The Cyrusher brand has been around for only 5 years. But they’ve managed to make quite a splash on the market thanks to their lineup of fun, yer affordable fat-tire e-bikes.

Although not the most interesting model in their line-up, the Rider is a perfect example of what Cyrusher has to offer - an affordable e-bike you can use for both daily commuting and weekend nature adventures.

The value you get for your money with this bike is pretty impressive. Front suspension alone would justify its current price, but it also comes with fenders and a rear cargo rack right out of the box!

To make thighs even sweeter, the Rider is powered by a 750W BaFang motor that will accelerate you to the max speed of 28 MPH in a matter of seconds.

Rider XF650 Frame


The Cyrusher Rider features a frame that’s somewhere between a mountain bike and a commuter. It has those aggressive mountain bike lines, but the middle tube is at a slight downward angle you often see on commuters.

The frame is built out of 6061 aluminum alloy and with pretty clean and durable weld lines.

I like how the engineers handled the derailer and motor assembly. Instead of having the seat stay and chainstay be two separate components, the frame tube is simply bent and components attached to it.

Thanks to this little engineering trick, a common failure point is fortified and made nearly unbreakable.

The one thing I don’t like about the frame is the battery mount. The battery isn’t integrated into the frame, rather, it attaches to the downtube. I wouldn’t trust the mount to handle any long-term stresses. I’m pretty sure a serious offroad track would spell doom for this e-bike.

However, the Rider isn’t made for extreme riding. Its main purpose is to take you from point A to point B comfortably and reliably.

Speaking of comfort, this e-bike is pretty comfortable for riders of all heights. Thanks to adjustable handlebars, even riders on the taller side can sit in a relaxed, laid-back position. On top of that, the seat is pretty comfy.

Another thing that greatly contributes to this e-bike's ride quality is the front suspension. Although not top-of-the-shelf, the suspension provides enough road shock absorption to ensure a pretty smooth ride.


Cyrusher Rider XF650 Motor


For an affordable e-bike, the Rider comes with a pretty impressive motor. It sports a BaFang motor that’s rated at 750 watts. However, this motor’s peak power output is around 1000 watts

The 250 watts comes in pretty handy when you need to climb a particularly steep hill or accelerator quickly.

This is not where the good stuff ends. The BaFang motor is capable of producing some serious torque - 80 Nm to be more precise. 

This makes it super fun to ride over nature trails and when zooming around town at a full speed of 26 MPH.

The second you start pedaling or twisting the throttle, you’ll feel the BaFang’s power pushing you back. It’s a pretty exciting feeling, especially when you accelerate after a sharp turn.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet this bike is. Even at full speed, you can hardly hear a whisper from the motor. So, if you want to go nature gazing without disturbing the wildlife, this e-bike should be on your shopping list.

Motor Controller

The motor controller is a pretty standard fare for an e-bike in this price range. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

It comes with an LCD display that gives you all information about your ride, including:

  • Pedal assist level

  • Odometer

  • Speedometer

  • Power indicator

XF650 Motor Controller

All the controller buttons are located on the left-hand side of the handlebars and are pretty simple to use. 

You have buttons for pedal assist, turning the motor on/off, and buttons for the horn and lights.

Instead of a thumb throttle, this e-bike comes with a twist throttle. I prefer this style of the throttle over the thumb throttle. You don’t have to hold your thumb in a relatively uncomfortable position that can lead to cramps.

The controller has a limiter option enabled for some reason. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to disable. Just go to the menu and change the P08 setting to 50, and you’re done. Now your Rider can go at full 26 MPH.


Cyrusher Rider XF650 Battery


Although this is a budget e-bike, it comes with a pretty beefy 672 Wh battery. If you were to believe Cyrusher, you can squeeze out around 50 miles out of one charge.

However, in practice, you get around 90% of that on pedal assist and less than 50% if you lay down on the throttle.

To make things even worse, it takes around 6 hours for the battery to recharge. If you want to use this bike as your daily driver, I recommend you get an extra battery. This way, you won’t have any downtime.

Either that or carry the charger with you so you can charge the battery while you’re at work since it’s removable or shopping.

I would recommend you get a larger battery, but Cyrusher doesn’t offer any large-capacity batteries. I hope they change this in the future.


Another design concession on this bike is the brakes.

