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Unbiased Cannondale Moterra Neo Review

August 19, 2023

What’s your idea of the perfect mountain biking adventure? Is it taking on the rough off-road terrain for hours on end while clearing those unforgiving pot-hole-filled roads? Perhaps you prefer to roll on those downhill dirt roads with endless twists and turns. Or maybe going on demanding climbs on rocky and uneven gravel roads is what you like to do during your backcountry expeditions. 

Whatever floats your boat, these adventures require you to have a rugged and able two-wheeler that is up for the challenge!

This is where the Cannondale Moterra Neo comes in! A sturdy mountain bike that shines on the challenging off-road trail. With the addition of a powerful battery and motor there is nothing standing in your way whenever you decide to push yourself to the limit. 

If you are a fan of e-mountain bikes, allow us to get you acquainted with the Moretta Neo. In the review below, we look at the various specs and overall performance to determine whether it’s worth your dime.


The Moterra Neo will grab your attention from the very get-go! It comes with a seamless design, featuring a frame-integrated battery that sits on the down tube. The mantis color of the frame blends intricately with the black tires, seat, and handlebar.

This bike is held together by a SmartFoam C2 Alloy frame that provides a great balance between weight and strength. The aluminum build ensures that you get a lightweight bike that is incredibly agile and fun to ride yet remains rugged enough to cope with the unforgiving off-road trails. 

This has been complemented with an SR Suntour XCR LO Boost 29 fork that allows you to comfortably clear bumps on the road. Generally, the bike maintains a low center of gravity to ensure that you remain stable. The short chainstays and progressive geometry take handling to another level.

Moterra Neo  bike wheel

The frame’s top tube slants downwards towards the seat post, which makes it easy to get on or off the bike, even for shorter individuals. Elsewhere, the riser handlebars are wide to provide more than enough handling room while the Cannondale lock-on grips are ergonomic and ensure you remain comfortable while steering. 

Overall, we had unrivalled fun on the Cannondale Moterra Neo. Riding it instills in you an aura of confidence that makes you want to stay on tackling the mountainous terrains for as long as you can.

Extra Features

The absence of front and rear lights as well as a bell and horn are some of the features we noted are missing.This means it would be unsafe to ride the bike in low light conditions. However, there is an option to retrofit lights as the wires are pre-fitted by the manufacturer.  

Internal cable routing and a weather-sealed battery cover also help to keep the wires and battery protected from dirt, debris, and moisture on the road. 

Another thing missing that we felt would increase the practicality of the bike is a pair of fenders. These will come in handy when it rains and you have to ride through mud puddles on a trail 

As far as your safety is concerned, we have to commend the manufacturer for the reflective details on the tires that make you more visible to motorists coming from the sides. Also, a water bottle mounting cage on the down tube of the frame ensures that you won’t die of thirst on those day-long bike trips. 

Motor of an electric bike


The bike is powered by a Shimano Steps DU-E7000 motor, that delivers 250W to propel you up those demanding climbs. The mid-drive motor is compact and lightweight, weighing just about 2.8kg. 

Nevertheless, it is powerful enough to deliver up to 75Nm of torque for a strong start that will leave your competition in the dust. We enjoyed taking on and conquering tough climbs on the trail without breaking a sweat!

An intuitive Shimano STEPS display is included on the handlebar which allows you to switch between assist modes. These modes provide crucial information about your ride, including battery level, speed, assist mode, etc.


The Moterra Neo is equipped with a durable lithium-ion battery that has a 504Wh capacity. It provides for long-distance mountain biking; we used the e-bike for just under 60 miles on the trail before the battery finally gave up on us.

This is an equivalent of about 100km, so you can brace yourself for a long day in the outdoors full of uninterrupted mountain biking fun. 

On the downside, the battery will require 6.5 hours to fully recharge. This is why we like the convenience of the easy to remove battery that can be charged off the bike, allowing you to extend your range with a spare battery.

Speed and Brakes

This bike will reach a top speed of 28mph on assist mode, which is pretty quick for a mountain bike. 

The Shimano Deore drivetrain used on the bike allows for smooth shifting between its 10 different gears, making for an effortless experience when transitioning from climbs to flat and downhill paths. 

We had an easy time bringing the bike to a stop, even at top speeds, and this is thanks to the Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes. These offer superior braking power and the brake levers are very responsive to deliver a confidence-inspiring ride.


The Moterra Neo rolls on a pair of WTB Breakout, 29 x 2.3”, DNA Compound tires. The tires feel chunky and provide great traction on the loose surface roads to ensure that you never lose your balance while keeping you comfortable on bumpy sections of the road.

They also feature reflective details on the side that help to enhance your safety on the road, especially during night rides. 

Motor neo bike Frame

Post-Test Summary: Cannondale Moterra Neo Pros & Cons

The Cannondale Mottera Neo has got enough bells and whistles to excel as an off-road conqueror!

It is not only strong and lightweight but also offers you effortless handling and stable rider geometry for a fun-filled adventure. A powerful motor and battery ensure that you enjoy all day-long riding on all kinds of terrains without having to worry about the bike’s performance. 

The wide fast-rolling tires help to keep you stable at high speeds while the bike’s hydraulic braking system will stop the ride on a dime even while riding in wet conditions. 

However, you’ll need to upgrade the bike to enhance its practicality. This is especially true if you like to go on early morning or night rides. Front and rear lights will come in handy for such conditions while a pair of mudguards will need to be installed for a less stressful ride when it rains. 

We also feel that the 6.5 hours needed to fully recharge the battery can feel like an eternity, more so for those that are fully dependent on the motor assistance. Perhaps a spare battery would make things easier for you?

All in all, this is a remarkable e-mountain bike that is designed for avid adventurers who like to explore tough and demanding mountainous terrains.

What Do I Like about Cannondale Moterra Neo?


  • Long-range battery
  • Fast top speed
  • Comfortable ride geometry
  • Wide and fast-rolling tires
  • Powerful disc brakes
  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Compact motor
  • Fun ride altogether

What Don’t I Like about Cannondale Moterra Neo?


  • Long charging time
  • Pricey


Overall, the Cannondale Mottera Neo will be a good buy. If you don’t mind the hefty price tag, it can make a great partner for the ideal mountain biking adventure!

While it may have a few omissions here and there, they don’t come close to being a deal-breaker!

Cannondale Moterra Neo Review (Updated 2020)
Our Rating - 91/100

Cannondale Moterra Neo

 The Cannondale Moterra Neo e-mountain bike boasts an array of high-performance specs that will help you to conquer any off-road terrain. It has the ability to let you explore uncharted territory and discover new trails without compromising your comfort!

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