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Cyrusher XF800

by Dejan 

May 18, 2023

Cyrusher is an important Asian brand that manufactures electric bikes. They made several very popular models, one of them being the Cyrusher XF800 - which was an instant hit as soon as it came out. 

The latest 2022 model of XF800 certainly justified its popularity, as it's an updated, fresher version of the same bike. Made as an all-terrain electric bike, it is made to withstand all kinds of paths and trails without losing any comfort. 

Now, the update features an upgraded rear spring coil and an additional set of hydraulic disc brakes. The frame is adjustable to fit a wider range of users, allowing your entire family to get a nice ride out of this e-bike.

The frame also features many small, convenient details to make your daily commute as comfy as possible, and the fat tires don't hurt, either.

Cyrusher XF800 Frame

Credit: cyrusher.com

The frame is a sturdy 6061 aluminum frame, making it durable for all kinds of adventures, even for some off-road ones. The dual suspension and the fat tires work great to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

XF800 is accommodating and suitable for both smaller and bigger riders. However, the seat isn't comfortable for people on the larger side. 

The seat and the handlebars are adjustable to fit your e-bike perfectly. The frame also has a headlight to make night rides comfortable and safe.

Cyrusher XF800 features a front fork suspension and a spring shock absorber, making this e-bike perfect for off-road. It also features a hydraulic fork with 80mm travel with lockout and adjusting options. 

It allows you to fine-tune the e-bike to your liking and maximize comfort even on bumpy rides.

The 6061 aluminum frame is resistant to rust, and the hub motor has been sealed to ensure the elements don't get to it. The battery pack is also fully waterproof, and the 12-gauge spokes are made of stainless steel to ensure durability.


Bafang Motor

Credit: cyrusher.com

XF800 by Cyrusher packs a 750W rear hub motor, which has more than enough power for rough terrain and daily commutes. 

That said, the motor is powerful and quickly reacts to your command.

You will instantly feel the pull when you push the throttle. Momentarily, you will reach the maximum speed of 28 miles per hour

The motor is controlled using the buttons on the left handlebar. The controls are fairly easy to use, as there are only three of them.

You also have a small screen in the middle of the handlebar to see the battery range and the current speed. 

You can choose between the five levels of pedal assistance and the safety settings.

The screen is not as basic - it also shows the current temperature outside and mileage. The powerful motor allows you to reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. However, if you use the pedal assistance, you can reach speeds of up to 32 miles per hour, which is quite impressive.


Cyrusher Battery

Credit: cyrusher.com

The battery is one of the best cells on the market. The battery is made from LG 18650 cells, which are well known for their longevity and outstanding performance.

Even after 1000 charges, the battery will still have over 80% of the original capacity. 

XF800 can range 45 miles at best, considering you use pedal assistance.

The battery also has a lock and key that increase the level of security when you park it somewhere and leave it unattended.

It's also removable for charging, which is a nice touch and a handy perk to utilize.

With a removable battery, that means you can buy an extra one and double the mileage you’re able to cover with two batteries instead of having to charge the one that’s in the e-bike.

Brake Type

Cyrusher XF800 features Union-Star hydraulic brakes with cut-off sensors, which are a fantastic addition to your safety when riding off-road.

The dual hydraulic brakes are topped off with the full suspension and ensure all your rides are as comfortable as possible.

What's more, when you press the brakes, the power is automatically cut off from the motor, which allows for a faster and safer stop.

XF800 hydraulic brakes

Credit: cyrusher.com

You certainly won't have to adjust the hydraulic disc brakes all the time, compared to mechanical brakes, which need adjustments fairly often.

The brakes are not sensitive, so you will need to keep them pressed for a bit to stop.

The bike can easily be stopped with a simple pull of the handle located by the handlebar. The handles control the front and the back brakes evenly to ensure you are fully safe when braking hard.

The lever for braking has a motor cut-off feature to turn off the bike, allowing for a quicker stop. This feature is useful when commuting to work during rush hour.

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XF800 tires

Credit: cyrusher.com

XF800 comes with fat tires, which are better than average.

Hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear shock absorbers, and a full suspension ensure that the bumps are less noticeable, especially with these tires.

