 150-millimeter rotors.

These brakes are nothing to write home about, but they’re more than adequate for this bike.

 They do tend to get a bit hot when you really squeeze them, but that’s the case with most disc brakes.

After two weeks on this bike, I’m pretty confident you won’t have any trouble with the brakes. 

With that said, I do recommend you take them to a shop at least once a year for a tune-up. After all, you can’t put a price on safety.


As I’ve mentioned in the intro, the only thing bringing this bike down is the battery.

XF001 comes with a 48V 12.5 Ah battery that provides enough juice for around 28 miles.

That’s really not a lot, even for a bike in this price range.

If you’re planning on using this bike for anything more than quick runs to the grocery store, I recommend you get a spare battery. 

With a spare, you’ll actually be able to have fun with this bike.

At least the battery is removable. It’s located right under the seat, and taking it out is a simple as unlocking it and sliding it out. With the battery out, you can charge it somewhere more convenient.

I honestly don’t know why Bezior decided putting in such a tiny battery on a bike with a 1000-watt motor is a good idea. What’s the point in having all that power under you when you don’t have enough juice to power it?

Wheels And Tires

XF001 comes with absolutely gigantic 20 x 4-inch tires.

They’re more than capable of absorbing most of the shock coming your way. 

And whatever is left over, the front suspension will pick it up.

The only con to having giant tires is that it makes turning a bit sluggish. But that’s a fair trade-off since there’s no terrain these tires can’t conquer.

The Pros and Cons After Testing

Even with its flaws (which I’ll get to pretty soon), Bezior XF001 is well worth the money.

For starters, the bike is super comfy (so long as you’re under 6’ 6”) and just oozes style. And let’s not forget about that beefcake of a motor. With 1000 watts of power propelling you forward, there’s no hill you won’t be able to conquer.

And then you have those gigantic tires that just beckon you to take this bike on a local off-road trail and tear it up.

Lastly, there’s the price tag. This bike can fit just about anyone’s budget. And the value you’re getting is just insane.

Now on to the not-so-good stuff.

First, we have a lack of any cargo space.

If guys and gals at Bezior added a simple rear rack, this bike would get a glowing recommendation from me as one of the best low-end cargo bikes. But as things stand, this is just a fun little weekend commuter.

Another thing that really disappoints me about this bike is the battery. With less than 25 miles of range, you won’t be able to enjoy this bike as much as you should.

Getting a spare is a great fix, but it will set you back for another $400 bucks, which is almost half the price of this bike.

Lastly, there’s the issue of rider height. If you could adjust the seat for even a little bit, I wouldn’t have a problem.

But as things currently stand, this bike is really uncomfortable for anyone that’s over 6’ 6”.

The Final Verdict

XF001 is worth your hard-earned cash if you’re looking for a bike you can take on short-but-sweet weekend adventures.

It’s also a great pickup if you’re new to e-bikes and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a mid-tier bike.

Our Rating - 83/100

XF001 is a real value train.

You get a beefy motor, a comfy seat, and a pretty stylish frame. The only thing holding this bike back is the lackluster battery.

A reward for those who read to the end..

As a special offer, for those of you who read this review to the end, here is a promotional code for 10% discount on the Bezior XF001:


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