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Unbiased Cannondale Tesoro Neo Review (Updated 2020)

August 19, 2023

What is the first thing you look for when you go shopping for a bike? Do you prefer a bike that you can take out on the tarmac for quick trips whenever you feel like exercising? What about a rugged off-road machine that thrives on the rough forest trails? 

It doesn’t get better than a bike that offers you a mix of the two; one that you can ride on the smooth tarmac, as well as the rough and uneven backcountry roads, without compromising performance!

Maybe you should try out the Cannondale Tesoro Neo! This versatile e-bike was designed for both on and off-road use and will come in handy on those multi-day biking adventures into the wilderness. 

This Cannondale Tesoro Neo review will provide you with an in-depth perspective of what the bike offers. After spending a whole day test driving these Cannondale e-bikes, we came up with this review to let you in on one of the most sought-after adventure bikes out there. 


The Tesoro Neo was designed for comfort, speed, and efficiency. It comes with a SmartForm C1 alloy frame that keeps the bike lightweight for agility while offering the ruggedness to handle off-road adventures. 

A combination of high-performance tube-shaping, weight-saving butting, as well as seamless double-pass welds, help to deliver a ride like no other.

This is furthermore confirmed by the front suspension SR Suntour Raidon 34 fork that keeps you comfortable on those bumpy trails. 

Front wheel of a Tesoro bike

We particularly fell in love with the mountain bike-inspired frame geometry, which offered all-day comfort. 

The top tube slants downwards for easy mounting and the battery sits inside the down tube for a seamless build. 

The riser handlebar, coupled with an adjustable stem, allows you to achieve the most comfortable posture on different sections of the trail. Generally, we had an exciting experience riding on the Tesoro Neo.

The handling is nimble while the bike feels swift on the tracks. Although it tips the scale at around 51lbs, the strong Bosh motor ensures that you are not slowed down by the weight.

Extra Features

The versatility of the Tesoro Neo is evident from the wealth of extra features it carries. A full rear rack has been included on the bike to provide you with enhanced carrying capacity when you want to bring along some supplies on those multi-day expeditions. 

The front triangle leaves enough room to mount two decent size water bottles for when the weather gets too hot. You’ll also appreciate the fact that it comes with front and rear fenders, which are wide and rattle-free to keep you spotless when riding through mud puddles. 

Another useful feature is the front and rear lights, which allow for night riding. Meanwhile, highly reflective accents on both the frame and fork make you more visible in low-light conditions to guarantee that you remain safe when you ride early in the morning or at dusk.

Furthermore, a strong kickstand on the back wheel allows you to conveniently park the bike when you want to take a breather in the middle of the trip.

Chain rings of an electric bike


The Tesoro Neo is propelled by Bosch Performance Line CX motor that is a cut above the rest. The 250W Generation 4 motor is more compact and lighter than the previous versions. 

It is also more efficient, which ensures that you enjoy more range from the 500Wh battery pack. 

You get 75Nm of torque from the drive unit to make easy work of steep climbing. The Bosch Purion display included on the handlebar is compact and can be readily accessed without taking your hands off the handlebar. 

The Purion display lets you choose from five different riding modes for the ideal pedal-assist depending on the terrain at hand.


A high-capacity Bosch PowerTube 500Wh battery pack supplies power to the motor. The battery pack is compact with a minimalist design that won’t add too much weight to the already heavy e-bike.

The lithium-ion battery has been integrated into the frame to allow for carefree riding without putting the battery at risk of falling. The battery will offer you 70 miles in range, which is enough to keep you on the trail for the whole day.

However, if you need more range the bike frame is dual battery ready, allowing you to install a spare battery on the downtube for endless fun in the outdoors.

Another commendable aspect is that the battery is removable and can be charged off the bike. The Bosch 4A charger that comes in the package allows for fast battery charging; you’ll only need 4.5 hours to get your empty battery back to full capacity.

Speed and Brakes

You’ll be able to achieve a top speed of 28mph, which makes the Tesoro Neo a class 3 e-bike. This is very fast for a bike that thrives on the off-road trails.

The Shimano SLX drivetrain allows you to shift seamlessly between the 12 gears, which comes in handy on those forest paths where the nature of terrain keeps on changing. 

We also commend the manufacturer for going with hydraulic disc brakes on the Tesoro Neo. These offer superior all-weather braking power. The brake levers are also pretty responsive and don’t require too much effort to engage. 


This bike rolls on a pair of Schwalbe G-one All-round performance tires. The knobbed 29ers are not only fast-rolling but also surprisingly quiet on the tarmac. The grip is not as strong as what you get from a proper mountain bike tire but decent enough to keep you stable.

Cannondale bicycle saddle

Unfortunately, the 2.35” wide tires may not fit into most Dutch bike racks meant for normal commuter wheels. It’s a good thing Cannondale included a kickstand to bail you out in such situations.

Post-Test Summary: Cannondale Tesoro Neo Pros and Cons

Overall, the Cannondale Tesoro Neo is a versatile e-bike that was built for comfort, efficiency, and speed. 

Whether you are riding on smooth and level tarmac roads or rough dirt roads filled with potholes, you can count on this bike to offer confidence-inspiring handling.

The Tesoro Neo comes with a sturdy and lightweight MTB-inspired frame paired with a front fork suspension for supreme comfort on unforgiving terrains. The powerful Bosch motor and battery deliver high top speeds and long-range to make sure the fun never comes to an end.

Multiple extra features on the Tesoro Neo make it the ultimate adventure bike. Included are front and rear light, mudguards, mounting racks, as well as a full rear rack to carry enough supplies when you want to set out on a multi-day bikepacking adventure away from civilization.

There isn’t much to complain about the Tesoro Neo. Perhaps the 50-pound weight can pose a problem if you happen to exhaust the battery power in the middle of your trip. Although this is highly unlikely considering the great range the battery offers.

A bigger concern would be the price tag of the bike. Buying this bike is a serious investment that may be a stretch for many e-bike enthusiasts. It’s a good thing that you get value for your money!

What Do We  Like Tesoro Neo?


  • Long battery range
  • Lightweight and efficient motor
  • Intuitive bike computer
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Full rear rack
  • Front and rear lights
  • Dual battery ready frame
  • Powerful braking performance

What Don’t We Like Tesoro Neo ?


  • Very costly

Tesoro Neo Family


So, is the Cannondale Tesoro Neo worth it?

If versatility is the first thing you look for when shopping for an adventure bike, then it doesn’t get better than the Tesoro Neo. The bike offers great specifications that deliver a comfortable and efficient ride on all kinds of terrains.

Thanks to its versatility you can rely on the Cannondale Tesoro Neo to take you on any biking adventure without compromising your comfort or its performance. 

Cannondale Tesoro Neo Review
Our Rating - 90/100

 The Cannondale Tesoro Neo comes to its own as far as speed, comfort, and versatility are concerned. It is an all-round adventure bike that was designed for enthusiasts looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to on-road and off-road biking!

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Emma was born and raised in the UK, studied in Amsterdam (where she discovered her passion for biking), and is currently living in Ohio. Her main passion is cycling, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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