The tires have 26 by 4 inches dimensions, and the set on XF800 is a set of puncture-resistant tires to give you peace of mind when you want to go on longer adventures.

The 4-inch thick tires absorb some of the shocks from the pavement, which is nice, too. The tires are perfect for off-road rides, but they will also work just as well for city rides as they can absorb shocks from the pavement.


The sporty rims allow for high-speed riding, testing the top speeds and fantastic performance on bumpy terrain.

With these 26-inch rims, you can take your XF to the mountains or run errands - it will do its job. This Cyrusher bike performs great in the mountains as well as the city, so if you need it to do both, XF800 is the bike for you.

Whether you want your e-bike to take you to work every day or you want it for weekend off-road rides only, it will work perfectly.

Cyrusher rims

The fantastic specs allow you to ride long-distance without any issues.

Post Test Summary: Cyrusher XF800 Pros And Cons

Packing extra power and reaching top speeds quickly, this e-bike can be a great option to take to off-road adventures.

Additional safety measures will give you peace of mind while you experience that adrenaline rush.

Combined with strong hydraulic brakes, the power cut-off when braking stops your bike immediately, preventing collisions on your daily commutes - something you always should look for.

With full suspension and options for adjusting everything to your liking, XF800 can feel truly personal, as if it was made for you.

With shock absorbers and fat tires, every ride will feel extremely comfortable, even if you go on bumpy rides in the wild. 

However, it's time to settle the pros and cons of XF800 to determine whether it's truly worth the purchase!


  • Easy assembly
  • Useful accessories
  • Five pedal assistance modes
  • Top-range LCD screen
  • Fantastic tires
  • Dependable brakes

I liked the easy assembly and the clear instructions, as they allow the user to start riding this e-bike in no time.

The accessories are great, and you even get a tool kit, a lock for the bike and the battery, and a pump - so you are fully set to go for a ride. 

The five pedal assistance modes are fantastic, along with a powerful motor to get you to your desired location in a couple of minutes.

The LCD screen is useful and allows you to see the time, current speed and range, how many miles you did on this ride, and the current pedal assistance mode. 

The fat tires provide fantastic traction and work great on snow, rough trails, or sand. The brakes respond quickly, and when you press them, they will cut the power to make it safer.


  • Small seat

The main thing I didn't like so much about the XF800 is that the seat isn't too large. For larger people, the seat isn't accommodating or comfortable - so that's something to keep in mind if you like this e-bike. 

Quick Comparison to Other Cyrusher E-Bikes

Cyrusher XF800

Cyrusher XF690 Maxs

Cyrusher Kommoda

Cyrusher XF650 Rider

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Bafang 750w

1000 Cyrusher

Bafang 750w

1000w Cyrusher

Bafang 750w

Top Speed

28 mph

26 mph

26 mph

26 mph

26 mph








Shimano 7-speed

Shimano 9-speed/ 27-speed

Shimano 7-speed

Shimano 7-speed/ 21-speed

Shimano 9-Speed


48V 13Ah

48V 14.5Ah

48V 17Ah

48V 16Ah

48V 14Ah

Battery Range

50 miles

55 miles

50 miles

50 miles

60 miles

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Advice To Customers

If you are looking for a fat tire bike that will accompany you on outdoor adventures, Cyrusher XF800 should be your go-to choice. The specs offer so much more for a mid-range price, making it a worthy investment.


The bottom line is - XF800 is a sturdy, solid e-bike you can depend on.

In mid-range e-bikes, you likely won’t be able to find a bike that has better specs. It’s the perfect e-bike for daily commutes and off-road rides without losing comfort. 

It reaches great speeds quickly and has amazing security features, making it a good option for the first electric bike. XF800 allows for maximum convenience when charging - as you can charge the battery on the bike or detach it and charge it in the comfort of your home.

Cyrusher XF800 Green
Our Rating - 89/100

The Cyrusher XF800 is the upgraded version of one of the most popular ebikes from Cyrusher. It's now sturdier then ever, and with a fresh new design that we love!

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Dejan is a tech enthusiast and a big bike lover. Since college days when he was constantly on the move, everything was done with one thing in mind - get an e-bike. Now with the dream finally realized, he's reviewing e-bikes and providing advice to all fellow e-bikers out there.

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