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November 13, 2023

Versatile and affordably equipped, the Treadwell Neo 2 transforms daily transportation with its natural-feeling electric boost whenever pavement may lead.


The Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 offers versatile pedal-assist performance for urban commuting and recreational riding. Its SmartForm C3 aluminum frame provides a comfortable upright geometry for navigating city streets while carrying passengers or cargo. Power comes from the reliable Hyena MRC-250 mid-drive motor paired with a 250Wh internal battery for an estimated range of up to 47 miles. Front suspension and wide tires enhance comfort over varied surfaces. With integrated lights and included kickstand, fenders, and rear rack, the Treadwell Neo 2 is conveniently equipped for all-day adventures close to home or further afield.

What Do We Like About Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2?


  • Premium SmartForm C3 aluminum frame with a low standover and Ride-Easy geometry
  • Hyena MRC-250 mid-drive motor with easy pedal assistance
  • 250Wh internal downtube battery provides an estimated range of up to 40 miles
  • Chromoly suspension fork soaks up bumps
  • microSHIFT drivetrain with reliable shifting
  • Included lights, fenders, rack, and kickstand for all-day adventures

What Don’t We Like About Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2?


  • Top speed is limited to 20 mph in legal modes
  • No throttle mode for motor-only operation
  • Additional battery packs must be purchased separately for extended range
  • Simple mechanical brakes won't stop as instantly as the hydraulic option


Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2

  • Motor: Hyena MRC-250 250W rear hub
  • Top Speed: 20 mph (Class 1); 28 mph (Class 3)
  • Range: Up to 47 miles
  • Battery: Hyena 250Wh Lithium ion internal downtube
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Frame: SmartForm C3 Aluminum
  • Speeds: 7-speed
  • Wheel Size: 650b
  • Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc 160/160mm

Cannondale Treadwell Test and Review

Powering explorations near and far, the Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 proves itself a truly versatile urban electric bicycle. Its reliable and natural-feeling pedal assistance opens doors to refreshed perspectives on daily commutes and allows longer weekend recreational rides. The Treadwell Neo 2's pedal-assist motor provides just the right boost to make commutes less stressful and more enjoyable. It helps riders traverse hilly routes or fight against headwinds with ease. 

On the weekends, the motor enables riders to explore more of their surrounding area, whether rolling down quiet neighborhood streets or paved trails. Distance is no longer a limiting factor thanks to the assist, which preserves riders' energy for enjoying their surroundings. The Treadwell Neo 2 thus expands possibilities for everyday transportation and leisurely weekend adventures close to population centers.


A 250W Hyena MRC-250 mid-drive motor nestled into the bottom bracket shell supplies pedal assistance on the Treadwell Neo 2. Its acceleration feels brisk without becoming overpowering. The motor engages smoothly and scales well based on cadence, offering a true pedal-assist augmentation rather than a throttle-style experience. This creates a natural cycling feel whether cruising along or tackling hills.


The included 250Wh internal downtube battery provides the muscle for daily rides or multi-day adventures. Cannondale estimates a range of up to 47 miles is achievable, which testing was quite realistic for mixed terrain use with some pedaling involved. Additionally, the integrated design keeps weight low and centered.
treadwell neo 2 frame


The heart of the Treadwell Neo 2 is its premium SmartForm C3 aluminum frame. This expertly engineered frame is constructed from lightweight yet very stiff 6061 alloy for optimal strength without excess weight. The frame utilizes Cannondale’s latest advanced tube shaping techniques for an agile and responsive ride.

With its low top tube and short wheelbase, the frame provides easy mounting and dismounting without a step-through design. This open frame retains structural integrity while enhancing versatility. The geometry offers an upright riding position for comfort and visibility on roads.

Up front, a chromoly steel fork with mid-blade mounts and a 1-1/8 inch steerer enhances front-end stiffness. It features a fork offset design for precise handling. The fork includes mounts for a front rack or basket to increase cargo capacity.

