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Unbiased Cannondale Topstone Neo Review (Updated 2020)

May 18, 2023

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and love spending time in nature, there’s no better way to combine the two than going on mountain trail rides. And your perfect companion is undoubtedly an e-bike that’s going to help you reach the peak even if you’re not at the top of your fitness capabilities.

Ever since it was launched, the Topstone model stands to the highest standards, and the improved models from 2020 do nothing but add to its impeccable reputation. 

However, it has been much upgraded compared to its predecessor, and this time around, we can say that the Topstone Neo has won the battle of the generations.

Is it just as, or the name of this bike alone screams “mountain bike”?

Be that as it may, in our Cannondale Topstone Neo review, we’ve evaluated this e-bike against established criteria and presented it to you.

First, here’s the official visual presentation of the brand-new version, Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty: 


The frame of this mountain bike is made in carbon, and not the typically-used aluminum. This is not a material that we often get to see, let alone try, and we were very excited to do so.

The result?

Powerful dynamics, lots of agility and control, and, unfortunately, a bit of weight.

However, while we often come across mountain bikes that feel clumsy and unstable because of their weight, here, the only thing that can be observed as a result of a slightly heavier weight than average is the increased stability.

Also, the decision to make as many as four different frame sizes is one of the best that Cannondale could have made. 

They made sure that the Proportional Response Suspension Technology aligns all the aspects of the bike with the frame size and balances out the kinematics, resulting in the same feeling and quality, regardless of the size of the bike.

Cannondale Topstone Neo bike

Engine & Speed

One of the rare things that the Cannondale Topstone Neo and its older sibling have in common is the Bosch Performance CX, albeit this one features the most advanced version.

The Bosch power tube system is cleverly located inside the frame (just like in most of the Cannondale e-bikes), which results in a well-used space and balanced handling, as well as increased protection of the engine.

With the maximum of 340% of pedal assistance and 75N of torque, you won’t have any problems climbing up any steep hill that may come along on your way.

One thing that we want to note is that this bike has a 28mph assist limit for the US market and 20mph for other international industries.

Chain rings of an electric bike

Another smart feature is the side cover that sports air vents that enable a sufficient amount of cooling to the motor.

And the new suspension works much better than that in the OG Topstone, meaning that braking and accelerating will be much more responsive and easier. The speed sensors that are put onto the disc brake add to these effects.

The whole system is connected via the cables that are well fastened and put internally (of course we had to investigate them!), which promises that they will last for a very, very long time.

Shimano GRX hydraulic disc brakes are something that you can rely on no matter how wet the ground is or how fast you are riding - you’ll get a prompt stop. This, along with the huge brake rotors, prevents any wear off and damage to the brake pads.

Read more: TopStone NEO SL2 Review.


All of the Topstone Neo models come equipped with the Powertube 500Wh battery. An additional 150Wh compared to the older versions of the bike is something that shouldn’t be easily dismissed.

Another of the carefully utilized features is the charging point located in the seat tube. Basically, you can charge the battery while it remains mounted.

The recharge time is one of the shortest we’ve seen - only around 3.5 hours for a full recharge - and kudos to Cannondale for that.


The WTB Riddler TCS tires will remain glued to the ground when you’re descending, thus providing you with confidence and reliability. 

Front Part Of a Bicycle

The front and rear suspension (for all sizes) do the job pretty well, and you won’t feel vibration even when you are riding across some pretty harsh terrain.

Extra Features

While the Bosch Purion display was reserved for the earlier versions of this e-bike and some other Cannondale models, this one comes with the Bosch Kiox display.

Whereas we liked the Kiox used here, and, in our opinion, it looks better than the Purion, we have to admit that the latter is still more practical and casts better visibility.

A benefit of Bosch's Kiox display, though, is that it can save your rides’ logs and upload them to your phone via the Bluetooth connection.

Finally, we want to tackle the seat post.

Is it enough of the adjustment drop, as it is the same for all frame sizes? Probably.

Would we like to see a bit more, at least with L and XL? Yes - having more would have been better.

Post-Test Summary: Cannondale Topstone Neo Pros & Cons

Overall, the feeling when you ride the Topstone Neo is wonderful. The position of your body is just right - neither too bent forward, neither too stretched. You’ll feel relaxed and yet powerful with all of the features that it packs under its sturdy frame.

On a climb, it will assist you, smoothening the road, and you’ll feel as if you’re in your best fitness days. The latest version of the Bosch Performance CX is to be admired from any perspective.

Yeah, it is heavier than some “faster” & “more sporty” mountain bikes, but we’re always in favor of safe riding and high-quality e-bikes than risky speed.

Without a doubt, the price is steep, and getting the Cannondale Topstone Neo will be a real investment, but we want to assure you that it will be worth it.

What Do We Like about Cannondale Topstone Neo?


  • Minimal risk of engine overheating
  • Low center of gravity, natural feel when you’re riding
  • Premium materials
  • Comes in four frame sizes
  • Wonderful dynamics and handles all kinds of terrain
  • The battery and the engine are well protected
  • Efficient braking system & stopping power
  • Modern design

What Don’t We Like about Cannondale Topstone Neo?


  • Expensive
  • Weighty
  • Seat post adjustment drop could have been bigger

Cannondale Topstone Family


As this Cannondale Topstone Neo review shows, this e-bike is ready to attack any terrain you may throw under its wheels, and it really stands out in the market.

The manufacturers have nicely summed it up themselves in the slogan of this bike - Speed, comfort, traction.

If this applies to your needs, the Cannondale Topstone Neo will be more than a valuable purchase for you!

Cannondale Topstone Neo Review
Our Rating - 95/100

 The brand-new remake of the famous Topstone Carbon model, the Topstone Neo, is there in its full shine, climbing to the peak (sorry, I had to do it) of the mountain bikes. Read the full review to see what it is all about and what exciting features you can expect to find!

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