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Unbiased Cannondale Quick Neo Review (Updated 2020)

August 19, 2023

Take a moment and imagine the following: You want to go on a mountain trail on a perfect weekend day and watch as the horizon unveils in front of you. Or, you need to finish an important task at the other end of the city. Or, you feel as if you’re in dire need of exercise and want to go on a ride.

How is all of this related, you might ask yourself? Seemingly, it isn’t.

But when the Cannondale Quick Neo e-bike hops in, it suddenly is. This is a well-rounded e-bike that is great for any purpose that you may want to throw at it - be it a hike, regular urban rides, or commuting to your job, even.

The Cannondale Quick Neo review will get you acquainted with this e-bike from the renowned Quick Neo series. After evaluating different aspects of this bike, we confirmed that the company has hit a home run - and let’s dissect them, step by step.

Of course, these are all just letters and numbers unless you read more about them, and find out how this e-bike actually performs.

That’s precisely what we did. After you read the full review, there will be no space for guesswork on whether this is precisely the e-bike that you need.

Here’s the official visual presentation of Cannondale Quick Neo:


The beautiful emerald Cannondale Quick Neo frame is made of alloy aluminum that we know equals durability and stability, but this time around, it also looks better than it ever has. 

Just look at that beautiful, shiny frame! Everybody will envy you if you own the Cannondale Quick Neo e-bike.

Add to the equation the light carbon fiber fork, and you get a bike made out of premium materials that don’t come at the expense of its weight. 

We measured its weight to approximately 33.9 pounds, which is impressive for an e-bike that packs such a tremendous amount of power.

The fact that the frame is sturdy, yet not heavy, means that you won’t have any trouble with the transportation of the bike and that its weight won’t interfere with the speed that you can attain.

Design-wise, the frame is utilized to get the most out of it: the top tube is slightly ascending, but in its core, it is a classic diamond frame. This shape is comfortable for all kinds of terrain, and even steep ascents and descents that you may want to travel.

Handlebar of a bicycle with a phone on it

Extra Features

Two things we missed are the mudguards and a pannier rack that would additionally strengthen the versatility of this e-bike, but we are ready to forgive it when we weight out everything.

Besides, there are dedicated points on to attach them, if that’s something that is of prime importance to you.

So, it’s definitely not a deal-breaker.

The manufactures also had your safety in mind, and that’s one of the paramount factors we assess.

Namely, there are numerous reflective details attached to the frame that reflect light in the dark and thus account for your safe experience during night rides.

Speaking of the lights, we were in two minds about the grade that we’ll give to the whole system. The cheapest version has a rear light that is located under the saddle, but there is no headlight. Yes, there are reflective markings - but we still wish that it came with the front light, as well. 

The newest and upgraded version, Cannondale Quick Neo SL 1, does come with the light in question, so that’s something you might want to consider when making a decision.

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The powerful Bosch drive does not require any special introduction: it is a well-known lightweight yet powerful unit that offers a silent performance even on the most ambitious rides.

You can easily control the power assistance of the motor that you need as you keep track of the battery level on display.

Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 Remixte Electric Bike


After four weeks of testing, we’ve calculated the average battery range, and it is around 55 miles. So, not quite as advertised 72 miles, but we really abused it. If you were to use it less frequently, that range could probably be achieved.

The full recharge of the Bosch Power Tube 400Wh takes about five hours.

The battery is very easy to remove from the bottom bracket in case it needs a replacement.

Speed & Brakes

The traditional Shimano’s mid-mount drive system is ideally utilized in the Cannondale Quick Neo to shift between 9 gears.

The highest pedal assist stands at 20mph, so the speed that you want to reach beyond that is on you.

In any case, you’ll have a flawless control of the bike at any speed due to the high-quality brakes system, and the suspension fork is there to decrease the impact of the road on your ride.


The Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires were made in 700 x 38c size, which strikes a perfect balance in a couple of areas.

First and foremost, their thickness allows them to alleviate the holes on the road and enable a generally comfortable experience, but they are also built with sporty characteristics in mind. This means that they can reach a considerable speed without compromising on stability.

Tire of an Quick Neo SL 2 bike

Post-Test Summary: Cannondale Quick Neo Pros & Cons

Regardless of terrain, the Cannondale Quick Neo will rise to the challenge. 

Its wide tires, micro-suspension, and smooth handling all deserve applause. 

Also, it is built for maximally safe user experience, thus allowing the rider to enjoy the road without having to worry about road conditions too much. It provides a confident stop even when the road is wet, and the Cannondale Urban Pedals don’t have any visible drawbacks.

Some users have claimed that 5 hours for a recharge is too long, but considering the distance the bike can cover before it needs one, we don’t see this as a disadvantage.

There’s the elephant in the room that we’ve been avoiding for the whole time, though: the Cannondale Quick Neo is expensive.

The question that comes naturally after this statement is: Do you need it? Should you buy it?

If you’re a commuter who needs an every-day bike, or you need a fitness e-bike to go with you on your mountain trails, this will be a good investment.

What Do We Like About Quick Neo?


  • The handlebar is shaped so that it offers complete control while staying comfortable
  • Sturdy alloy frame
  • Secure hydraulic disc brake system
  • Powerful engine, smooth gear shifting
  • Very lightweight for an e-bike and immensely fun to ride
  • Comes in different frame sizes
  • Sleek design and perfect for many occasions

What Don’t We Like About Quick Neo?


  • A hefty price tag

Quick Neo Family


Bottom line - is the Cannondale Quick Neo worth it?

When we sum up everything we’ve presented to you in this Cannondale Quick Neo review, it’s safe to say that this e-bike justifies its high price.

It can easily fit into your idea of the best electric mountain bike, but it’s also a great every-day road companion, and that’s why it stands out in the whole market. 

You know how they say that something is a jack of all trades, but master of none? Well, the Cannondale Quick Neo is both - the real master of sporty geometry, mountain trails, woodland tracks, and high-speed stability!

Cannondale Quick Neo Review
Our Rating - 91/100

 The Cannondale Quick Neo thrives on a sturdy-frame, power, and speed that makes it near the ranks of some other world-class models that have been on the market for years. This relatively new e-bike is definitely worth your time, so give it a chance to win you over!

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Emma was born and raised in the UK, studied in Amsterdam (where she discovered her passion for biking), and is currently living in Ohio. Her main passion is cycling, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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