Powering the rear wheel is a Hyena MRC-250 mid-drive motor nestled discreetly in the bottom bracket shell. It uses a Hydrive torque sensor in the bottom bracket for an intuitive, natural pedaling feel with assistance. Completing the package is a 38T Samox crankset offering plenty of usable gear ratios.

The SmartForm C3 frame is designed to optimize performance while carrying heavier electric components for countless miles of enjoyable, hassle-free urban transportation.

Suspension & BrakingUp front, a Chromoly suspension fork with 63mm of travel intelligently absorbs shocks from road imperfections. Out back, a simple yet dependable Tektro mechanical disc brake system provides easy control for moderate speeds. Though lacking some stopping power of hydraulic options, it requires no maintenance.


Propelling the Treadwell Neo 2 is a powerful yet efficient Hyena MRC-250 direct drive rear hub motor. Rated for 250W continuous output with bursts up to 350W, it offers ample acceleration for all types of riding. The motor is integrated discreetly into the rear wheel hub for a smooth and natural pedaling feel.

A beefy 40 Newton-meters of torque enables climbing even the steepest hills with ease. From take-off at traffic signals to hill ascents, the motor engages swiftly yet smoothly. It scales assistance intuitively based on pedaling cadence to feel like an extension of the rider’s power.

With no external dragging or rotating weight compared to mid-drive motors, the direct-drive design maximizes powertrain efficiency. Its low-inertia character brings out the best in pedal-stroke. Extra power is summoned with intuitive control via the handlebar-mounted controller.

The motor pairs perfectly with the lightweight SmartForm frame, lending an athletic spark to urban transportation without overshadowing the pure joy of cycling.


Powering lengthy excursions is a high-capacity 250-watt-hour lithium-ion battery integrated discreetly into the frame’s down tube. Charging to full requires around 5 hours using the included charger.

Cannondale estimates the battery enables a pedal assist range of up to 47 miles on one charge—a figure tested accurately. Even with frequent stops and moderate pedaling, real-world range consistently exceeds 35 miles before the final battery life bar.

Thanks to the hyper-efficient direct-drive powertrain and lightweight design, the battery’s limited capacity is stretched superbly. Its integrated design centralizes weight low and keeps the overall bike lightweight, with supportive, agile handling and climbing ability even when carrying cargo.

With true all-day range capability, the Treadwell Neo 2 inspires confidence for ambitious excursions further afield. Commuters and recreational riders enjoy unfettered access.

cannondale treadwell neo 2 controls

Ride & Handling

Around town, the Treadwell Neo 2 handles nimbly yet predictably thanks to its responsive yet forgiving chassis. Upright ergonomics promote comfort while seeing and being seen on busy streets. Out on paved trails, it tracks smoothly over varied surfaces at a leisurely cruise. Its electric-assist maintains energy for extended explorations of natural surroundings previously unreachable by pedal power alone.


The Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 uses a pair of Tektro mechanical disc brakes to bring the bike to a stop in a safe and controlled manner. Mechanical disc brakes don't require maintenance like hydraulic or cable-operated brakes, as they have no fluids to leak. They provide braking power through a direct cable pull on the brake calipers.

The front and rear brakes each have 160mm rotors to deliver ample stopping power for the weight of the bike as well as cargo or passengers. The brakes work instantly when the levers are squeezed, allowing riders to come to a stop smoothly even when carrying speed. The mechanical linkage remains responsive in all weather conditions and over the bike's lifetime.

While mechanical disc brakes require more force than hydraulic systems, they offer a low-maintenance solution with no periodic bleeding or fluid changes. The braking feel is less progressive than hydraulics but still provides confident speed control on both flat and steep roads.

For an urban bike operating at slower speeds, the Tektro mechanical brakes offer reliable stopping power suitable for everyday use. Their direct cable actuation gives riders a good feel for managing speed. Overall, the brakes provide confident braking for an entry-level electric bicycle focused on hassle-free transportation and recreation around town.


The Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 relies on a simple yet effective handlebar-mounted Hyena HMI control unit to intuitively adjust five levels of pedal assistance, monitor battery life and bike diagnostics, and pair with a mobile app.

LCD Display

Information and controls for the Treadwell Neo 2's electric systems are managed through a compact LCD mounted cleanly on the handlebar stem. The Hyena HMI provides intuitive readouts for current speed, power level, assist mode, battery charge, and more. Riders can quickly scroll between data screens and toggle through the five levels of pedal assist. The unit is also compatible with Hyena's smartphone app, allowing navigation features and customization settings to be accessed on the go. Connecting to the display via Bluetooth, the app turns any rider's phone into an advanced control center.

cannondale treadwell neo 2 e bike

Control buttons

Integrated directly into the handlebar-mounted LCD are four simple buttons for controlling the electric systems. The power button turns the display and assist on or off. A plus and minus button adjusts the level of pedal assist up or down through the five preset modes. The last button cycles through the various data readouts on the screen. These rubberized buttons are easy to locate by feel without taking eyes off the road ahead. Their responsiveness makes adjustments a breeze whether riding or stopped.

Pedal assist and throttle modes

The Treadwell Neo 2 operates solely on a pedal assist system with no throttle option for cruising without pedaling. Five levels of assistance can be selected via the control buttons, scaling from a subtle boost at level one up to maximum power at level five. Pedaling cadence determines when and how strongly the motor engages, resulting in a natural cycling feel. Riders maintain exercise benefits and enjoyment of pedal propulsion while conserving energy output on climbs, winds, or prolonged journeys.


Shifting is delivered through a microSHIFT drivetrain containing a 7-speed trigger shifter and rear derailleur. This setup provides a wide enough gear range to keep the optimally loaded motor performing efficiently over varied terrains. Shifting is crisp and durable.

Usage Scenarios

As an electric bicycle, the Treadwell Neo 2 sparks joy across diverse applications. Cruising to work remains calm and stress-free with a natural feeling of pedal-assist propulsion. Errand running transforms into relaxed recreation, and social rides become attainable for varying fitness levels. The included rear rack, lights, fenders, and kickstand catalyze spontaneous excursions anywhere its wheels may roll.

Customizability & Accessories

The Treadwell Neo 2 features mounting points that allow for high levels of customization. Bolt-on mounts on the front and rear frames allow outfitting with multiple types of racks to expand cargo-carrying abilities. Mounts are also included for the installation of baskets, panniers or child trailers. Owners can evolve the bike's configuration over time through modular add-ons. Whether packing for commuting, shopping or family excursions, the mounting points enable precisely configuring any transportation needs while preserving the capable electric performance.

treadwell neo 2 tires


Cannondale offers the Treadwell Neo 2 in four frame sizes to accommodate a wide range of riders. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large suit heights between 5'2" to 6'4" inches, respectively. While the frames provide an overall relaxed geometry, each discrete size ensures proper standover clearance, effective pedal stroke and obedient handling characteristics. Riders can use Cannondale's detailed sizing chart and frame measurements to determine their fit for a perfectly balanced size and riding position.

To Buy or Not To Buy

For commuting, fitness, and recreational riding applications near populated areas with basic bike trails and lanes, the Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 earns a recommendation. It delivers versatile pedal-assist capabilities without complexity or high costs through a rugged yet approachable package. Caveats include its lesser top speed and lack of a throttle, which may better serve some riders' preferences, though it satisfies legal regulations. Overall, those seeking an easy entry to electric two-wheeling will feel at home on the Treadwell Neo 2.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2
Our Rating - 90/100

 The Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 is Cannondale's newest member of their famous Treadwell hybrid line. It’s around 7.7 pounds heavier than its older siblings, but the weight is not the only thing that has been added. This e-bike offers a lot of smart features and upgrades, and is well worth your shot!

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