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Heyo, people!

Ready for another test drive – we sure are!

Today’s candidate is none other than Blixbike Ultra, the supposedly powerful all-terrain fat-tire bike that’s currently the buzz of the town.

If this is your first time coming across Blix – I just want to let you in on the company. Originally from CA, it was founded in 2014, and it’s one of the fastest-growing bike companies at the moment.

So far, so good. But there’s still a lot to talk about.

Sit tight and enjoy the ride!

When we think of the frame of the bike, the question that immediately comes to mind is: 

If there enough room for my legs?

This a logical and completely justified question for everyone, not only the racing pros.

Sadly, we’ve often come across a situation when we’re testing a certain model, and everything is crystal clear, but the frame simply bums out the entire performance.

And what can you do but give it a low rating. 

It's a shame, but that's not the case with the Blixbike Ultra.

Even if it seems to you that it might not be a comfortable ride because of the crooked look, you're wrong. This frame actually gives a lot of room for your legs, regardless of your height.

That’s a plus right there. 

The secret? The lower part near the rack.

Oh, and one more thing. This bike is a pretty hefty boy.  Weighing just a tad over 70 lbs, I sure hope you don't have to lug it upstairs, cus' you're gonna have a bad time.


Now, the engine on this bad boy – you’re looking at a hub 750W motor.

By the looks of everything, it’s a pretty good choice for a fat-tire bike like Ultra.

Don’t worry, we’re not gonna leave you hangin’. Here are a couple of valid reasons:

A stronger motor automatically means a longer lifespan.

It also means that the motor operates on a lower stress level during your regular ride – which is much much better than having a 350W motor that’ll get heated up the minute you switch gears.

This bad boy of an engine won’t break any laws and regulations.You know how some areas have strict laws about the power of bike engines that you can use?

Well, the 750W falls under the “safe category.” It’s not too much, and it’s certainly not too weak – it’s the perfect amount for conquering your daily quests and hilly terrains.

And speaking of conquering guests, it’s the perfect time to mention the challenges that this engine is capable of. 

Basically, it’s more than enough for your daily commuting. But the real magic happens when you go out into the unknown (well, not the complete unknown). 

The 750W motor will help you get through a bit more challenging terrain – no sweat. 

The 90Nm torque on this motor is particularly advantageous. It’s simple – it provides the much-needed assistance you need with hilly areas.

Also, if you choose some add-ons, the 90Nm torque can help you with the load. 

So far, so good, right?

Well, we’re halfway there. 


Next up on your to-check list are the brakes. 

If you’re buying an e-bike, having hydraulic disc brakes are close to a must – they are a must, actually. 

Reason #1 is obvious – they provide you with high-braking performance. 

Whether you’re on your daily round-the-block ride or going on a little adventure, you need to be equipped with brakes that can withstand a strong engine, like the 750W one.

Well, hydraulic disc brakes not only provide you with superior performance, they also require a lot less effort than mechanical ones. They’re more sensitive to touch, so you can rest assured.

These brakes also have heat dissipation. In a few words, this means that they’re much more efficient in dissipating heat when there’s heavy breaking in the game. Not to worry – your brakes won’t overheat – that’s the entire magic.

They’re also good with wet and muddy areas, as they operate independently in the rim surface. This is a major pro cause it improves rider safety and confidence. 

Is there a red flag? Well, kinda – a small one, though.

If it happens that your brakes get jammed, you should double-check the existing setup. Depending on the model of the bike, it might be a challenge to have it fixed sooner rather than later.


Here’s another awesome thing about the Ultra – it’s got an ultra battery.

Well, it’s a dual battery, exactly, but the point is there.Here are the deets.

This basically means two batteries instead of one – dual power. It’s great for touring, extended commuting, or even mountain biking if that’s your thing. 

Either way, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out in the middle of your ride.

The dual battery system switches between batteries during charging and discharging. This means that both of the bike’s batteries are discharged evenly, which also means that they’ll remain at a normal voltage. 

And yeah. You don’t have to use two batteries at the same time. It really depends on your plans. You can use one for your morning commuting, like shopping or whatever, and the other for an afternoon cruising or mountain biking, if that’s your thing.

Is the battery heavy, though?

No worries!

Thank God modern dual battery systems are nothing like the old-school carry-ons that give you extra back pain.

Wait a sec, I’ve almost forgotten to mention the battery range.

A rough estimate would be anywhere from 50 to 150 miles, depending on the manufacturer.

You’d expect that it would take a lifetime to charge.

Well, it’s not the case – to your luck, it takes between 3 to 5 hours max to charge.


Okay, the review wouldn't be 100% finito without a modest design rating. Of course, we’re all about the specs, but it’s nice to go over the design as well, right?

After taking a better look, here's what we think.

It's a solid 8.5/10.

Generally, Blixbike designs have their own "mold." They are simple, compact, and provide space for everything you need.

The Ultra is your typical e-bike commuter. It's simple yet equipped with everything you need and more – considering the dual battery and a strong engine that can endure your ventures and adventures

When it comes to color, it's a classic. The material, aluminum alloy, is also very grateful for these types of bases. Most importantly – it's low-maintenance.

Oh, and yeah, there’s Blix Connect – an app that’ll boost your experience to another level. This little, smart app gives you everything – ride data, battery health, navigation, software updates – it’s the real deal!

The Pros and Cons After Testing

Drum roll, please!

It’s time to gather all the info and reach the final decision – did the Ultra bop or flop?

From what we’ve been able to see, it’s a pretty good deal. The engine and the dual battery system are definitely something that gives this bike the spotlight.

It’s got a solid brake system and a smart app that’ll help you keep up with the info.

On top of all that, it’s a budget-friendly option compared to other bikes with the same specs. 

The one thing that’s kind of messing with the vibe of the bike is the weight. Although it’s not a major issue, it might not be what you were hoping for initially – but we’re not complaining.

The Final Verdict

It’s a bop!

The Ultra has passed the test with flying colors. It’s definitely a superb choice if you’re looking for a less pricey option and a companion that’ll endure your small ventures and touring adventures.

For more info, go to the best all-terrain off-road E-Bikes – there’s much more info!

Our Rating - 85/100

It’s a 92/100 for us – definitely a strong recommendation for a commuter/mountain bike that provides excellent rider experience and safety.

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The Electric-Biking Contributor Team consists a dedicated team of professional athletes and enthusiasts of electric bikes. We have several members in a team that are real experts in the electric bike battery field and electric bike maintenance. Each of our contributors has owned their electric bike for a minimum of 2–4 years.

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