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Unbiased Cannondale Treadwell Neo Review (Updated 2020)

May 18, 2023

Today, we are back on our track with the Cannondale Treadwell Neo review.

In short, what can you expect from this e-bike?

Honestly? The unexpected.

Why do we say so?

At first glance, it appears to be a regular city cruiser e-bike, but you’ll soon find out that there’s a lot more behind the (urban) surface.

After a gauntlet of tests that we performed, we can explain in detail how each of these technical aspects of the Cannondale Treadwell Neo rates.

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First, here’s the official video presentation of the famous Treadwell series by Cannondale:


Apart from a wooden part - we’re going to get to it a bit later, as it is an accessory - the whole Cannondale Treadwell Neo’s frame is olive green, mint green, or black (depending on the version) with a high-gloss finish. 

The glossy and reflective elements added for increased visibility during the night on the frame are complemented with the matte finish of the core components that look really good.

Design-wise, this e-bike is a representation of what we would deem “cool.”

But seriously, you’ll feel as if you own the streets while you ride it.

The unique design does not end there. The BMX-like handlebar with headlights and the saddle that was made exclusively for the Treadwell line (with an attractive quilted fabric cover) is out of this world.

We rarely get to see so many details on an e-bike that was somewhat of an underdog compared to some more powerful competitors, but it’s definitely top 3 when it comes to design.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo Electric Bike

Engine & Speed

The slim drive system, Mahle ebike motion, is not often implemented into the Cannondale models, and we’re more used to Bosch’s line. 

But after all, this was a pleasant surprise, as it is lightweight yet powerful enough for the primary purpose of this bike - city commuting and relaxing ride.

The motor is located in the rear wheel, and it delivers just the right amount of power that you need with the torque of 40 Nm. Now, if you need a mountain bike for the toughest climbs, you may need more power, but other than that, this should be more than enough.

Are you looking for a more powerful e-bike? Check out our Cannondale Quick Neo review.

The Shimano Acera 9-speed shifting works like a charm, and you won’t have any trouble controlling it.


The battery unit is compact and fixed on the down tube of the bike, meaning it is protected from any potential damages.

It cannot be removed for charging, but in case you need to service it, removing it shouldn’t be a problem via an opening located in the bottom bracket.

The charging socket is conveniently placed and easy to use, and it takes about four hours for a complete recharge. You can track the battery life on the iWoc display.


These tires, the Maxxis DTR-1 with dimensions of 650b x 47c, were exclusively designed for the Treadwell, and we have nothing but praises for them.

They are responsive, easily adapt to most of the terrains, and enable a secure and natural feeling during the ride

Extra Features

The number of extra features is indeed an ace up the Treadwell Neo’s sleeve. You’ll often see that the part of its name is “EQ,” which stands for “equipped” (this is the black version of the bike).

It’s one of the rare e-bikes that features almost all additional components: fenders, lights, bike racks, etc.

But the one that we wanted to highlight is an unconventional front carrier (yes, not rear!).

Bike`s bottom bracket

In all honesty, it takes some time until you adjust to having a carrier at the front of your bike rather than at the back, mostly because you need to get a feeling for extra space.

However, most importantly, it won’t obstruct your view in any way, and we found it very convenient that you don’t have to turn if you want to get something.

The front carrier is not only convenient because of its position and capacity (22 pounds/10 kg), but also because of its design: it is made of the wooden bottom, which looks stylish and kinda gives a retro vibe to the complete modern design. Very neat.

Another excellent feature with regard to this is the lighting system with a Herrmans H-Black MR8 headlight (on the handlebar) and the Herrmans H-trace tail light (located under the saddle). Your safety is guaranteed!

However, there is a minor flaw. Instead of using some of the popular Bosch’s displays, this e-bike sports the minimalistic iWoc One display. It is pretty handy and intuitive, but having the regular LCD we’re used to would be better.

There is a handy SP connect case next to the handlebar where you can put your smartphone and see all the information due to the excellent wheel sensor.

Here’s how it works: you download the free Cannondale App (available both for Android and iOS), connect it to your bike, and it will display speed, distance, range, and burned calories. Your data can be saved for up to 30 days.

Post-Test Summary: Cannondale Treadwell Neo Pros & Cons

At a relatively low weight for an e-bike, the Cannondale Treadwell Neo is a sporty and swift choice. The ride is balanced and smooth, leaving you with a sense of pleasure and relaxation after the session.

The front carrier deserves a second mention for its practicality. That’s the final bit that made us proclaim the Cannondale Treadwell Neo one of the best city bikes.

There are the slim mudguards that will adapt the bike for bad weather, but we still felt as if it needed more power to handle the most demanding off-road terrains. For any other purpose, especially city commuting, this is an excellent choice.

Unlike many other models, the Cannondale Treadwell Neo doesn’t come at an overly steep price, and we have to congratulate Cannondale for making such an attractive yet affordable model in this range.

What Do We Like About Cannondale Treadwell Neo?


  • The engine isn’t likely to overheat
  • There is an integrated wheel sensor that tracks your performance
  • Intuitive Cannondale App
  • Sporty and modern design, comes in different sizes of the frame
  • The advanced lighting system
  • You can attach your smartphone to the bike securely
  • Lightweight and efficient braking system
  • Comfortable saddle and easy to control the speed

What Don’t We Like About Cannondale Treadwell Neo?


  • Not the best for off-road rides
  • There could have been a better display

Cannondale Treadwell Neo Family


We welcome Cannondale for making the Treadwell Neo model that stands out in the sea of boring e-bikes that all look alike.

If you have the chance, opt for the Neo EQ version. It is a tiny tad more expensive than its counterpart without the “EQ,” but the additional components - especially the front carrier and lighting - completely justify the price. 

Hop on the Cannondale Treadwell Neo and cruise to the city or your favorite route in nature. Its urban outfit and extra features will give you a lot of fun! 

Cannondale Treadwell Neo Review
Our Rating - 89/100

 The Cannondale Treadwell Neo is Cannondale's newest member of their famous Treadwell hybrid line. It’s around 7.7 pounds heavier than its older siblings, but the weight is not the only thing that has been added. This e-bike offers a lot of smart features and upgrades, and is well worth your shot!

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