Don’t get me wrong, hybrid disc brakes are pretty nice and all, but it’s an industry standard for an e-bike to come with hydraulic brakes.

The price difference is pretty negligible, and you get much better stopping power.

The brakes on the Rider offer a decent amount of stopping power but are less reliable than hydraulic brakes. 

XF650 Brakes


They’re fine as they are since they have an automatic shutoff system, but you’ll have to tighten the cable every now and then to ensure they don’t lose stopping power.

With that said, the breaks do a decent job of slowing you down. I wouldn’t trust them too much on a difficult offroad trail, but they’re more than fine for leisure city riding.


The Rider features double-wall aluminum rims that can withstand quite a lot of punishment. That’s a given since this is a fat-tire e-bike.

The only issue I have with the rims is the paint. It’s prone to chipping, which just hurts the e-bike’s appeal.

Cyrusher Rider XF650 Rims


Cyrusher Rider XF650 Tires


The Rider comes with 26" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires from Chaoyang. They’re one of the reasons why this e-bike is so fun.

The tires provide more than enough grip no matter what terrain you’re riding on. I tested this bike both on pavement and on a local nature trail, and at no point did this e-bike slide - even when I went full speed over a gravel road.

And since they’re so beefy, they’re pretty good at absorbing hits and bumps. 

You will still feel some road shock when riding offroad, but on pavement, you can expect nothing less than smooth sailing.

Post Test Summary: Cyrusher Rider Pros And Cons

What do you think about the Cyrusher Rider based on the facts above?

I personally think this is a great beginner commuter. The controls are pretty simple, and you get a lot of value for your money. 

There are plenty of other fat-tire e-bikes in this price range, but most of them feature a moped-like frame that’s not well suited for higher riders.

The rider, on the other hand, features a mountain bike-style frame that’s pretty comfy for riders up to 6’2”.

Moreover, the BaFang motor is a real beast and provides you with more than enough power to zoom around at 26 MPH.


  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a rear cargo rack and fenders out of the box
  • Features a 750W BaFang motor

There are plenty of things to like about this e-bike. For starters, you get a beefy 750W BaFang motor that’s pretty torquey. I love torque-heavy motors because they allow you to accelerate quickly and make for a more fun ride overall.

Moreover, the bike comes with fenders and a rear cargo rack out of the box. If I were to purchase a bike from Rad Power, I would have to shell out another $200 to $250 for that pleasure.

The riding experience is more than smooth. The fat tires, in combination with the front suspension, absorb most of the road shock.

And even if you hit a particularly nasty pothole, the saddle comes with spring suspension, so you won’t hurt yourself.


  • The components aren’t of the highest quality
  • Low range
  • The paint on the rims is prone to chipping
  • The battery mount could be better
  • The recharge time is too long for how little range you get

To ensure this bike remains affordable, the engineers and designers at Cyrusher had to make a couple of concessions.

Most of the components on the Rider aren’t of the highest quality. This is especially true when it comes to brakes.

The same can be said for the derailleur. Although it’s made by Shimano, it’s not top-of-the-shelf stuff.

The battery also leaves a lot to be desired. But that can be easily offset by simply getting a spare.

With that said, the components get the job done, which is more than you can hope fore when we talk about a budget-friendly e-bike.

Check out our round-up review of Cyrushers excellent lineup to see how this ebike compares!

Advice To Customers

If you’re looking for a super-affordable daily commuter, you can also take on weekend adventures, the Rider should be on your shopping list. Sure, it doesn’t come with top-of-the-shelf components, but it gets the job done. You’re getting a pretty comfy bike with a beast of a motor for a pretty low price.


All in all, the Cyrusher Rider is a pretty decent e-bike. Sure it doesn’t have the best quality components, but it wouldn’t be so affordable if it did.

Thankfully, the motor is pretty powerful and torquey, which makes up for lackluster components.

If you’re looking to get into e-bikes and plan on using them in urban environments for commuting and getting from point A to point B, this may well be an e-bike for you.

Cyrusher Rider xf650
Our Rating - 86/100

The Cyrusher Rider is a pretty affordable fat-tire e-bike with a beastly motor. Although it doesn’t come with the best quality components, they get the job done. The fact that you get a 750W BaFang motor and a pretty sturdy frame is more than worth the price of admission.

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